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Juz’ 29: Al-Mulk – Al-Mursalat

Al-Qalam – Al-Haqqah

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim known well

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known by the pen and what they inscribe what the angels write what the people write noon well column Allah is swearing by the pen. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first thing Allah created was the pen. He said to it, right? And the pen asked, what should I write my Lord? And Allah said, right, what was decreed about everything until the hour comes, everything that has to happen. So who likes fans? Hello.

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Because Allah honored the pen by making it his first creation. And here Allah is swearing an old by the pen, because pen allama bill column, Allah has taught men how with the pen, pen is a tool of writing, of learning, educating ourselves, giving importance to in preserving you're in so that we can share it with others. This is an honorable thing to do. Unless asthma and habanero material have be Kadima, junoon you are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by the favor of your Lord, You are not a madman. We're in the locker around Halo mamnoon and indeed for you as a reward, uninterrupted, endless, continuous, permanent reward for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam why we're in Nicola

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Allah Hello quinoline and indeed you are, have a great moral character. Why an endless reward for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because his luck was the best his of luck was the most superior, his other with Allah, and law with the people also, even with the angels, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam refuse to eat garlic, raw garlic, he refused to eat food that was extremely fragrant. Why? Because he said, I speak to those whom you do not speak to the meaning to the one reading to gibreel. So I have to be careful. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah is saying your luck is Ali, in color Allah Hello canali. And the fact is that those whose o'clock is good, they

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accumulate the riches of this world and of the Hereafter, because they win the hearts of people. And they also earn the pleasure of Allah and people who are selfish, who get offended by little things, and who get vengeful over minor petty issues and who display impatience and bad luck, rudeness, then they are deprived of good in this world and also in the next world. What was the lock of the profits are allowed to sell them? I should have the lower honor she said kind of hold on,

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can hold

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his HELOC his character was the Quran, meaning what you read in the Quran. That's what you see in him.

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When you read in the Quran, you see its practical implementation in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is our clock like this to

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a person with bad luck. Remember, he suffers himself and those around him, they also suffer because of them.

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Their lives also become painful, because of that lack of others. Remember, either we are a source of comfort for others, or we are a cause of pain and hurt for them. We need to see what is my impact on those that are around me. What traces am I leaving?

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Is my life such that when I go people will remember me by good things or will they remember bad things about me? Because our lives or our deeds, nothing is mentioned.

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After us except our deeds, people will mention either the suffering that we have caused them, or the good that we have brought them

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for settable straightaway You will soon so you will see, and they too will see which of you is the one afflicted by a devil. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has gone astray from his way and he is most knowing of the rightly guided, then do not obey the deniers, they wish that you would soften in your position, so they would soften toward you and do not obey every worthless habitual Swearer and scorner. going about with malicious gossip, a preventer of good transgressing and sinful, cruel, moreover, and an illegitimate pretender, on the one hand is the character of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and on the other hand, is the character of his opponents, a

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particular individual is described here without name. So we can also check ourselves, what category do I fall into? Whose footsteps Am i upon? Am I in the footsteps of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam with hollow canal team? Or am I on the other? Because remember, a person will be with those whom he loves.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the worst people in Allah sight on the Day of Resurrection will be those whom the people leave. Why? Because of their sins, because of their evil because of their bad luck, meaning people avoid them out of fear that this person is going to lash out on me, and this person is going to hurt me. So I don't want to talk to them. And why is it that a person behaves like this? Because he's a possessor of wealth and children, he thinks he has power. When our Verses are recited to him, he says, legends of the former peoples, we will brand him upon the snout. Indeed, we have tried them. As we tried the companions of the garden. You see, this person is being

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so arrogant, proud of his nose, and Allah insults him in the Quran, his nose is called hold to snout. Because those who become arrogant, they become like nothing in the sight of Allah, arrogant will be raised on the Day of Judgment, like, like, and, and the reason for bad of luck, is what? pride,

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pride. We think too highly of ourselves. This is why we get angry too quickly. This is why we get impatient. Indeed, we have tried them as we tried the companions of the garden. Here a story is mentioned from which we need to learn when this war to cut its fruit in the early morning without making any exception being decided for sure we're going to go and cut the fruit and that's it, we're going to do this. They didn't make any exception, they didn't think there was any possibility that they wouldn't be able to do it. So they're came upon the garden and affliction from your Lord while they were asleep. And it became as though reaped, the whole garden was destroyed.

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You know, this is something that we can experience in our lives also, that when we withhold goodness, when we withhold goodness, whether it is in the form of knowledge, or it is in the form of money or food, anything when we keep it to ourselves, when we become selfish, then what happens, even we are not able to enjoy it, we are also deprived of it. When we withhold Goodness, goodness, we will be deprived of goodness, when we withhold goodness, we will be deprived of goodness, either partially or completely. Fernando most behaved, and they called one another at morning saying go early to your crop if you would cut the fruit. So they set out while lowering their voices to that

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nobody should listen to them, saying they will surely not enter it today upon you any poor person because if they find out they're going to come asking and then we will have to give them so go quickly so that nobody comes and you don't have to give anything to anybody. And they went early indetermination assuming themselves able, because a person thinks that things are in his control that his wealth belongs to him, but he doesn't have control. But when they saw it, they said indeed we are lost. When they saw the garden they wondered, are we at the right place? Rather we have been deprived? No, it is the right place. Our garden, our crop has been ruined. The most moderate of them

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said Did I not say to you Why do you not exalt Allah? Look at the importance of the spear Lola to serve behold, they said silver has not been exalted is our Lord. Indeed we were wrongdoers, then they approach one another, blaming each other. They said oh woe to us. Indeed we were transgressors. It was our fault. We shouldn't have done that. Perhaps our Lord will substitute for us one better than

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It indeed we are toward our Lord desirous meaning we expect good from Allah. And this is a huge lesson for all of us, that the blessings which Allah has given us, we must share them with others. A small little delay until was told, do not hold back, or else you will be held back from good things will be held back from you. Allah says such as the punishment, and the punishment of the Hereafter is greater if they only knew. Because if you lose a garden here, you can always get another one, repent, Allah will fix your condition in sha Allah, but the loss of the Hereafter, it's irreversible, the damage is permanent. So we don't want to meet our Lord in a state that we are

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Always be grateful, indeed for the righteous with their Lord, are the Gardens of Pleasure, then will we treat the Muslims like the criminals, those are surrendered to align those who are rebels, should they be the same? What is the matter with you? How do you judge? Or do you have a scripture in which you learn that indeed for you is whatever you choose? Or do you have old binding upon us extending until the Day of Resurrection? That indeed for you is whatever you judge asked them, which of them for that claim is responsible? Who has said this? Or do they have partners, then let them bring their partners if they should be truthful, you know, my yaksha foreign SALKIN were you the owner

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illa sujood fillet is still to your own, the day the shin will be uncovered, and they are invited to prostration but the disbelievers will not be able who those who do not prostrate to Allah in this life will not be able to prostrate to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

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You see, being able to do so dude.

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Being able to do that physically, and then having that chance, that opportunity that they'll feel to be able to do such that that willingness, this is a huge blessing of Allah. This is a huge favor of Allah upon a servant, that a person is able to prostrate. So we should be grateful for this. That Oh Allah, you have kept my body safe and sound, you have kept my limbs capable, that I can actually get down on the ground and I can put my my forehead on the ground and humility to you. This is something that we should be grateful for. And a person who is not grateful to Allah for this, and he does not do sudo then what will happen on the Day of Judgment, we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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that on the Day of Judgment, people will be called people will be told that each person should follow what it used to worship.

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So each group of people will follow its idle, it's false god and it will be led into the fire

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and the oma of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam shall remain mean now only the people who believe in Allah who worship Allah alone they shall remain, so their Lord will come to them. And he will say, What is the matter with you? Why have you not left as the rest of the people have? They will say we are waiting for our Lord.

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We are waiting for our Lord. He will say Can you recognize him? If you were to see him? They will say we know of a sign which when we will see we will recognize him. He will say what is it, they will say he will uncover his shin.

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So at this, Allah will uncover his chin, and they will all fall to the ground in prostration. Except for some people whose backs will become like horns of cows. They will attempt to prostrate, but will not be able to and previously they were invited to prostrate to Allah while they were safe and sound in body, but they refused.

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Those who refuse to do now will not be able to do so do them. Just imagine the embarrassment and the worry and the fear. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when everyone will prostrate, every hypocrite shall remain, he will not be able to prostrate. also those who show off when they pray they will not be able to prostrate in another version of the seminary of this Hadees we learn. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said our Lord will reveal his chin on the day. And then all the believers men and women will prostrate themselves before him. But there will remain those who used to prostrate in the world for showing off and for gaining good reputation. Such people will try to

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prostrate but their backs will be as stiff as one bone.

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as stiff as one bone. Can you bend your your arm

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from between your wrist and your elbow Can you bend that if you try to bend

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What's gonna happen it'll break. It'll break because there is no joint and in the middle, why is it that we're able to do surgery because the backbone is what? small, small bones, but a person who doesn't do surgeries right now, they will be deprived that day called Sheraton Obasanjo, that Hakuna de la their eyes humbled humiliation will cover them

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right now a person you know they enjoy. Your Salah is going on. taraweeh is going on. I don't want to pray. Yes, I told my parents I want to go pray but I'm not praying, just chilling, chilling.

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Really, we need to see if we go to the muster to pray, why are we chilling there? Why should we not be praying at that time?

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And Imam has come from so far away, to lead you in prayer to recite Quran to you seriously in our massages, Imams, they come from where do you think they're all local emails? Libya, you know, Egypt, different countries. May Allah bless them that they're spending their entire Ramadan, in basements, in hotel rooms, what fancy hotel rooms is, these are just very humble accommodations. You know, they're giving up on that fresh, warm sahoo that their wives would prepare. And they're coming to recycle on for us in prayer because we're not able to recite ourselves. And they're reciting and what are we doing just talking, just hanging out going for coffee? just drinking water?

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Is this really correct?

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We are being called for subdued, I mean, the entire so forth. What are they calling us to Salah come frustrate to Allah. And for every such that that a person does to Allah, he gets so much a rank is raised a sin is erased so much. So why not? Cos you're at an abyss autohome dot ohakune de la vaca kanuda owner Illa su Judy wahome Sally moon, they used to be invited to prostration while they were sound, their feet weren't hurting, their backs weren't hurting. So leave me with the matter of whoever denies the Quran, we will progressively lead them to punishment from where they do not even know. And I will give them time. Indeed my plan is firm, or do you ask of them a payment so they are

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by debt burden down or have the knowledge of the unseen so they write it down? Then be patient for the decision of your Lord and be not like the Companion of the fish when he called out while he was distressed? If not that a favor from his Lord overtook him, he would have been thrown into the naked shore while he was censured and his Lord chose him and made him of the righteous. So if a person has been disobedient, then what should they do? They should do what prophet Yunus early Salaam did, they should also repent and do the speech. And indeed, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes when they hear the message. And they say, indeed, he's mad. He's crazy. But it is

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not except a reminder to the worlds. And this shows to us that of the prophets of Allah was not an Allah protection. The eyes of the enemy would certainly have harmed him, their evil eye. But Allah sent him for a purpose and garden him also against every evil. And we see to the prophets of Allah was the person who had the most enemies, most number of haters but Allah subhanaw taala protected him against every one of those either the enemies turned into supporters or they surrendered or Allah withheld them. This is unless promise in terms of the law, the answer come. So the profits or losses example is the best example. Hold on to good o'clock hold on to seduce, prostrate to Allah.

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And if we want to be safe and protected, then we have to do something for Allah as the

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pseudo to have Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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womma de la commande ha

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the inevitable reality, what is that inevitable reality and what can make you know, what is the inevitable reality that will certainly occur? It is how how far is how there is no doubt about it can liberate some odorata belcarra some mood and are denied the Striking Calamity, meaning they denied the Acura so as First of all, they were destroyed by the overpowering blast. And as for odd, they were destroyed by a screaming violent wind which Allah imposed upon them for seven nights and eight days in succession. This is a week in succession without a break. So you would see the people there and fallen

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As if there were hollow trunks of palm trees, then do you see of them any remains, they were wiped out. And there came for their own, and those before him and the overturned cities with sin, and they disobeyed the messenger of their Lord. So he sees them with a seizure exceeding in severity. Indeed, when the water overflowed, we carried your ancestors in the sailing ship, this is referring to a new set up, then we might make this incident for you a reminder, and that a conscious ear would be conscious of it, it would remember it not that a person heard it, and he forgot about it. No, he remembers it, he keeps it in his ear. Then, when the horn is blown with one blast, and the earth and

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the mountains are lifted and leveled with one blow, then on that day, the incident will occur, the greatest incident, the kiama, and the heaven will split open for that day, it is in firm. On that day, the sky will be in firm, and the angels are at its edges, and there will bear the throne of your Lord above them that day, eight of them eight angels that day, you will be exhibited for judgment yoma event or

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you will be displayed for judgment.

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Let the Fermin comb coffea not hidden among you is anything concealed, no secret shall remain a secret. So as for he who was given his Record in his right hand, he will say here, read my record in Nirvana into aneema lap in his Avia. Indeed, I was certain that I would be meeting my account. So he who really believes in the Hereafter, who is certain that yes, hisab will happen, and that yes, my deeds are being recorded, and my book will be presented to me such a person, yes, he will be given his Record in his right hand, because then his actions are right, for whoever theory shutters labia, so he will be in a pleasant life in an elevated garden. It's proved to be picked hanging near, they

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will be told, eat and drink in satisfaction for what you put forth in the days past. Bhima is left on fifth year, middle hollier. Remember, in this life, we just have a few days a year. And these days, very soon they will become hollier they will become gone fast, they'll become history. What matters is what do we do in these days? What we gather for ourselves in these days. Don't let these days consume you in a way that wealth and children. What do they do they consume a person that he forgets the vicar of Allah, he forgets to accumulate has an ad for himself. Because no matter how much a person collects of dunya what will happen? It will remain here alamelu Unbeknown Xena to hire

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to dunya wealth and children are just beautification for this life and this beautification, it will remain here, it will finish here, as this world will come to an end. Just as one rubber band comes, you put up decorations, when it comes you put up decorations, and when there is over, you take down those decorations and you throw them away.

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wealth and children are the decorations of this world. They're meaningless. They're meaningless once this life is over, just as a decorations, they're meaningless when it is over meaningless.

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So don't waste your life pursuing the dounia only.

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What a moment ot eketahuna Mishima early, but as for he who was given his Record in his left hand, he will say Oh, I wish I had not been given my record and had not known what is my account. I wish my death had been the decisive one. So I would not be resurrected today. My Eleanor and Lee Malia Hello, Karen. Nice. Oh, Tanya, my wealth has not availed me, gone for me as my authority who for Hulu, but it will be ordered sees him and shackle him. Then into the fire. drive him then into a chain whose length is 70 cubits, insert him so he can never escape. Indeed, he did not used to believe in Allah, the Most Great nor did he encourage the feeding of the poor. So there is not for

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him here this day. Any devoted friend. He didn't care for others. No one is going to care for him today, nor any food except from the discharge of wounds.

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None will eat it except the sinners horrible or the

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It's horrible. Even our best for the lower end who said tragedy fee her Odia told them

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that in hell. They will flow ravines like so much of their and dumb blood, vomit excretions boss excretions of the people of hell, fellow oak, Simo Bhima tube zero. So I swear by what you see, and what you do not see that indeed, the Quran is the word of a Noble Messenger, and it is not the word of a poet. Little Do you believe, nor the word of a soothsayer. Little Do you remember, it is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. Then Zillow, Mirabella al amin, and if the Prophet had made up about us, some false sayings, we would have seized him by the right hand, then we would have got from him the aorta, and there's no one of you who could prevent us from him. This is being said

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about who the prophets of Allah is Allah, that if he lied about Allah, this is how he would be punished.

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What do you think about other people, when we so confidently say, Oh, this isn't a coroner's? It's not in the Quran. We say something is halal. It's not halal. Allah never made it harder. We say something's wrong. It's not how long a man ever made it. How long we say about Allah that which is not true. Imagine the punishment. This is a sin, a crime, a great offense. And indeed, the Quran is a reminder for the righteous. It's a reminder, listen with the cane. And indeed We know that among you are deniers, Allah is saying that whoever is listening, we know among you are deniers we know because what happens as a person is listening sometimes this How is this possible? You know that

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that doubt Maybe it comes car with a bill at that time it is from Shetland. Indeed, we know that among you are deniers, and indeed it will be a cause of regret upon the disbelievers. And indeed, it is the truth of certainty. For Sabir Bismillah bicolor Ali, so exalt the name of your Lord the most great Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Halimi will be humbly he