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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of cultural practices and shaving during the COVID-19 pandemic. They emphasize the need to be mindful of what comes out of the culture and not to say "has" or "hasn't." They also discuss the importance of learning about the prophetipping numbers and the sheer "na Vi" sign. The conversation ends with a discussion of the upcoming election and the need for people to practice their religion.
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Manisha rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, beloved brothers Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala was merciful the most kindness should have Allah Allah Allah Allah be what was that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada and we send our greetings and salutations to be loving the Mohammed Salah law they will send them to his pious impure family, to his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time, we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to be on the sooner there be Mohammed salatu salam, to emulate him to live as he loved Allah unite us with him in the day of judgment and in general. I mean, we ask Allah to forgive us this walk of Juma the sins of last week and to guide us in the week

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to come. Allah keep us safe from the outside. And granted the next week be better than the weakest pause amin Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah. We continue with our series on Nomura.

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And we'll keep the section of the oma but short is a few events occurred in this week, which we have to discuss and we have to mention, but I'd like to for us to continue our series and discussion on the Amara, because we have been discussing a number of weeks on Nomura. And last week, we spoke about we mentioned over the course of the series we mentioned the benefits of Amara, the rewards that you get the symbolism of Amara within Sydney will begin with entering the state of Iran. We mentioned the the actions that you do before you enter the harem and very important this will come up we said before you cross over the what you must read around the macaque, the macaque humans

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before you cross over the macaque. You need to be already in the state of Iran. We see that for the people going directly to Makkah, they will cross the macaque in on the plane, before they land in Jeddah. They will cross the Mekong already. As for those who go to Medina, first they will into the state of Iran the day they leave Medina because the customer got as they leave Medina, we said once you head on, we spoke about the symbolism of the harem. And we spoke about the the prohibitions, what you may and may not do within the state of the harem. And then we said you proceed to Mecca to do as you make the Tobia, get to the Kaaba, you perform the pull off. And we see that one issue with

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regards to top off is that besides what you also need to do when you perform the top off, you need to be in the state of Voodoo according to the most the majority of the scholars, and we see that this is a bit difficult from a Shafi perspective, because in the Shafi madhhab if you accidentally touch a woman or a man or woman and maharam person you will do is broken. We said this is not the strongest and that is not the most correct opinion is the safer opinion without a doubt. But we said we should not worry about that. And we say there's no such thing as a hanafy we'll do a shout out here. We'll do we'll do is we'll do there's no such thing as even a Nia who do the nearest in the

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heart. You don't have to say anything verbally say this many, many times. There is no verbal Nia in any act of ebuyer not in your Salah. Not in your fasting you don't have to say no way to Selena way to assume about him. No because we never did that. The only Nia he verbalized was for hygiene or Milan. Only when you're into the state of Iran. Do you verbalize the Nia everything else is within your heart you know what you're doing?

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We said once you perform it off, again, the Do you have the tail off is whatever you say and whatever is you can say in English you can in the top you make the dog that is applicable to you in your own language you can make thicker, you can recite Quran, you can say so behind Allah seven, seven times as you go around the Kaaba is up to you. Only between the broken Yemen Imani the the Yemeni corner and the black stone. Will you recycle a banana for dunia Hassan, Hassan our Tina Abner just believe and you repeat Ravana Sana

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Latina de nada repeated over and over and over Allah grant me the basis of this dunya and the base of the Acura and save us from the fire of jahannam. You repeat this over and over

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when you are done and you've completed your top seven times, and we spoke about the principle, a very very important principle in your English area. That if you're in doubt, what do we do? certainty is not removed by doubt. So if you are in doubt about two things, the thing that you are certain about? Did I break my window? I'm not sure I was in the crunch of things. I felt something move. I'm not sure if I broke my window or not. What's the ruling then? You have to do? Why? Because we do you are certain I knew I had to do. I'm doubtful if I broke it. So you throw the doubt away. If you're in the towel off, I'm not sure if this is round number four or five. I'm sure I did four.

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I'm not sure

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About five you throw the doubtful one away which is number five and you start from four. So we said this principle you learn come will come into effect in the path when you're done with it off the sooner is to stand as closest as possible that is safe behind them a form of Ibrahim which was the place when Habib Rahim student perform salah and you perform to rock stars, and you drink from Samsung, you drink Samsung, you recycle your caffeine in the first rocker and koala head in the second ARCA and it's a place of law and you make dua. This to rock and the drink of Samsung are not pillars of Amara, meaning if you're unable to do it, you memorize 500% fine, no problem. And this

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might occur for example, you might be in a rush, you've done with your tawaf, you need to go to the site. If you don't perform those two records, you memorize fine, it's not a pillar of the of the Amara.

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We said the polish off Iran, toe off, and now we'll talk about site today, we see that when we began this discussion of the formula, the first person to perform the say was hotjar, the mother of knobbies Mahavira, the mother of NaVi smile, and in fact, the great great great many, many generations of grandmother of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in fact when the Muslims when the Muslims

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came close to the Islam went to Egypt, the prophets of Salaam mentioned that we should be good to the Egyptian people because they are like our relatives meaning from from his perspective, he's one side of his genealogy, Goshen, Abrahim and the other side is harder, which is, she was an Egyptian woman. So the Egyptian people that they are honored the fact that they that they have the Prophet Salam within their lineage through an obese man Elisa Lam. Sahaja was the first we see that running up and down between Safa and Marwa for the purpose of looking forward to fully smile

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and we emulate her footsteps. We follow her footsteps literally we follow her footsteps when we move between Safa and Marwa and these two mountains Safa and Marwa right now you won't you won't see them anymore because they're inside the huddle. They used to be a lot bigger, but with time they obviously have started disappear. Allah mentions these two mountains in the Quran in the suffer will matter what I'm in sha Allah, Allah says very vaguely, the mountain of suffer and the mountain of miroir of the SHA, Sha, Allah the symbols of Allah of the rituals of the soma. The stones are not important. We don't believe that there's any Baraka or holiness or ability inside the stones have

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suffered marijuana, but these are the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala and therefore, you will recite this verse, you will decide this ayah when you go towards safa and marwah now

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and look at the illustration over here.

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When you move to suffer,

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suffer is behind the matam of Ibrahim. So if you if you imagine the Kaaba, the dose being the front of the camera, facing that direction of the dose, if this is the front of the camera, the opposite the front of the carrabba, you'd find safa and marwah. And it will be a corridor if you've never been there, you won't get lost. And you won't miss it if you they. It's a corridor, like a passage where people walk up and down. sofa is the closest the sofa is the closest into the Kaaba, so far. It's closer to the Kaaba, then Marwa. And when you get the you press proceed to suffer first. Also very interesting to note. We all know the story of Nabil Salah Salem when he gave his first public

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Hooda so for three years, the prophets of Salaam gave Dawa in private was a secret no one knew about Islam only a few select people were informed. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed the prophets of Salaam go public and announced to the people publicly about Islam. And so where did he give his first public good back on Mount Safa. We know the story he got up on Safa and he said, Oh Bunny, this old family of this tribe and family of that clan he called people by the names. Oh, Ahmed. Oh, sorry. Oh, this one. And the tribes of Mecca came closest to the wise Mohammed on the mountain and why is he calling us and in the prophecies and said to them? Oh my people if I told you there is an

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army behind this mountain ready to attack you believe me? So they said of course we believe you. You are so good. I mean, you were the one that we trust. So he says I'm warning you of a punishment that's on its way. I'm warning you about something else when they say punishment worse than this that's on his way. So listen to what I'm saying. And just as the prophets of Salaam was about to continue his Hooda he's uncle Abu lahab stood up and said, Is this why you called us now Bula have heard about Islam before the prophets spoke to him privately before because he's an uncle. So Abu lahab is this nonsense why you called us here? You gathered us here for this luncheon tub and lock

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me up destroyed and then Allah revealed that but yeah, the available what happened in our lockers? So this all happened at Mount Safa.

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The proxy the Hajji was the person performing Amara will proceed to mount Safa

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This is I must mention that it is a sooner that sometimes our community, we do things which are not part of the sooner in our Amara while Hodge and then we neglect things that are part of the sooner. Now the sooner we have the sooner thing the Prophet Salim did was he proceeded to suffer and he would climb a little bit not all the way to the top you would get to suffer. And then the prophets of Salaam faced the Kaaba and he faced the Kava, and he recited La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika that will we'll call him up Will you meet while Aquila Shankar de la la da, da da da da da da, da da da. Right? So this Vicar

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that nun has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, the evil loving the eternal and Old Dominion belongs to him. And it's very similar. We usually recite this you'll notice it from eat in illallah wa. And just a word, why not Sora Abba

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Baba. This piece that we decide usually on eat, the prophets of Salaam decided to say that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. That he defeated, Allah defeated all the enemies and Azov all the enemies on his own. And Allah was true to his promise and he supported his prophets. So this do I owe this Vicar you will face the Kaaba and you will decide the speaker. And then after you decide that Vicar, you make a dua, whatever do all you want, then you repeat the dictator again La ilaha illAllah de la sharika to the end of the vehicle, you make a do again and when you repeat the decoder a third time and make a dog for yourself. And this is the place of da is the usually we

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think the site is that the walking part or all the on the Safa and Marwa that sway the DA is Mr. Jab is the whole thing you can make the law but the professor lamb would stand on suffer face the garba recite the vicar three times and make three doors. And then he would walk from suffer tomorrow.

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And this walk is a you walk there's no special way of walking. Remember the man if you took your right shoulder out for the toe off, you put it back in off the toe off. Right so now your shoulder is back in. It's only only in the toe off while the man exposes the right shoulder. We also would know that something funny or something happens during the site, you will see in the middle of the site, these two green lights and the main will start jogging only the main the sisters, no need for them to jog. Why is the jogging? Why do we do this? We go and we walk walk, get to the middle of the site and we start jogging and when we get to a another point we start walking again. Why? Because

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back in the day suffi marva, mountains hills. And that part was a it was a valley between the two hills. So what happens when you start walking down? you speed up? Yes. And when you walk up an incline, you exert yourself a little more. So to follow that sooner, we still exert ourselves in that little area, the valley is gone, the land is flat. Now you're working on mobile, but that is to follow that sooner

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and only for the main. And obviously if it's not convenient meaning you with a bunch of you with your family, your kids don't run away from them. taqwa doesn't look at it, you know, you just you know you inconvenience everyone else so that your eba is perfect. This is not adequate.

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So then you would jump between the two green lights and you continue from suffer all the way tomorrow. When you get tomorrow. You get on top of marijuana, you face the garbage again. And you do the same as you do that suffer La ilaha illallah wa la de la la quwata you up when you meet with water coalition co de la ilaha illa De Anza Vanessa Abba

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Baba, one time make a dua recited again, make another door, resize it again make another dua on marva. And now you proceed back to suffer repeat. And

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remember, unlike the top off the top, you have to go a full circuit to be one from the beginning all the way back to the beginning. That's one one round side doesn't work like that.

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From suffer tomorrow is one Marois back to suffer is too. So don't think you have to do the whole circuit for one, you'll be doing double top double side. And you will end up at miroir when you're done 1234567 you in your tower you're in your site at miroir. If you end up at some point you made a mistake. And if you find yourself the site's done and you suffer you made a mistake, right so you will end at miroir of the Seventh Circuit. And when you are done performing the Seventh Circuit. We said what do you decide between Safa and Marwa while you're walking? Anything you want once again, make Vicar recite Quran make dua in English make dua in Afrikaans whatever it might be, say

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superhard en la one time and then a selfie la one time Allahu Akbar whatever you will

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You do. But as I said, Do it personally don't depend on a motto for any man to decide to do it for you. And all you're saying is I mean, I mean, I mean, that's not why you came all the way from South Africa. Just to say, I mean, when someone else makes the door, no, this is your opportunity to beseech Allah and we see in your mind, you should have that same urgency. As a mother, who is looking desperately for water. She's about to die, her son is about to die, her child is about to die. That urgency, and as some other might have said, You must have the feeling that I'm fleeing from jahannam towards Jana, that I have this this journey between Safa and Marwa is here alone, I'm

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done, my sense was being removed. Yellow when I'm done, my place in general must be set. Remember, we said of the rewards of the thought of Amara is that all your sins inshallah will be forgiven from the previous Amara. So this is an explanation of your sins. When you are done with the site, when you've gotten out tomorrow, you've done your toe off, you've done your site, you are still in the state of error meaning still off the model. After you've completed your model. You are in the state of Vietnam, you cannot wear perfume, you cannot get your nails. The only thing you can do now is exit the haraam by trimming or shaving your head. The main you shave your head this is the sooner

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the sooner is to shave the head completely. With not with the machine with a blade. And I completely number No, I don't know what it is right? You know, even if you use the machine, it's not shaved, you completely clean shaved the head. Right, this is the sooner and the reward is triple. The reward of someone that terms is if you turn up, your camera is accepted no problem, you get reward and you exit they have no problem. But it is better to shave. We know this for the Sahaba some companions shaved and some trimmed and the prophets of Salaam prayed may do or for those who shave three times versus those who may termed one right. And as for the sisters, you will only trim a small piece of

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your hair and you have exited a harem Nope, then you are done with a firearm. Now everything is handled for you. And some mistakes that people make

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some brothers, they cut the heat at the harem. They trim the hair and say now go to the barber to shave because you can't shave your head at the harm. You've already exited the head on through trimming now. You've missed the reboot of it. Yes, the NEA already waiting for the NEA. But you made a mistake. You threatened to exit your home you already out of a farmhouse now you just go in for a haircut to the Baba. Rather if you have to because you can't shave your head in the harem. Of course, you have to go to the barber which is close by you have to eat you have to abide by the economic for the next 510 minutes. You still have to stay in Iran for the next 510 minutes and go

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the for the sisters. Whenever It's a place where she can take out a piece of a hair and trim it. This is fine. Don't expose yourself obviously publicly. That's part of your aura. And yes, someone who is in Iran can trim the hair of someone who's also in Iran. So if a husband is with his wife, she wants to exit the home. He hasn't yet gone through his shave. He can cut her hair and she's out of the house. Once you've exited the home you're done.

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Okay, excellent. Some questions relating to the camera. What can we say about the camera. So the brother would have obviously the family would have gone to Medina the interior arm they came to Makkah they perform the Amara. Now the year for another few days in Mecca Can I do multiple amoros Firstly, you can do and you should do as many top offs as you want. You don't need to be in the hierarchy to do top off. So that's why you will see if you watch ITV we see pictures, people performing throw off some wings around and some way normal clothing so you don't have to be in her arm to perform tawaf you can make as many times as you want. As foresight, you only perform the side

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in the state of economic so you won't see people in the side with normal clothing. Usually they will be waiting around clothing because only the person in Iran does the site. Now you're you're in Makkah year for a week or so you perform one or more for yourself, you'd like to do and you always have to perform one for yourself first. This is the thing if you if even if your mother and father hasn't performed Hajj, you if you perform a hedge you perform for yourself first, which is the the principle of Islam you first save yourself go on to Sakuma alikoum Naira, save yourself and your family from the fire. So once you perform the armor for yourself, I like to perform one an external

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one for my mom, my dad, is this permissible? Now, the prophet SAW Selim, never ever, ever, ever, ever. And the Sahaba they did not perform more than one Amara in a journey. So when they went to Makkah on a on a pilgrimage, they perform one or more and that's it. This is the sooner however, the scholars have said in the Obama diversity, it is not haram for you to do multiple. It's not haram for you to say okay, I want to do another Amara, but within limits, like what is reasonable, maybe one extent

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The two extra not everyday one. Some scholars have even said akima Malik. They asked what's the gap between one Omar and the next O'Meara? He says if you shave your hair until you he comes back to a level where you can shave it again, you should not be performing another omura. This is just a an opinion from some of the scholars. There's nothing in the Quran that says you can't perform multiple cameras. But obviously for us, we don't know if we get to go to Macau again, you'd like to perform one for your mother and father has passed away something specific, then you can perform a second omura on this journey. Now it's a very quick question. You must ask me now. Well, if I'm in Makkah,

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I'm staying at the hotel opposite the Haram, I just exited the harem. Where do I put on a new Iran formula? Yes, you need to get into Iran to perform. So where do I enter Iran because I'm not in the market already. Unless we learn from eyeshadow della Anna, the wife of Nagisa sallam,

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she came on Hajj. So the Prophet Selim comes to Hajj with his wives and his Sahaba 100,000 plus Sahaba with him. And he gets to Makkah, every once in Iran for Hajj, and the prophets of Salaam says the Sahaba you can perform an omura and then exit Iran. And in a few days time when hedge begins you can put on a new ROM and then perform hedge. And this is how we open from hedge scotoma right. So you have one column, you make your own row, you get out of it. And you put on a new column for hedge. I she's in tears, she's crying. What's wrong? What's wrong? I should say rasulillah salam, I'm in my head, which means I can't perform top off. So now I can't perform the Amara with everyone

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else. I will just have to wait till Hodgkins because she just got her height. Just when she arrived in Makkah she's got a week hutches in a week's time. All right, so she says I'll have to now wait and I won't get a chance to make an omelet. So then I will say to her, that this is how Allah decreed it for the daughters of Adam. This is part of our plan, and they get the reward, you will get the reward of and Amara already rewards you It's not your fault. So don't worry, perform 100 you won't get the camera but you get the rewards for it. Okay, so she waits performance hedge, which is done has done everyone is performing the hedge they're about to leave back to Medina. She cries

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again. The process I show what's wrong. So she says is everyone going to go back home with a Hajin Amara and I only get one hedge and your wives the other wives they get to and I get one I'm very unhappy. Very sad about this. So the process is no pro Okay fine. If it means like so much to you, you can we will wait for you go perform another Amara. So the prophets are seldom seen the Ayesha with her brother to a few kilometres away from the harem, a place called tener in today's world, Malaysia, Malaysia, Russia, later into a Roma displace and come in and perform formula and so she performed another Amara of the Hajj. So from this, we learn that if you eat maca, you perform one or

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more or you want to perform a second one, you go to this place called Majid Ayesha, which is a few kilometres away from the Haram in Makkah, and you into the ramen, you don't have to go all the way outside the macaque to do to reenter Iran, okay. And if you do any mistakes, we see if you make any errors in your head arm even accidentally, you have to pay a dumb you have to sacrifice and when you're done with this O'Meara and Alhamdulillah said the rewards cannot be measured that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the promises that one O'Meara

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besides forgives the sins from the previous owner, it also removes poverty and it removes and increases your your lifespan and is of those things that elevates you in that project as of the greatest acts of rabada. After the compulsory by that, then Amara is the best things to do afterwards. So it is going on Amara except from them and place them May Allah grant all of us that we perform Amara soon we are invited as guests of Allah subhana wa tada and I hope that if you are here and you're going to perform Umrah, we have the Nia to Boomerang you remember us in the doors, remember us in the doors you make do as well for the of the sooner How do you perform? Sometimes we

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forget the isn't adequate as a way of performing door number one, it is better to have to do when you do have to face the Qibla to begin by praising Allah started by saying ally want this and I need this and I need that you begin by Al Hamdulillah. glorify to you Allah praise Allah and thank Allah what I already have. And then you make us defer to Allah for the sins that I've done it Allah I'm here asking you for more but I know you've given me so much I'm not grateful for and you because

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this is not only an oma, this is how we make dua all the time.

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Just a short announcement quickly.

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Insha Allah just very quickly on the 18th and 19th of December brondell Islam inshallah, we'll be having what we call

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Dora, so we know our kids, they go to madressa from primary school right when they hit high school, they stop going to madrasa anymore. And many the challenges that we face as young people begins once you get to high school so we are taking kids from very, very underprivileged areas. We have a network of Imams, the Imam development project, they operate in areas like bannenberg, Khayelitsha Delve, and they really struggle to the kidstart of Marshall, a wonderful in primary school beautiful, the minute they eat high school, they become teenagers, that's when the problems start. And usually the mistakes you make at that age, you're off the tracks the rest of your life. Or if

00:25:37 --> 00:26:13

you make the right choices at that age at Hamdulillah, it can sit you up. So they said you know we struggle because the environment is not conducive, can we not take them out of the environment, on this holiday period, we will teach them on only Islamic studies but take them, many of them have not even seen town. And I will see in the blue cup. Take them out we spend a day or two days with them. teach them about the prophets of Salaam, about the challenges. He grew up in a tough environment. He was an orphan, he went from house to house but yet he Subhanallah changed the world, you can do the same. So in sha Allah, we will be having this Dora the 18th and 19th of December. The collection

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today is for that Dora that we costed this, we obviously have to feed them for two days to give them some stationery and things like that. There'll be 400 and a student if you can contribute towards that Allah reward you whatever they benefit and learn and it changes their life for the positive for the rest of their life, that reward will be for you, you will get rewarded to that. So if you're able to assist please, please do so. If you aren't able at least make a dua if you can ask someone to assist and Hamlet will appreciate that. So the collection will be specifically for the Dora insha Allah. All right, back to the Amara. So we said when you perform when you make

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a law, the way to make law, you begin by by having to do facing the Qibla placing a line thanking Allah Surah Fatiha is a very good example of how to make dua Surah Fatiha has the correct format of how to perform a dua. In fact Surah Fatiha is a dua, you praise Allah you think al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and praise him are among the most merciful the most Chi Maliki omit the load of the Day of Judgment he had now you ask only one thing Allah guide me. So then once you've praised and thanked Allah and matoba for the mistakes that you've made, now you ask Allah and ask Allah for the things that are most important first, ask Allah for Jana, ask Allah for guidance. ask Allah for

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forgiveness, ask Allah for prediction, and then for wealth and health and the music and all that that you want.

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Also, it is of the sooner to make dua for others as well. Not just me, me, me, me Make dua for your family and your community. Because when you make an you know, perhaps the most sincere desire that you make, is when you make dua for someone, someone else and they don't know. So if you make dua for your neighbor, or for your friend, and I and that person doesn't know it's sincere, you don't get anything out of it. It's a sincere dua and therefore the angels make dua for you. When you make do as Heidi says, when one person makes to offer another person in the angel say Armenia Allah and grant him the same, and also grant him that and obviously the angels door is sometimes better than

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our door and when you're done asking for Allah whatever you want, don't be shy. Please wake up now there's one important thing we make this mistake that I do makes this mistake you make the law our law grant me this grant me that all this and you say what, what did they say Oh Allah, Grant me sustenance we'll put oh yeah ALLAH forgive him and have mercy on him and enter into Jana. Insha. Allah if you want to. That is against the sooner don't say insha Allah during the day. You say me during the dua, Allah grumpy, grumpy, grumpy I mean, there's no such thing as a llama do bla bla lien insha Allah I mean no. Right? We don't do that. So don't ever when you make dua for someone or

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for yourself, don't say in shall How do you say that? Don't say Oh Allah if you want to forgive me Forgive me. It's it's a very inappropriate to a las panatela to say that you say I mean, and also part of your job is to send Salawat and plays on the Prophet send them to sin Salawat and preys on the prophet SAW Selim and his family, this is part of the completion of Ui Ui remains unauthorized until you do that. So these are the principles of how to perform Amara, and it's beautiful. Remember, we are the only religion on Earth, that we stick so closely to the methodology and the rituals of the problem. We know and when we perform sada and we perform Umrah and Hajj This is

00:29:34 --> 00:29:57

exactly how the professor himself did it step by step, we follow him 1500 years later, it's an exact replica of Mohammed salah and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Just before I get to announcements, a few things that occurred, I think you should just be aware about it. And it's a I would have liked to discuss this but inshallah from next week we'll talk to us in more in detail that

00:29:58 --> 00:30:00

we know that last week.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

alibied Center opened up people ask me about this. And I got lots of questions about Shia Islam, Sunni view Shia view Sunni view. What can we say? Perhaps in the new year we will do a course on that we did it few years ago, we'll do a course on that. The reality is, there are two extremes in this debate. Now one extreme that is completely in terms of condemnation, that they are, though they are evil, that they are worse, the chia and she has immunity is evil, that they're Kufa. We don't speak to them, we shun them, we hate them. And even if we some people have even spoken, like violence, and we against all these kind of things, yes, we live in a in a secular democracy. And

00:30:38 --> 00:30:59

every group has the right per the Constitution, to practice their religion. That's we don't, we don't bomb the church next door. We don't bomb the synagogue next door, even though the synagogue says that Israel is correct, and Palestinians are terrorists, whatever it says, They we live in a country where it's free to say what you believe. And the she I have this right as well.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:18

We don't make blanket statements of the creed on anyone. And we don't argue with rhetoric and hatred, rather with wisdom. At the same side, you have another extreme that says, Why are you mentioning the sheer that they are the same hallucinogen, exactly the same, we have no problems, there are no issues. That's very naive.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:55

We live in a time we can't avoid this issue now. With your kids they know about it. Your kids hear about it, your kids know about it. In fact, non Muslims know about this. Now non Muslims will ask you what's the definition of Sunni and Shia? And if you can't answer that question quickly, when it's a important part that you need to learn to one of that knowledge now that has sort of become you know, you have to know this. You can't avoid this issue anymore. Rather, it should come from yourself to your kids, then your kids learning it from somewhere else. If they are in high school or going to university, they're going to be exposed to this now. So before the principle of the Allah

00:31:55 --> 00:32:30

with the wisdom was we we don't discuss these issues, because certain things we don't have to discuss everything because it doesn't it's not relevant to us. We don't have to talk about, you know, maybe 50 years ago, you don't talk about homosexuality and atheism and comedies. And she has we don't discuss those issues was relevant. Now that it's here on our doorstep. We can't insulate our kids anymore. We can't keep them away. So we have to equip them to face the fitna. So one way of dealing with fitna is you avoid it, you don't discuss it, you just leave it. It's there, you leave it. But if the fitna has come to you now you can't avoid it. The best thing is to prepare for

00:32:30 --> 00:32:46

yourself, prepare yourself. So you have to ensure Allah, learn about this and the best way to learn before you learn about Shiism, and a big the beginning point of the split between the hallucinogenic we begin began with the personality of the Sahaba. So for your holiday,

00:32:47 --> 00:33:25

the best advice I can give you is learn the biography the seed of the NaVi salsa lamb. And from there you will learn who's abubaker you will learn who's Omar and I share what you learn. And you will know that when I hear someone saying that killed and poison the profit center, impossible, I can't accept that. It's impossible. I can't accept that. The useable bucket is in jahannam, impossible, right? I can't accept that everything after this I reject. So the best way is to learn about the Sahaba love them. These are the people mentioned in the Quran. These are the people that surrounded the Navy. So seldom, all the success that someone had, was through the grace of Allah,

00:33:26 --> 00:33:32

and his own sacrifices, and the sacrifice of those who have lived with him, didn't conquer McCallum

00:33:33 --> 00:34:10

alone, he didn't establish Medina alone about machineable himself, the same people around him, and only when you love them. This is where you defend yourself again. So before you even get to hear them, if you don't, and I say for example, people come to me and asked me teach me Our Chisholm. If you cannot list the 10 Sahaba by name, were promised Jenna, and you know who they are. And you cannot list the 12 wives of Nagisa Salaam, if you can't list them and know who they were, then there's a very big gap in your knowledge, you need to learn that first before you can learn that you can't go from one plus one to a two multiplication and division, you have to learn the basis first.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:30

That's where you begin. So leave that for yourself and your family as a holiday thing to learn the biography of the prophet SAW them. And then of course, you must mentioned another issue, the fact that the American president and we shouldn't expect anything much from him. May Allah guide him or remove him. replace him

00:34:31 --> 00:35:00

that he has recognized and people don't even know this what what's happening, that even though he served in the army, physically occupies palace, Jerusalem, the city of Judas, they invaded in 1969. They came in they and they have the authority. It is not been regarded as legitimate. So the whole world, even America, for the last 5060 years have not recognized Israel as legitimately rulers of Jerusalem and they generally

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

psyllium is like a question mark, who's in control of it? Yes, he physically controls it. But on paper, it doesn't belong to anyone currently. And in fact, the mudgee luxa. We said, Jordan, in fact, looks after Majid lochsa.

00:35:12 --> 00:35:54

And this was the status quo for many, many years. Just in this week, on Wednesday, the American president announced that he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Embassy of a May of America will be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, meaning he now on paper recognizes that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. No country on earth did this until this week. So we live in a very bad time. And we live in a time we this, this now. So to put into perspective, someone comes in he takes your house, he kicks you out, takes you out squatters come the government says, look, we don't know what to do with the problem, just leave it. A few years later, he says, You know what, we will now

00:35:54 --> 00:36:31

register the house in the name of the thief to the house now, per the council to the house now. So now you don't even have a right to it. Even though the rest of the international community does not recognize this. We think America begins that is follow suit and they will have to discuss it and perhaps our next series will be on Palestine and must be luxan because it's We live in a time. One silver lining from one scholar that mentioned he says if you look at the history of Islam, only a few moments in time, where the heroines the harem, the harem of Mecca or Medina, Jerusalem, where they liberated and only the base of people got the honor of liberating so the Prophet Solomon the

00:36:31 --> 00:36:35

Sahaba, being the base of the base, Allah honored them to liberate the Kaaba

00:36:36 --> 00:37:21

Ebrahim to build the Kaaba, the harem, will only be liberated by the base of people. many centuries later or later on, say now Omar, will the Sahaba liberated Jerusalem the first time and 1000 years later, Salahuddin liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders again of the base of Alma and all three times Makkah, and Jerusalem twice was done peacefully. So we live in a time a very unique time, way Jerusalem has the opportunity to be liberated. And perhaps if Allah so wells and we make dua, that we are honorable enough and worthy that Allah will give us and our offspring the honor to liberate Jerusalem in a time peacefully. Right. So it's an objective that we can aspire towards, without

00:37:21 --> 00:37:59

violence, as is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we make dua for all the Muslims across the world. Make dua for this oma and Allah keep us safe during this holiday period. I mean, last bit of announcements tomorrow in sha Allah, the ninth of December at Islamia, starting in the morning until the evening, we have this course called out of sight which we'll discuss other free will and destiny. Why does Allah allow? does Allah control everything Do you ever write? Was your music, your life, your death, your place in general? jahannam, predetermined before you were created? Or do you have free will? How do we increase our risk? How do we increase our lifespan? Why

00:37:59 --> 00:38:34

does Allah allow shavon to succeed? Why does God allow evil things to happen? What's the wisdom behind it? So this issue of freewill and destiny, other it's a pillar of our Eman? We'll discuss that in the morning till about door time. I mean, in the front door, and later we'll discuss angels and Gene magic, sickness, exorcism, these kind of things that are relevant more so than I would have been happy to but it's relevant. So we'll discuss it as a pillar of our Eman. There are still tickets available, please register online. If you can't attend the entire day, no problem, just register. If you can't attend at all still register, you will get the audio free you will get the

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audio with the registration so register, whatever you need to do the material the same to you and you can listen to seven eight hours of lectures on that insha Allah I mean just lastly on the 24th of December the day before Christmas, from eight until from the morning 830 until one o'clock is a crash course on marriage. You know you can attend in sha Allah. If anyone is getting married likes to get mad Lex know about more divorces important point if you are married, learn the ruling of of divorce how to get divorced. You Our intention is not to get divorced. But we need to learn this 24th of December insha Allah please attend. If you have any questions we Swamiji mother comes up to

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