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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, welcome to another episode of prophetic Chronicles. These are stories the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Companions, these are not metaphors, but real stories that occurred

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once upon a time, and Allah Subhana Allah revealed with a prop to the prophets of Allah, Allah is Allah and the Prophet, may Allah subhanaw taala is peace and blessings be upon him, decided to share them with the Companions

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because of their benefits, right.

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So this particular story was mentioned by Imam Bukhari Rahim Allah

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in seven different chapters, the same story in seven different chapters.

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What are you looking at?

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in one of these chapters

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he relates to Abu Hurayrah and Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Anhu

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are Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Nevada Cara Raja min bene Surah it

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right? You'll find that very common.

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Very common.

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I guess feature of most of these stories they involve someone from previous nations that especially been okay.

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So, I will warn you I said that the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned

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a man from bento Israel eel and Israelite right

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and now with the curriculum in bene Israel set Alaba Bani Israel raw ILA and you sliver who Alpha Dena, you sliver who? Alpha dena.

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So, this Israelite asked another person from the same community, a community of believers to lend him 1000, dinar 1000 dinars. And then ours are

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coins made of what? Gold 1000 That's a lot of money. So he can

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call it a teeny bit Shuhada it was hidden home.

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So the lender said to him, right, bring me some witnesses.

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For Karla Kafa BiLlahi Shahida The man didn't have witnesses he said to him. Allah is sufficient as our witness

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for Karla

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Frattini will Kafeel.

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So he said, Then bring me a sponsor, or a guarantor. Right, someone in case you can't make it someone who's going to pay it on your behalf.

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Oh Allah, give her be like if healer.

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Allah Subhana Allah is sufficient as my

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my sponsor and Grand Tour,

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palace or duct. So this righteous, benevolent man said to him, true, this book the truth, I'll accept Allah

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Fidessa la isla agilely Musa. So he handed it to him for a specific period of time. So there was a due date where the man is supposed to return this, this money

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for heroes I feel bad. So this man traveled or sailed in the in the ocean. He took

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Takahata home and he fulfilled his mission and made a lot of money.

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So multiman Samar covering a couple her

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right then he sought a ship or a boat to get back to his destination in time so that he can pay he can pay back the debt.

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multimaster merkaba Yakubu Ha, you have to do more.

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Allah Hill Hill agilely let the agenda who follow me, Mark Cuban

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so there was an issue in some narration says that there was an issue there were no boats.

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No way for him to get back in time to pay him.

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Now this man is what

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in distress. Allah was my witness, Allah is my guarantor, how am I going to fail in paying my debt

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in time?

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So he thought to himself and he said, Okay, let me do this. He took pieces of wood. Right. And he

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right created a

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You know, basically a place where he could put this pouch with 1000 dinar in it. All of the hash habits and having the results of

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this is a real story. There's not any FATCA Harsha button. Fennec Raha and Hazara Salafi Alfa Dena was geography Alpha Dena was a he feta mean who Isla Sahibi he and he put with the money

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a letter he wrote something a note to his

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to his friend

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that this is what happened I couldn't get to you in time. So I am putting this

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summer that Georgia Moldova then he sealed that area right.

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And then

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he said

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he actually turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala right.

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From a tabby halal. He brought it to the to the to the to this, you know, the the beach, Takada, and then he made dua Subhanallah, just like the Saudi from last week, there is a DUA, there's a special connection between Allah and the hero of this story. Faqad Allahumma indicata animal and the Queen to the left to Falun, alpha dinar Fussa, Eleni, Kavita taco to kafa, Billahi, Kofi Allah for all the Arabic

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what's the Eleni Shahida, the call to Kapha Villa he Shahida. Farrell, the Arabic we're in the Jahad to an editor Mark Cuban, la ley de la who film actor.

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We're in the studio Oka.

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So he bought that piece of wood

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with 1000 pieces of gold in it, buried in it.

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And he came to the beach and he said, Oh Allah,

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you know that I have borrowed money from this friend of mine for this person. And when he asked me for

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a witness, I said, You are my witness.

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And he was satisfied. He was content with you as my witness. And when he asked for a grand tour, I said You are my grantor

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and he was satisfied with you. Oh Allah as my grantor in Oh Allah, you know that I have done my best to get to him in time, but I couldn't find any ship or any means to get to him.

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And now I am going to leave this with you. Oh Allah, I leave it in under your protection with you. And he takes that piece of wood and what does he do? He throws it in the water

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from my behalf and Barry had technology for months off, and then he left until he disappeared. And then he left.

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Well what was the delicate chemistry Marco but at the same time, he continued to look forward

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for a boat for the ship to get to his destination. He did not say hello, I've done my part. I'm done Colossus with him. No.

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He did this. But to him. The money did not reach what

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he had to do his best

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to Masada well who have you delegated to me so Mark Cuban Yahoo reliability for her Roger roger don't let the can sliver who? Young guru La La Monica Monica Jaffe? Malley. The man.

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Right? The lender kept going out, waiting to see maybe this man is going to send him the money with someone looking for a boat looking for people who are arriving at nothing.

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One day

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when he went, you know, he went the first day no one can even the second day he went, he looked and he saw a piece of wood

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and he said to himself,

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you know, let me take this piece of wood. It was wet obviously. Let me take this piece of wood. Chop it and we use it for fire.

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Tala V Salewa celebrate you they will Hashem Atilla T V helmet. FDA hyperbole le for further Halle le halberd Fela Manisha Raha

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was the de manos.

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Subhan Allah

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was it a matter of

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the Frost and Sullivan said the man took it when he took it home and he started chopping it. He found the money and he found that note that the notice that the note that he left with it

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somehow then

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through muddiman levy can slip a hook for atta Bill Almudena.

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The man that actually the borrower came eventually he arrived with

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him he had what? Once I was in dena. And when he saw him before the man said anything to him, he said to him, like as if he's apologizing, he said, *a Wallah he, Mazel Tujuh. He didn't follow me workability it can be Malik from our tomorrow come and Camilla lady at a trophy.

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He said to him apologize. And he said, By Allah, I have been trying so hard to come in time so that I can deliver the money and he he has he has 1000 dinar with him. And he said, and wallah, I could not find any boats until the one except the one that just that I got off the one that just brought me here. That was the first one that I was able to find

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them I looked at him and he said, Carla, hell container after lamb che in

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and he said, do

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my best he, he said to him. So far, he did not mention anything about him doing this. What would he tell him? I put this and it was kind of action is this?

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So he said to him? Did you send me something?

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Are you sure he didn't send me something?

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He said to him, I'll

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from Capella DJ to a couple of ladies to like Effie.

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He's I'm telling you he said to him, I'm telling you this is the first boat that ever made it. I am here on the first boat that left where I was to come here. So I could have not scented with anyone else.

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And the man knew that he was dealing with someone very special. So he said to him, Allah for in Allah Danka Allah the bad stuff in cassava from sort of beloved in our in Rashida lady Mark, He said to him, by Allah Indeed, Allah azza wa jal has delivered what you sent me. Allah has delivered it and it's with me, right? So you can go back with your money.

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We can sit here all night long talk about this story. And how amazing these two individuals were.

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Right? And the lesson the rhythm I have a bunch of lessons that can be extracted from this, but instead of me doing this, inshallah to Allah what I will do in five minutes, inshallah maybe

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Yanni someone can tell us, Yanni in 30 seconds, give me one lesson that you picked from this in 30 seconds.

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The trust trust when you put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada whether it's the person that actually invoked Allah azza wa jal as his witness or the person that accepted that right, dress at five, okay. What else?

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I felt

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you had trust in Allah I feel Kabila here is the same what else?

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Allah mana, a manager trustworthiness, people used to trust each other to this extent. Who does this now? Right. Now keep in mind that Islamically And subhanAllah I wanted to recite the ayah today in Salah, but I just I wasn't able to

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the longest I in the Quran. What does it talk about? The longest I in the Quran is one full page.

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Not inheritance. It talks about debt. The debts about debt? How we should do it. Yeah, yeah. Hallelujah. Amen. Oh, is that a giant to be done? In

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fact, people will react to Boehner from Kathy, when would I ever catch when I have to become I never hula details.

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Right? If you lend each other money, if you borrow something from each other, right? factorable, right, it documented? Right?

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, how to document it, and how many witnesses to have? And if you can't have two males, what can you do? Right? And what the witnesses are, what the responsibilities of the witnesses are. So all of this is, is there. So according to the Sharia is supposed to be written. This wasn't necessarily an idea that was revealed to them. Right? That wasn't part of their Sharia. He asked for witnesses. He didn't have someone to produce, you know, to bring a witness for Him. So He said Allah subhanaw taala he trusted him, he accepted Allah subhanaw taala. Both individuals put their trust in Allah azza wa jal, and Allah Subhana Allah came through, both individuals trusted

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each other because they were trustworthy. Both individuals showed in the story that they were trustworthy, why? The man went out of his way to deliver it. And though he did put 1000 Deena up in the water, he did not say hello, as I've done my part, he actually went and delivered it to him assuming that that didn't reach him.

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And he did not even bring it up.

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The other man received 1000 Deena. He could have been

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just pretended like he didn't receive anything.

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Right? And he could have said, Oh, you finally made it. Yeah, here's your 1000 dinar Thank you. Let's do it. Now he has 2000 dinar right. But the man said, Wait a minute, I did receive 1000 Dina now he doesn't he saw the letter the note. But is it a Kurama? Is it from Allah has to him as far as he's concerned his 1000 dinar came back. Right?

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Also the this, though it's not mentioned explicitly in this debt is very heavy it's supposed to be heavy,

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supposed to be very heavy and inshallah to Allah, I'll dedicate a hotbar for May Allah subhanaw taala help us pay all of our debts, right? The Hadith that scares me the most is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Sahaba said that the products are selling would not prey upon the janazah of a person who had debt.

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And we live in a time where this is the culture, culture of what

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that's everything, everything dead dead, and it's not good.

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And there is there are warning signs now that we're at the brink of a very serious, very serious, economical crisis. I'm not an economist, I'm not an expert by any means. But may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from these practices. Right? They're not doing us any favor. All right. So I will stop right here and shot long into it because I promise that I'm not gonna make it too long.

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But this is a fascinating story. I know maybe some of you may have heard it. Many people have not heard it. But this hadith, this story is inside Hal Bukhari. It's an authentic narration of the prophesy Salah mentioned about two men who, whom basically there was a financial transaction between them, one of them lent the other money and the person the borrower basically went out of his way to deliver it and Allah subhanaw taala showed us showed us a miracle of how Allah azza wa jal for those who are sincere because of bruxism, the Hadith says whoever takes the money with the intention of returning Allah subhanaw taala will help them return it. Let's Allah you Deanna Dana Allahumma in an

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older becoming an Emmy, one husband when I was becoming an ICU a castle

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when I was becoming a juvenile,

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when I want to become an elevated Dane, welcome, Rachel Allama the Dean wagon enameled llama then the Dane Weldon and I'm going to talk about Subhanak along with him definition lentinus Sakurako to relate Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh