The Uncle Generation – What They Did Amazing

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how some people are left out of school because they don't want to blame their parents, and mentions a "verody" message that is missing from the transcript. The speaker also talks about a "verody" message that is missing from the transcript and discusses the negative impact of a "verody" message on leadership.
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When we were growing up, we always used to have this class of people in our community called The Uncle's, the uncle generation, I will tell you what they did. That was amazing. They built messages.

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And they laid the foundation for Islamic schools. Sometimes in the uncle generation, they didn't even know anything other than lying on 100. So they still built the messenger. They were leaders, regardless of how much knowledge they have. And you can make fun of them. You can call them uncles and stuff like that. They did way more than what we're doing.

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So now they established these things. Even 100 years ago, in Canada, you look at the first messages that were built, they might not have even prayed. But they wanted someplace for their children. And they built the messages. Now. We are full fledged uncles right now.

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This generation right now everybody that's listening to me, You are the uncles, the uncles that you're talking about have gone, they've either passed away, or they're in retire, you have become the uncle. So you can keep saying that there's somebody else, you've become that person. So now the question is now what are you doing for your children?

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Our children right now, kids that are now like they're five years old, or 10 years old, they're looking up, we're the ones who are supposed to be running the youth activities, the youth activities aren't happening. We're the ones we're supposed to take over, you know, bring Muslims in the media. That's not happening. We're getting hammered. And that's it. This is the mistake one generation ago. Yeah, the uncle generation focused on leadership building message this and that. But for the kids, they focus on education.

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Education sounds good, right? Not when you go into debt for 1015 years of your life. So an Islamic school pops up, we don't want you to be a Sunday school teacher, you go and become this, this and that. So the focus on education chasing the dunya, if you will, and then there's nothing wrong with those things. But you can't forget your dean, you can't forget your leadership. So they went after the house. And after they gotta go on the bigger house. And they got the car that goes to the next car and the next car. And then it's like, then their kids are like, well, now we got to put them in Islamic school. What Islamic schools are out there, had they thought to build the sonic schools

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rather than there's only like two or three in the community. And then they've got like a waiting list. And everybody's expecting what I'll call later, hot potato leadership pass it on. In other words, the message the full fledged message I want you to understand is there is nobody else except you.

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There is no uncle to blame. There's no community to blame. There is nothing responsibility falls on your