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As well unavailable evil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shira, Freedom be able to mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Stephen considering Mavado my brothers and sisters,

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a good friend of mine asked me a very,

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very, very interesting and very, I think topical question, which is probably in the

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minds of several people.

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He said to me that

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is there any problem with

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keeping some savings making some savings for a rainy day?

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So, I said to him, there is no problem in keeping or having some savings. But to say that these are for a rainy day, that's the problem.

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So, he said, What, why is that a problem?

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I said, because when you are saying that these savings are for a rainy day, you are saying that my Tawakkol my trust is on the savings, my rainy day, meaning in case of any difficulty in case of any trouble.

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And you're saying that, in case of any trouble, I must have some money.

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So, therefore, the solution for my troubles is the money.

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This is the essence of check.

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Our call analysts Bab who shirk to have our call on material means whether it is money, whether it's people, whether it's position, authority, whatever it shook, it is idolatry. It is joining partners with Allah subhanaw taala. Because our belief and faith in Allah subhanaw taala is La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah that there is no one who has any authority, any power, any ability, any strength, any

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control, except

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Allah subhanaw taala.

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to have some savings, no problem, and the less lamp does not prevent us, or stop us from having

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you know, from saving some money or buying some property and so on and so forth. After all the laws of inheritance are evidence that this is permissible, because if it was not permissible, we will not have laws of inheritance, we have laws of inheritance, because these things are, it is permissible, but to have them with this feeling in the back of the mind, that our reliance is on that now, obviously, no Muslim will say, I rely on my bank account and not Allah. He's not saying that. But

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the first thought in the mind, what is the first thought in my mind, oh, I have savings. Oh, I have this I have that. I think about that.

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Take, for example, the earthquake that happened in in, in Turkey and Syria. Recently, we heard the story of this man who owned eight or nine

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apartment blocks, that's a multi multi storied apartment blocks. Now imagine what kind of a wealthy person that must have been, who owns not just one, but eight or nine of them. So we don't know how many apartments in each and so on and so forth, but dozens of them obviously. And he's getting the rent from all of those. So he has this huge capital investment, huge capital asset, plus, he's getting a lot of revenue from that. One earthquake, everything got leveled.

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Right, every single level, and this man was standing in

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a line of people waiting for

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us, you know, we're being given bread. So he was in a in the bread line, literally, literally, instantaneously.

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One earthquake, one jerk, everything gone.

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So now,

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if we have our reliance on material things, this is one possible outcome of that. But that is that apart? The fact is that when we started before Allah subhanaw taala, what are we going to say to him, that we relied on material things?

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We have the, you know, the example of a sorcerer Salam, obviously nobody can reach that. And I'm not saying that this is exactly what we should do, but as a as a guiding star.

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We know this the story of his passing away his last moments on the earth. When he asked as I said the turn of the alarm Hi, is there any What do you have in the house and she brought to him five or six coins? He took them in his hand and he said Is this how you want me to meet my

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meaning even this one is a giveaway in charity. And when he died, there was nothing in the house. Obviously, as I said, the laws of inheritance are there which means that it is perfectly Hara and Jays and permissible to have property and so on so forth and leave that to your children or to whoever inherits from you

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But to have reliance on that. So, that is why the whole issue of near of what is the intention what is in the heart, not just what's in the action, the action is based on the intention and the action is rewarded in accordance with the intention in the Malama loo beneath the ad the Amal is based on the near the near decides whether this Amel the intention decides whether the action is good or not good. Because if you just take if you take any action, the action of giving a gift and giving a bribe in terms of the physical action is exactly the same.

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There is no difference, you have one person giving something or another person, but one is halal, permissible, recommended and the other one is haram.

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It is haram to give is haram partake, whereas, as a gift hamdulillah it is permissible and it is recommended to give and to take what's the difference, the difference is intention. So, if you were if you had a camera in the room and this transaction was happening, there will be no difference in terms of the of the film you watch the villain says the same thing. But what makes one writer and the other one wrong is the intention one is being given out of friendship after out of love, the other one is being given in order to get something out of

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the intention of it. Similarly, takes a lot less raw data set for very little mousseline Allah, the Roman salata, Ahimsa Allah,

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Allah said war to those who pray, but the person is praying. So if you see the action, the action is there. But the prayer is to show people the prayer is being done at the last time is being delayed.

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On your own, to show the to show the people to, you know, sort of short show that sort of piety

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that this is, these are the kinds of things that

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we must guard specially guard against. And for that, it's very necessary to be very much in touch with our hearts, and to see and to know and to be aware of what is happening in our heart on a ongoing basis. Right, literally online basis, that what's happened, what's the situation, my heart, I always remind myself and you about this beautiful story of Southern Ireland of Italy, or the Golan Heights in one battle.

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He had the enemy on the ground, he was sitting astride

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across the chest of the enemy. And he had his sword in his hand, and he was about to stab down to kill his enemy. When the enemy spat in his face, says an ally, immediately left the man and stood up.

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And this guy was like literally one second away from death.

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And the next thing he knows the person who's going to kill him, has left him and he's standing up.

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So this man got up and he said to him, whatever.

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Why did you give me so then I said, when I was fighting you, I was fighting for the sake of Allah. But when you spat my face, I got angry.

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So now if I had killed you, it would have been for myself. And I don't, I'm not in that business and I don't kill people.

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I don't kill people for myself.

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And the man accepted Islam. The point being, that what must have been the level of self awareness,

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the constant watching of the near constant watching of the intention

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would say that I live every time I know because of which, even in the middle of battle,

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the AWA, you will who's done any martial arts you realize that in when you are fighting, there is the expert martial artist is his action is faster than thought.

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And that's why they're so good. It's action is completely deflects. And they're so so super fast and so accurate because their action is faster than thought.

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But despite that, as a warrior in battle, where your life literally literally depends on how fast you are.

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To have that level of self awareness of actions to say my action, is it. It was Halal to begin with. It was good to begin with because my intention was good, but does it continue to be good?

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But this is the aspect of the NIA which I want to conclude with this is we have to the NEA is like

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because they say it's like carrying

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a bag of money. Are you carrying a wallet when you

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are going in a big crowd in a place which is very crowded. And where you know there are there are big pockets right? Big railway stations fare zone. So what do you do, you literally have your hand on your pocket, or you have that wallet in your hand instead of in your pocket. Because you know that it is eminently possible that you your wallet is in your pocket, it's safe. But by the time you come out on the other end, you have no wallet because it's gone. And this is what shaytan does shut down.

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Takes your wallet meaning your human

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and takes our good deeds. enroute. So we start with the word intention, but on the way the indenting gets kind of

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on the way the intention gets

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rotated. And when you go out to the other side, it's gone.

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And that is the reason why it's very important to continuously keep

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monitoring the intention to ensure that the intention or the class or near the sincerity of the intention remains intact and doesn't get does not get compromised. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to have pure intentions and to help us to keep them pure. Throughout and to accept our intentions and accept our action which Allah was Allah Allah will carry Marathi. He was a paid member