Unwavered by the Storm

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The story of Allah's subhanablement of the term "arty" is discussed, including the use of a violent storm and multiple sermons and events in their story. The emotional turmoil and lack of trust in Islam leads to loss of loved ones and the importance of learning from the past to shift one's mindset and focus on positive and negative experiences. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning from the past to build a positive mindset and attract prosperity.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So during my last Friday's sermon,

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the title was unfavored by the storm.

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And in the sermon, you know, I was able to with the help of Allah go into a very powerful story.

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One of the most powerful stories, if you will, in the Noble Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about a very great prophet. And through that story we were able to glean, we were able to learn

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how strong he was, despite being in the midst of a tempest. And a tempest is defined as a raging violent storm. And not just one storm, he was put through multiple storms in his life. And he stood unwavering

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because of his strong faith in Allah in the Almighty in the plan of the Almighty.

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And he was none other than the great Prophet Musa is rato Sara

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Musa this letter Salam. As you all know, my dear brothers and sisters was given a heavy task he was given the task of approaching the greatest tyrant to walk on the face of this earth frown.

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And again, as we all know, frown was a merciless Dysport. He was a callous, heartless and diabolical tyrant who's cruelty who's evil whose oppression knew no bounds.

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We read in the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he ruled with an iron fist, inflicting pain and suffering on anyone who dared to oppose him in his role. His dark shadow hung over the land, casting fear casting despair into the hearts of the people. He enslaved his nation and made them toil under the scorching sun.

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And we also read

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that his tyranny, his oppression included the barbaric practice of infanticide.

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And that is testament to his depravity and disregard to human life. He saw innocent babies innocent children as disposable mere pawns in his ruthless quest for power and

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And his reign his role was marked by injustice, it was marked by oppression it was marked by evil, by pain and hurt.

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And Allah subhanahu wa Adana, he sends Musa alayhis salam Wa salaam to this individual who was arrogantly claiming, as Allah says, In the Quran, and Arabic, Allah, he was arrogantly claiming

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divinity. He saw himself as God amongst men. He thought that he had the power to dictate life and death to his subjects, to such an individual musculoskeletal salon was sent.

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And my dear brothers and sisters, it's interesting, you know, obviously, his story is, is long if you start from the very beginning, and I think I would need multiple episodes, and this is what I said in the sermon as well. I would need multiple sermons, I would need multiple episodes to be able to do justice, to be able to even try to do justice to the life of Musa Alice Leto Salam.

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Nonetheless, in the sermon, I touched on two incidents in the life was Alice let wa salam now that particular sermon was not video recorded.

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It was only unfortunately only audio recorded

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there were a lot of people after the sermon who

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you know

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who wanted the recording of the of the sermon, the audio recording you know, was shared and it's up on my on my podcast channels as well. All you have to do is search for my name on any of the mainstream podcast platforms. If you are an iOS iPhone user, go to the default Apple podcasts app and search for Moyes Buhari M UI Zed space be UK try and then the channel will pop up the channel the official name of the channel is Islam with Chef Moyes Buhari. Similarly, if you are an Android user, again, don't worry, go to the the official the default Google podcasts app. So if you have a phone, like for example, the pixel which is a default Google Android phone, you will have the

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able to access then again you can search for my name Islam with all the channel Islamic chef Mo's Bihari and you will come across my recordings in shallow depth. Okay, now that that is out of the way let's get back to the video. So I thought given that the sermon was not video recorded, and I'll try to do a summary for my YouTube family and and for those who like more of a visual representation of the content inshallah.

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So I touched on two

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powerful incidents from the story of Musa salatu salam incident, number one

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revolves around

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an individual from the story of Musa Ali's letter salaam that a lot of us or most of us may not have spent time thinking about reading up on. You know, sometimes when you take a story, when you take a book, you do have multiple characters that are brought in into a story. And sometimes the focus is on the main character like the hero of the story, we tend to gloss over certain characters within a story. So similarly in the story of Musa let's let wassalam this particular individual

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may have been glossed over lava alum, but I'd like to focus on this individual and she is none other than the mother of masala salat wa salam. So obviously we're going to the very beginning of the story, the mother of Musa alayhi salatu salam. Now you have to understand my dear brothers and sisters put yourself into the shoes of this lady, the mother of masala salat wa salam, I need you to think. And I look at the world go back in time and look at the world through her eyes. She is living in a time. Okay. When,

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like we described earlier, she's living under the rule of a tyrant.

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Her nation, her community, her people are being enslaved.

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And she's living in a time when infants are being butchered, being slaughtered. Being killed mercilessly. You have spies all over the place. forces from the army of Iran from the troops have drowned while going around. And no sooner they hear or they get the whiff of information with regards to a newborn. Baby Boy, The strawman, plucked the child away and killed the child. So she's living at a time like that.

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And now she is blessed with a baby boy a son, Allahu Akbar. So one can only imagine one can only try to imagine the emotional turmoil in her heart.

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The storm

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in the storm of emotions in her heart,

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as she thinks of all of this as she is,

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as she fears for her for her child for her son, the life of her child. And my dear brothers and sisters.

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The irony of it is when you are afraid of losing something that you love that you care ideally, what is our human reflexive reaction? What do we generally do? Our instinctive reaction is to hold on to

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the person or the thing that we love dearly, right? We hold on to it tighter.

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We cling on to it harder and tighter. We do not want to let go. Why? Because we're afraid of losing it. But Subhanallah the mother of musculoskeletal said I'm no doubt she loves her child, her infant. She's breastfeeding her child. So we're not talking about the child being you know of a certain age it's an infant

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and what is the command that is given to her? Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in surah CASAS

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what our Hayner Illa Musa an odd day and we inspire them to the mother of Moses, the mother of Moses, let wa salam Suckle him for either him

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still early. But when you fear for him for a low key he feels

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the opposite of our natural, you know, instinctive reaction. What did I say earlier on instinctive reaction is to hold on to what you love tightly. Here the command is if you fear for him, then cast him phillium into the river, cast him into the river. So the exact opposite of our instinct, instinctive reaction, let go, let go of him, place your trust in Allah and let go. So basically the command unto her my dear brothers and sisters, if you want to keep him, you have to actually let him go. Place your trust in Allah and let him go.

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And Allah then goes on to promise in the Noble Quran, in Radu Hui Lake, which are Illumina more saline.

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We will indeed we will return him to you and he will make him from the middle saloon from the messengers.

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Somebody's brothers and sisters, the mother of most Alice letter Salam, she was faced with an impossible choice to cling on to her newborn son her infant or to release him

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to the unknown. And at that moment, she demonstrated profound faith. She demonstrated she acknowledged her trust in Allah, acknowledging and understanding that his plan the Almighty is plan was greater than her own desires. So at this juncture, my dear brothers and sisters, just imagine her level of Tawakkol, the purity of tobacco and the level of tobacco. The powerful lesson here is that the mother of most Alice let was salam. Her decision to trust in Allah was a powerful reminder of the importance of faith in time in times of trial and tribulation.

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In the middle of a storm in the middle of a tempest, place your trust in Allah, and her willingness to let go of her child was an act of complete submission to the will of Allah to the plan of Allah, and pure acknowledgment that his plan is always just and merciful. So this is incident number one. Now I would like to draw your attention to another incident. Okay, now we need to fast forward. Fast forward.

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Where Musa Ali's led to Salam with his small band of followers are commanded by Allah azza wa jal to leave. Why because they're going to be

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the basically the army of around is at their heels. And the order is given for Musala to salaam, really with a small band of followers. For us to be a baddie Leyland in the computer, but on the command was issued. So Musa let's lead to salaam, it is a small group of followers he sets out. And now we come to a juncture where

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you have the Red Sea, I want you to focus on the external circumstances of the situation.

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You have the Red Sea in front of them. Musa al Islam and his small group of followers and you have the superpower of that time, right behind them. Again, put yourself in the shoes of masala to Islam. Put yourself in the shoes of the followers of Musa salat wa salam. You have the deep sea in front of you. Okay. And you can see you can hear the galloping you can hear the hooves of the animals. You can see the clouds of dust gathering as the powerful army the superpower at that time, the powerful army of the diabolical ruler of that time around

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making their way towards this small group of followers. Allah subhanho wa Taala very clearly describes this in the Noble Quran in surah sha Allah says fella Matera al Germani when what happened when the two groups saw one another

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color as herbal Musa

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the companions of Musa al Islam was salam they said in Allah mudra con

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indeed, via to be overtaken in other words, we're done. We're finished. That's it.

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Dead meat basically.

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Why? Because we've got the Red Sea in front of us, where are we to go? Okay, no boats, nothing. How are we to cross this massive ocean and behind us,

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for our own and his armies, his troops and his forces but then it's over.

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Now, same situation, same circumstances, same external events, same rates, the same, surrounded the back armies forces the superpower, the evil superpower.

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The followers of Musa said in Allah mudra conveyed and vetted meet.

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Musa alayhis salam, on the other hand, he says, Allah Kela.

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Now, for those of you who are familiar with the Arabic language, now me

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NCS law means no. He didn't say law. He didn't say no, he says Cal law, which in English is never, you know, it's like almost such a negative know where you're leading with meaning with so much of emphasis not in like a positive negative sense. Not in a bad way but no with so much of emphasis, like never

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in Maya Rob bisa Dean and he goes on to say never indeed Allah in the matter. Yeah, Robbie, indeed my Lord is with me. So yeah, Dean, He will guide he will guide me.

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Now what I want you to focus on my dear brothers and sisters, is look at the mindset of musculoskeletal Salam. And look at the mindset of the followers of musculoskeletal slump, same circumstances, same events, so basically all of them are in the same storm.

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Alright, but mindsets are different. And that's why you and I as believers, as followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we need to learn from the stories of the prophets of the past. We need to learn from the Quran to shift our mindsets, there needs to be

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mindset shift.

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So he had this juncture does not give up, he does not give in to despair. But instead he places his trust

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on Allah, He shifts his focus, he doesn't. You see, you and I, we tend to focus on the problem. And then the problem grows in our eyes. He didn't look at the sea and focus on the sea. He didn't focus on around but instead he shifted his focus to Allah. So when you shift your focus to Allah,

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your problem shrinks many brothers and sisters, your problem just shrinks into almost nothingness because Allah is far greater Allahu Akbar,

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Allah who has Akbar.

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So my dear brothers and sisters, this this mindset shift, it needs to take place, just like a camera and see the camera is now focusing on me. And that's why you will see that yeah, the background does exist, but it's kind of blurred.

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And you know, if I were to punch in tighter with the lens or use a lens that has a lower aperture, you will see the background fade away into a creamy blur.

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So similarly, in life, you have positives and negatives, you have problems, you have solutions. But what you focus on grows, if you choose to focus on the negatives than the negatives are going to be tack sharp, crisp and sharp, the positives are going to fade away into the background. On the other hand, if you choose to focus on the positives, if you choose to focus on the blessings, the boons, the gifts that Allah has given you. Then the negatives Yeah, they're not going to vanish overnight, they will exist, but they fade away into the background, a creamy blur in the background. And then you are able to cultivate this optimistic mindset. This mindset of gratitude and by nurturing an

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attitude of gratitude, you're going to attract abundance, attract prosperity, attract blessings, Elaine Shackleton Plaza de la comas Allah says in the Noble Quran, so I hope my dear brothers and sisters that this video

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is going to be of benefit where I summarized the two stories that I shared during my last sermon. And please do share the video around so that others can benefit as well so that we can all shine on the report in sha Allah, Allah if you have not subscribed to my channel, do hit the subscribe button and also activate notifications so no sooner a video goes live or is uploaded you will get a notification and you'll be able to Inshallah, watch the video and share it with others in the light and I look forward to talking to you all in another video soon. Inshallah Allah wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh