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I was relying on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in Marathi. He was a big Marine. My beloved brothers and sisters said Mr. Lai Kamara De La Habra catch up.

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Al Hamdulillah mean always and it will begin with a prayer and thanks for Alana shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah will testify that isn't worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our loving greetings salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and his poor family to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Mel was part of the blessings to be amongst them. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, as you know, today, the material results were released, and we make dua for all those who are successful that they have a prosperous future for those who didn't do too well. May Allah grant them a second opportunity. And

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this lecture is about knowledge and learning. And to remind ourselves, that we were in a time with the leaders within the realms of science and technology that people look to us for advancements curing diseases, new energy. And so I started today with a bit of a little story or a question that I'm sure all of you have thought one of you have thought once upon a time. Why is x the letter X the unknown? Why in mathematics? Are we always trying to determine x? Where did this come from? Why was that liter chosen as the unknown? And even the X Factor? The X trials? Is this this notion of x being the unknown? Where does it come from?

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If you look at the history, and you can, there's a good TED talks on this and you read up on it.

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The Muslims invented algebra, you should know this. In fact, the word algebra algebra is named after a mathematician and an algebra we always solving for the unknown. One plus x is three. So x must be two, right? That's how what algebra is all about. And the language of the world, the language of learning, for 1000 years was Arabic, that if you wrote a PhD, if you wrote any scientific book, you had to write it in, in in Arabic, like to the English because the language of the world, it was Arabic, and the universities in the world were in the Arab lands, and the Muslim lands. And so we'll talk about Spain, Muslim, Andalusia, Spain, was the bridge between Europe and Islam. And you had a

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time when people from all over Europe attended universities in Spain. Now in this now, if you opened an Arabic textbook and mathematics textbook, for the unknown, they use the word shade. In Arabic, the word shade is something unknown, we don't know, let us say chemically shy. Also, there is nothing like him like Unto Allah. So the word shade was what they used as the unknown. And so to make it easy to use the little sheen, seen sheen, Sheen was the x. So let's say one plus one is three she needs to. But sure the sound of shock is not present in Spanish, Spanish doesn't have a letter of shock. So when the Spanish students read the Muslim textbooks, they couldn't say, Sure,

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they use Cha, and in Latin, Cha is x. And so they returns later changed it, the shame, the she moved, and it became an X and until today, the reason why we solve for x is because Muslims use the word the latest sheen, and the Spanish couldn't say sharp, they change it to x.

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point of the story is there was a time when we were the ones in the forefront of learning, of development of producing patents of winning Nobel Prizes. There was a time that's what Annaleigh as they said, if they had the Nobel Prizes, like 1000 years ago, every single field in every year, it would only be Muslim winners, poetry, literature, economics, mathematics, what a golden age we had, and will see the loss of the intellectual Golden Age led to the loss that we have today in terms of economics, the politics the weakness that we are so just to remind ourselves of some of the great and we can spend weeks and weeks talking about some of the Greek names the big names you know,

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history even Haytham for example, another Spanish and the Lucien scholar, the father of optics, the man who invented the camera, but not just the camera and optics was what He is credited to. He is credited as being the father of the modern scientific method. The way he wrote his thesis in terms of how the eye works, and how images are caught, when he was developing his theories. There were a lot of you know, Miss beliefs about images and spirits and all of that he had to disprove all these the idea of a hypothesis. He wrote it and every scientist after him until today followed his these methods. So that's why He is credited as the mother or the father of the modern scientific method.

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Abbas even fitness is actually the father of flight. This is

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A bridge named after him in Spain. He died inventing like little airplanes, and one of them crashed. That's how he died. Hundreds of years before the Wright Brothers, museums already attempting flight, jabbing even a yawn, the father of chemistry in fact, the word chemistry is an Arabic word. Imagine the entire field of chemistry,

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alkali, alkaline, all this algebra, alkaline, these are all Arabic terminologies. We invented the field of chemistry. Before people used to think chemistry was magic. You put two things together and poof, it become its magic. It was called alchemy. Muslims took alchemy and invented a science of chemistry.

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The word gibberish is named after this man Jabil. His writings were so difficult to understand by the European scholars that they would say it's Jabesh it's a language of Jabir. So that's like gibberish, you can't understand it, and so on and so forth. Al Jazeera, the father of robotics, why don't we think robots are a new invention. In fact, it was a Muslim scholar Al Jazeera, who invented the concept of machines doing things on their own using motors and pumps, algebra we spoke about and how I mean, the man who invented algebra and SubhanAllah. When we talk about today about learning and studying and going to university, the top universities in the world, or in Europe, or in

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America, if you are lucky enough, you will get a scholarship to go to Oxford and Harvard. There was a time when people came to Spain under Lucia, they came to Morocco, they came to Baghdad to learn medicine, the kings of Europe would sin the the sons and the daughters to learn at the highest institutions in the world were Muslims institutions, the concept of a university was started by not only a Muslim, but a lady Muslim, a female scholar Fatima theory, look at the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest university in the world in Morocco, the first in the world fatty metal theory, a lady who invented the concept of a university she thought she was from a family of scholars, she

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said we should have one place where we learn all kinds of knowledge. So there were people that used to learn that the chemists who had their own Institute and the people doing mathematics, let's put this all in one house, and she financed it, the first university in the world by a sister, Fatima. Alfie hurry. You know, many of the rituals of universities still come from Islamic tradition. When you graduate. They put this Juba on you. In fact, all of you know now the bishops. Missy has made the beast famous. And where does this come from? It is when you graduated, you got your Senate, your diploma, you were given a cloak coin and a turban. The idea of the chair of the institute to chair

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the courtesy, if you go to the Haram and you see how Islam is taught, you have the students sitting on the ground, and only the Aileen machete, he gets a chair, that chair is his chair. Today, we still have the chairman, where does it come from? It comes from this concept of how Islam are we taught our knowledge. So Subhanallah

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we, as I said, lead the world in all fields of science, technology and intellect. Muslims revolutionized the world, the link between the ancient sciences, Greek and Aristotle and Plato. And in the modern world you talk about if you if you ever study history, history is a very pious subject. They will talk to you about the ancient history. And then they'll talk about European Renaissance, the Europeans how they, you know, discovered the world. There's like a gap of 1500 years where we are that gap. When they were in the dark ages. It was us the Muslim world that was keeping the civilization moving forward. Now for the sad part, when we let go of Iqra, when we

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stopped learning, when we stopped asking questions. When we stopped solving for x, when we stopped putting each TR even into the Sharia, we simply follow what my mother does, and not ask questions like the Obama themselves did. When we lost our intellectual Spock within lost our political strength, our military strength, our economic strength, to the point of today, where we can't even feed our people, kill our diseases, power our homes, when we look at input everything back to Spain. As I said Spain was the most advanced civilization on earth. At some point, the biggest library in the world was in Cordoba, in Muslim Spain, the biggest Masjid in the world, and it's at the end of

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the Western world. It's famous for from McCann Molina. Yet they want to show that even though they are the end of the world, they can compete with Persia and spirit and Damascus. So they both the biggest till today. The in fact the biggest cathedral for many, many centuries was the Jami at the masjid of Cordoba converted into a church was the biggest Cathedral in the world, Christians could not build anything equivalent to it. So let us talk about how when we lost our position of knowledge what followed afterwards.

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So there are two dates you must remember 711 Very easy date. 711 like the shop is the date when Muslims

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Arrived at Spain and the perhaps I'm putting myself in trouble yet, but perhaps next week we should start a series on Andalusi and Spain. I do a lot of a lot of research now. But 711 is when Muslims arrived in Spain 1492. Like, almost 800 years later, is when Muslim Spain fell for 800 years. Muslims were in Spain 1492. If you look at our books, what happened in 1492? A great disaster, the last Muslim kingdom was was overthrown by the Reconquista of the of the Spanish Christians. If you go to America, and you ask the Americans what happened in 1492, they'll tell you, that's when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Not that they will people leave. But anyway, that's when

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Christopher Columbus discovered America. How did Christopher Columbus he's an Italian guy, how did he get to America said no, he got ships from the King and Queen of Spain. The king and queen of Spain gave him the ships to go and discover America. Okay. So how did this happen? The king and queen of Spain conquered the Muslim city of Granada, which was exceptionally rich and full of knowledge. And when they conquered the city, Christopher Columbus was with them. And they emptied the treasury of the Muslim city of Granada. They took the knowledge of building ships, they took the knowledge of the Muslim scientists, and Christopher Columbus took it, and he took his voyage to

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America. And that is the beginning of the colonial period Vasco de Gama all these Portuguese sailors, why did they invent ship traveling? It is they took the knowledge of Underoos the most advanced civilization at the time. They basically inherited it and used it, of course, when we are Hamdulillah. And we can say this quite proudly, when Islam was in the forefront of learning and technology, it was genuinely used for the betterment of civilization. When the Europeans had the upper hand, what did they do? What did the colonial powers do? They ravaged and raped the world, from South America, to Australia to Africa to India, it is upon the use that technology that we are

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given to conquer and rob the world. And that is why today, the status quo is as these when we gave over the keys of knowledge to them. They then use it for the last 500 years to put themselves in a position of power and authority. And we Subhanallah are now far and far we are Millennium behind. So I said do you think that there was a time when Kuru tuba was the first city in the world that had lighting and today here in Cape Town, in South Africa, we struggle with low cheating. It's sad to think how things have progressed. But let's not dwell on the past as Allah says that they weren't people that did they had the time the ups and downs, and you have your time. And our time starts now

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remembers Han ALLAH. Whenever you saw Salam, it all started with an abyssal Salam. And he lived in a time when we call the time before the Quran what do we call it the time of Jai Helia? We don't say please Islam, we say the time of ignorance. The opposite of our deen is ignorance and our deen Islam is synonymous with learning and knowledge and education.

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In other words, be something wrong with your Islam, if you're not learning, you're you as a Muslim are not really given to the spirit of Islam is of course you're a Muslim. But if you've never opened the book and learned and question and developed, then this goes against one of the fundamental in fact, the first lesson of the Quran is ikura Bismillah Bismillah, the Hara. The first command, Allah is saying to you and me, learn in the Name of your Lord. And as you learn Allah say, What have become or Bukal from Allah says, As you learn and read your Lord is Most Generous. The more you learn, the more you study, Allah is going to give you Allah is going to give you so let us not talk

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about when we romanticize Spain and loose, nothing stops us at hamdulillah from moving forward once again. And it should be in our hearts, at least in our hearts, and a Nia and a belief that maybe my time or my kids time or my grandkids time, we can once again lead the world not to rule the world, not like the European imperialism, but to lead the world in civilization and technology. Nothing should stop us from that. But it has to begin somewhere. It has to begin somewhere. Those people did great things could not have imagined that the first few steps would revolutionize the world. But it begins with each and every one of us. Those scientists we talk about they also started with Alice

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Bata, they also started from the very very big basics and continue to learn and explore and the more you question and learn, the more Allah is going to open the doors of prosperity. So let us start now and Allah says in the Quran, and we know and I don't have to repeat this every I repeat this. When we talk about our matriculants many of Alhamdulillah some of you your kids are going on to start university some of these for Han Allah, I drop my kids at school as well. The beginning of the new term, the beginning of the new year, some people starting grade one, pre primary or whatever it is a lot of tears kicking and screaming. That's just the teachers being you know, being dragged to

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school, let alone the children.

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We talk about everyone starting and

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We How many of you gave the lecture to kids you know, do well and study and work hard and focus, but we don't do the same weight loss if we open the book, weight loss if we sat in a class, weight loss if we listen to anything of benefit, besides maybe the gym or that you forced to come, and you'll see me sleeping. We tell our kids to study hard and to focus and do the homework but we forget about ourselves. learning doesn't stop when you're 18. Or if you go to university 21 or 22 constantly, it must continue. And Allah as I said, the so many times Allah has given a promise to me to you when he says he edify Hola Hola, Dena, I'm assuming come. Well, Lavina, Otter, Inma, the Rajat Allah

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promises each and every guarantee from your Lord, He will elevate, raise you up, grant you prosperity grant you success for two people, the one who has Iman, you will always be successful, and the one who has knowledge or doesn't say the one who has money, power, success, that is nothing in the sight of Allah. But the person of learning. Allah says if you study you learn, he's going to raise you up Daraja at many, many levels, many damages in the dunya and the Acura you cannot go wrong by taking a path of learning. And Allah subhanaw taala says,

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As the time not come, how much more in darkness and at winning in Cape Town we took darkness direction the literal darkness, of disease of problems we look at how bad the world is, Allah says has the time not come and Tasha Kulu will lead lyrically la as the time had come for the Muslims to wake up and to have a consciousness of Allah and to turn to Allah that begins with learning. The heart is only awoken through learning and through a crop. And so every one of us Subhanallah we have a role to play in ourselves and our family but no greater community. As the time had come Gemma to Muslim in some of you Masha Allah, you are doctors, lawyers, you've studied many, many years

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University. You are highly qualified and successful in your businesses and whatever it is, I'm not sure my will increase you more and more and more. Allah grant you all the height and Baraka. But do you want to stand before Allah? And to say Allah for 70 years? I did not even know what Surah Fatiha mint. I did it five times a day. But I don't know what it means. I read the Quran ha ha. I don't know what one word in the Quran means. My deen is dependent on some guy on Friday telling you what is halal haram. You don't know what I'm saying is true or false make up fairytales. I'm like this is the meat in the hand of the hustle. I'm like the dead person. In the end of the tour money. I just

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go left and right. Is that the deen that you want? We don't have to be an alum. You don't have to be a Molana. Shifty. No, but you should not be a giant when it comes to the dean. Be an informed layperson.

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If a person comes to your office, and he says, I never finished primary school, whatever matriculated will say this person's illiterate. If you don't have matric, you can't even pack a bag at the shop, you know, cashier, whatever. How many of us have that basic level of Islamic education, that basic level that is required of every Muslim, you don't have that, that Subhanallah is not acceptable. And as we said, when the Muslims started learning, the first areas of learning was the Diem. And Allah opened the dunya for them. The scientists of the old, many of them, these great names, they first started in the madrasa learning to recite the Quran, some memorizing the Quran,

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and then they went into the dunya sciences. And Allah then opened the door. Many of the great astronomers or the people that dealt with water, where did it start from, I needed to have to take up this I need to know where the Qibla is. And because of that, Allah opened all the doors, you will see when you prioritize your Islamic learning, Allah will open the doors in your dunya learning as well. And so that is why the prophets Islam says it is false. It is false. It is compulsory on every Muslim to seek knowledge. Compulsory just like you make Salah you eat halal, you have to continuously be learning a little wallet or whatever formal or informal but continue to learn. More

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importantly, subhanAllah we live we talk about the past it's talking about the future. We know the future there are difficult days that lay ahead. The days leading up to Kiama is going to be very difficult the prophecies in the last few hours of this world as time goes gets there'll be turmoil fighting disease has Herat Shabazz was killing you find people just killing each other in the streets like we live in now. You know, people killing for no reason. But it begins to out as you begin the Hadith, when knowledge will be taken away. All the bad things of Kiama all the evils of the day or of the fitna of Kiama it begins when knowledge is lost when people stop learning, when

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anatomy is trying to look at the nervous system. How amazing and Allah is Rasool he says, A time will come my Sahaba

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When everybody in the Jamara can read and write, but they will be ignorant, they will be illiterate, how they couldn't understand how it's possible. So how God couldn't read or write, but they will only they will read on a year. We have a whole gender all of us can read and write, but how much of us really have knowledge that benefits us, and so Subhanallah to protect yourself from the fitna and the difficulties of this of this dunya and the Astra knowledge is your weapon. Knowledge is the thing that's going to hold the keeps you safe in the tide and the storm of this dunya SubhanAllah. You log on to facebook, whatsapp, you don't know what is true or false, right? Wrong. Only knowledge

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and the guidance of Allah keeps you steadfast in that. Then a resume says 131 Person of knowledge is more formidable and more scary to shaytaan than 1000 Olia that are worshipping night and day. One person of knowledge. Who knows he's on the understands his deen is greater in the sight of Allah. Then 1000 Olia that worship with this heightened baraka and the only no problem, the bad those who worship Allah without understanding. And so brothers. If you're going to do anything this year from the Rila it is as the enemy some says whoever embarks whoever journeys on a path of learning, whoever makes it part of his daily routine, I want to be a student of learning. Can you really call

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yourself a student, your kids are students at Hamdulillah you get to go to school, their students might have to love the Taalib the woodpile is the one who yearns he looks he's searching, they have to love they're searching for knowledge, or you call him and so then he says, whatever is on the path of learning, he is guaranteed the path of Jannah is made easy. You are on the path of Janas Hadith promise of Nabil, Allah promises you you learn, you will raise you up elevate you in the dunya and akhira. That basically says if you take a path of learning, you are on the path, the road to Jannah. Now I've given this, you know, and I say again, this hadith, the navesink doesn't say

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whoever accomplishes the path of learning, whoever gets the PhD he's gonna go to Jana, no waves on the path, even if the path is alphabeta. So long as you are on the journey of learning, so long as you part of the process of learning, so long as you are a student or a teacher, one of the two you either teaching or you read a student or a teacher, so long as you're part of that you're on the road of Jana, and we know all the Hadith and the resources, the angels, they lower the wings for you think about your kids, when they go to school, we sit in traffic, the angels are saluting them, the angels are lowering the wings, making it safer because they're doing something which the angels are

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awestruck. Don't be one that for ourselves. Don't we want to also be of those people? As you're learning as you go to the class, sit in the class, leave the class, you're being forgiven. Angels are making dua for you. They listen. Let us also be part of that. And so where do you begin many people ask I want to learn I want but we do I begin so many alternatives that hamdulillah a click of a button, not like Imam Buhari, you have to go travel hundreds of kilometres for one Hadith, no click of a button in your bed in your pajamas, you can be sitting in the classes of the most advanced

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institutes in the world, some of them and I only mentioned them because Alhamdulillah I'm personally involved so I can mention them and there are many many excellent classes many Institute every month it has a clause join that clause. If you want to study formally. You want to degree PhD masters Islamic studies or Islam eyes, like you know Islamic psychology is something business. Perhaps the cheapest degree or not cheap is a bad word most affordable international degree Islamic online university and hamdullah I'm part of the committee there as well that it is it is one of the easiest ways of learning you can instead of going to Medina Alhamdulillah they took the books textbooks of

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the medina university that moved me and myself we studied translated into English online in your bedroom you can study exactly what we studied you have to go all the way to Alhamdulillah go to Medina for the Masjid. You don't have to go all the way to the summit, University of Medina for up until PhD level Alhamdulillah. And you know what? It's cheaper than your kids school fees cheaper than what you're paying for your kid school fees. You can get that at your own pace. If you said no. My university days are finished in something less part time after work. At the artery masjid, Mondays and Wednesdays you can learn to exceed Hadith sera Arabic. Many of the instructors were here

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during the holidays use of Chef Ibrahim Charles Wassim these are your instructors hamdulillah and if you can't attend the class online if you can't attend the class online, the recording easy simple and if you say look that is also too difficult, at least inshallah when we start to gain our Islam from scratch class, free of charge anytime anyway. Simple but learn to open a book. Be part of the journey. Be part of those that Allah promises will be on the path of success. And Allah bless us. May Allah bless all our kids in this new academic year my Allah keep them safe from the fitna and the difficulties of the dunya Allah grant them success in Tofik in the studies where they make us

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proud and hamdulillah me the next generation always revert to the previous one. I'm gonna Allah keep us safe and grant us to be an example for our kids. I mean, once again, for those who have succeeded in the music exam, I'll guarantee all the success and for those who didn't do too well, not the end of the world.

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18 is a very very young repeat to again, as I always mentioned remember Nabi Musa on Friday, he was expelled from NaVi the diskless he was kicked out so if Nabi Musa you know wasn't good enough so inshallah you'll get your chance as well so don't give up don't give up just a few announcements one announcement Alhamdulillah moving with the times we've got our Yonko machine with the Taliban the back foot donations now when people say we don't have cash anymore so if you'd like to donate with cod with a tiny piece they as well and inshallah we we mentioned Zack gonna hate it was ALLAH said no Muhammad Ali so happy Salam listening from Nairobi elemina sinuata Kumar