Wael Ibrahim – The summary of this Dunya as described in the Quran

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the dams and dams in Islam, including the "has been there for a while" statement from Allah Subhanaw taala, which brings the "has been there for a while" label to the "has been there for a while" label. The speaker also talks about "has been there for a while" label being used to signal that something is still there for a long time. The speaker also mentions "has been there for a while" label being used to signal that something is still there for a long time.
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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam I was reflecting over surah the Hadith verse number 20, where Allah subhanaw taala was bringing to our attention, the description of this dunya or rather the summary of this entire dunya bringing to our attention the realities of this dunya so that we can live accordingly he said, He began by saying, lemme know this know this for a fact no for a certain animal hieratic dunya that this life the life of this dunya Number One On The List, Allah says it's a live live means an amusement a game a play. And when you when you reflect all your younger years, when you're a kid, that was basically our life, we wanted to play you wanted to have fun, we sleep

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we wake up, that's what we want to do, you want to play Subhan Allah well, and a diversion and when you grow up a little bit, a teenager maybe or something, then your attention became focused on artificial stuff. You want it you know to,

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to follow certain celebrities and so on so forth, you divert your attention from what is necessary in life to that which is not beneficial at all

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was enough, then you grow up a little bit, despite the wounds in your heart now the problems grew with you and so on. You want it to display your beauty and adoration and and display them to everyone as if you're not feeling sad or or depressed or anxious or whatever else internal problems that you're going through. Xena, you want it to beautify yourself, artificially also, what a Katherine waterfowl HOLD ON by Nico and a boast we start boasting about our positions and what we have and what not what the Katherine Phil and well, and it's all about accumulating wealth. That's the dunya the Catherine film well, well I will add and children we have children and we we boast

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about having this having that's one of our this is the description of, of Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran about the similar to that of this dunya that's what we do. It's about, it's about fun. It's about diversion from what is necessary. It's about just accumulating material gain and whatnot. And then Allah smart Allah give us another picture. Subhanallah he said it is like the rain, the pours over a land in which the plantation grew green and beautiful Subhanallah to the point that the farmers who takes care of this land, became pleased with what they can see. And all of a sudden, subhanAllah it became dry, and it turns yellow. And it turns into scattered sand. That's that's the

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beauty. The beauty that was one day blowing frogs everyone. This is the dunya it's departing It's nice of her Allah Allah it's dying. Or Phil ferati Ah Dabboo. Nisha de don't want that for Allah said. And on the Day of Judgment, my brothers, my brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a severe punishment. And also there is forgiveness. Allah is giving us both pictures. So don't don't always say in Allah photo Rahim. Allah Subhana Allah is Forgiving, most merciful, yes, but he's also shoddy the lockup is also severe and punishment. So don't just mention one aspect of Allah and neglect the rest. Because if if this dunya taking you away from what is essential, what is necessary then other

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Bucha lead severe punishment is awaiting those people who neglect their duties and obligations and their purpose in this dunya.

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On arthrotomy, Allah He ordered one approval from Allah subhanaw taala. To those who have followed these commands will hire to dunya Illa metalphoto. And Allah ended the AI by saying what this dunya is nothing except the enjoyment of delusion. Delusion means that we wanted everything we wanted to own everything, we wanted to have everything but the delusion part is that we are dying and leaving everything behind we will turn to sand and and nothing and and these items that you are running after Allah would destroy on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and grant us the right understanding. And may Allah subhanaw taala make this dunya just a station for us, a,

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you know, a transit for us to take us to Jannah safely Bismillah al Amin, Amin, amin, Salam Alikum.

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