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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding common ground and avoiding similar injuries to non Muslims in personal matters. They stress the need for flexibility and finding common ground in order to reconcile differences between Islam and religion, and emphasize the importance of finding a middle ground between them. They also discuss the importance of showing proper weakness and respect towards individuals, and stress the need for peace and avoiding violence in the future. The segment ends with a mention of a guest speaker from the University ofinking University in South West.
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Muslims, unfortunately, and we take the we take it and we be honest about it, that we find within ourselves that when we, we find someone that disagrees with us, the quickest way is to resort to hatred and violence, which results in killing and murder. And no one is spayed with a child with a woman with someone in the hospital. This is the symptom of not understanding how Islam allows us to coexist within with without differences. So we spoke last week, as to some of the ways in which we can find common ground with Muslims. So if we differ on, on personal matters, we said, Islam says put those personal things aside, whether it is money, whether it is your your position, whether even

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someone said something bad about you if someone attacked you personally. And two people have a quote, oh, personally, Islam says put those things aside, do your best to make Islam do your best to put personal matters aside, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you three days to reconcile, Allah has granted you even and Allah rewards the one sometimes you are the one that was injured, you did nothing wrong. But if you step forward, and you say fine, I give you my this is of the the things that will go on to access the agenda in sha Allah. But when we talk about differences on a religious basis, where these are right and wrong, I believe that this is right, that I cannot say what Allah

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does not say, I cannot propagate and promote and agree with you when you are wrong. islamically that is how, how do we find how do we reconcile these differences? So we mentioned some, some comments of the allama that some differences are a blessing, Allah has allowed us to have four modalities and different scholarly opinion not because one is right and three is wrong. No, but that the Sharia is wide enough to accommodate various views. So these differences in the results, Allah has said it's a blessing from Allah. So don't look and try to close these differences. This is the flexibility of the Sharia that we need to find common ground. And we need to look at the things we agree on. And

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we'll find we agree on so much. And we differ amongst the side issues, that the Sharia and this is extremism, that they see the world in extremes in black and white, right or wrong with me or against me, there is no middle ground. This is the attribute of the average and the extremists that follow the methodology, when we realize that the Sharia accommodates varying degrees, and it's applied and changed and adapted in different circumstances. This gives us a better understanding that even when we get to an issue where we say we cannot compromise on this, this is haram and you say Allah, I cannot stand with you, but I don't understand, then let this thing be in its perspective, that there

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are bigger issues like this, this issue that we fighting over, or I find you say to be that I say it's okay. But then there are bigger issues that they should not affect. And we spoke about the Sahaba with that fitna, they were killing one another, there was warfare. The one says you're the halifa. The one says no, you're not right to be the halifa. And we can't agree on this matter. But the minute the non Muslims were about to invade the Muslim lands, they said, The minute you start seeing a soldier against us, I give my pledge to a leader of your land, and we will unite against you. Because the priority comes first. And Muslims unfortunately, we fight over the small things,

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and we live the priority fall by the wayside. And finally, when we look at these differences, realize that there is goodness in these differences. Even when the Hakeem is wrong as the hadith of nobody Salam says, even when the judge is wrong, he gets rewarded. So even though you are right, you might be 100% right? The other man is not 0% you know, he does totally wrong. He's got 50% of the Sahaba is Nia is they don't judge the nia. So we say these are the of the IDA with which the scholars and how they differed with one another on issues pertaining to the deen. Now we asked how do we interact with non Muslims and with some of these

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guidelines, you cannot apply it with non Muslims. There is no common ground between two heat and *. There's no compromise between heat and shift when the VESA salon was offered. One year we worship Allah the next year you worship the idols and we make you the king of people. So there's no there's no compromise on this method. There is no 5050 year it's either all or nothing. There are some areas where it is purely black and white. You cannot say okay, fine, we say one Allah, you say the Trinity. So we meet together and say to write the Common Ground law, Allah is not allowed us. So how do we reconcile with a group of people that are fundamentally different to us? When we this

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where we differ on more than we agree, we we are fundamentally at odds with one another, how do we find agreement with a non Muslim? Are we stuck in a place where we've constantly fighting and constantly at loggerheads with this group? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that even when we differ, but we are the middle part, and this is in respect to the Jews and the Christians when Allah mentions this ayah and thus we have made you a middle nation, to be witness over mankind. Not within yourselves. Not your

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not meddle with one another, you are middle with regards to mankind. And for the messenger and hon Salah is the most adjusted, he is the most the middle, if you would say over you, he's the leader of wasabia. So as Muslims, we need to find in our differences with non believers even a middle ground. And this show isn't today, we live in a time of extremes. On the one hand, and you are forced to choose between one extreme, and we say we don't choose any of these extremes. We are not terrorists. We don't condone terrorism. We don't condone killing innocent people. But at the same time, we are not as they say, Charlie, we don't condone those views and opinions that goes against the Sharia. We

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will not apologize for our Eman while Islam. We don't apologize for being Muslims. We say we are Muslims and we are different to you. Our Deen and your deen is not the same. But at the same time, we don't lead to extremism, we say that you must be killed and murdered and slaughtered. This is not part of Islam either. So we are neither on the left or the right. But we are in the middle. And we are just Muslims, not extremists, and not apologists. And we don't tolerate any except that we just an Islamic, but we stand for the truth without being extreme in that measure. How do we find that middle ground or we find this middle ground this magical middle place. And if you look at the verses

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of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala has verses which speak to both. It speaks and mentions very lenient and soft verses with regards to the non Muslims. And at the same time, there are severe harsh verses about Jihad and fighting and killing. And you'll find the extremists on the two sides will only look at the verses which appeases the ideology. And you'd find in fact the extremists terrorists coverage. The way they interpret the Quran is very similar to be islamophobes are those who hate Islam and call Islam a religion hatred, they agree with one another in the understanding of the book of Quran and ignore the verses of mercy. Similarly, those who wish to assimilate and say

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one Deen one all as the same, they ignore the verses that Allah subhana wa tada and strict and staunch. So why does Allah reveal verses on this side and that side? Why does ally reveal two different interactions when it comes to non Muslims? Because we have different types of non Muslims, not all non Muslims, we treat the same way. Some non Muslims we can take as friends, and we can have alliances and we can be closely related with these non Muslims and other non Muslims, we can never ever befriend them. And that is why when you look at Nelson Mandela, it's not the same as euthanasia. Not the same kind of men have the same kind of person, not the same relationship we have

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with these two people in the time of Nabhi. So seldom apathetic, non Muslim caffeine in Jana, was a Buddha have two uncles have an abyssal Salaam, to really different people, and two very different relationships. Nobody so Salah, and Islam has with these two individuals, and that is the hikma of Islam, that applying the correct

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the correct hand if the correct principal in the correct situation. And one ayah which sums up this was a teacher with regards to non Muslims this middle part, pseudo Allah EDA, verse number 82, when Allah Subhana Allah says, You will surely find of one when Allah speaks about differences of opinion, difference, difference of non Muslims, Allah confirms that not all non Muslims are the same. A lot of confirms that they're not all the same. Even amongst the non Muslims, there are better and worse ones. When Allah says, You will surely find the most intense of the people in hatred towards you, those who would show you the most animosity amongst the hood, and amongst the

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machete in the idol worshipers. These are the biggest enemies, usually not all of them, but you'd find in general, and you'd find the nearest to the believers in a fiction, to the believers are those who say we are nesara we are Christians, the Christians, not the Christians that believe correctly Trinitarian mushrikeen, Christians always saying you find amongst them amongst that group of mushrikeen we find them some of them closer to the believers than the rest of the non believers. Why? So we're saying that you'd find degrees difference, a spectrum of the differences were the disbelievers. And therefore you apply each law to come to a different category appropriately, not

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one blanket to all of them. And one verse which sums up this middle part when it comes to non believers. Lots of answers in Surah malita verse eight, are you believe, stand out firmly for Allah stand up for what is true and have the right stand up to the truth as witnesses to justice, but let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice.

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So when you Allah Subhana Allah is telling you you be just and that is closer to taqwa for and fear Allah. Allah is well acquainted with that which you do. So when you stand up for the hawk when you stand up with Islam, you stand up for the truth.

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Don't leave hatred into your heart. And before you act unjustly to the unbeliever, I stand up for the truth. And I stand up for what is right. But I don't lead hatred and extremism drive me that because I want to fight against the ideology of Cooper means I can blanket bomb all the machine again, no, this is unjust Allah says, and he's a middle line between standing up for the truth and a fine line between standing up for the justice of Allah and letting that lead to extremism and hatred. So how do we find this middle part? And how do we interact with different non Muslims? So let us look at some of the verses of the Quran which speaks to different categories of non Muslims.

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And when you look at the verse of the Quran, you would find with regards to unbelievers, the default the attitude Allah wants you as the standard to be the way you should be in default, is the attitude of kindness. But because I will show you and I'll prove to you that the is that are severe, or to exclude a, act justly and kindly, but if they do this, then you act in a more harsh way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala brings forward the first step as a Muslim we do is we invite people to the deen we invite people to the dinner rather than the rappelling. And this is the the methodology of the MBR that Tao and a scholar gave us this example. He said what is beta jihad or Tao? samosa, jihad,

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Sabina is better. Why is this? Let's look at the mathematically approved view. That Tao is better than jihad, you have 100 Muslims and 100 non Muslims, if you have Jihad and you kill one non Muslim, then these 99 non Muslims and 100 Muslims, right You are one up on them. Right? One up. But if you have Tao and you convert one non Muslim to Muslim, you are 101 Muslims versus 99 non Muslims, you were to under nonbillable. Right? The dour scholar proves this mathematically I prove you that Tao is preferred over jihad.

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Look at this ayah Allah Subhana Allah says and speak to him with gentle speech. Why maybe that perhaps you may be reminded we feel Allah was almost speaking to and about who was telling me Moosa go to figure out what non believer is as great, as worse as Pharaoh. And what Muslim is basically the Nusrah as why when the scholars differ with one another, and one was harsh to the other one, the one would say, I am not as bad as Pharaoh, and you're not as good as most, if you're around deserves a soft word, when I deserve more than a soft word, right? So when I say even though, we're always the worst of the worst, is the worst of an unbeliever. Go forward with kindness, try the soft

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approach, maybe this will work with you. And that is the foots the beginning of the belieber we invite. First Tao is the priority that we invite with kindness first, another example where last shows that kindness is preferred overseas, and we have enjoined upon man to be good for his parents. His mother carried him in weakness upon weakness and his weaning is in two years, be grateful to me, Allah says and to parents, to me is the final destination. So be kind, and just and merciful to your parents. But if they make Jihad and also tjahaja, they kind of make a jihad against you to make schilke with me, so what if my parents Yeah, Allah, they are really keen and they are forcing me to

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be mushrikeen but I still be good to them and kind to them yeah, Allah. Right, not any non believing parents. They are trying to make me an unbeliever, they're making my life difficult as a Muslim. Allah says, even in that case, don't obey them. So you stand up for the truth, don't get into *. do not obey them, but accompany them in this world with appropriate kindness, and follow the way of those who turn back to me in repentance, thing to be will be your return and I will inform you about what you used to do. So Allah says, even if your parents tried to convince you to be mushrikeen, you still have to show kindness and respect to them. While you don't give into the ship, you don't give

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in to the demands of ship. This does not stop you from being kind and merciful. By showing you your classic example. You have a group of disbelievers we're trying to fight you imagine they try to break down your Eman. You still have to be kind to them. Of course, the parents are of a different category and the rights of parents will remain whether it is a believer and unbeliever But this shows you the priority of kindness. Allah says with Gen two the unbelievers. Allah does not forbid you with regards to those who do not fight you for your faith, nor drive you from your homes from dealing kindly and justly with them. So Allah says Allah does not stop you from being kind and good

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to the disbelievers so long as they don't fight you and they don't throw you out of your homes. But that category of people is a different interaction. But for the general disbeliever

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I don't stop you from being kind to them from being good to them from being soft to them. This is indication from the Quran, how do you find the extremism that kill people indiscriminately in markets and bomb people simply because they're not Muslims?

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Let's just call it infinity janam. The blood is heroin. We, this is the idea of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah even commands us to offer them assistance when they want us besides being kind to go that extra mile. And if one of the polytheist one of the machine, the worst category of disbeliever, whatever the machine seeks your prediction will grant him protection, that he may hear the words of a law, when deliver him to his place of safety and a system to be we need safety. That is because there are people who do not know they don't know any better. Perhaps you can convince them through your UK law and you adapt the greatest weapon of no veto Salaam was not a sword. But he's Campbell was is Allah. He won not battles, but he won hearts and minds. This is the jihad. This is the real

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crux of jihad.

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If we cannot go into a kindly with people, certain category of people, there isn't animosity. They don't have war against us. But they said, Look, we want nothing to do with you. You have your way I have my way. But I don't smile at you. I don't like you and make it known. You will be your religion and my religion or like oil and water and your belief. I have nothing to do with it. I don't respect you or your religion or your profit. You keep your sight I keep mice how do we deal with such a person. Even if someone we cannot show kindness to this person. This does not negate his rights he has over a disbeliever will have rights over a believer that must be fulfilled. And there are some

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rights enshrined in the Quran, the right to life For example, Allah says whoever kills a soul, not a Muslim, who kills any person for any reason, other than he's done corruption in the land, or for over a spy so he committed murder, or he forces corruption in the land. It is if he had killed all of mankind. All of mankind has killed mankind. We killed this believer for no valid reason for no shadow. And we say a valid reason. Islam does not believe in vigilantism. You cannot take the Sharia in your own hands. The thief stole Socrates and the scenario of a law. No, it is the Hakim is a judge is a process. You cannot take the law be judge, jury and executioner in Islam. Islam does not

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allow this show. Allah sees the other day have a right to live, even the disbelievers and that's why some non Muslims believe that Islam says kill all of them wherever you find them. How? How is it possible we have in Muslim lands, more than 1000 years of Islam being in control of a large Muslim, non Muslim minority, Egypt for example, if this was the law, they would be gone. But Islam has given them the right to life and Allah has given them the right to choose their religion. Allah says that there is no compulsion in religion. You cannot force anyone into Islam, of course anyone out of Islam, the right course has Allah says but the truth has become clear from the wrong Allah shown

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what is right and wrong. So we ever this believes in thought and believes in Allah He has grasped the trustworthy hold and hold with which will not break and Allah is all his hearing and knowing. So Allah subhana wa tada has given the non believer and the believer the right to choose his religion. We don't accept it. We don't say that your religion my religion is one in the same No, we say, Yeah, my friend, my neighbor, what you are doing Yeah, I don't agree with you. I don't condone the belief that Allah is a son where you have to be loved. But you have the right to choose that. And you have the right to believe that and you have a position would align our position with Allah, nothing.

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Right, so long as you don't infringe on my rights of religion. I won't infringe on yours. And Islam further wing to the point that says, We don't disagree. We don't agree with your religion, but we don't disrespect and desecrate the symbols of your religion, church. Churches, in Jihad churches may not be burned down or demolished. synagogues, places of worship may not be touched during jihad. Allah says in the Quran and Do not insult the idols Do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, those idols they worship, don't insult the idols Don't insult the gods of the other religions. Why? lest they insult Allah in hatred without knowledge, unless forbidden the Muslim from

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insulting the gods, that the non believers worship, if this is not showing you that Islam allows, at least respect, I don't accept what you're doing. But I respect for you can do what you want, within limitations, that this shows you that there is a middle line between acceptance and extremism and hatred. There's a middle place between acceptance and hatred, which is respect.

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Similarly, and this is a good example of those who say, Islam says we should have permanent hatred and war and killing with all the unbelievers, you're all one in the same you even say the kalama or I kill all of you well known Hadith that says, I've been I've been ordered to make the people say la ilaha illa Allah and once they say la ilaha illAllah that they are safe from my sword. So they take this idea and apply it across the entire board and say, this means that Islam says we either force you to be Muslim or not. How is this possible when Islam

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gives you the rights and the obligation to be a good neighbor. Even if that neighbor is an unbeliever,

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your wife, Allah says it's allowed for the Muslim man to marry a Christian with Jewish woman. And that wife has the same rights as the believing wife in terms of who

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they are closer to you than the government, that you must maintain her and feed her and look nicely after when Allah says, whenever someone says the best of you is the best one to his wife. He didn't say the Muslim wife, right, guys? No, he said the wife when it's a Muslim wife, why not Muslim? Why? If you are in a non Muslim land, the scholars agree unanimously that you need to obey the law, so long as that law does not compel you to commit Haram.

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you abide by the laws, because you are interested, you have taken a contract with the people in the land that you're in this to the country before it is you as a Muslim, we uphold our treaty. And the prisoners of war is a classic example as well. The main thing to kill you to fight your religion, but the minute you 40 minutes a prisoner, he has rights. You cannot treat him as you want. But you're awesome. Well, this is the worst man, you would have killed me. But no, he has rights. But he's a coward. He has rights. And just because he's a caliphate does not mean you can nullify his right to find Muslims. Unfortunately, they believe we can cheat them and steal them and do what we

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want. Why? Because they prefer they have no way. No value that you they have rights over you. And maybe so some advises the Muslim governors that don't non Muslim lands, be way of the rights of those under you. Even if he's an unbeliever, and he's being oppressed, and he likes to are against you people affect you, even the non believer. So this is the category of non believer that doesn't accept your religion. And he doesn't deal with you kindly. But he sticks to his side of the corner, and we give him his rights and we stick to your side as well. We don't infringe on your rights, but we don't accept and condone the things you say and do. We find we mutually coexist respectfully, as

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we should tolerate one another. I don't particularly like what you're doing. I tolerate what you're doing. When you find the group that is antagonistic to the believers. That is the disbeliever that is outwardly looking to harm Islam, the one who wishes to abuse the Muslims and the deen and break it down. How do we respond to this category of this belief? Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion, and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion that you make allies of them. I forbid you from being allies and closed me right and showing kindness and being united with those that fight you and throw you out of your homes and

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oppress you. These people are not up these people, you cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with these people. There is an animosity between them and us, and we save our ties from them.

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We they and this is how Islam respond. So the general rule of Islam is we respond to you, as you respond to us. You show us kindness we show you find us. You respect us, we respect you. You declare war on us when we need to respond with war. This is the law of Islam. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers Allah say, this is a warning to the believers that look to unite with non believers at the expense of believers. They stand shoulder to shoulder with dictators, who harm and kill millions of Muslims around the world. These people are not your friends and you cannot find anything except animosity with them. And Allah goes further that if they were to

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not attack you and fight you, and they will to implement the hatred and fight in the way of Allah, those who fight you, not all of them. Also, don't fight all that unbeliever, fight those who fight you. defend yourselves fight back. So if 10 of them fight you, you fight that thing. There is no blanket statement in Sharia, that all of them are liable. One man fights you so you kill his entire family. We know this is not writing Sharia with a believer and unbeliever out you wage war, an entire group of non believers because one country fights or one group fights you. So Allah says, fight and fight in the way of Allah, those who fight you. But transgress not the limits Allah say

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English jihad, there are limits. There are restrictions. There are do's and don'ts that you come across, through the likes not the transgressors. Now, if killing children is not exceeding the limits of killing Muslim children is not exceeding the limit of jihad in what is exceeding the limits of jihad. If the blood of children Muslim children is halal, then who is exempted from this is something to think about. And we see the etiquette of jihad, about karate a lot when you send the army any advice the armies when they were fighting Jihad be just don't break your pledge in faith. If you make a treaty with an unbeliever, you uphold the treaty. Don't mutilate the dead person so

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you kill them. Do not even his body in death. As a right over you. Don't harm children, old men or women. Don't burn or injure any tree. don't damage the trees and don't harm the animal.

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molds and don't harm those in monasteries, the churches, this is how we fight jihad, if these are the rights, we have to follow in Jihad with a group of people at war with us, we can't harm the women and the children and the monasteries and the trees and the animals. What about people that are not fighting with us? What about people that deal kindly with us? This is the rights that we have to give them in jihad.

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And even after war, even after the worst of the worst war they fought us and the worst of the worst of the machine of Makkah, you won't find this believers as severe genovesa Salah as his own people, the poor. But when they came, and this is now we want to we don't want to show any hatred towards you anymore. We want to have a treaty that no you fought me now for 1520 years now you now you want the treaty? I don't forget no now is the minute they want peace. We give them peace, except for those with whom you made a treaty among the Pali polytheist. And then they have not been deficient for you in anything or support anyone against you. So complete for them the treaty until the term

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has ended. So anyone that you have made it through

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and he has not breached the treaty. You have no no right in the Sharia to harm him. No Avenue in the Sharia. And the show is you the Treaty of Pavia within a piece of salami the treaty with the disbelievers of Makkah, that abused Iran that killed the Sahaba that came in butter and awkward and how many Muslims they killed how many times they flopped into assassinating the vehcile salaam. Now, now we want to three to Mohamed Salah. Right they didn't believe they didn't become Muslim, make a treaty with him do it. Even the Sahaba felt that this was giving in too much to them a rasulillah. But this was the mechanism by which McDonough was eventually open without any violence, that this

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was the reason for the spirit of Islam greater than the Jihad

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to show you the basic human aspect of the Sharia, the basic you know, human adapt and mercy of the Sharia the principle of the Sharia. With Abu Iris, it's gonna be so Salaam jasola curse the infidels curse the unbelievers cursing past the beautiful silences. I have not been seen to curse people, but I'm here as a mercy to all of mankind. And when the people of five stone him, how did he respond to the enemy? So we asked somebody here today, how would he respond to his enemies? What would he do? Well, let's look what he did to the enemies in his time. People have thought this was the worst day in his life. He says the worst day in my life was the day of fire. They stone me and then Allah,

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Allah sent angels to say yeah, Mohamed Salah, you have the right to destroy these people, but the justification has come. They have transgressed structure limit with the other will come upon them, but I leave it in your hand.

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Maybe in the future generations, II a generation of Muslims will come and this mercy prove to pay the reward afterwards. conquest of Mecca whenever someone wrote into Makkah, and he asked the people that abused him, What am I going to do to now shall have this day will come when we're writing to Palestine miserable.

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And we asked the I would What are we going to do to you now? we'll respond like Nabisco says, we will give you mercy and amnesty for all of you.

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This is the idea of nobody so seldom, these people were the people that killed his family members that try to assassinate not draw cartoons about him, they try to kill him a number of times, and the torture and abuse Sahaba the when the opportunity when the tables were done, and he had the choice between mercy and taking retribution, to just win a handful of people to these people, they've transgressed they must be but the rest of you, even though you are bad, I have mercy on you. And the results on them you use use every opportunity in his favor. When even when he was the one being abused. He used that in his favor. Another heading that's not in the notes, but you know, I came

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across it. Nobody saw seldom see the janaza going by and he stands up

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due to Jewish man, standing up while showing respect, did not have a soul was not an inside is there not some level of respect that I should have when even though I know he's positioned with Allah don't deny that this level of respect that you tell. And when the opportunity comes for us to show mercy, we find this is the greater instrument of power than the short. So advice to us brothers living amongst non Muslims. We are at the forefront of the dour. We are the ambassadors of Islam. what they see on the TV, yes will affect them. But what they see with a man sitting next to them living next to them will have a much bigger influence on what they see and when they see bombings

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This is Muslim but my friend live not meet someone better, kinda more merciful more, you know, such a good person, I can't believe that one. This is the same. Our duty is to fight that perception, not with our hands with with our Allah and Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala and this diverse we repeat every Juma in

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Juan and in fact, when we carry well buddy, so Allah says Indeed Allah Buddha's, the believers will justice and good conduct

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And giving charity to relatives and allies for but the believers immorality and bad conduct and oppression. And he advises you that perhaps you will be reminded. This is the advice we get every weekend tomorrow. Look at how you uphold your conduct in the sleep when you go out to the masjid. The non Muslim will look at you, and you will judge Islam by you. This is the reality of today. Therefore, you have a responsibility as maybe so as Allah says, You are the best nation raised up for mankind, you enjoy what is the right and you forbid what is wrong, and you believe that we need to be the example. And we asked me sometimes we want to fight, you know, the banning of the job. But

00:30:39--> 00:31:20

amongst us, our sisters, they have banned hijab they're forbidden the hijab for themselves already. So you know, what do we start with first, we find that they hate them, and sell them, but yet we don't show love and abuse or sell them first. This is the bigger issue. When we show and uphold the Sharia, and we say we lead by example, then we can throw but within our own house is not sorted out yet, then we have things to fix at home first. So we don't condone the actions of the coupon. But more so we don't condone our own bad misconduct. We fix ourselves first. And with regards to NaVi salsola overseas to us, saying if you should love Allah and by extension who really really love NaVi

00:31:20--> 00:32:03

salsa, Allah, how do you show that love? Not by bombing and killing and you show your love in follow me show you a love through following my suit. If you really love Rasul Allah, you would look like him. You would speak like him, you will sleep like him, act like him and will lie even unbeliever will look at you with amazement and say what kind of Muslim it will lie. This is just a reflection of Mohammed Salah. This is the kind of the Divine and this Allah says, And Allah will then love you and forgive your sins, almost forgiving and mercy. Allah subhanaw taala grant us to fulfill this Amana upon us to be the ambassadors of the deen invites us to the good instead of evil and, and

00:32:03--> 00:32:42

wrong and we see our salvation and our love and our blessing to Muhammad Rasulullah Salaam, his family, his companions, although believers that follow his example inshallah next week, we hope to have a guest speaker from the University of Exeter University in South West England in the UK. Dr. labi seddiqi not sure exactly how you translate, but he's an expert in democracy and Islam. inshallah we hope to have the doctor here with us next week. Some short announcements once again the suggestion box is open to you. Please leave comments the good and bad whatever you wish to mention, and are reminded that our classes our senior classes began at seven o'clock on Tuesdays inshallah

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until Muslim and also the Shia Islam classes at the panorama Majid will begin once again off the Muslim on a Wednesday open discussion on Shiism nissa t, which I'll be giving that lecture Zappala Salaam Alaikum