Mohammed Hijab – Sargon of Akkad Accepts Islam!!!!

Mohammed Hijab
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Welcome to another episode of the booth. Now if you don't know,

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I'll tell you what the booth is a place where we talk about interesting topics. Sometimes we can go academic, sometimes we can just talk, generally something interesting on the news. And today we're going to talk about Sargon of akkad, someone who's become quite popular in the YouTube scene. I'm here with a shake.

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For those who don't know, is one of our regular guests here at the booth. I've done a show with me before the shake has been he's been in the Medina University of

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Medina, in fact, of heady Faculty of hydration. hamdulillah good. So obviously, someone who's a theologian, and we need your expertise, possibly if there's any way I can help.

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Before we talk about that, we want to get to Sargon of akkad. He's got something to tell us. So let's say right, yeah, he's got something to tell us. Okay. So this is actually a big news. Okay. For the people. So I just want to see what what he's gonna say good. Saigon. Can you hear me Saigon, Saigon, please say what is what it is you want to say? Go ahead, I tend to find that there is no God, but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Oh, it looks like so God has become Muslim. Rather.

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The interesting thing is that

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automatically, the possibility that it becomes become Muslim. Obviously, the case I don't think this let us be Let's be ready. I don't think I don't think this is this. He was actually explained. There's a video right here. Yeah, he has online called the Seven Deadly Sins of Islam Christianity compared, okay. And I was watching his videos, because

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I came to know about this individual, through actually one of the protests that he was there. And to be fair to him to be absolutely fair to him. Yeah, he was. He's a man of principles, in many ways. Yeah, he sticks to his principles. Because when Allah Allah was meant to give his speech or something like that, or this was in the, you know, the freedom March and yeah, he was supportive. So that's, as a matter of principles. And from that perspective, you know, he sticks to his muscle. Um, but then I was listening to this. I was listening to this clip that he was talking about. And I was actually

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shocked. To be fair, because I was thinking this guy was going to be a heavyweight critic of Islam and can really be able to,

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Oh, absolutely shocked when I came across this particular thing that he said, Let's, let's, let's see what he said. To be a moral person. It doesn't matter whether you worship Mohammed alone, or Mohammed with other gods. What do you think he's trying to say?

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I could be mistaken. And however, what's apparent is that it sounds as if the normal Muslim somehow ascribes divinity to Mohammed salah and the Prophet of Allah the last mystery. Do you think this guy actually thinks that we believe that Prophet Mohammed has a god for someone to be a critique of anything, it must entail that he first understand that thing? Right? And if this was the case, that he suggested that we somehow worship

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Him, then you know, this? I mean, this is this is a compound interest, isn't it? It's not only compound redness I can tell you for as a matter of fact, that if you look at the national curriculum, yes, they start learning about Islam year three, year three, and in our dresses

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they're learning in that three three years old.

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So yeah, it's interesting so panels so no, but this is this is serious because if he's one of the heavyweight he's meant to be one of the head this is this is how it is on the YouTube world. He's Yeah, one of the in terms of English speaking people that are critics of Islam, he is meant to represent one of the heavyweights panel and your three the three they tell you that Muslims believe in Allah and you believe that he worships Allah and he's and he's a worship one God, God.

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But he seems to think that

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she's either a slip of a tongue. Yes, for some mad mistake. It's, it's almost too much to actually believe it. Yes, it's almost too too too big of a blunders panel to actually believe it. When the central

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creedal focal point of Islam is that we worship

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Now, can you just for the sake of the for the viewers now they don't know anything about Islam Sargon of akkad, swallows and others let's give them a basic lesson on on Islam. Let's start from the very beginning. Okay, so what do we Why should we Why should one? Let's go to the beginning. Let's go to the very beginning our creation is Allah says, Allah Allah Allah explains to us one creator, he says, wonderful opportunity No,

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I haven't created imagine as a form of creation and mankind except to worship worship.

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me That's it. So this worship is to single out a lot alone has been worthy of this work.

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And without any partners

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or someone rushers Mohammed, if some of us who haven't been he's gone against his own understanding of who he is going against the very reason why Muslims, believe it or not, there's a big discussion. If someone wishes

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Yes, yes, he is not a Muslim. Yes. In fact, you could say that he's never actually entered into Islam. Yes. So Muslims believe in what Muslims believe in one God, one God deserving of worship, without any partners. And this is, you know, the holy and some of the scholars actually said, If you read the very beginning to the last verse, the first lesson of the last verse, all if it is about to heat, all if it is about this concept of oneness of voice.

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So he literally means to make something one, to ascribe oneness to Allah, does that mean in the first place? And then you make it one? Sorry? Does it mean that there was many things in your? No, of course, it means that you ascribe this one thing, which is to worship Allah, Allah. Right, ascribe that to a lot. So

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perhaps the law says the Messenger of Allah? Yes.

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Of course, we don't worship in any way whatsoever. This is something he spent his whole life calling against calling the very pagans he was sent to, is there any evidence that he this man could be getting that could potentially?

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It's impossible. It's impossible. It goes against the very tenets of Islam, the very existence of slavery creation. Yes, he goes against it as his mission.

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So, one, one thing he said in the clip is this this thing, which I think he got all mixed up anyways, but he said this shook. Yeah. Is that what you said? You mentioned you can check by shift. Okay. It's talking about shift. He said, associate club. Yeah, to associate partners with God and things like that. Do not doing it. I mean, whatever it is, he thinks, okay, shift gears, whatever it is, yeah. Not doing it doing. It doesn't make you a better person. Can we hear what he says? Let's do it. Let's, let's take a listen to what he says.

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So as you can hear, he's trying to make a comparison between Christianity

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and Islam. And it's really weird, because this guy's he's a religious, he's not a religious person. But the second kind of you can see is more on the Christian side here. Okay.

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You can say, though, no, it sounds like he's

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interesting. The point is, is that question been put forward? Yeah. How does tell hate benefits? How does? Yeah, how does he hate me saying it doesn't benefit us? Okay, but what angle is he actually addressing from you saying, it doesn't really seem like, for example, the Seven

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Deadly Sins of Christianity, which are more like envy, gluttony, and these things, the first is more to do with your personal development, whereas check your living off doesn't have anything to do with your pattern. If you actually looked at the seven deadly sins, for example, look at our scriptures take the Hadith

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where the Mr. vasana Lawson actually says it shouldn't be hard to stay away avoid that, by the way, just stop in the beginning of the video, this is these are not scriptural.

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Okay, the seventh century, he says, not scriptural, meaning, meaning that they carry they are developments that came 200 years after Mohammed in the ninth century. What is he suggesting or implying that the Hadees came 200 That's what he said here.

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Which is sort of by the chain of narration that goes by so to say this Hadith, it was reasonable to possibly get 251 after the death of the minister.

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He saw inquiry compiled in his book, Muslim, Mohammed, Mohammed.

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Al Qaeda, he compiled it into not only them, but many other narrators compiled it in their books. There is the pocket Athena, there was something called a chain of narration, from karate, to this year to history, all the way back to the mesh of philosophy was all about Mr. Philosophy.

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And these are the most authentic transformation. So just having the basic understanding of Howdy.

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mentality, I think that's what it's called right? stamp on the science of heady

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it's enough to debunk this. Yes, the very weight

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is only written in 251. It was, it was compiled in the book of quality, but before that it was transmitted only for those

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to mention that correct.

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Chain of narration. Yeah. Something unique to this is something unique to the Nation of Islam, no other nations on with it, which is why many you find many great scholars of Hadith, the first 200 years, actually, even the shoe, nobody teaches

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the many statements that say it's not translations from this. We're not for the chain of narration.

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literally anyone can come and say whatever he likes.

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You have a similar statement to me as soon as to England.

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And others, the point is too much to Yes. That is not something that's popped up and it didn't pop up at all yet written in the time of the Mr.

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Walker, le abubaker and others as well. They also have other competitors that are

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absolutely yes, yeah. Many of those who came often and those who came after them. So is this idea that came 200 years even the last lesson even said it once in his Ville film and people could actually read it's authentic. He gave the long speeches.

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And there was a present from Yemen His name's Alicia.

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He said, a lot Can you write this down for Mr. For lucky write it down from

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a law write it down for you? Hmm. So by the very commandment of the Prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam, this had he was recorded, and many other Hadith recorded. That's a very good argument.

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Let us letters that he sent to the kings. So just just what he exactly so just

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two things here. What do the Muslims see deema scripture, what is scripture for Muslims? scripture for since this term, the principle that we have is that you know any foreign term we have to look at it, it could either truth could be intended for

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something else. So what is the script? What Why do we say something that is divine when it comes to the Hadith? And I wouldn't just say the Quran In fact, there's also we don't believe that only the Quran is divine. We believe the Hadith is if it's authentic, what's the difference between the difference is that what one was set by Mr. Lawson

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and the other said, but allegedly were either but the one from him sallallahu Sallam is a form of Revelation, would you say that?

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Is the prophets wording it is the potters wording but where is where the Quran is Allah is Allah and Allah who for for the people don't know. God the supreme? Yeah, creative. So how did he communicate the brand's Who? This has gotten into a long term?

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Okay, so he spoke it allegedly but he spoke to put on

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and from then he conveyed it onto the Master of Philosophy level and he said, that is the Quran. Same thing on the head. It was directly from the Mr. Philosophy.

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Now we don't believe we believe sorry, that the Hadith as mentioned is why it is revelation Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, so

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that the Mr. Boma doesn't speak his designs, rather, it is a revelation that is instilled in explaining. Okay, well, I think these are the basics, I don't think and I'm very happy that you are really important but the truth is, most of society doesn't know these basics. So I'm going to act as follows. Unfortunately, whether it was a slip of the tongue or not watching a video like this, which is meant to be an academic video coming out probably thinking that was unfortunate. Which is strange, which we've discussed it isn't unique to you know, the so called selfie sector or any other kind of this is the whole of everyone who described himself to Islam and Islam this Yes, yes,

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absolutely. From the very foundations of faith that have complete consensus no one disputes in this

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way Yeah. Well guys, that was an interesting and very basic introduction to Islam. We've used the blunders of Sargon of akkad to try and communicate to you the truth and the basics of the Islamic message hopefully guys you will be you will be looking into Islam a little bit more often and look basics are we're here to help you guys I'm here to help you I'm seeing if you guys want to know what Islam is and I would suggest that you become to inshallah people who at least have some kind of knowledge and in the guy, as I was saying in the in the video, we don't want our universities to become like my dresses, because Muslims, right.

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Our basic Muslims are taking over the Islamic Services

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Department said in another video, okay, what is it?

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What does it mean? It's a school.

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So it's what they're saying they want Muslims to occupy positions of

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influence influence on education. I hope that's not their point. Because the truth is, yeah, should be eliminated. Like, there you go, because you get kicked out of the team. Anyways, whatever it may be, what we what we're saying is, we're here to help and we do love our religion.

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Which does motivate us to research it and understand it. And obviously, maybe we can come back. And many people might not have that same motivation. and by extension, that would mean that potentially we have more understanding of that religion than non Muslims. In many cases. I'm not saying that, okay.

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So for that reason, I would say,

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No, there's no doubt.

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Yeah, in fact, there's a famous actually.

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And he's written many, many books to go to some

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of the best books I've ever read about, you

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know, what HELOC and advocacy those are not the same as well. He was actually just

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a magic

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trick. Okay.

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Okay, what did he know the old school hacker laptop? Oh,

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by the way, that's another issue that he was mentioning apostasy. Yeah. And he seems to think that, you know, apostates are being people that leave Islam. Yep. All have basically are are treated in the same way and they have throughout time they sort of do this upon Allah. Mallory. Yes. is a good example of the contrary. he's a he's a poet. You know, he was actively against

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He's a very famous poet. Anyways guys. On that bombshell guys. We are going to conclude with that inshallah. Make sure that you come and join us for the next episode of the booth.

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