The Compounding Effect of Barakah on your Time

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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Friday Khutbah

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The importance of correcting the heart and showing off actions during the Day of Judgment is discussed, along with the use of animals as carriers for political purposes. The speaker warns of the danger of social media and the need to be careful with what people say and do. The history of Islam is also highlighted, including the depiction of Islam's actions and the use of animals as carriers for political purposes.

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In there hamdulillah Madhu who want to stay you know who want to stop Pharaoh? When are all will be let him in surely and fusina women sejati Molina Mejia de la Hofer la medulla. Oh my god who Furla her de ella. Y shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah. Why should I do under Mohammed Abdullah? He was a pseudo

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a MOBA ad for all SQL more. Yeah betta cola Hiya, Zoa gel for inner Hosea, goofy dunya and Ohara. Our facility will Allah Ania

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indeed All praise is due to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we praise Him, we thank him and we seek refuge in Allah who is at the origin, from the evils of our own souls and selves. And we seek help from Allah who is at all gentle alone. That's for what is to proceed enjoin upon you. The Taqwa of Allah, Allah is at will July. I remind you of the consciousness of Allah. I remind you to remember Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as Allah says in the Quran, you have levena Allah haka Takata, he will attend moto Nila intimacy moon,

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my dear brothers, and my dear sisters.

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We all have the same 24 hours that everyone has been granted. But there are some people in this world that achieve a lot more than other people within those 24 hours. Those are the people who realize that when they do some things, the reward of that something is going to be far greater than the reward of another action. The same type of time that a person spends in a nine to five job that pays a minimum wage, it's the same time that another person has to spend, but then the earnings are a lot greater. And that same thing goes for for us when it comes to our relationship with Allah azza wa jal as well. You only have 24 hours within your date, that will never change, that will always

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remain the same. You and I and everyone has to do the daily duties that everybody else has to do. Same thing with the sahaba. But the Sahaba were greater men because of a reason. What was that reason? It was their inner being. It was their souls. It was their inner state and how they were with Allah who will exit the Magellan as burqa if not Abdullah Al Moosonee. He said, and it's also reported from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said about Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and who he said that Abu Bakr, he didn't go above and beyond everybody. Abu Bakar didn't end up beating everyone else, because he used to fast a lot or used to pray a lot. He had the same 24 hours that

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you and I have. It was the exact same amount of time. Yes, Allah can put Baraka in the time. But what was the key ingredient, bucket, Abdullah Al Moosonee. He says that that key ingredient was something was different about his heart, his spiritual state, his inner being, there was some difference within that. When he was thinking about Allah when he was doing that action, he would remember Allah in a way that perhaps we don't, Allah would be written over every action that he would do, because he was thinking of nothing but Allah. He wasn't looking for reward from the people. He wasn't looking for this route. He wasn't looking for appreciation. He was looking for

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Allah, Allah azza wa jal.

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And just like that, as time progressed in the Sahaba, they left there were still people who were connected to ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, they had the same 24 hours. And today, we have those same hours as well. And we do those same actions. You and I have come to this message right now. And we are here to pray by simply correcting the state of the heart. Yes, I say simply, but it's not very simple. By simply correcting the state of the heart, your reward ends up increasing and multiplying by numbers, it's the same time that you're spending, it's the same action you're doing. It's the same

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amount of investment in terms of your time that you have to do. But Allah subhanaw taala increases the reward of some and decreases the rewards of others. In fact, there could be people within this Masjid right here, who are sitting, who are being rewarded such that they will be with the prophets, but there may be someone else who might actually be sinful for having the wrong intention for even coming to the masjid. Yes, yes, that's right. You could be coming to the masjid. You could be praying or salawat and that could be a grave sin. It could be what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam referred to as Schilke. He referred to as associate II

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refer to it as *. But the minor ship the ship, which is what the profit called the ship could huffy the Aden shift, the hidden associating of partners with Allah azza wa jal, the fact that your heart is not turning to Allah azza wa jal alone, Allah doesn't need you and I, and that's why he tells us in the Quran Lillahi maphis sama worth, you are mapping out, Allah already has everything within the heavens and the earth. He doesn't need you and I. And that's why he says right after this, if you were to show what's within yourselves, or you weren't to hide it, Allah already knows it and he's going to hold you to account. He doesn't need your heart. It is you that needs your

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heart to be corrected. It is I that needs my heart to be corrected that I'm thinking of none. But Allah, Allah Buddha is that he will Jalon You see Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that there is destruction to those people who pray, yes, but he gives them a quality. Think about it. When we think of prayer, we can only think of getting close to Allah. But Allah is saying for a while you do little mousseline, there are some people who will be given destruction because of their prayer. Those people who are not thinking of their prayer as they pray, those people who are showing off to other people, as they pray as well, one of the self, he would sit at home and he would pray. And as

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soon as someone would walk in, and he would hear that someone is around, and someone is in the house at this moment, he would discontinue at nighttime. And he said the reason for that was because I didn't know how to control my heart. Another one of the senators, he was in the masjid and he saw a man praying. And he was incensed. And he was crying and crying and crying. And he said to this man, he said, and you you this is the one I'm talking to you. He said, Why don't you go do this at home?

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Because you're not sure about your intention. You don't know how to control your heart. There are people who can control their hearts. And sometimes we end up weeping and going into tears and it's uncontrollable. There's nothing we can do about it. That's a different situation. But if you are doing this in public, and you continuously do it, and you're, you're doing it almost intentionally and it's noticeable. This is not something that's praiseworthy, you don't know where your heart is. And that's why Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says destruction be to those who pray, but not everybody. Those who pray but they're not thinking about their prayer in their prayer, and levena home and

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Salah are living at home and Salah T himself on those who are preoccupied within their purse, and those who end up showing off within those prayers as well. My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this is known to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a Sheikh and the the minor Sheikh, and there's nothing minor about it, because this is a major sin. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith, he said, the most fearful thing that I have left behind for this ummah is a shill called Assad. It's that minor shift, and the Sahaba they said what is this minor shift go prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said,

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showing off to people, he said, ostentatious pneus, he said earlier, and he said, on the Day of Judgment, when people are being rewarded, when people are being compensated, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will have a color say, go to those people, the ones that you wish to show off to go to them.

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And see if they can give you some reward today, and see if there's something good they can do for you. Because there is a day of judgment. And if your heart is turned to other people other than Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment, Allah will tell you and I to go to those very people who won't we were thinking about when we were doing an auction of good deed. So the best of deeds, the deed that is considered your main connection to Allah, the Salah, which is known as a seller to Bane and Abdi will not be here. It's a connection between yourself and Allah Subhana Allah, it's the I heard it's the covenant. It is that promise that you have with Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, he said, Don't let the vain and well they know whom was solid. The covenant that we have between ourselves and them is the prayer whoever leaves it is no longer a Muslim, this is the Hadith. About this, the prophet is telling us or Allah is telling us even sir, such a deed could be done with the heart disconnected from Allah, and then it becomes a source of destruction for a person on the Day of Judgment.

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We have to check ourselves my brother, every deed that you do check yourself are you giving sadaqa so that you may be known to people as a person who gives sadaqa are you giving sadaqa so that you may be able to go back to the person and say, Look, remember, I gave you when you were in

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Edie I gave you when you need it. And Allah subhanaw taala told us of this in the Quran as well. And he said from the qualities of the rebirth of Allah, the true slaves of Allah is that they feed people. They feed people from their money, despite the fact that they love that money.

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They feed

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the needy, they give to the orphans, they give to the people who are imprisoned and the people who have been blocked off from society. And then they say, we're only doing this for Allah. And we're not doing it for any other reason except for Allah Azza wa Jalla

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your actions, however good they may be, that's how evil they may end up being for you on the Day of Judgment. If you're, if your intention is not in check, the Abubaker the best of this ummah, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to do the same actions that we do.

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So he, maybe he would do a little bit more than some of us. But within the timeframe of the day, it was his intention. It wasn't that he was fasting a lot more than the average person during the time of the sahaba. It wasn't that he was praying more than the average person during the time of the sahaba. But it was that he understood that he was doing this for Allah and he had only Allah in His heart every single time. He would do an action he wouldn't allow anyone but Allah Subhana Allah Allah to come into his heart, I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make our intentions directed to Him and Him alone. I mean,

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are some Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in WA early he also could be a Gemini Alhamdulillah him then you are Fini Emma, who are you Cassie OMAS EDA or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Anwar Allah early he was gonna be here Jemaine, my dear brothers and your sisters, there are things that people show off because of that are also the worldly possessions. And among the possessions that people do this with

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is their vehicles that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has granted them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the horses are of three types. And remember, horse was basically the mode of transport in the time of the prophets of Allah who already was setting them are the camels and the prophets. I said, Let me said, there are three different types of horses, one of them will lead a person to be granted agile by Allah subhanaw taala, he will be rewarded because of this. And another one, this will basically do his day to day tasks for him. Well, he didn't sit around and then he said for the third person, were here, Leroy Julian wisdom, a third person, he will be sinful for

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owning a horse, he will be sinful for owning amount, he will be sinful for owning a car in the modern sense. And the prophets of Allah who it was salami explained, he says, As for the person, who will be sinful by owning this mode of transport, that is the person who gets one of these, why, to show off to people who gets this Escher and webathon idea and he only wants to look nice in front of people. He wants it to be what we could call today, a head turner, he wants it to turn the heads of the people. This is the reason why he's gotten this. This is a person who will be sinful for a possession that he owns. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of another form of Moral

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Act, another form of ostentation citizeness, another form of showing off as well. And that is, when you're giving guidance to people, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, No person should address the people, except for three. Number one is the amid. And number two is the delegate of the Amin and number three is the person who wishes to show off. And as scholars, they looked at this hadith, and they said, this means that the person who should be addressing the masses within

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it can either be the person who is the supreme leader, because in Ideal Muslim countries, the ideal circumstances doesn't really exist. But the ideal circumstances that the immediate himself is a person of knowledge. So the first person should be the Amin. The second is more the delegate of the Amin or IE a scholar or a shareholder or Yeah, or something of that nature. And a third person is someone who just decides to give his services to the people. And he says, You know what, I'm going to step up and start talking without being a person of knowledge, without being a person who has been approved by the people of knowledge without being a person who's known for knowledge. He just

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wants to gain fame and status. This is what the Prophet said. He said, the third person is the moron II. Don't just solicit your services to people and you have no knowledge

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Every single day I hear of cases, and they they're, they're people's lives we're dealing with just this morning I heard of a case where a person or a woman asked another woman, and she said that I have XYZ scenario with my husband. And the husband is like this.or the other. What should I do? Basically, she was concerned that her husband is a Catholic. So the woman says, this husband of yours is actually a Catholic, and you can't live with a coffin, you have to leave this man. And now just because of that one comment, it's stuck to the heart of this woman, and the family became separated.

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Then they said, Well, maybe you should check this issue. Is it really a cafe or is he not a catcher?

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And I got a call. Is he a cafe or is he not a cafe? And I said, are with a biller? You're asking me now that you've, you've caused this divorce. You can't just solicit your services. You can't just pretend you know, the Prophet said there are three people one person is the one who is the emir, ideally, someone who already knows number two is the delegate. And the scholars they said the delegate is either the scholar or even the immediate. Why? Because he's, I mean from Allah subhanaw taala. Allah has given him the Ummah, Allah has given him the duty delegated to him the duty to teach the people but the third person who doesn't know you can't just get up and tell people because

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you cause problems. And the prophet is calling this RIA the prophets Allah Allahu Allah wa Salam is causing calling this ostentatious. pneus My dear brother, and my dear sister, the Prophet told us In another Hadith authentic as well. He said, that I'm a fear afraid of two things. I'm afraid of two things in my nation.

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Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I'm afraid that some of the people within this nation will do *. And when they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about this, they said, Oh prophet of Allah, really, some of the people within this nation will do Sure. He said, Yes, but not the shift that you're thinking of. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, in the home layer, Abu Duna chanson Walla Walla hedger on wala thanon. By Allah, they will not be worshipping shrimps, they will not be worshipping the sun or the moon, or the rocks or any idols, that's not what they're going to be doing. So they're not going to be doing major shifts. And this

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is very important, because there are some people who go around accusing other Muslims of major shifts willy nilly, without confirming without verifying, and the Prophet said, This is not what he's afraid of. He said, there's another type of shift. And he said, that is that people will think of other than Allah subhana wa that when they're doing their actions, they will consider other than Allah when they're doing their actions, they will show off to other than Allah, they will show their deeds to other people, they will be doing these deeds, which are good deeds, but they will be doing them for other than Allah azza wa jal, my dear brothers, and my dear sisters, remember that we're

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living in a very, very difficult time. Very difficult to control your heart for me, for you for all of us. And alpha DailyBurn Are y'all he used to say that there were a group of people in the past who would show off about what they had done. And now we've gotten to a time where people are showing off because of things that they haven't even done.

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And that's the time that we're in. Because now we're in the time of staging things people go for. If you've been to the helm, you know what I'm talking about. When you go to the helm, you have people standing in the helm, taking pictures, staging pictures, so that they could have an Instagram photo or so they could have a photo on Facebook or Twitter.

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Staging dish, you can see it, you see it happening right before you someone standing in front of the camera and going like this, like this for a picture. And then after that they put their hands down and they don't whether it's caught on Allah, they're not remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, they're staging, their staging, so that they can show to the people that look we're worshipping Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Try this for yourself. That when you go to the Haram, don't take pictures. When you go to the haram. Don't spread anything on your Instagram. When you go to the helm. Don't have a Twitter feed or any other feed. Don't be TIG talking try it out for yourself. If

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your nurses telling you it's too difficult for me to do that. Then you have to question you are you need to question yourself, you're already questionable at that point. Check your hearts my brother because there is a day of judgment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will be asking us about what is within our hearts and how we were connected to him or what

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Whether we were connected to other than Him, and those who show off will be told by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah on the Day of Judgment, go to the people that you are showing off to so that you can get your reward from them. And I've been attina for dunya Hassan was in karate Hassan. Okay now other than what additional genetic algebra yeah as he is we have a farm with a female salata in salata. 10 Honey fracture you will not go well as the crow Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah no matter scenario