Minute with a Muslim #339 – Utica Masjid – Where Everyone is Welcome – Dr. Ashraf Elazzazi

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What should other people know about you the chemistry is that it is very inclusive. I think, I think the best way to describe it that it is inclusive. It has people from all walks of life and all backgrounds and and i i personally I feel belong in VR and I actually have had a discussion conversation with a friend of mine who, who is currently he, you know, goes to another Masjid because of you know, its proximity and we actually disclose to me that he feel

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at peace and he feel home, we can actually come and visit our youth economics minister, although it's the current one that we still use, which is like half a building, not even a full building. Because we had to take down half a building for to make room for the new building. He said, I when I walked there, I just thought, oh, it's not fancy, although it's just like, you know, falling apart, but it feels wrong. I feel it feels different when I just walk into the temple strictness itself. Again, it's a place where everybody feels welcome.