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shaytaan regimes

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amin wa salatu salam, serene Sayyidina Muhammad Nuala marine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Oprah is going to Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his mercy and kindness has brought us to this house of protection of mercy and Rama. While we are here, our sins have been forgiven our daraja is being raised and I was behind what Allah is keeping us from the fitna and the evils outside and how many evils are the outsides behind on law? Every week, before you know the Elsa will go even as an Imam, you'd struggle to think what should I talk about in my Jamaat? You go through

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taqwa and Rama and both Veera in full today, and these weeks every time you have in your mind, I'm going to talk about this. Something else arises in the week, something worse. That lists unfortunately of the Juma we want to make the dua Yeah, Allah used to only be Palestine. Now it's Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Malawi, South Africa as well. So ohana, llama, let's run through the times of fitna, as we draw closer and closer to the south, we'll talk with Heidi who Southern says one of the key signs of kiama is Hara Hara charge to have spirit Florida taraj resources killing killing killing widow one who is killed will not know why am I being

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killed? And the killer will not know why am I killing this man times of the hour. And we see. And we see unfortunately, on our home soil, year close Alhamdulillah not in Cape Town, but in Durban, Johannesburg and it's moving Of course, we know that we've seen the pictures, the horrific pictures of xenophobia, xenophobia, the hatred for foreigners, the racism, we, you know, we as South Africans, we, as South Africans are harming those guests who have come to our country, whatever reasons they are, and this is an abomination. And as Muslims, we need to speak about this. Because this goes against everything that Islam stands for. And we as Muslims is clear on my team, you are

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the best of nations, you are the example. So when we see poverty, when we see racism, when we see violence, we say we are the first to condemn it, and we are the first against it and we will be the first to stand up for justice, that it will not happen amongst ourselves and we will work against it. This is what Allah subhana wa tada stood at us. And this is the student of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you would find for those of us who are not maybe familiar with in the media, our borders have become you know, the world has become a smaller place. We have people from all over the world even here, you know, in our little Masjid here. Yeah, brothers from Libya,

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brothers from Somalia, from Sudan from all over the world, you know, sitting here and hamdulillah. And we were brought together not only in the oneness of our our humaneness, the children of Adam and Alhamdulillah, on top of that, our oneness in who we're in brotherhood of Islam. And all over South Africa, we have people that have come from all over the world, for different reasons. people that come escaping, escaping oppression, people who are escaping feminine disaster, people are being persecuted for the deen sometimes even for the Islam. They come here hoping for a sanctuary, and yet they find the opposite. And we also need to when we look at this, we say Alhamdulillah that we are

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not on the TV. It's not us that are dying in Syria, or in the streets that Allah Allah has given us. us, you know, the brother, one shot he was mentioning, a man comes to the island and he says, Yeah, your chef, I want to complain about a lot why our poor man, Allah hasn't given me anything. And the shift asked him, okay, sell me your I

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don't know what price would you put on, you know, for your eye, you wouldn't give for all the wealth in the world for your eye, the security, you know, the ease that you live in the comfort your wife, all these things that you get free of charge, Allah has given it to you for nothing. And if you had to actually put a value to what you did, it's more valuable than all the wealth in the world, Allah has given that to you for free.

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If at least we are not going to use it for the benefit, then at least it's makes your company liable. You've given us the security that you have not given someone else. We see what Allah has given us, but hasn't given anyone else. And we and South Africans. Why we should be even more outraged at this is because not so long ago. Our parents maybe they know firsthand what it is like to be oppressed and to be in a country where you want to live. You want to go out my parents, my parents live in Saudi Arabia, for you know, better life islamically and a better life generally.

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And when you

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A foreigner when you are a guest in another person's Can you at the mercy of those people? What fear what difficulty must you feel when those people around you, any one of them can harm you? Whatever reason for no crime. That is why we, as Muslims are the first to condemn this. And we condemn all kinds of violence and killing, whether done in the name of Islam with a done by ISIS, whether done by Boko Haram were done by any organization that that spreads violence, we are reminded of the value and the dignity and the sanctity, the sanction that Allah Subhana has put, unlike Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us all, even in spite of our religion, even to the non Muslim, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says to humanity, oh, you will believe Yeah, even as in Allah kanakam, indicating that we have indeed created all of you. All of you are brothers and sisters in humanity, you come from one male and one female, and we have made you into nations and tribes is the most beautiful response to racism. the maker of insulin, the one who made black and white and pink and gray, the one who made humanity responses, I'm going to tell you why I made you different colors, why are alone Why don't we all be black for all of us white, I've made you all from one single male and female, and I made you into nations and tribes, so that you may not eat our foods that you may know each other, you may

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be different and distinct, that you had not to know two people on the face of the earth are identical, completely identical, even twins is differences that made you different. So you may appreciate this diversity.

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But then Allah says Who is the best to Allah are the whites the base, the blacks, the best, which culture the cookies are the amendments was the base to Allah was is very inaccurate in the light ikkaku the best in the sight of Allah the ones whose best to me, is the one with the most awkward. This is the one I look at. I don't look at the Hadith says Allah does not look on the outside appearance, it looks what's in the heart. So behold, Allah is all knowing and Allah is all away. Allah reminds us once again, your origin is from Allah. And he made you and fashion you from one male and female and he made you different HTC who have you would Excel, not in wealth, not in power,

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but in taqwa only the one with taqwa can feel something in his heart. I'm, you know, closer to Allah. And that is the only criterion of excellence in the dunya Allah subhanaw taala, your nurse in development that you believe in dealing with criteria from a single man people and Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, that you may become these tribes and these Kaaba in that you may be of different nations and nationalities and languages. Allah celebrates diversity. Allah did not impose that the Arabs are better even though

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and the Quran is an Arabic. Allah did not say I have honored the Arabs above the non Arabs know all of you all of your languages is Beloved. English, Afrikaans culture, all the colors. Why do we have different colors? We know the beautiful Hadith nevison says when Allah instructed the angels to bring the clay from the earth and Allah does not need clay to create anything. But as an added crumble in Sun. And we'll talk about cinnamon as an added blessing to mankind. Allah took his time when he made humanity when you made Adam, Allah took it in stages. Luke could have created the heavens and the earth in one go couldn't. But it took seven days, six, six days to create the

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heavens and the earth. Why? As an added, as an added honor to the creation, Allah says Neville says you are black and you're white. And you are you know, you have a strong character and otherwise a shy character why the angel when he collected the soil from the earth, He collected from different parts of the world. Some parts the sand was, was was brown, other parts the sand was white, other parts of the clay was at aid. And these differences brings about the differences in our color differences of our nature of our temperament. This is how Allah creates when we look at the universe, we look at the birds Allah did not create all the birds, one color, diversity. When you

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look at the creation, you realize the Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us this is Allah. When you look at this, the humanity when you look at the slum, you come to the gathering of Nabina Muhammad Salah if you went to interfaith multi today, you would find the Arab you'd find Bilal the African you'd find suhaib the blond haired Roman would find Selma and the Persian all sitting as brothers with navy seals and all those these differences dissolve under Islam. We are one who were one brotherhood,

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a man said if the tribes a man comes to going to be so salami enters the magic of money. And he says, you know if the Arabs the ocean, the Hutterites these were atoms if they supported Mohamed Salah, then I can understand, you know they are your people, naturally they will support one of their own.

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But are these foreigners? What are they doing?

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Here, why is the ability the black man here in the front? So what is this Roman doing? And this Persian doing? Yeah. What are they doing? Yeah, we are Arabs and you went out of Nabhi as the Arabic put on the vessel send them became angry. He became so angry with us man he says and perform salah and he gets up and he gives a quick bang he says oh people know that the Lord Allah and sustainer is one. You have one Rob and your ancestor is one and your father is one and your deen is one. The Arab, the Arab nests of any one of you is not better by virtue of another your mother and father it is no more than a tongue that your origin is not an error was Adam and Adam was Adam White was Adam

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black. Ultimately, you are not an error. And you are not a Malay or an Indian. You belong to Adam, this Nabeel Salaam is showing lit people in Ibiza. Also Lem gives an advice to us.

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Let people stop boasting about the ancestors. One is only pious believer, we sinner, all men are sons of Adam. And Adam is from dust. Ultimately, this is your origin, this ground, that is where you belong. That is really your nationality. Allahu Akbar, who says humanity is the family of Allah. And the best human is the one who is kindness to his family. The best human is the one who is best to other humans.

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No one except if a man helps own people in doing a man comes to an abyssal seller. And he says, Is it wrong for me to support my own kind? It's wrong for me to help my Indian brother, my brother, my black brother, my white brother, is it wrong for me to do this, you

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know, help your own kind. But it's haram to help him in doing wrong. So because he's of my own kind, I cover up for him, you can't do that. Speak the truth. It's mentioned on the suit of Navy. So Solomon says, Be speak the truth, even if it's against your own self, and your own kind, that we look at racism. And this is, in essence, the heart of the problem. When one group of people believe they are superior to another group, once again, strange and strange again, that we in South Africa, who knows the evil of racism better than anybody else, that we suffer from the same symptom and sickness

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20 years ago, were told you are inferior, that you the darker your skin color, the more inferior you are, the less intelligent you are, the lesser rights you have, that Allah that God created you this way. That's the structure in the universe. We were at the receiving end of this. How is it now that we do the same to someone at our mercy? And when you think about racism that Allah mentions, this is one of the primary reasons why he believed was cursed by Allah. He was a racist, easily.

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What did he do? He didn't come with Xena.

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He didn't steal he, he wasn't racist. And he was proud and arrogant, over another creation of Allah and Allah Subhana kirstyn, the worst of the worst, Allah Subhana. Allah saw, Allah said, Oh, he believes what prevented you from making salute to that which I created with my hands. Will you edit it? Or were you among the booty? Are you being proud and boastful in my company? Even he said, I am better than him. He Allah. Look at me, look at him. I'm white. He's black. I'm from South Africa. He's a foreigner. He believes that I am better than him. You created me from fire. And he's made from dirt from clay. Of course I'm better. How would I make to do such a thing. And then Allah

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Subhana Allah says,

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Get out. You are expelled from here. And you have the curse of Allah upon you.

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The sin was so despicable to Allah subhanho wa Taala. in Angola, so much the racism of shavonne. Allah cursed him forever. Allah mentioned once again, something we should be afraid of. He believes refuse to make one sudo to Allah, and he was racist once. We don't make to you daily to Allah and we are racist throughout our lives, if he believes was cursed for eternity. Because of this one moment, we should fear Allah subhanho wa Taala particulars are perfect, not perfect.

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But realize these things that we think as small are huge in the sight of Allah. And this racism? Well, light, it's a disease of the heart. And the diseases of the heart are the most difficult diseases to kill yourself from. Nothing you do belongs to Allah. You're in misguidance only Allah can guide you. If you have in yourself and all of us. We might know that uncle, that co worker, there's something wrong with him. He looks down on others. He feels his beta is superior to somebody else. And he says even though he can't see it, or she can't see it

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Nothing you do until this person can make them see the light. It's in the heart and only Allah subhana wa Taala can remove it. Allah subhana wa Tada. And when we talk about just not the racism, we talk about what we see in the world of bloodshed within the Muslim Ummah

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bloodshed within our streets, people killing one another, for no reason, for no purpose. people dying on the road criminals to steal a fiver and they kill somebody. Allah subhanho wa Taala says indeed,

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you know the honor which Allah has given inside Allah is the maker unless the creator

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our relationship with Allah is more intimate in our relationship with our parents. If you take someone's child away, now how you harm how, how evil it is to the parent, even worse to Allah when you help one of his creations not only enucleation Allah Subhana Allah says about concern about you and me about mankind.

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But Nakata kurama bunny Adam, while the other is in tense, confirmation, and certainly 100% Indeed, we have made we have honored the children of Adam, the maker is saying of all my creations, this creation that I've made is a very special very we created locker the Holocaust and insanity. Sangeeta beam a look at it the one who created the heavens and the earth, the stars, the moons, the planets, the mountains, the oceans. When we look at the beauty of illustration, we Oh, Allah says Nope, really we created you insane in the best stature of all my creations, you insane I've perfected the beast from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the same insane you look down on the same

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inside which Allah has elevated you belittle, insult, harm, even kill

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is a huge, huge transgression in the sight of Allah. In the beautiful Hadith. Allah subhanaw taala says, the research tells us a love created for things with his hand in a manner which be fits almost majesty go into the debate how and where and how Allah Subhana Allah mentions for creations he created, like personally with his hand, the throne of Allah, the pin, Adam, Adam, Adam salatu salam, and Jenna to lighten the paradise of Eden. How beautiful was that January, the other rest of Genesis, the rest of creation, Allah simply said couldn't would you be real, Allah simply said Be and it was simply said couldn't. And it was but these four creations luckily he took his time in

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creating it. Not that Allah needs time, but as an economic for the creation. To show you our greatest creation, the majesty of this creation, that the creator said I will take my time with us create for this creation.

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Allahu Akbar, this is Adam. This is a concern and we are the offspring of item. Allah chose every feature and attribute and, and characteristic of item with proportion. lifespan with Allah created Adam, in a special creation.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the evil of killing.

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Again, we imagined Allah took so much time alone took so much pride and efforts in creating Adam, in one of his one of you know the creations of Allah goes about and killing this creation. Remember, he believes he didn't kill Nevada, he believes didn't kill him, the Vietnamese refuse to mix due to nabee item and it became cursed. What about the man who kills and add me?

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Ask what is the status of such a person with sight of Allah?

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You know, you do the analysis, Allah Subhana. Allah says to be nice or ill and he applied this to us as well. Because of that, because of what the son of Adam, what Cain did to Abel. Because of that, we decreed we declared upon the children of Israel are ill and it's upon us as well. Whoever kills one soul, and lists for another soul, and listen to retaliation, no murder, and he's executed all for corruption in the land, this person is causing mischief, and he's executed. It is all of it. If unless you have a just cause for killing somebody, in my eyes in my sight, written against you, it is if you had killed all of humanity, you have killed all of your men and whoever saves one life

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opportunity for us, brothers and sisters, save a life with a loaf of bread, save a life with a firebrand, save a life with some medicine, and whatever saves one life. It's as if though he has saved all of humanity. And our messengers at certainly come to them with clear proofs, when indeed many of them after that, throughout the land with transgressors. It turned away from all those guidance.

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Do you know how evil it is to kill somebody?

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The results from says it is worse for you to kill somebody been to destroy the Kaaba stone stone.

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We will say how bad is this man that he you know he comes in he demolished the Kaaba, such an evil person. The worst of the worst is probably in January next year.

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This man is better than the man who killed somebody else. His position is not as bad as the murderer

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or something to realize the grievous Miss life has become cheap as the Bible says, close to kiama shedding of blood will be easy, easy allama call for the so called Roma beards and learned how to do Quran calling kill this group and that group kill them. Why? Because they don't understand the Quran as we understand it. This is of the signs of karma. The only group Allah that we saw some did not speak out against the Shia or the Wahhabi Salafi or the Sufi, he spoke out against the average a group whose homework was that they made Muslims cafard and then kill them kill a North man kill say nearly extremist Muslims.

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What was the characteristics of shallow with time we'll talk more about them. They used to fast, intensely and make solid intensity and they decide the Quran intensely. But when it came to incense, they had no value for human life. If you want a spice as they were they killed you is the only group nevison spoke about openly and said if I'm alive when they are alive, I will fight them out quickly Jihad on them. This shows you the seriousness of the matter. We mentioned the resources, the signs of kiama the killing will become prevalent wherever you see it will be killing

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the Allah subhanho wa Taala has not only legislated legislated and this is where we come in. So we talk about the worst of the worst killing and murder. We see that's not particularly that's not for us we all know murder is haram. We all know that to kill someone is haram. None of us here are bombing up you know, schools and abducting girls and killing foreigners we're not doing that.

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But the these are symptoms of a disease. Sometimes that disease is full blown, you know, lethal, other times the disease you only have a sneeze or cough but the disease is still there. Allah subhanho wa Taala and what law what law in the world does this there is not only haram to harm to kill someone to harm him, to heat him to take his property of course it's haram even to hurt his feelings is haram and Allah subhanho wa Taala so it fit to put this in the Quran.

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You won't find in the Quran certain laws pertaining to which we regard is very important because it was no sooner but this law of hurting someone's feelings. Allah put this in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala Xia you will Edina amanu la yes her comin comin oh you will believe late not one group belittle insult make fun at another group Don't let one tribe make fun of another tribe. One group of people make fun and tease another group of people one religious group Muslims making fun of another religious group Christians even Muslims who you believe Don't insult one group or another by another group. Why it may be that that group that is better than the former that lady that You are

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insulting because of you know her home that manual insulting because of his color, that person you insulting because his lineage is not 100% right?

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Because the he's not so perfect. That person may have ice thickness with Allah and you insulting that person. So Allah says, you don't know who I have a personal relationship. You don't know who I love. You don't know whom I only are. And you once you know Allah has in the Hadith of the way whoever declares war on my Wali I declare war on him. You see our allies and declare war on you but you did. You harmed one of my earlier and what do we know was a well he was not a volley. You don't know what the man doesn't know what charity gives how he cries before Allah subhanho wa Taala. So because he doesn't have doesn't look the part. You think it's easy to insult. Allah says don't let

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one group insult and belittle another group. It may be that the latter are better than the former. And don't let a group of women insult another group of women, it may be the latter or better than the former. Why does Allah mentioned the law twice and specifically and the women because Allah knows his creation? And Allah subhana wa knows that unfortunately this disease there are certain faults which men Excel him Unfortunately, there's certain things which mean excel in in good and bad and there are certain good which female Excel over men, and there are certain evils which females insult over men over men. And this is one of the area's oldest mounts is when you find groups

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belittling another group, unfortunately, our sisters, they excel above the men in that regard. But this group of women look down on that group of women. So last one says, tell the women in particular Oh my women, oh Daughters of Adam. Don't do one group. insult another group. speak badly. Look down

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exclude don't do that.

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No define one another. No insult them. And don't give another by nicknames. Don't use offensive, ugly nicknames. Imagine in the Quran, Allah Subhana which this is something which we tell kindergarten children don't give bad nicknames to one another don't swear, you know, speak better when what's in the Quran for us? Don't give ugly nicknames to one another. How bad was it? How bad is it to insult one brother after having faith and also it does not repent and such are indeed the wrongdoers.

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Even the, you know, harming someone's feelings, Allah has made it a sin. Some of the earlier man we spoke about major sins

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is a view that says any prohibition which is mentioned in the Quran is a major significant meaning if this opinion is correct, if you give someone a bad nickname, it's a cover it's one of the major sins. EULA, mentioned the Quran don't give someone a bad nickname, an offensive nickname. Don't hurt someone's feelings with your tongue. Look what's in the Quran. It was so serious. We said once again, if harming a person's feelings is so major to Allah, then how is it to take his blood and shed his blood? Kill him? Something serious to remember Janata muslimeen

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we know when we talk now we get into the actual issue of xenophobia of migration. As I said the world has become a smaller place where you are today might not wake up tomorrow might find a job in another country. I've lived many of my many years grew up in a country which wasn't my own. It's not a nice feeling. When you are told and you are shown that you are a sub citizen, you don't really belong here. You are just here on holiday or visiting even if we judge dodges hamdulillah you know maka very nice very good, but no, those people are they teach you. They make you know, they know they show you, you are just here for a few weeks, and then you need to leave. You're not really

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welcome here. That's a terrible feeling. It's a horrible feeling. What still, you know, if you're not don't know, what am I going to turn to someone's gonna harm me. And for us migration is something that should be dear to us. Why Rasulullah saw Salam was a migrant. Plus also Sultan immigrated, he gave up his home and he went to a new home. He lived his family's citizenship. He was a refugee. Let me so somos LAPD aboubaker a number of man and Ollie refugees

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solomo Hollywood Center and the first place of refuge, the first place of hegira. We take pride in this it was Africa. The first place nobody so salaams found sanctuary for the Muslims was an ever senior even before Medina. This was a group of people, Christians, they open their homes to the Muslims, you can stay they were running away from persecution, running away from harm and violence from their own people.

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And then of course, nobody saw Salah em self made Ichiro to Medina. This is the way of Nabhi salsola.

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So when you see a mohajir you see someone that has left his home because of natural disaster, like took his house away, or took his citizenship away. Allah took away security is Kamiya with nothing you think he wants to be in your country of his own? Now visa salam, when he leaves Makkah, he looks back and he says maca. You know that your dear and beloved to me, I would never ever leave you by choice. No one leaves his home by choice. The fact that the man is in your country tells you things became so bad for him at home, that he prefers your home over his own. That alone tells you shaman, sorry for the men. He's not here by choice, I would love to be home. The reason tells Makkah, I

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would never have left you if my own people hadn't persecuted me in this way and forced me out, would never have left Mecca. Men, it's in your country is here not by choice, but by force. Things are worse at home. And if you make things so bad that he goes back to warfare, he goes back to persecution back to famine, shows you how bad you are in the cycle. It's bad. Really, it's something which Allah subhanho wa Taala when someone does not look off these guests, it's a curse. One of the worst things in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So when we look at my migration, and they are some we know we know the reality. We know this is bad. We know that we should, you know be better

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than this. But there are certain realities which we can't deny. So what do we do for us in our daily life, apart from just lip service and speaking nicely and saying Alhamdulillah you know, it's good, we should we should be better. What do we really do? How do we manage this? How do you manage it? The problems that we have and many of us will say but yes, we we understand people come here, but jobs are scarce. Money is scarce resources case electricity use case. We already struggling to feed our country. How do we still have additional mouths to feed

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We can't do it. Nobody's also lamb. When the people of Makkah came to Medina, same kind of situation,

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to 300 families, no houses, no place to live, no money. So what nobody saw some do, of course, the Sahaba. So nobody says when says, a system of Aha, brotherhood, this household will look after that person from Makkah, this person from Medina will be the brother of that one you see to him.

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Some of them are the people of Medina, their hearts was so big, that they said, whatever you want half is for you half miles, you choose which half of the house you want. My field is for you, you choose off who you are, for me, everything of my wealth, I give it half hour does not ask us to do this to Sahaba. This is the Sahaba that's why they have such a great situation a great position with the last panel.

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Let me so some Islam and Islamism asking you to take a refugee in and say, take half of my positions I've two costs. You have one.

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Two rooms, you take one room of the house? No, at the very least, at the very least Islam is asking you

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fight the disease in your heart. If you do that, that's inshallah enough. Don't as we mentioned long time before if you can't assist in the problem, at least you don't be part of the problem. And how are we part of the problem and we know Do not look down or speak ill or to see yourself superior? How many of us we hear people Muslims use the key word they think like

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around the table Muslims, we say these people, those people

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those people, how many MBL have dark skin how many ambia how many earlier Africa 50% Muslim.

00:31:48--> 00:32:29

This is this is the series that we have here maybe I haven't really asked but healing doesn't happen overnight. Steps get big and these are the steps such a thought and he has the long game plan in mind starts off by speaking ill looking down feeling superior taking away the worth and the value of the man once that new person has no value in your eyes to take his life is the next step is easy. Don't exploit some of us at hamdulillah has grown as businesses we can employ people if you employ someone from another of a different color or a different business don't exploit the person don't say because he's not a South African so I can see him a little worse maybe a domestic worker is not from

00:32:29--> 00:33:09

from Zimbabwe waiver. Oh you know, these people are going to complain so I can make it worse for them. Remember you don't we don't aspire to the laws of our land despite the laws of Allah subhana wa tada lots of plant the seeds don't burden the syllabus or some came in to give rights to the slave I suppose a lot of slave is here to assist you don't exploit these people. And we stand up in whatever capacity we can we stand up for what is good and we say we are against this verbally if you can do something about it. And then of course if you can, if you really on that next level and you can actually change the world you can actually go out hamdulillah We're so proud and we see gift of

00:33:09--> 00:33:38

the givers you know leading the charge giving you know to support these organizations support these fine people and we have and we should in the book up in particular a lot of foreigners do we should sit with him and talk with him understand what these situations are. How can we make life better for them they came to our own reason they are our guests tomorrow situation may change we may be Vegas and if you can't do any of that you can't give any charity you can't give a sense a lot as not you know you haven't gotten to that level. Remember even a smile or a good word is a charity.

00:33:40--> 00:34:05

Just you see a foreigner shaking his head telling you welcome your smile at him. That will change you know his whole outlook. Um there's good people out there that will mean the world to him. So inshallah Allah subhanaw taala protect us guidance, because understand, Stan, the greatness and the honor which Allah has given us aspire to the wisdoms of Islam and Allah forgive us and protect our country. And all the Muslim lands. I mean, just one announcement,

00:34:06--> 00:34:09

the blue cup civic and ratepayer Association.

00:34:10--> 00:34:21

They having a meeting on Sunday, the 19th of April at the cukup. Civic Center, 10am to 1pm is our competition and reports and the way forward for the committee was to remind you that

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

our classes on Tuesdays continue, we continue to do our Syrah classes, and an announcement that our hamdulillah on the 27th of April, October is back they'll come to LA and they giving an excellent, excellent discussion, the worst of the worst and analysis or to go and meet to understand he believes and the worst of the worst. Anybody would like to like like tickets on the 27th is a Monday it's a public holiday. It's a DCT please speak to me. Another once again chef, what does the multimedia overseas lecture will be blessing us? So please, inshallah those who would like to learn about shavon and the gel, please let me know chocula

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I want to