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Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's actions during the Islam holidays is discussed, including the use of the 10-day will hedge and the importance of good deeds and voluntary fasting. The importance of staying up late to avoid getting sick and sacrificing for good deeds is also emphasized. The segment also touches on the topic of the holy month and the importance of donating money to charity.
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No hamdulillah no matter who you know who in the study one our Villa Jimin, sruti, unforseen our main say here, Dr. marilena Neha de la who felt overwhelmed after one year de Lille, philanthropy de la jolla. murshida watershed y la ilaha illallah wa hula Sri kala, what a shadow and Mohammed an Abu who was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was the Huberty he, woman tavia who? ala yo Medina. I'm about for call Allahu taala Phil could Anil Majeed

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, while feisty while I yell in the ash was chef I will what will layli evey? Yes, healthy there leka for samlede hijo praise bitwala All praise belongs to Him, we praise Him we seek His help forgiveness and his guidance. We seek refuge and protection of Allah from our bad deeds as we seek His refuge and protection from the bad bits insiders. Know that one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God, but the one God, glory be to Him, Allah subhanho wa Taala he has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad peace and

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blessings of Allah be upon him is a slave and messenger.

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The other one we just had, which was the second event that you witnessed actually is the first event.

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As for our household, it

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got problems with the mic again.

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My book bearer

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and the second is your karma which is to take place in fact, the Amazon that honeys did earlier on is known as the third of them

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becoming like a comedy show the third

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the third as long as it's known, was established at the time it was not a fan Robbie, Allah who wasn't at the time of the prophet SAW solemn why was established, it was actually given at the marketplaces to warn people well beforehand so they could go and get ready. And so how back said today is not a bit and it was done early. Therefore, we're not restricted especially when we short a time for the Habib who has to do to hot buzz and get to jammas in front doing this third of our much earlier. There's no evidence you have to wait necessarily for the wall to go by, etc. Because it was done much earlier at the marketplace. And it came after the time of the prophet SAW Selim mentioned

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it to give us leeway in giving that advance early especially when we're limited for time.

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Allah swatara says and I have a few issues to clarify for our guidance.

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In Serato, fudger Allah ticks off by the dawn and by the 10 nights and by de even and the odd and by the night, when it dissipates is the is this not enough of a nose for anyone who has sense?

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Some more fatigue on and on these if there is so much to laugh or difference of opinion. Some of us sit on said all these 10 nights here mentioned at the last taking off by are linked with the 10 days of villager.

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Other said no is to do with the 10 nights of Ramadan.

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And others mentioned it's any 10 nights Actually, it's only 10 nights. So it's not specific to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it is not finite, he can have any of those interpretations. I personally think the best opinion is that the 10 nights referred to the 10 nights at the end of Ramadan. nights can include the day when you say you're going away for 10 nights. It means the days as well but with a special focus on the night when he mentioned days yet it can include the nights. Yeah, but with a special focus on the days. Yeah. So anyway, Allah Allah, there's different opinion we can't use these is to say for sure this is referring to the 10 days of will hedger why mentioned tenders will

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hija I think it's the 29th of zylka today, yeah, depending on which time table you're following which moon you've seen. So we'll hedger is about to start either tomorrow The day after.

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The prophet SAW Islam said the Hadith Allah V or a wahoo. If the above or below as

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well as Roger Who? elbow Hari, What will a Buddha Buddha say? Why imagine what data mean? All

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Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam mela Amalfi a year will usher us. Hello. Minal Amalfi. Javi Jani, Ashley hedger

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bolo Willow Jihad Rasul Allah, all while Jihad Illa rival Harada yo hottie Ruby Neff CEO, Molly he farlam your jack vishay. For mission of Allah, Allah Swami said, there is no better 10 days for good deeds than these 10 days which are about to approach. So they said, O Messenger of Allah, what about some?

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This What about Jihad? What about struggling and striving in the way of Allah even going to a fight as well included in that meaning as well, feasibly Lila, prophesied Salaam said not even Jihad except a person who goes out putting their life and their wealth in at risk and comes back with nothing in other words become Shaheed only Shahid can have a higher claim to good deeds than these special days of good deeds. So this is these days.

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Some people have interpreted and you'll see on the internet and some imams said the same, that these 10 days are better for good deeds than even Ramadan. And I mentioned this before, I think this opinion, if I'm, if I'm gentle, I will say it is module, it is a weaker opinion, but I will really say it is a mistake and also facet this opinion. Because 10 days of voluntary good deeds in which includes extra Salah there's no throw away hazer in these 10 days, not established from the Sunnah or from the Father is there's no obligation of fasting, obligatory fasting is more rewardable than voluntary fasting even if you do fasting in this How can both compare and you make one way you do

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voluntary fasting better than where you do obligatory fasting impossible. This makes sense. And beyond that,

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the prophesies some called the month of Ramadan shuffle, Mubarak, and it is a night worth more than more than 1000 months of worship, the Hadees which is vice week, which mentions that one who fasts a day in this 10 days, is as though they're fastly the whole year, and one who fades up in the ninth of this month. It says though they stayed up later to cover this week, this hadith is weak, and it contradicts if you can get more reward in these 10 days, then you can a day of fasting in Ramadan. It's not so nonsensical, isn't it? Because that's obligatory that's obligatory there's no obligation of fasting in these 10 days right so there's nothing authentic, which makes the these 10 days better

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than Ramadan and any such comparison is wrong when prophets Aslam said no better than days 10 days it means with the taxes with the exception of Ramadan. Of course it means that prophesied Salaam in those it is well documented that when the last is that the halal ostional a theme in Ramadan

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afia Lail what a Corolla what subdomains Are you heard this I mentioned that in Ramadan that when the last 10 days of Ramadan used to come in he used to stay up every night wake up his family and tighten his waist belt mean really get going? Is there such thing mentioned for these 10 days now there isn't promise Arsalan can actually do mass was the most generous of people while can accurate Maja corn fee Ramadan, and he was the most generous in giving in Ramadan.

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And his generosity was that the the the donations used to go from his hand like a wind bringing goodness, that's not nothing mentioned like that in these 10 days from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Yeah. So when you take all that you realize that actually Ramadan is something so special, there's not no night compared to later to Qatar, and there's no Laila to Qatar in these. Nevertheless, that's just to clarify that this comparison making is wrong. There's nothing like Ramadan, the exception of Ramadan, then you can count these 10 days after that in which is voluntary good deeds means Vicar remembering Allah smartglasses spiritual times, but it's time of giving

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because good deeds includes giving to others benefit whether it's financial or otherwise yet good deeds meaning being honest and kind and considerate to neighbors to others. Yeah, staying away from bad all that to tip partake of the most simple hedge The season of the hedge. So the people

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are even aware from the Hajj and Umrah are partaking of this special time. Yeah. And if you want to stay open but it's voluntary is voluntary to do extra press is voluntary to stay up in the night. Yeah you know looking for later to cover so therefore we don't have to run away. But if you want to that's fine

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and it's voluntary too fast as well, despite a hadith of omo meaning, I shatta radi Allahu Pilate.

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Allah wa who Muslim all at ma a to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw him Phil, Phil Asher Cocteau. I never saw the Messenger of Allah Allah Salaam fast in these 10 days ever.

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So how do we deal with that?

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Actually, Allah mad I deal with this, I mean, you know this or this which is inside Muslim this way I always say that studying and reading from say Muslim or Sahih Bukhari they are not books for the arm and the public. Let me make that point again. Because you will get confused because you will find Hadeeth in there, which will apparently and I got more example contradict each other.

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You want to have to deal with them. Therefore, they all amounted to discuss and to deal with Yeah, these are not books for the public. So anyway, so this study is that does that mean that you know allowed to fast?

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Oh, it doesn't mean that omo momineen isif about the Alon ha even in the 10 remember the prophet SAW some when between his wives as other folks argue? He's gonna spend all of the 10 day with omo meaning I said about the Aloha but with other on behalf as well other of his life so she's not going to witness all of the 10 days of the prophet SAW Swamiji number one, so she's only seen what she's saying. She never saw him do that. Nevertheless, she also says a hadith Allah de bois who Buhari one Muslim, she said ma right to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Salah.

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Suba hottel Super to add ha

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I never saw the Messenger of Allah Salah solemn prayer the Doha prayer, no Doha, pray Sunnah from common Nabil Salah Salaam he recommended it but she says and she says to again, I never saw him pray the Doha prayer, Mohammed Salah La Silla, then she says, Look what she says after that was in the Lok Sabha, however, I for definitely I do the slot to Doha, similar to the other hobbies. Yeah, in other words, him not doing it doesn't prevent me from doing it, because it's in his call in his statement inauthentic or these encouraging, even though it's voluntary to praise the Doha prayer if you're able to with being rewarded much you see here that just because she doesn't see him

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prophesized to sell low, sell low

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cobla gray rock attain praise to the cause before McGrane.

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But that's after the sun has gone down.

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And prophecy has never been seen to do to other cars. But his statement that he says coal is an omen more many nicer guy explains in Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, why he wouldn't do things which he loved to do, she says, look, the Allahu on her that in case peep, it became obligatory on people that also means not necessary that obligatory paper from Allah that includes the mean that people make it out as though is obligatory. People make it out as though it's obligatory and they behave as though it's obligatory looking down on others who are not fasting looking down on others not who are not doing extra prayers in these 10 days. Yeah, that is not the way of a solo muscle. So fasting I would say

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in conclusion is fine and especially so the first of the ninth audio modifies mentioned if you're not at alpha as a as a Sunnah indirectly from the sun nothing in the Quran about it, but indirectly prophesied saying one authentic these

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Do not fast. Yeah, they avoid alpha while you're at alpha. In other words, it's fine to fast in early this is a Muslim from Abu Qatada is a famous obese which mentions about the soul song with the only alpha you can fit us and attain.

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Santamaria almost okpala that eight blood cells since from the previous year, two years and the coming year was Samia shoulder Yuka Fira Santa Santa Maria that the first of our shoulder which the month to come 10th day it wipes away since for a year that's gone by now.

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Based studies there is debate in it actually.

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Even though it's inside a Muslim, yeah, there are there are

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these tricky

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Mr. Mr. Bahari says that there are we who transmitted from Abu Qatada and this is the only are these only a bit louder. This is the only Hadith reporting this level of reward. Yeah. Mr. Bahari says he didn't hear from Abu Qatada In other words, he says this is weak. This is also opinion a few other have and therefore you won't find this at least in Mohali.

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10 mizzy has the same approach of the student my mama Bobby, personally leave the debate to the scholars it's fine it's recommended to foster but I have an issue with it on a secondary ground and that's why the question mark about this hadith even though since I'm Muslim because how is it that one day of fasting of the year Yom autoflower which is not obligatory gives thing wiping out for two years and the fast of Ramadan only gives wiping out the sins for one year because the prophets Aslam said it authentic famous are these

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al Juma to well Juma orano Daniela Ramadan

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best This is why he said it.

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mocha Farah lima bean ohana is at Stony Brook kabaya Welcome up all that meaning from ramadan ramadan if you fast Ramadan, there it is a wiping out away of sins for a whole year for a whole year fasting the whole of Ramadan obligatory fasting. So how can one faster arafah be bigger and greater than that? Which is only voluntary? That also puts a question mark on the heavys authority hostile federal level photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah Hello bellami Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful MBI. Well, more saline wala Ali was Sufi here as my my brother, your liqua. Still recommended. It's fine. And actually the general Hadeeth of a blunderbuss saying there is no better tenders for doing good deeds includes fasting as well, any of the days except of course on the day of eat. It is not acceptable to fast on the day of eight. In fact, I'm running out of time about the order here. I want to say something. And I can't say what I want to say in detail because we've got such short shortage of time.

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For those intended and the best opinion on this is that it is

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mazahub highly recommended one on behalf of the families find every individual doesn't have to do it. Yeah. And it is recommended and anything about the virtues of sacrificing odd here any hobbies as empanada be the Maliki scholar said quite rightly, there is no authentic hadith about the benefits and virtues of sacrificing no single Hadith whether it's to do with the blood falling and the rewards coming before it coming on the Day of Judgment etc etc all the Hadith doesn't say it's not good it's it's it's most have been recommended from the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam

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following on from commemorating Ibrahim and his hog alayhis salaam. So it is recommended and donation just giving money is not unless it is given to a charity for the specific purpose of Odia of sacrifice, it is not accepted as owed here. It is not accepted as no silk to the extent that prophesize slim inauthentic it said that

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the first thing we start with Muslims on a day of a lad who is with salah and after Salah we go and do our sacrificing and anybody who's done the sacrifice before Salah to aid it is just meat for them to eat it is not no sir it is not sacrifice that's actually doing actually sacrifice the animal is not accepted. So how do you think you can just get it accepted by just sending a donation money to people no it is an insult to their memory and commemorating Ibrahim Allah Islam it is against us and that is that and I don't have time to go into other things to finish with this idea of not taking from the hair and nails there's big debate amongst haha I think the best opinion on that for those

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who are present and planning to give

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out here

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that it is fine you can do actually it's more linked with those who are at hi john O'Meara and in there from in from even they go into a haram for Hajj when they're doing tomato which is the most recommended by the prophet sighs Allah for the oma. They're going to on the eighth day before that if they've done the ombre they're allowed to sleep with their wives and husbands because they're out of a ROM they're allowed to cut their hair and nails and everything. Yeah, that's why some folks have argued and it's a big debate

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that how can I be more strict for those who are not even a hedge that they can't do that

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hora is an Abdullah who have the most strict opinion on this majority of the scholars went down the idea of karate slide but actually I believe that it is Mansu Yeah, this is linked when the prophet SAW his son last * clarified that those things were linked with the Muslim only those who are in Iran at Hajj or Umrah not with sacrifice being made here.

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This shortage of time I'm really sorry, I hope it hasn't left you confused? Yeah. In sha Allah May Allah accept our sacrificing mela Swan Allah accept our good deeds in these coming 10 days Yeah, may Allah so I thought that encouragement to do all that is all there may Allah smart Allah lifted spiritually and fill us with the Eman and radiance and keep us guided on throttle musta came

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in Allahu Allah who Luna Luna viya you Latina Amna, sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allah ma salovaara vladika Mohammed gualala Mohammed Kima so later about Allah Brahim Allah Allah Allah

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