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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of hate in Islam, which refers to hate in general, but specifically hate in Islam. They explain that hate is a core of Islam, and that all prophets and their creators have a message of hate for all of humanity.
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Do you think there's one word that encapsulates Islam? Well, there is. Islam is though hate or monotheism in English, or hate is the single most important concept in Islam and the main pillar upon which it stands. In Islam, no act of worship or devotion has any meaning or or value if this concept is compromised in any way. But what exactly is though hate? First, though hate means that God is the owner of the entire universe, He is its only creator without partners, or competitors or children. He has dominion over everything and everything is under his authority. No one shares this authority with him everything and everyone is subject to his command. Second, all acts of worship

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and devotion are for God alone. Even though many other religions recognize that there is an Ultimate Creator of the universe. They still worship others alongside God, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. In Islam, the greatest of all sins is to worship anything other than God. Third, to believe in God as He has informed us of himself to believe in his beautiful names and lofty attributes, as he is unique beyond imperfection and weakness. Nothing in his creation is like him or compares to him in any way. He is certainly the greatest creator. So this is though hate that foundation and core of Islam. And this is the message that all the prophets and messengers came

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with, from Adam to the very last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The message of hate for all of humanity

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