Maintaining the momentum after Ramadan 1440/2019

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The Friday sermon delivered by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary on the 31st of May 2019 at Mudi Masjid, Limbe, Malawi.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Shafi nambia evil mursaleen Nabina. Habib in our karate ioannina Mohammed bin Abdullah Allahu Allah Allah He was happy he of Allah to automata slim Ummah bad

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for the Kala la junta Baraka Tyler for disease bad Aldo Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim

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au hell Latina man otaku ma hopper taco courting while

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Muslim whoa

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whoa call it gone. Yeah

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man otakon long havapoo konkona Sadie the usila hola como como la cuando no back on woman he

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Rasulullah hufa for the phones and now the

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I commenced by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala I asked him the almighty the Lord of all worlds the exalted to send and Chava his choices of blessings and salutations upon the final messenger, our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions, and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of

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my dear respected elders and brothers in Islam.

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The topic for my sermon this afternoon is maintaining the momentum after Ramadan, maintaining the momentum after Ramadan, you and I, we have struggled hard

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to strive during this blessed month to get close to our maker Allah subhanho wa Taala we woke up early in the morning, we prayed tahajjud we have fasted during the day. We have read a lot of Koran. We prayed Salatu Torah we prayed with every single night. We have read a lot of the Quran we have studied about the Quran, we have given out sada given our charity. So there is this growth that we see during the month of Ramadan. So it's important that we maintain the growth, the spiritual growth,

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that's when it is considered organic, that's when it is considered healthy. Because if not, it would result in it just being a spike, and then a drop. May Allah save us all.

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So I'm sure you might have heard from your scholars in regards to the blessings of this month, in regards to the purpose at the very beginning, the scholars would have spoken the purpose behind fasting, why are you fasting? Are you fasting just to stay away from food? Is it just merely a diet? Or is there a greater objective or greater purpose behind fasting even if maybe you didn't hear it this Ramadan? You might have heard it in previous Ramadan where there might have been people of knowledge who would have told you about the greater objective the greater purpose behind fasting. I simply like to remind ourselves with the statement of Imam Kodama Rahim Allah, he talks about three

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types of fasting, three types of fasting and this should serve as a reminder firstly for myself, and then all of you what he says that you have, number one, Psalm one Oh,

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the fasting of the general

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public, if you will, the laity? The general people, the sermon or Mom, I'll explain in detail. And then we have someone who's who's the fasting of the elite. Now when we say elite, we mean they're closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is, this is the distinguishing factor because at the end of the day,

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in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala your power is not taken into consideration your wealth is not taken into consideration the color of your skin is not taken into consideration your beauty and the fact that you're handsome is not taken into consideration your height is not taken into consideration. The only thing that is taken into consideration in the eyes of Allah is taqwa is your closeness with allies. overjet your place in society nothing matters to allies overjet apart from your heart, the state of your heart.

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we have so much

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I hope this stays with you. Some are among the fastest

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The general public, if you will, the laity, the ones who are making their way towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then you have Solomon who sews the fasting of the elite and Subhana Allah, you have some sama Hussain who sues the vast thing of the elite of the elite. These are only Allah May Allah make us from his earlier I mean, they are the ones very close to Eliza Virgil. So what are these three categories, the first category so mala

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is a type of fasting, where the individual who is fasting

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only stays away from food and drink and stays away from indulging in his or her sexual desires. This is so much more. Now I want you all to introspect, place your heart, your hands upon your hearts, and try to gauge what type of fasting have I indulged in, because it's still not too late. We have a few more days this month has you know, sped past us so panela this from the signs of the day of the AMA that time will fly, and it's time not flying, Time Is Flying.

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Here we are. And now we have the 27th night perhaps in a day or maybe Saturday evening, and then with that we're moving towards read Allahu Akbar.

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It's almost as if we just started the month of Ramadan a few days ago. It's almost as if last year's Ramadan, we still you know, it's like just a month or two

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before us

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so similar hormone

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the fasting

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where a person stays only away from stays away from food and drink stays away from indulging in his or her sexual desires and that's it.

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Some huesos the fasting of the elite, they stay away from food and drink, they stay away from indulging in sexual desires and they also protect their tongues.

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From uttering or articulating things that do not please Allah subhanho wa Taala it can be obscene language. It can be felt, it can be gossip, it can be backbiting it can be anything can be false or it

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can be anything that displeases Allah they stay away from it.

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They are those who protect their eyes. They don't let their eyes wander. They don't let their eyes wander. They don't let their eyes indulge in things that are displeasing or that have been prohibited by Allah subhanho wa Taala. They are those who protect their ears from indulging in things that Allah has prohibited. There are those who protect their hands from committing sins, they are those who protect their feet from walking towards sin. They are those who basically protect their limbs from this obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is a type of fasting. And this is something that we train ourselves during the month of Ramadan.

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And then we have some sama Hussain who's who's the fasting of the elite of the elite,

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the fasting of the elite of the elite.

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Now they are those who stay away from food. They are those who stay away from drink. They are those who stay away from indulging in sexual desires during the day. They are those who protect their limbs from sins. And they are also those who focus on their hearts. Now this is what is important. There are those who focus on their hearts.

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They constantly keep working on their hearts. They constantly keep working on the purification of their hearts, the purity of your heart. They don't let stray thoughts even thought that displeased a lot cross their hearts Subhanallah what a sense of discipline, one needs to protect your limbs from indulging in sin and then the other and that's why they are ranked higher above they are known as the elite of the elite because they protect their hearts from thinking bad about others. They protect their hearts from bad thoughts from toxic thoughts from negative thoughts about the creation about the Creator, they only think good now I only I want you all to kind of relate to this. Think

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of this individual and individual who's striving to protect his heart who's striving to purify his heart to only think of good thoughts. An individual who's striving to protect his limbs, an individual who's staying away from food and drink and from indulging in sexual desires. Think of what kind of an individual this individual would become. And this is the purpose of the month of Ramadan to work on taqwa. And, and and what is the seat of taqwa other than your heart. The promise Allah Allah Islam in 100

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This is reported to have said a taco Hakuna Asha Isla de Sala and his reports were pointed towards his chest and said a taco Hakuna Matata Hakuna a taco Ah ha ha una. Your taco is over here. Your taco is over here. Your taco is over here. Your taco is basically seated in your heart and this is why it's important. In another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his report rep said and our in federal just said the motiva either swallow hot, swallow Hello Jessa Dooku

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know that indeed there is a piece of flesh in your body. If this piece of flesh is a solid heart is upright is good is straightforward, then solid has just a Dooku then the entire body of that individual will be upright will be good. Goodness will start radiating from that individual. You see certain individuals when you sit with them and you talk to them, you have you feel these vibes, vibrations, these positive vibes. That was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam people would come and just sit by the prophet and they would be impacted by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there are some individuals you go sit by them, you filled with gloom and despair, sadness, toxicity,

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negativity, because the individual is full of that may Allah save us.

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And that same piece of flesh either fester, that if it goes bad, if it becomes corrupt, if it becomes a rotten facade that is just a Dooku then the entire body becomes a rotten, the entire body goes bad. Now what is this piece of flesh? Allah here called know that it is the heart, it is the heart.

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And I even be thinking is it the piece of flesh pumping blood? Is it that heart that you're talking about? So does that mean I need to protect my heart from cardiovascular diseases? I need to walk everyday I need to run I need to go to the gym I need to stay away from fatty foods. Is that what the Hadith is teaching us?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He's talking about the spiritual

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there spiritual heart. And this is why scholars of the past reported to have said

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the Ashoka called be new

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beautiful words. Mr. Abraham Obi if I'm not mistaken in his book called for wide he says

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is the heart of an individual is set. ablaze look at the words if the heart of an individual is set ablaze with what be norica with the light of obedience, if you set a blaze your heart with the light, the powerful light of the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you know what happens? Aqua Bella all forms Sahaj boo Hara and Baraka all forms of goodness and prosperity start rushing towards the heart of that individual, you know, almost like a very powerful magnet, it starts it starts to attract all forms of goodness, prosperity Baraka and positivity. It starts to it starts to pull it, pull the goodness towards itself. And then what happens? The Sahaba of this heart, the owner of this

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heart, that is you, Oh my dear brother, my dear sister, you will start moving mentor at any law team, you will start moving from goodness to goodness, we say you move from strength to strength here you will start moving from good deed to good deed. And this is bear these words in mind. This is the sign of Allah accepting a deed from you. If you want to know as to whether you're Ramadan, this Ramadan that you strove so hard. You woke up every single day you were in Salah you were reading the Koran you gave out so much of sada if you want to know as to whether it has been accepted by Allah, then gauge yourself after Ramadan if you are moving from goodness to goodness, if

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you are moving from good deed to good deed, then know that your Ramadan has been accepted but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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on the other hand,

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either all dilemma are called if the heart of an individual is plunged into darkness, what type of darkness, the darkness of disobedience, the darkness of sin. Why do we call it darkness because we have another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us he informs us that when an individual commits a sin when an individual perpetrates a sin what happens? Look the tune so the black dot forms of the heart of that individual, a black dot, around as Allah says in the Quran, Quran killable Ron Allah kulu Bhima convicts. It's like a form of rust. It forms the heart of that individual, if that individual immediately tab. NASA was takfir if he immediately makes Toba. If me

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Gently removes himself from that thing. If he immediately seeks the forgiveness of Allah. Then he's able to polish the heart like a mirror. You see you have a mirror. If you polish it, it starts to shine and gleam and you're able to see your reflection beautifully, a piece of glass. On the other hand, if he does not make Toba if he disregards the sin and goes on to perpetrate sin after sin, if he goes on to commit to disobedience after the disobedience, then black dot after black dot will start forming on the heart of this individual until his heart becomes a black, dark and overturned vessel law is not going to shine like a mirror. It's not going to shine like a piece of glass, but

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rather it's going to become a dark rusty overturned vessel. That is of no purpose.

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An overturned vessel, you can't pour milk into it. So how are you going to pull the pure milk of the Quran and this is why such individuals find it difficult to read the Quran. They find it difficult to weep, when they make the art they cannot cry. And they come complaining almost the OSHA Why is my heart so hard? Why cannot why cannot Why can't I cry? Why am I not weeping? Why am I not crying in front of Allah? Why is it so difficult for me to weep? You see the tears when you weep in in front of Allah, Indra when reading the Quran, when the Imam is is reading the Koran in Salah those tears, or the tears that will water your heart and your life for good and beautiful things to grow.

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We need those tears. But if your heart has become dark and overturned, then it's difficult for you to cry. You need to turn to Allah gauge your hearts. Ask yourself when you read in the Quran. Do you feel goosebumps traveling across your skin? Do you feel shutters running down your spine when the man becomes emotional in Salah. Or when you come across an IRA? bear the punishment of a lie is being described the angle of a lie is being described or jahannam is being described? Do you become emotional when the mercy of Allah is spoken about? Do you feel these emotions coursing through you? Or have you become hard as a rock you can ask yourself you can gauge and if you feel that you have

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hardened if you feel that your heart has become icy cold, then you need to work on your heart. You need to turn to Allah and this is the best opportunity to do so but make sure

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that you maintain the momentum and that's that's the whole point of the topic. For this sermon maintain the momentum after Ramadan. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal Rahim Allah was once asked

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by his students if I'm not mistaken, share, what do you have to say about those individuals who strive hard during the month of Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, you see them in the masjid during the month of Ramadan. You see them in the Quran. During the month of Ramadan you see them giving out sadaqa during the month of Ramadan you see them behaving in a very good way outside of Ramadan. every other word is filled outside of Ramadan indulges in sins outside of Ramadan he indulges in his addictions, but during Ramadan he controls himself during Ramadan he does not indulge in his addictions. during Ramadan he does not indulge in smoking during Ramadan he does not

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indulge in his pornography addiction during Ramadan he stays away from the opposite gender during Ramadan but outside of Ramadan, he goes back to his old ways. What do you have to say about such an individual? Mr. Mohammed bin humble Rahim Allah says are always will be LA.

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de la I seek the refuge in Allah. These individuals such individuals home Roboto Ramadan, they are the slaves of Ramadan and they are not about Ramadan. They are not the slaves of the robe of Ramadan. They are not the slaves of Allah, but rather they are the slaves of Ramadan. They are only being good for Ramadan, not for Allah. And that's why when Ramadan goes past and you ensure while or Shabana any other month. You're not like how you used to be during the month of Ramadan. Allah How do you not relate? There's another another lesson as well. during Ramadan, we know to the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the devils are shattered, the devils are locked up. Now

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in another few days, our enemy is going to come out and start rampaging all over again. He's going to get on with his mission, his mission of misleading us and pushing us into the blazing fire of Jannah. Now during Ramadan they're all locked up all of the shared Sophie that all the shares are locked up shackled the dose of Jenna open the dose of Johanna Muslim shot we know the Hadith authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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The whole point of me mentioning this hadith is that during Ramadan, if you because we have people we have brothers and sisters who come to us and say most of the chef, you tell us that during Ramadan shaitaan is locked up. But still then why or why do I feel these evil inclinations? If shaytan is locked up? Why do I feel inclined towards sin? Why do I feel like doing this? Why do I feel like doing that? Perhaps shaytan is not locked up. Maybe Maybe he broke out of prison Prison Break.

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Do you know what the understanding there is? There is no doubt Siobhan is locked up. These are the words of the prophets of Allah while a value seller and shaitaan cannot it's not some man made prison. This is a law locking up ship and so he cannot break free. And the prophets Allah Allah is Allah anticolonial. However, he does not speak out of his own desires. You and I we speak out of our own desires the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in who I love you. You haven't he speaks His revelation from Allah subhanho wa jal. So Shelton is definitely locked up there. Why do we feel these inclinations? It's because of the evil within us.

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Outside of Ramadan, you can blame Shere Khan. Oh, you know what, don't blame me to shun that push me to do this. But during Ramadan, you can't play the blame game. You need to blame your own self. If you're feeling inclined towards sin, it's because of the evil within you it's because of the weakness inside you. So you need to now realize and that's why this is a bootcamp the month of Ramadan, to be able to get so many things, if you feel it's because of the evil of your own souls the evil of your neffs

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and this is why my dear brothers and sisters, it's important that we work on our souls. You see the neffs

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The neffs is a tricky thing. The neffs can either be an ally, ally, a companion who will help you or the next can be a companion who will help shaitaan against you. You see shaitaan

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try to understand this example your heart is like a house where you have kept all of your valuables inside.

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Siobhan is the thief who is outside shaitaan is the thief who is outside so he constantly he keeps on trying to break into your house to steal your possessions. If you protect your house then he won't be able to infiltrate but you know something you have a thief inside your heart and that's the thief that you have to be very you have to be careful of and that is your next your NFC NFC is inside the house. And this is why instead of Yusuf

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Allah says Walmart or battery or NFC in

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this oh this is a type of neffs you are different types of neffs this is one particular type the next that is Mr. Ravi su the next that is ever inclined towards evil This is a very dangerous type of neffs it is constantly pushing you towards evil whenever you want to do something good your neffs pushes you you know you have different translations for naps your ego your lower self your base self it keeps pushing you towards evil and this is why you need to discipline your next you need to discipline units don't give into your desires discipline units, the more you work on your naps from Mr Obi. So it moves to the next category

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which is known as law Varma law says no for Allah opossum obey nestled among the neffs that is known as our reproaching knifes and F's that keeps on blaming. So this is okay somewhat Okay, this is an F when you do bad It will blame you, you know you have the prick of your conscience that tells you you are doing something wrong. This is your nephew blaming you. And then when you do good, your nephew blames you oh you should have done more when you give out sadaqa you gave out perhaps $100 this type of analysis will tell you oh you should have given out $200 you should have given out $300 give more, pray more read more for an

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and then you move to the next category known as Moodle hammer.

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Allah says in Surah, two shims for Alabama half with Georgia law This is the inspired knifes and nefs that is inspired by Allah towards doing good and staying away from evil. This is also a strong type of an EFS but you need to move from that category quickly to the next one. It is known as what nefs motoman in Allah says and sort of budget Yeah, a

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remote oma in the tranquil soul. Now you're getting closer to Allah The soul is tranquil now now it's not disturbed. It's not you know, one foot here and the other foot there I know now it's making its way towards Allah from automa in it moves to LA dia Allah says Naka Lj in Arabic era. This is a pleased soul, as in the soul is pleased with Allah Ravi to biLlahi Rabanne wobble Islamic

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arabinose Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and every year this is an F that is pleased with Allah pleased with Islam as the dean pleased with the Quran and pleased with Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and then you have the highest known as Maria Lj Lara Becky rodya. Maria Maria is enough's that is.

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It is an F that has attained the pleasure of Allah. Like who? The Sahaba at one light Allah Allah Jemaine radi Allahu anhu worldwide, they were pleased with the line Allah is pleased with them.

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That is a high status. Now you need to ask yourself, where am I in this ranking disorder? Am I

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a Mara? bizu? Am I lawanna? Am I a mole hammer? EMI at martoma in where I don't feel any evil inclinations Am I at all, I do feel as human beings you will feel but I'm able to fight them away. I'm strong enough to fight the evil inclinations. Because if you were not to feel evil inclinations, you would be an angel. You would be an angel.

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Am I at my inner? Am I at rodya? Or am I at Monrovia so it's a constant work in progress. We need to constantly work on our spirituality. I've come to the end of my time.

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So with this, I conclude, my dear brothers

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and sisters.

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We pray that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah blesses us, He blesses us to complete this month of Ramadan in a beautiful way. Elijah was azzawajal bless us all to attain many more Ramadan in the future. May Allah subhanho wa Taala let peace prevail across the globe. May Allah azzawajal protect Islam Allah protect the Muslims that large male lives over shall protect this country protect the Muslims of this country. And may Allah azzawajal help us to purify our hearts. Help us to purge all negative and toxic elements from our hearts. May Allah azzawajal help us to fill our hearts with goodness with love and care towards one another. When we care for ourselves. We care for our brothers and

00:27:24--> 00:27:56

sisters, our brethren from other faiths from Christianity and other religions because at the end of the day, we are all sons of Adam le salat wa salam, there is this sense of humanity that needs to creep into our hearts. And likewise male lives are just as how he unitrust here in this method, Modi Masjid may unite us in the beautiful gardens of gender with our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and may He bless us all to drink from the house from the fountain. Why are the blessed hands of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? I mean I mean why should the Dharma and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen de como la who Clara