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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of managing time and energy strategically using a time management app, app, and online calendars. They emphasize the importance of creating a time audit and a time management plan, as well as the benefits of using online and offline calendars for productivity and scheduling tasks. The speakers also recommend learning to say no to certain tasks and meetings to avoid negative consequences.
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Are you facing time management issues? And do you feel like you just have so much to do and way too little time. Unfortunately, there's no way to magically slash your to do lists in half, or even go on to paste a few more hours onto your 24 hour day. But the good news is that you can manage the hours you do have way more strategically, so that you make the most out of your energy, your focus and your time

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Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. The other day, I was on a zoom call with a few of my students and I asked them what is the one thing that you could pinpoint what is the one thing that you all struggled with the most during your studies or careers? The top answer that I got was time management.

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You know what, we aren't alone in this according to a report from the Society of Human Resource Management 38% of people actually feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that they need to get done when they're on the clock. So I thought you know what, given that you know, so many of us are struggling with managing our time. Well, let's touch on a few tips to help us manage our time productively and effectively inshallah Allah make us happy to Allah. He highlights in the Noble Quran, he takes a promise and oath well as Allah subhanho wa Taala promises upon time. And when you study the Quran, you see our maker subhanho wa Taala, promising upon a number of things were Shamsi

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while the HANA Eliza virginity promises upon the sun will lay upon the night while further upon daybreak, different portions, different portions of time, as you can see, and then generally will ask. So the understanding that is to be gleaned and deduced by the brothers and sisters, is that the things that are make us have handholds, Allah is making a promise upon these things of importance. The promise is to highlight to us that these matters, these things are of utmost importance. And that's understood in regards to time, time is of the essence, many brothers and sisters, a second gone past a minute gone past, you're not going to be able to get it back again. So it is important

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that we learn

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to strategically use the time that we have with us this valuable time, in a productive way, in a way that is going to benefit us in this world, as well as the hereafter. So now let's discuss the tips. Tip number one, create a time audit, you need to find out where is your time going in the first place. There's often this big discrepancy between your subjective time and and reality. So what's important is that we need to find out where our time is going. So get a time management app and track everything that you do for a week. And by the way, I'll have all of the apps that I mentioned in this video, and the apps that I personally use related to this topic linked in the description

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below, you can go check it out. So the audit is the key process of planning and organizing, how much time you actually spend on certain tasks on specific tasks, projects or goals. So this involves taking conscious control over how long you spend engaged in any given activity in order to become more effective and more productive. by tracking and taking stock of how much of time is spent, you can drastically decrease the amount of time spent on unproductive activities. So with the time audit, it might seem inconvenient, but the data gleaned should be well worth the inconvenience. Once you have the data now sit down access a report from the app. So these apps give you reports you can

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access a report to find out what is actually stealing your time. Now with this valuable information, you can now begin to make appropriate adjustments. With this data. You can now find areas to improve for example, you may be spending too much of time sitting in unproductive meetings or attending to low priority tasks. So by now becoming aware of this you'll be able to address these issues in sha Allah data. Tip number two become an early riser. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said and this headache is recorded with the book of Imam imagine Rahim Allah, O Allah. Bless my nation, the prophet is making a dua, or Allah bless my nation. in their early

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mornings. I eat what they do early in the morning. So by waking up early and in regards to what you do early in the morning, you have secured the prophets Dora in regards to blessings My dear brothers and sisters, so the time this time early in the morning, the time has been

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And the things that you do during that time they bless it. So it's important that we see is this window of blessing and opportunity. As as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. And the other day I was reading a really good article. And in it, Mark Twain was cited where he once said, if it is your job to eat a frog, it is best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first. It sure does sound gross eating frogs. But the point that Twain was making is that you should take care of your biggest and most challenging tasks in the morning. So these are your biggest, most challenging most important tasks

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that need to be addressed during the day, at the very beginning of the day. Now, there are a couple of reasons as to why this is such an effective time management hack tip or trick. For starters, you usually have the most amount of energy early in the morning. So it's better to tackle these tasks when you're not drained. Because by the end of the day, by the time it becomes afternoon, you're zapped and you're drained, and you just don't have the resources to tackle these tasks early in the morning, you're fresh, you're rejuvenated, you're rested. So it's better to tackle these tasks then, and and also, you can use that feeling of accomplishment. Once you're done these tasks early in the

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morning, you can use that feeling of accomplishment to fuel you and get you through the rest of the day. Moving on to the next tip, plan ahead and shedule everything important using an online calendar. One of the worst things many brothers and sisters that you can do is wake up without a plan for the day. So instead of focusing on what needs to be done, you know, we end up wandering aimlessly and taking care or tending to more trivial things. By putting everything important into your calendar, you are time blocking. So block out time for your tasks and treat each time block as a deadline. Be clear and be consistent that you need to finish x task by 10am. Why task by 3pm and z

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task by 4:30pm. So this prevents your work from dragging on spilling on to you know other things and eating into valuable time reserved for other activities. You see, calendars have been around for a long time, and they've been a long time fundamental tool for time management. But now in today's landscape, online calendars have taken this to the next level. Why? Because you can access these calendars from multiple devices, you can easily schedule your meetings and your appointments, you can set up reminders, you can create time blocks, you can schedule recurring events and meetings. So

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it really you know, streamlines the entire process. You can access it via your mobile, and when you get to office, you can access it through your work computer. So it's best to use one of these calendars Personally, I prefer Google Calendar, due to the fact that it just seamlessly syncs across

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all your devices. And that is if you use, you know, Gmail, especially G Suite, and I personally think is the best but outlook and Apple calendar also work

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really well. Either way, just pick up an online calendar and use it to shedule your time. Moving on tip number three, learn to delegate and outsource. Now, delegation and outsourcing can be a bit tricky for some. It's just hard to let someone else do the work that they used to do. For others. They think you know what, I just don't have the time to train someone else to complete these tasks that I am doing right now. The thing is delegating or outsourcing tasks. They're considered real time savers. Why? Because it lessens your workload, which means now you'll have more time to spend on more important tasks or you know, doing less work. So either handover these responsibilities to

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team members, okay, employees who are qualified or hire an experienced freelancer, and if you do decide to do in house training, the initial investment you might think of it to be costly, you might think of you know, outsourcing or delegating as a costly investment, but inshallah it will be worth it in the end. Tip number five, leave a buffer time between tasks and meetings. And very importantly, shedule your day around the five daily prayers, the five daily Salawat it was narrated from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith is recorded with the book of Imam an essay in regards to the actions

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I'm most beloved unto Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from that list the Prophet Soleil Islam went on to say, establishing prayer on time it is considered a beloved action unto Allah subhanho wa Taala. So jumping you know from one task or meeting to the next may seem like a really good use of your time, but it actually has the opposite effect. We need time to clear our minds to rejuvenate ourselves to recharge, so you could do so by going for a walk by taking a break for your Salah, some Vicar way you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala some reading of the Quran or reading of some other productive material. After all, you see the human brain can only focus for about 90 minutes at a

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time. So taking this break this much needed break helps you to rejuvenate, refresh and prep yourself for the next important task that is ahead. Without that break, what happens is it just becomes more difficult to stay focused and motivated. So scheduling this buffer time can also in a way prevent you from running late to your next meeting because it rejuvenates you preps you and you're ready for your next meeting to be there on time and slayed in Sharla. So the last tip that I have to share with you all is to learn to say no, it is an art. And it is a simple fact that you can never be productive. If you take on too many commitments, you end up simply spreading yourself too thin and

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you will not be able to get anything done. At least not properly on time. But you see requests for your time are coming in all the time, through phone, through email, through social media, or in person to stay productive and to minimize stress. You have to learn the gentle art of saying no. Now this is an art that many of us have problems with. You might be wondering, what kind of problems What's so hard about saying no? Well To start with, it can hurt. It can anger, it can disappoint the person you're saying no to. That's not usually a fun thing to do. And secondly, if you're hoping to work with that person in the future, you will want to continue to have a good relationship with that

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individual. And you might be thinking saying no in the wrong way can jeopardize that relationship between the brothers and sisters bear in mind, being a people pleaser is a surefire way for your life to spiral out of control. Contrary to what you may have been taught, the word no, does not have to be difficult when delivered with kindness and tact delivered diplomatically. It can actually prevent you from being labeled in a wrong way. And it can also make it possible for you to be much more effective. When you do say yes, when you're really ready to block out your valuable time for what needs to be done. It will help you to be much more effective. I hope these tips were of

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And if you were able to relate to them if you learned something do go ahead and smash the like button share the video around so that others can benefit and do subscribe to the channel as well hit the little button next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification knows when a video is uploaded. And if you'd like me to touch on other topics go ahead mention them in the comments and I'll try to address them in the upcoming videos I look forward to talking to you all in another video soon inshallah Thailand so until then I said Mia con la wa barakato