The Qur’anic Miracle Impact on Hearts

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In Al Hamdulillah

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nahu understanding on the stock Pharaoh when we know behaved or calamari when we left him in Cerulean fusina Balenciaga Molina Mija de la de la familia de Luca hodja

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my bad

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inner circle howdy Suki tabula Hello Honey Honey Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Last week, or in our previous Kufa two weeks ago, we spoke about the fitrah the natural beliefs that humans have, and how Islam is the only religion that agrees with the natural beliefs that Allah has put in the hearts of people. And that this is one of the strongest evidences that Islam is the true religion.

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Continuing on the topic,

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the next major evidence that Islam is the true religion of Allah is the Quran.

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And we take this from the Quran itself, and from the Huggies, of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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It is narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every messenger was given a miracle. Every messenger was given a miracle to prove that he was a true prophet.

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So the prophets like something, every messenger was given a miracle to prove that he was a true prophet. And I was given, he said, I was given a revelation from Allah. So I hope that my followers will be the most on the Day of Judgment. Let's break this down into three parts. Part One, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, every prophet was given a miracle to prove that they were a true prophet. Someone comes and says that they are a prophet, getting messenger from Allah.

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Give me only one of two situations. Either he's telling the truth, or he's a evil liar. Because the average person will never claim to be a prophet. Only two types of people ever claimed to be a prophet, the best for people who are truly prophets of Allah, or the worst of people who are lying egomaniacs trying to pull their own religion and culture. So what is the sign that someone was a true prophet of Allah? It was a more jeiza a miracle, a miracle that the people could look at and say, Okay, this person is definitely saved by Allah because Allah is allowing miraculous things to occur to this person. And so the messengers throughout history came with miracles for the people.

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And we know these miracles, Musa alayhis salam with a stick with the stick to turn into a snake. So he said, I'm bringing the dead back to life but Allah permission, right, so the other Salam wudi rock Auggie mountain that turned into a camel. All of these were miracles proofs for the people.

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The prophets, the likes of Danny says what his miracle is. And we know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his life experience hundreds of miracles.

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He experienced hundreds of vertical but he's talking specifically about the vertical to prove that he is a true prophet. That if someone had to ask, how do you know Islam is a true religion? How do you know that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is a true prophet, what would you show them? You will show them

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the prophets lie. Some said that my vertical is the revelation that Allah sent in the Quran.

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So this Hadees tells us that the greatest proof of Islam the greatest miracle that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam was Cinco de Regis proved that Islam is the true religion is the Quran.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ends his Hades with a very optimistic statement about how powerful this vertical is. He says because my miracle is the Quran. I hope that my followers will be the most on the Day of Judgment.

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Why? Because the medical Mousavi Salam was only experienced by his people. The money could have easily Salam was only experienced by his people, the miracle of the Quran, you can experience it today. The miracle of the Quran, you can experience it every single day. All you have to do is to sit with the Quran, with an open mind and an open heart and to read it and to recite it and to understand it and to reflect on it and you will experience the miracle of alcohol.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because his vertical is one that would last from his time until the end of time to be able to be experienced by anybody. He said that he

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hopes that his humor will be the largest on the Day of Judgment now disappoint you about understanding Quran and Hadees when Allah subhanho wa Taala are the prophets of Allah we follow what he was saying make a statement like this, that I hope that something will happen here in the on the day of judgment or in the future, it means it will happen. When they use these words it means it will happen. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I hope my oma will be the most of the day of judgment, it actually means his own map will be the most of the day of judgment will be the most and we already see this, we already see that despite the fact that Muslims are in a state

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of political weakness. We are one country of the world and at the rate that the Muslim oma is growing both in terms of conversions and children inshallah, within 50 years, half the world inshallah, right that this oma is already the largest in the history of this world, in terms of true followers of a prophet and inshallah to grow even more.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us our Quran as the greatest proof of Islam. But how do we understand this? How do we interact with the Quran in a way that helps us to understand that this is a miracle, and this is a proof you see, this is an area where often we get lost, right? Many times we grew up hearing the Quran.

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But we don't need to see for ourselves. Because we are told, oh, the miracle is in the eloquence of Arabic. And that's true. There is a miracle in the eloquence of its Arabic. But that's not accessible to us. Right, most of us will not be able to understand or appreciate the miracle of the eloquence of the Arabic of the Quran. Because we don't understand Arabic. We can't compare to other Arabic poetry's or other forms of Arabic rhetoric because we don't understand how.

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Rather the vertical of the Quran is multi dimensional. Every person experiences a different aspect of the vertical of the Quran. And each individual who takes time to sit through the Quran to reflect on the Quran. To choose to spend time forming a relationship with the Quran will experience a different aspect of the vertical of the Quran.

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It's not only one thing, yes, there is a vertical in the language of the Quran. There is in vertical in the preservation of the Quran. There is a vertical in the memorization of the Quran is also very good in the meanings of the Quran in the top seal of the Quran, in the message of the Quran, in the description of Allah in the Quran, but the description of Paradise and hell in the Quran, in the impact that the Quran has on your heart.

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So today, I want to call upon us to try and experience at least one part of the vertical of the Quran. And that is the impact that the Quran has on the hearts of people.

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You see, not all of us, cannot Arabic. No all of us can interact with the history of the Quran or the poetic language of the Quran. But all of us, all of us can interact with the Quran in a way where it has an impact on our heart.

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And for any youngster who is experiencing doubts about the Quran, with experiencing doubts about Islam is experiencing weakness in the EMR. I asked that person to take time to sit with to take time to sit and recite the Quran, read the translation, read some top seed or listen to some tafsir and reflect on the meanings of the Quran and interact with the Quran. If you do this, you will feel your image rising. You will experience the miracle of the Quran, you will become convinced that this is from Allah. Because there are things about the Quran that no human can understand or explain. For example, the Quran very often seems to be addressing exactly what's in our heart. How many of us

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have experiences that you have a problem in your heart that doubt in your heart or confusion in your heart, you open a camera and you recite it as if I was talking to you addressing your exact problem. How this is part of the miracle of the Quran. The Quran has a vertical in that you can take the worst of people and transform them into the best people that they are people in this world today, who at one point in their life, they were sitting in prison as murderers of for other kinds of crimes. And then they recited the Quran and such a radical transformation to face in the hearts that they became amongst the best of people.

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The Quran has that kind of impact on people.

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You can experience the vertical of the Quran just in its memorization. And this is a vertical that we take for granted how many amongst us you have memorized the Quran or at least a part of it. I want you to think about this. memorizing a book, a 600 page book, in a language that you don't understand is something

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humans cannot do.

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memorizing a 600 page book, in a language you don't understand is something humans cannot do. Try memorizing any book in a language you don't understand any language to understand, just try memorizing one page and you will realize how difficult it is. Now imagine memorizing the entire book.

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Now we have the Quran. And we have millions of children around the world who have memorized all 600 pages of the Quran. And we can recite it from the memories would perfect the dream and without any mistakes, even if they don't understand a single word of Arabic. How is this possible? This is part of the miracle of the Quran.

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So the miracle of the Quran is multi dimensional, and every person will experience a different part of it. Some person may read a verse and adverse hits their heart and changes their life. Someone else may experience the miracle of hips. Somebody else may experience the vertical of realizing that the Quranic verse describes a certain prophecy or a certain historical information accurately, someone else may experience the miracle of seeing how the Quran transforms the entire civilization of society. There are many different aspects to the miracle of the Quran.

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But the only way you're going to see it is if you make time for it.

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And very often, you know, this is where we fall short. As a community, the Quran has become for us something we recite when someone passes away. Something we recite on special occasion learning something we keep on the top shelf, something that you know, it's there for Baraka and yesterday is Baraka yagura. Yes, you should recite Quran when people pass away. Yes, you should recite Quran, you know when you feeling sad, but that's not what it's only for. The Quran is both the miracle and the message. Think about this. Musa alayhis salam, his miracle was a stick that turned into a slave. His message was the door. Isa Ali Salaam, his miracle was bringing the dead back to life. His message

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was the gospel. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his miracle was the Quran, his message was the Quran is very good, and the message is the same. And so when you recite the Quran, you are on one hand interacting with the living vertical. And on the other hand, you are interacting with the message of Islam. Only good can come out of this. And so my message to everyone is to make time for the Quran recited, understand it, reflect on it, interact with it, the fight.

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Throughout history, there have been people whose hearts were transformed by the Quran A long time ago, there was a man by the name of foodie liberty. And this man, he was a robber, a thief. He was well known in this community as one of the most dangerous criminals in our community. And he engaged in almost every type of sin opening. And then one day at night, while he was sneaking around getting up to no good. he overheard someone reciting Quran. And the person recited the verse of the Quran, as the time come for the hearts of mankind, to fear the LORD,

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as the time will come, for the hearts to feel the Lord. And he listened to the bus. And he reflected on the bus. And he interacted with the verse. And he said, Yes, the time has come. He went home. He made it over. he repented from all of his sins, He gave up his life of crime, he went off to study Islam, and he became one of the greatest scholars and seen from that era.

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Now this is the impact of a man interacting and reflecting on a single verse of the Quran.

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If a single verse of the Quran had this kind of impact on this man's heart, what do you think the impact will be if we have to interact with the entire industry, to take time to understand it, to reflect on it and to respond to it? And this is my message for all of us today. The Quran is a living vertical, it's your goodness, appreciate, interact with it, take time to understand it and to live by. If you do this, you will grow your email, you will grow your conviction you will grow closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you will experience the miracle of alcohol. So hang Robert, who was Allah ma mousseline? hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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In Alhamdulillah, hoodoo monastery minister Pharaoh What don't we know we hit our Kali Villa him in Cerulean kusina amin se Yeah, Dr. Medina, we are here for

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me, you know for the Huggy llama, but

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when it comes to alcohol

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we often take

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for granted, and we tend to be caught up between a variety of different extremes. There those of us who see the Quran as a burden, no, where we feel difficult to read it to recite it, and we feeling Why do I have to read this? Because we haven't really appreciated his beauty. And they are those of us who treat it as part of our culture. Now we respect it, we keep it on the top shelf, we don't really take time to think what what is the message of this book, and what is his message for me, there may be some of us who think it is haram for me to read the translation. I because you were raised with this belief that only the order matters, you understand that I shouldn't need to

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activate at all.

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And that's a wrong attitude to have, because the Quran was a message to mankind. Everybody should read it, everybody should recite it, everybody should understand it, everybody should reflect on it. But we should also know our place. If you're not a scholar of faith, don't try to derive your own thing from the Quran. Right? But nothing wrong with trying to understand that.

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So we all come from different backgrounds, and we all have different approaches to the Quran.

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What we all need to do is to make the Quran central to our life, it should be our main source of comfort, it should be our main source of hope. It should be something very sight on a daily basis basis. It's something whose message we should have read cover to cover at least once in our life. It's something whose Tafseer we should be studying on an ongoing basis. It is something that we should be reflecting on every day. When we are sad, we should open the Quran. When we are happy we should open the Quran. When our Eman feels weak, we should open up for art when our demand is strong, we should open the Quran, it should be something that we interact with all the time.

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And when we do this, then and only then when we truly experience the miracle of the Quran in our lives on an ongoing basis.

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On the end of the story, and I want us to reflect on the story. It's a story we all know already. But you reflect on it from a different angle. And that is the story of the conversion of Omar Abdul Fatah brigalow on to Islam. We all know the story right? On my regular one who was a staunch enemy of Islam. And one day he took out the sword and he said he's going to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as he was on his way, someone told him that his sister Rodrigo had converted to Islam. So he went to their house, knocked on the door, got into a physical fight with his brother in law. And then he calmed down, in recited, you know, he read the first page of Surah Taha, and he

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ended up converting to Islam. We all know the story, but reflect on it from the perspective of our topic, about the Quran being a miracle in how it transforms the hearts of people. This is part of the miracle of the Quran, that any sincere heart that recites it and reflects on it will be transformed by it. Let us look at the case of Oman and Qatar.

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All regular, was a sincere man, even in his coffin, even when he wasn't a wish that he was sincere. You see the people who had rejected the prophets of Allah while he was certainly in his lifetime, probably into two groups. They were those who knew that Islam was true, but they rejected it out of arrogance, like Abu john, how would you have knew that Islam was a true religion, but he rejected it out of arrogance, and he fought the Muslims to his death. Then they were those who had rejected Islam, because they weren't convinced yet that the prophets along the sun was a true prophet, and that Islam was a true religion. In this category, we have the likes of Haley, but Omar and Omar, who

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eventually both ended up converting to Islam. Now all around, you know, in the early years before he was convinced that Islam was a true religion, he was a very sincere believer in his previous religion. He very sincerely believed in the idols he very sincerely believed in his local culture. And so when he heard about a new person in his community that was attacking and changing the religion and coming up with a new religion, he fought against it sincerely. So because he was sincere, because his heart was open to finding the truth. Because his, his, you know, his sins were actually coming from a sincere place. When he eventually interacted with the Quran, he interacted

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with it from a place of sincerity. You see, this is one of the men who rejected Islam because he knew it was true. This was a man who had rejected Islam because he hadn't heard it message yet. And on that day, on that occasion, when he sat down, and he saw the email of his sister, Fatima, and he saw the amount of his brother in law salaried, and he saw that they were willing, you know, to die for the religion, something entities heart, he realized, maybe there's some truth to this. Now what cause people to become so great, what caused people to have such faith. And that's when he sincerely opened his heart to Islam. He sat down with the Quran, he recited it, he reflected on it, he

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interacted with it and because of that,

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He not only converted to Islam, this is the big thing to think about. When I say that the Quran radically transforms people think about Omar Abdel Fatah, radula, Omar al Fatah before reciting the Quran. He was a man who would hit Muslims. He was a man who would beat up people for converting to Islam. He was a man who was so staunchly against Islam that once in one of these habits it I think he might convert to Islam one day, I analysis how they responded, his donkey will convert before him, meaning it's never gonna happen, but because he was such a staunch enemy of Islam, this was a man who a few minutes before reciting Quran had his sword in his hand and is willing to kill the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam what kind of radical transformation with the Quran have on his heart. He became the staunchest defender of Islam. Few minutes after converting to Islam, he knocks on the doors of all of the leaders of Quraysh one by one and tells him I became was that what you're going to do about it? Well, who goes to each one's house and he knocks on the door and say, just wanted to let you know, I'm a Muslim.

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And he literally gets into a fistfight in front of the Kaaba would with these people because they don't want him to be a Muslim. And he doesn't know he doesn't care, because now he's Imani strong. He becomes such a strong Muslim, that the Quran is often what often revealed in agreement with his opinion. What do I mean by this for example over your photography logo, he told the prophets while your solemn shouldn't alcohol be Haram. And later on the verse was revealed prohibiting alcohol. He says a woman observed a job later on the person will reveal of the job he or many occasions we overlook. The photog had an idea and the revelation would agree with him. Omarosa photo became such

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a righteous man that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said if they had to be a prophet after me, it would have been over. He became such a righteous man that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, even Omer walks in the street, the cheetah runs away to the Front Street. He became such a righteous man, that when the Prophet slicin passed away in Abu Bakar became the believer. It will open up the photog during that time, who came up with the idea of preserving the Quran. And then, with Abu Bakar Rajan who was passing away he chose Oman to be the next Khalifa Think about it. Think about this, Omar Abdel Fatah was not one of the first 20 or 30 people to convert to Islam. oma

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Fatah was not the eldest of the Sahaba. At that time, he was not one of the first 20 or 30 Muslims. He was not the one who had memorized the most Quran or the one who had the you know the,

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the most knowledge of Hades, but he was the most righteous and the most powerful, and the most deepest think of them all, and this will aboubaker recognize it. So he chose over 2 million s Khalifa. And in this khilafah, Omar al Fatah.

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The Muslims destroyed the Persian Empire, the Muslims, crippled parts of the Roman Empire, Muslims took over Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, all of these lands, we know them today to be wisdom lands, he became Muslim, that's the time

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is a man who started his life as a camel herder, and who passed away as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. And that transformation from a man who wanted to kill a prophet, to the man who led this nation after that prophet to the height of its powers.

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That transformation came from reciting and reflecting over a single page of the Quran.

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So I asked you, why are we not reciting the Quran? Why are we not reflecting on the Quran? This is the impact it has on the hearts of distancia

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Omar is the photog rajala one who is one of the greatest examples of the impact of the Quran when a sincere person recites in a reflection so that each and every one of us follow in his footsteps that each and every one of us make time for the Quran recited, understand it, reflect on it live by it because the Quran is a living vertical. It is America we can experience is a proof of Islam. It is the it is a place where we get our email from it is a place where we get our guidance from it is the best way to live your life. It is the best manual of like it is everything to the believer. Do not neglect the Quran. Make time for it live by that it be a part of who you are falling in love with

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it. Make it be something that you never neglect and something that's in your life every single day now lost 200 acres from the people of the Quran, put the light of the Quran to our hearts and make the Quran improve for us on the Day of Judgment. Obesity is a boon for Salaam