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I will be loving the shutdown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana serene. So you know Mohammed Nuala Ali. He was a big man. My beloved brothers and sisters said Mr. Omar Abdullah baraka to

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen always it will begin with the praise of Allah insha Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho data, and we send our love and our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his pure family, his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah in a world where

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they are big guys and small guys, they are the strong is the weak, and the world is unjust. And they are those who suffer those who are oppressed, those who are discriminated against where power is exercised against them. It might be in your family, it might be at work, it might be at school with someone is bullying and picking on somebody else. And in times like that, when the small guy when the weak doesn't have a voice, and it's up to the real Ito's it's up to someone special, someone courageous, to speak up, and to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. To put your own self on the line by speaking the truth even though the truth is inconvenient. Alhamdulillah this

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week, I've never been prouder to be a South African than what is happening now. And for those of you you should know, there is a court case happening with South Africa has brought Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing it of committing genocide against the people of Palestine. This is the first time in the history of the establishment of Israel, that it was brought to court as a defendant first time. And this is the only the second time in history that one country to another country to quote on the count of genocide of all the Muslim countries in the world of all the leaders. It was our country that stood up our legal team that took Israel and said what's

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happening to the Palestinians what's happening in Gaza is a crime against humanity. It is a genocide. Is that a war? Now? We took a divert. We'll get back to the topic of what's happening currently. And the politics of today. And this reminds me of the story of Satana Jaffa, the Alon, we, a similar kind of court case happened. And this isn't just a court case between one man in a courtroom because what happens in that courtroom is going to determine the outcome the lives of many, many other people so quickly, the enemies of Islam of course, as we know, preached and called the people to Islam. The people of Makkah rejected Islam and began to abuse, torture and kill the

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Muslims. They were committing a genocide against the Muslims what happened to build out the Allah and what happened to say in the summer of Yolanda, eventually the situation became so difficult for the Muslims, that they decided to leave everything leave their homes leave their property, and they emigrated. They left Maccha before they went to Medina, they left Makkah and they came to Africa. They came to Abyssinia today, Ethiopia,

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is a Christian country. And the ruler of Abyssinia his name was Nigel use title was Najafi he was a Christian man, a very, very pious Christian man, but he wasn't you and he was known for being a man of justice. A man that was fee a man that lived by the rules even he was a Christian. And so then we send them sent a group a small group of the Sahaba you go they and you live the away from the oppression. And if we don't survive here, at least Islam will continue ever senior.

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Now the Quran and like the Israel is like any other dictator and tyrant, they are not satisfied that you are gone out of the out of sight. They actually want to continue to persecute you. So even though the Muslims deadlift Mecca, and they've gone to Abyssinia,

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The Kure sent two ambassadors to the king have ever seen it to Najafi and they made a petition and they said to the king of Abyssinia, Old King, there is a group of people from our country that have come to your country and they are living here in asylum. They are refugees. Send them back to us. They are troublemakers. They are evil. They are murderers that good. They cause so much problem in our community. They caused so much split between families, they insulted our ancestors, they insulted our religion. They're gonna cause mischief and send them back to us and we will deal with him.

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Now the king of every senior

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these are Viki senior he knew the Kurdish he

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had dealings with them. These were ambassadors. These will be guys one government to the next, whereas the Muslims were refugees, Jaffa and the Sahaba that we never seen here, they didn't have money, they didn't have power. But being a man of justice, he said, I would like to hear from these people. What is the story? Why have they left their homes and why have they come here and are they so bad? Like they were like that that's been they've been accused of. And so the king of every single Joshi he sent a message to the Muslims in Makkah, Saudi in in his community, he says, Select the leader, and I want to speak to your leader. Now this is a big thing. Subhanallah Majan you put

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yourself in a situation.

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No one prepares for this. These aren't lawyers. These are normal people. And they appointed Jaffa Rajan, the cousin of going to be Salam. The man who grew up with another person they were like brothers they grew up in Jaffa was the leader amongst the Muslims in Abyssinia. And so Jaffa now stands before one of the greatest kings in the world. And he's asked by the Abyssinian King, explain yourself, why should I not send you and your people back to Makkah, I know the Makins we have good relations, why should I not send you and your people back. And now Jaffa has to give a speech, that it's some thing for all of us to understand. This is an important speech. This is perhaps the first

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speech in Islam before a foreign leader. And it's also a wonderful speech for anybody who if you speak into a non Muslim, and you want to ask What is your religion all about? I see suicide bombings, I see this and that and women and you know, all Islam is very confusing. Jaffa speech is a wonderful speech as to what our religion is about. And now he's given an opportunity, number one to defend himself and his people to reject the correction even with a correction accusing them the accusations against Jaffa. And

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he's also giving Dawa to Natasha. And so he says, Oh, King,

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we were a people in a state of jehlen ignorance and immorality. We worshipped idols and stones, and we ate anything, did flesh, rotten carrion. And we committed all kinds of abomination and sinful deeds, shameful deeds. We broke the ties of kinship, we didn't care about families. And we treated our guests badly, and our neighbors badly.

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And the strong amongst us, ruled and exploited the weak. That was how we live. That's what's happening in Makkah. And we remained in the state for hundreds of years, we lived like this, until Allah sent us a nubby. One of our own people who's learned to this man we knew who this man was. And we knew his trustworthiness and his truthfulness. Everybody knows him. And we knew his integrity, everybody respected this man is all well known to us, everybody knows him.

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And this man, Wallace in this Nabhi, he called us to La Ilaha illa Allah to worship one God alone, and to denounce the stones and idols that our ancestors used to worship besides Allah.

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Our religion, it tells the king, our religion commands us to always speak the truth, we can't lie. And we must honor our promises. And we must be kind to our relatives, we must be helpful to our neighbors, and we must stop all evil deeds, and opportunities to abstain from we should not kill one another and fight with one another. We must avoid false testimony and speaking lies. We should not take property that doesn't belong to ourselves and take the property of the orphans. And we should not harm women and accuse Chase women of immorality.

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He wanted us to worship Allah alone, and not to come a chick. And to make Salah our religion, we have to pray. And we have to give charity to the poor. And we have to force that's what our religion is about. And so we this group is tiny group of refugees, we believed in this man and his message.

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And he brought us

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and we believed in him and what he brought to us from Allah. And we followed him and what you asked us to do, and we kept away from the things which he forbade us from doing, therefore, Oh, King, our people because of this, because we worship one God, we turn away from idols. We don't fight we don't kill, we don't seal we don't lie, we pray, we give Zakah. Because of this, this is our crime. Because of that, our people then began to attack us. And they began to visit the most severe punishments upon us. And they wanted to force us to renounce Islam, our religion, and take us back to the old model ways of worshipping idols. They oppressed us, and they made us live an intolerable

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life and obstructed us from our religion. So eventually, this became so unbearable oh king, we were forced to leave our own country our home. And we chose a look this is this is spam. Now this is like politics like this is like genius. He says, so we choosing of all the lands in the world. We chose your land. We chose you.

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Desiring your prediction, and hoping to live in a land of justice and peace. That's why

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We came here.

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The king of Abyssinia was so moved. He was so impressed by the speech that he said to Jaffa you and your people are welcome to stay in my land. And he told me last the ambassador, I have no, I have no grounds to send these people back to you.

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Politely he says I declined your requests. And the story continues a little bit more.

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As the ambassadors of of of the Quraysh were defeated, they were humiliated. They lost the court case to Jaffa.

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The ambassador, Ahmed Al Asad, I want to see the King again, I want to ask a second partition. So what do you want to ask? So he says to his co ambassador, he said, I'm going to tell the king ask Anna Joshi asked the king of every senior which is a Christian man, tell him to ask Jaffa What do they say about Jesus Christ.

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So now, he wants to put the Muslims in a bad light. Let the Muslims explain to Najafi our view and our belief of Nabi Isa, now even the Qureshi delegation, even the those who came from Mecca to bring the message back, they said, no, no, don't do this. Because if you do that, it might upset Najafi so much that you become so angry, you might even kill them. At the end of the day. These are family members, we want to abuse them, but we don't want someone else to kill them. But I'm gonna say I don't care. I'm a man of politics. And so

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I'm gonna go to the Joshy. And he says before you let these people stay in your land, asked him, what do they say about Isa Jesus?

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So when he called Jaffa again, and he said, Does your religion speak about Nabil Isa Jesus? What do you say now? Again?

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How many of us are put in a very awkward position?

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You can't lie. You can't bend the truth. You can't even it's an awkward question. You don't want to this question is before the king. You can't say King your religion out is the same. You say three we say it's a no, no, no, we have to say that there's a difference. But we also have to give it in a way that is not going to offend the man.

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they asked so Naja. She asked Omer, Oster, Jafra. Young, what do you say about Nebby Issa. And look at his earlier response was very detailed. He went into all the details and explained this response is very basic, very minimal. He says, oh king, these people, he says, What do you say about Jesus, the son of Mary. And so Jaffa says, Oh, King, as to the gods, whenever you Isa, we only say what has been revealed to us that, that he is a prophet, and that he is the servant of the Creator. And that He is the Spirit that a special kind of rule that Allah gave into a virgin woman marry, and gave life to Him, that He is the Messiah, and that we believe in Him.

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And we nothing Jaffa said was wrong. He didn't speak on the Trinity. He didn't say we rejected he's the son of what you just said. He's a prophet and a servant of Allah and mentioning the great qualities of Nabil Issa. And when the Joshi heard this,

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and the way that Nabil saved the Jaffa praised Maria Maria salaam, it mentions that he started to cry. And he says, By Allah or by God, Jesus is the son of Mary, I agree, like you say, we all agree that he's the son of Mary, and that he speaks on behalf from the Almighty. And Jaffa was once again he had succeeded and Naja, she was even more impressed. Eventually Natasha even becomes a Muslim.

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At times, Allah subhanho wa Taala puts people in these situations you can't plan for you to prepare Jaffa never imagined he would have to speak on behalf of not just the himself and the Muslim community, but for all Muslims in the world, that he would stand before a king, a leader a global stage. And you will have to speak on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala Alhamdulillah as we sit today, it gives us great pride that our country is doing this. Not a Muslim country. Not P besides maybe one of those judges, I think the majority everyone, they are non Muslims, but they're standing and speaking to what is truthful and what is right. not political. It's not religious, it's about

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human rights. And we are giving a voice to a people who are unable to speak for themselves. The only time people are the only way people are actually noticing what's happening in Gaza is they have to show pictures of their own children in body parts. For the last 70 years this was happening. It wasn't happening only now. It's been going on for over 70 years. But the world didn't ignore them until you actually show pictures of your own children in pieces for the world to wake up. And it said that over 50 Muslim countries, over 50 Muslim countries didn't have the guts. They didn't have the acumen to take this initiative. It is our country that did it and only afterwards once we put

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the petition forward

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So just easy to take someone to court, you have to compile documents and 80 page document within a few days, you have to have clear arguments that these are the top judges in the world, they're not going to look at listen to any Tom, Dick and Eddie, a class, a world class team from our country came together and put this case forward. And you know, like they say, all of you have been part of projects where you have one person doing all the work. And when you hand in venue, everyone adds the name to it. After South Africa put the petition in, then you saw all the countries jumping to add their name to the project. So Alhamdulillah we praise Allah, that this is what our country stands

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for, that we stand for. And we should be the first of all people that we speak the truth. Allah says to us,

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let the always be welcome. vincom OMA, let they always be a group of people even means a small group of people, when the world is upside down, they must at least always be a group of people, yet their own little higher, you're always standing for what is the right calling towards what is the right way. Morona will my roof when when you call out to what is good, and you forbid what is wrong. You should be that OMA Allah saying you should be that people that when something is wrong in your family, or wrong in your country, in your, in your government, in your business, at school, someone is picking on somebody else, you are that person that stands up for what is right, call for what is

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good, and turn away from what is evil analysis. What will it come from and mostly when if you are that group, if you are on that group that you stand up? What is right, you will be successful, it won't be easy. You're gonna get repercussions. Do we think that South Africa is going to get away from the scot free, we know there's going to be repercussions. We know there are deals that are going to be canceled, we know that they are going to be invitations that we're going to be excluded from now. When you speak up against the bully. It's not gonna be there's gonna be repercussions, but also is you will be successful in the long run. Allah says yeah, you will live in Amman who Kulu co

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Wamena Budapesti shahada, Allah, O you who believe, stand up firmly for what is just and be a witness for Allah. Be a witness for Allah, even if it is against yourself, even if you're going to get hurt, or your parents or your close family members, whether you're rich or poor. When Allah says in your company and overpaid and whether you're rich or poor, for Allahu Allah be Hema, Allah is the best to ensure your interest, don't worry about what's going to happen. Allah is with you. When you stand up for what is right, Allah is going to be with you, Allah is going to support you. So do not let your desires cause you to deviate from justice. Never turn away from justice. And if you were to

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turn away if you distort the testimony, or you refuse to give it Allah says, and if you are people that are too afraid to tell the truth, you either keep quiet too, even worse, you say things which are wrong. They know that Allah is certainly aware of what you do, and Allah is a testimony against us. panela. This, again, is not only about politics, this is in every single aspect of our life, how many of us were put in a position where we had to answer an awkward question.

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But you have to speak the truth. You have to speak up, especially when it's the rights of somebody else being harmed than to be something says a hadith which you all know by heart so many times, and now you see it forever. Have you seen the evil?

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Let him change it with his hand will lie. When one country commits crimes against another and genocide, what should happen in a world where things are right and people are model? We stand together and we stop that person. If you for example, imagine this, you walking down the road and you see a an adult,

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an adult punching a small child. What did you do you and you and a group of friends are walking down the road? What did you do you immediately grab the guy and pull him away. This is an adult punching a smoker. It's an adult shooting, bombing, burning children, the world watches and no one has the courage, the guts or the models to stand up and do something physically okay? If you can't do that, then our resources we can't do it at the Speak Out with the rest of the world. Statements that don't mean anything. statements that are empty, at least the people sharing the posts, putting up flags, spying or painting the walls and then the government coming in repainting its finalise if you want

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to free your house, paint it for free then put the Palestinian flag up and you'll see the government painting it for free. You can have all kinds of swear words yamasa this for their own thing that their own overpaying that but they'll pay the Palestinian flag, something for us to think about.

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If you can't stand up and physically stop the evil,

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speak out against it. No hamdulillah all the countries in the world our country is doing it now. Right now our country is doing it. May Allah grant them to fake its success.

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And if you can't even speak out, if we're so weak, if we're so

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you know, inferior, deficient, we can't fight we can't stop. We can't speak we can't give money. At least we should feel bad feel bad for ourselves first and feel bad for those who are oppressed. And so there'll be at least three that's still there's some Eman but it's morally man that

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Islam says speaking the truth, speak the truth in everything that you do, even if it's better, even if it's difficult to do speaker that is what it means to be a Muslim. Vainly. Another scary Hadith that everyone says,

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is a promise. If the people see an oppressor and they don't see his hand, they don't stop him. They see a tiger and they see someone stealing someone's money. They see someone bombing another country, they see someone doing evil, and they don't stop him, the spectators those of us who are watching, Allah will bring his punishment upon them. Allah, not only the tyrant will get he sees time differently. But for those of us that see people being abused and harmed and the rights are being taken, and we don't do anything about it, then we should be fearful that Allah's retribution is upon us. There's no such thing in Islam as an innocent bystander. You can't just sit and take a video and

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leave it at that you need to do something we need to do something that at least one was about to get on a horse and Babs was in the middle of jihad. And Sahabi asked him ya rasool Allah, what is the greatest jihad of all? What is the greatest Jihad a man can fight? Or what did he say? The toughest and best and Jihad that gives you the most reward is to speak the truth to a titan

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to come before a man that is a tyrant, it's either you scared off, and you speak the truth, what we're seeing on hamdulillah

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non Muslims, they're fighting the greatest Jihad at the moment, speaking a truth not just to Israel, but to those who support him the tyrants of the world they're speaking the truth, even though it might be against themselves.

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And yes, they will be repercussions and it might be hard in your business. If you see someone being exploited being picked on by your boss, and you say something you might get in the firing line. If you say something when that bullies picking on someone school insulting someone bullying them on social media, and you say no, stop this now, that's not okay. You they won't be repercussions for you. But Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you were letting me know are they come on full circle? Oh, you will believe take care of yourselves. Lie or don't come mandala that you will never be harmed. Ultimately, Allah says, You will never be harmed. If you are on the righteous path. If you guide

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call to what is good. It Allah Matsuoka, Jamie and Fiona Bo Combi Makuta Amman and Allah says you will never ever be lost, you will never be harmed, you will never be defeated. If you err on the side of what is right. If you're on the side of justice, and Owens is ultimately whatever, at the end of the day, it's fun to look at this at the end of the day, Allah says wherever you sit and done, remember, these are real court cases that get to happen with a piano. All of this, ultimately, everybody must stand before Allah subhanaw taala. That is the ultimate courtroom. And then Allah says, I will tell you about what you did. I will inform you of what you said, what you didn't say,

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what how you acted and how you did not act. That is when everyone must stand and look at your deeds. And think what did I do, and Subhanallah

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you might lose again, think about we as a country, we might have some repercussions. And those lawyers that are you know, representing us and speaking on behalf of the parents, whatever repercussions happen, just the fact that you spoke whether you win or lose. Whether you win or lose is not the point.

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You will always remember in your heart in your life, I stood up when no one else had the guts and the courage to stand up, we stood up.

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And if we win Subhanallah, some might say, Well, what happens if we win this court case, nothing is going to I mean, Israel has never, there's no power in stopping them. There's no army that's going to stop them. But as we see, this is the first time that they've been brought to court. And this will be shown that they are committing a crime against humanity. They realize we're being rebuffed on a global scale. It will destroy the political narrative. And everybody, everybody knows what's going on. Everybody knows the reality. But this will be official, it will be in black and white, you have committed a genocide.

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And so in any capacity that you have, whenever you have the chance to speak up for what is right and true. Whenever you have the chance to defend the honor of somebody don't say it's got nothing to do with me. Tomorrow it might be your turn, and you hope wait someone to speak up for my rights and my my well being speak up, it will count move on the day you die and you think about your life, you will always remember I stood up for what was right. I did not break. I was I was scared. But I had the courage to do what is right. And that Allah Subhan Allah Prophet, someone says, and I end up with this hadith, almost same as always Be truthful. Always stand up for the truth. Always speak the

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truth. The only truth will lead you to being a righteous person. In whatever you do, be honest.

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No matter how inconvenient, be truthful, and if you keep doing that, you will become a solid person, you'll become a good person. And if you're a good person, that righteous person

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Some you will intergender honesty leads to Janna truthfulness leads to Jana. And then a B says a man continues to be truthful and encourages honesty until he is recorded by Allah this man was a true soul. Allah subhanaw taala accounting as a true puts through so we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to grant us to be truthful to Allah to speak up for the truth, to have the courage to stand for what is right to always be on the side of right. No matter how weak we are, no matter how poor we are, we will never ever been to a place we will live and die for La ilaha illa and justice mela grunts, ease for the people of Palestine, all the oppressed people of the world. And we ask that Allah grant us

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our government Tofik and success on the international stage when we win this court case for all of humanity and the people of Palestine and may Allah grant us to be a country that Allah is pleased with. May this deed may this D bring about Allah's happiness on us as a people and grown goodness for our country and our citizens. I mean, also Allah say no Mohammed Well, Saddam Hussein handloader Bill Alameen sera Wallach Merkel Llobregat