Prophet Muhammad Asked Allah with His GREATEST NAME

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Salam Alaikum Hello here but a cat Salah very short Hydra and we have dedicated the Thursday night to learn new new Dr. Inshallah

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loud hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah does Allah have a Greatest Name?

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Hello, Hola ism have them? And the answer is yes.

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Is that confirmed by Rasulullah? sallallahu alayhi wa salam and the answer is yes. Is it in an authentic hadith? And the answer is yes.

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Does many are Do many people know it? And the answer is no.

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But tonight we're going to change the last answer in sha Allah Tala.

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In many Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the name of Allah and Adam, in some narrations, it's authentic. That it is. Yeah, how you yaka Yom. He said, the best name of Allah The Greatest Name of Allah is in Surah Al Baqarah le Imran and Torah. And if you look at those three, three Sutras, the two names that are coming ARIA Jai yaka, u l Heyoka. You

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but the one we're going to learn tonight in sha Allah to Allah Azza wa sallam, he did not only say that this is the Greatest Name of Allah, He said, we're lucky enough so Mohammed in the ad,

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he swore by the one whom the soul of Muhammad in his hand. Let me ask you a question. Does the salah Salem have to swear for us to believe him? So look, look at the depth of this dua that Russell was SLM walked into the masjid he saw a man making dua he said Allah Houma in the LUCA be Anika and Allah La ilaha illa and I had a solid a lady let me yell it well um you will add well Aamir Khan lo Khufu one I had a source I said and said well let enough so Mohammed embedded la casa de Allah this me Hill out of them a lady either be a job where either Sula be appalled by the one whom Muhammad sold in his hand. He asked Allah by His greatest names, the name when he's asked by he gives an if

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he's called upon he answers

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please, who's saying this? Rasool Allah isn't the one who taught us everything about our deen.

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What is this?

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The man said, because I want you to leave tonight memorizing it, not go home and memorize it. I want to make sure because it's easy. Allah Khomeini so Luca we all know that right? Allah Mendez, Allah calafell Afia Allah mineus alkyl Jana that's the first part Allah min yes alchemy Anna can't Allah you are Allah, La ilaha illa and there is no one worthy of worship except you. Then the rest is what sort of lossless if you're the most worthless, something's wrong. Every one of us no superfluous be an accountant Allah. Allah had the only one or Samad then the rest literally sort of lifeless. Let me only dwell a levy let me le dwell a mu let Well, Aamir Khan law who went ahead, and then what do

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you want?

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And third zucchini, and third harmony and kashfian and kashfian Me and zucchini Xhosa Salia, whatever you want, and that he'll and he'll Jana. After that introduction. You ask whatever. UNTAC FIRA Lee ask Allah after that introduction whatever you want Subhanallah so we have one

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let's do it together as usual. Okay. Allahumma in ESL Luca be Anika and Tala

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La ilaha illa and

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Allahabad had a Samad a lady lamb yell it when you would

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well um yeah con la who go for one I had

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other ones somebody to go so chef, I made this law for three days and I'm asked Allah for a good wife and I'm still single.

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Doesn't work like that.

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Make doc constantly have certainty that Allah will answer when it's the best time for me. So please, can I say this in my sujood? Absolutely. Can I say this before I make the slim absolutely can I say just anytime? Absolutely. So please make this dua teach this to your spouses to your children. May Allah accept all our that tonight is the night of Juma make a lot of salatu salam, Salam and slaughter officials at 615 We'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah semicolon