Mohamad Baajour – Amazing DUAA Between Two Sajdas!

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers three profitable positions in a business, including being up in the first place and being careful of the second and third positions. It emphasizes the importance of finding a partner and forgiveness, as well as fixing things in their house and reminding them of a previous statement. The speaker also mentions a person named Mr. Jab who reminds them of a previous statement and discusses the importance of finding a partner for a job and sharing pictures of people.
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Who is the biggest thief? Yeah Rasul Allah

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who is the biggest thief

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a lady yesterday and salata,

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the one who steals from his Salah

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he had a Salah, how does he steal from the salah. Now you Tim Rukwa Wallace ajuda he does not complete its record and he does not complete it sujood

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my brothers and sisters

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in many of them are their hip

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Sakina in the salaat is broken, tranquillity is broken, what does it mean when we say something is broken in the solid? It means that without it there is no salad.

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For example, Fatiha is rockin if I say Allahu Akbar, and they start reading, Elif

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meme all the way to mean alginate evenness and they make rucola my serratus bottle I read the whole Quran I missed the rockin the slot is battle. So

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bad and muda hip tranquillity is broken, that means without it, the Salah is battle.

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And the two most are the fastest positions that we act we do so rapidly is when we get up from roku.

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Something Allah has given me the boom dive to sujood. And between the two sectors. Those are the two fastest positions. Most of us fall into that trap.

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So for tonight

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is what do we say between the two stages?

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First, in order to slow down when you're up in the first position that is fast, when you say something Allahu Lehmann Hamidah say you're a little hand add to it. Handan Kathy, you're on TV then we'll get rockin fi just by adding that you have made your

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body like Ursula Selim said Hector you're stalking him until his body is straight. Just by saying that because Subhanallah

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so not alone, I'm having the boom. Right? So when I see something that Allah has given me the rub wala can hunt him then cathedra on t even Rivera. confy obviously automatically I'm back to normal. I have Sakina right now.

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We went to the second position between the two soldiers Subhanallah very beautiful, amazing that taught to aspire Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Of course there is a short one. And there's a long one. Which one should I do alternate

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one raka you do this one or you do the other Hamdulillah this way you keep your mind thinking. So the short one is a bit fiddly. Er a bit fiddly, very simple. Yeah, Allah forgive me. Allah forgive me. They today we're going to concentrate on the long one because not too many people know it. I want you to memorize it. So beautiful. If this is Mr. Jab, if Allah answered this, my dunya and my akhira are set.

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Seven, remember it's seven so you know that you need them? You missed one big fairly. We're honey. We're headed he was Bernie. Why Feeny was zucchini, we're fine. Seven there's another narration five. But this one is the long one. Up this fairly? Yeah, Allah forgive me.

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If I wronged you, if I did something wrong.

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And I said, forgive me forgive me.

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Does it seem sincere?

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Not at all. So how many of us between the two sides? Actually yella?

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What kind of forgiveness is that?

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Are you serious? This is how you ask for forgiveness for all the Messiah that we committed before the salaat or the sins we could clearly be fairly young Allah forgive me I have sinned all day. Or bitterly. What honey?

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Drama of Allah azza wa jal we all know that without it we cannot enter Jannah it is the only ticket to heaven. They are rasool Allah. Allah said no one is entering the agenda with their Armel they said even New Era school Allah He said even me until Allah shower me with his mercy. So that's the ticket for

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for Jana. A bit fiddly what honey, you're Allah have mercy on me on this in this dunya and in the Acura. I need your Rama of the filly or hammy Dini your Allah guide me? Yama just like you guided me keep me on the straight path till the day I meet you. Yama guide me in my life yeah Allah guide me in my business guide me

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How to raise my children guide me how to treat my spouse guide me Allah Yama guide me to anything that pleases you?

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are beautifully what? What Dini was born in this is something that not too many people know. If you put a knee in Arabic, when somebody breaks their arm, they say he needs to

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he needs to fix it. He put the you know, the cast right? So what does that cast do? It keeps it good fixed. until it's done. So yeah, Allah fix me.

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Ya Allah is not an easy fix all my affairs in my house with my children with my brothers and sisters in the community. Yeah, I'm gonna fix my salad yeah Allah fix my worries y'all have so many worries is put into your Allah Ya Allah give me something that will please me. Give me something that will put my affairs in order is Bernie are a bit fiddly. What hadn't knew where he was Bernie? Why fini?

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Yama cure me. I'm very sick. I'm not feeling good. And our best came through so Lhasa insulin yeah Rasul Allah teach me that. Remember? He taught him one day one word, Sal. Hola. Hola, Sofia. Ask Allah Allah Sofia. Because of Allah give you if we have seen Subhan Allah. I was talking to a brother today. We do not know what we have until we see someone who does not have it.

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You know you will when you appreciate the food that you eat with your own hand. When you go to the ICU and she's somebody eating with tubes. Or when you see a sign at the door, no food by mouth.

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When you see somebody who stayed three days without going to the restroom. And you feel like locked but the numb that I have are so many Afeni Allah alumna at a bit fiddly or honey wedding he was brand new if he was opening

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your Allah bless me with risk Ya Allah.

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Sometimes when we get distracted in the slot, and we come back to concentrating that by itself is a risk when my child is reciting Quran learning Quran and the Chi that that's a risk when I go home and I see a peaceful home that's a risk

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when I'm able to to walk and talk by myself that's the risk when I when I'm able to shower on my own that's a risk. When I'm from the people of the massage that's a risk. When I constantly worry about my job halal or haram, that's the risk.

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What zucchini and the last one were funny, and yeah Allah elevate me, lift me in this dunya by making people love me for your sake, and lift me in the extra because we all know that the Rajah the agenda is old Rajat. So look how beautiful is this too. But please say it like you mean it. You really want every single one of them because every single one of them is so precious mcphedran Rama guarantees your accurate risk and if you are guaranteed your dunya we should put an era before funny, old beautiful, beautiful request from Allah azza wa jal that was taught to us by Rasulillah Salam now.

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If you are praying alone, your your treasured, Allahu Akbar enjoy each one a bit fiddly.

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Or Honey Why did he or she put on me every single one enjoy it. You're making the DUA while you're rushing. If you pray if you are the Imam you don't make it too long because maybe somebody behind you is having some back problems. But alternate one time you do this one time you do that. So please you have one anybody needs just I would be more than happy to share it with you inshallah Tada and we'll explain it in sha Allah

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in Muslim me now almost Lima T one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it was logged in pain I was logged in Ponte wants some beauty now a Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know one refashion?

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One for shearing force one down one BP now one downside being 14 was all me I was all in I

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wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half your warranty was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or I don't know who?

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What and gentlemen nauseam

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