Muhammad West – The Hunt for Laitul Qadr 3

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of staying true to Islam and finding one's own values is emphasized in a series of events occurring in the US, including the upcoming Maghrib halls and Christmas celebrations. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on core values and personalizing one's behavior, as well as the importance of showing one's skill and budgeting for opportunities. Prayer and small demands are encouraged, and individuals should use their names and make small demands to get their attention. The importance of consistency in giving charity and avoiding a false excuse is also emphasized. The speaker also provides advice on how to pray during a night and promotes a series of events and announcements.
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I was gonna cheat on the regime smaller man Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Ashraf mousseline. So you know Muhammad not only your Sofia Germain my beloved brothers and sisters As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and whatever we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and assured of Allah Allah and Allah will testify that there's none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Praise be to Allah subhanaw taala was given us opportunity upon opportunity to enter Jannah there are those who sometimes we correctly incorrectly assume Allah is looking for every technicality to put us in

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Jannah whereas the truth is, Allah is looking for every opportunity one excuse to to enter us into Jannah. And we know we should live a life that is good, consistently worshiping Him, but we fall short. And so even if we've missed up the year, Allah gives us one month to fix it in Ramadan.

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And even if we lose the full benefit of Ramadan, Allah then gives us the last 10 nights to fix it. And even if we can't even do the best in the last 10 nights, and Allah has given us one night to fix everything, one night to fix a lifetime, not the month, not the year. But one night Hiram Alfie, Shahar better than 83 years, one night, Allah has made it as simple and as easy as possible that the opportunity is there, we just have to take it.

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Tonight begins the hunt for later to cover from tonight, the 21st night of Ramadan, the beginning for that search of Laylatul Qadr. Now, everyone needs to push, every one of us needs to push ourselves to the next level the next gear. Now that once Marguerite hits tonight, there must be a change in the way we make a vida. Remember, this is a race against yourself. You're not racing against the heartbeat or whoever. If you have done good before in the middle of Ramadan, do a little bit more. If you haven't yet begun Alhamdulillah than a visa Salam says whatever ends Allah judges you the way you end. So now is the time to get serious. The minute Maghrib comes now is the time to

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get serious and the best way to get seated to motivate ourselves. And that's why we are here today. Insha Allah is to remind ourselves what is at stake in these next 10 days, these 10 Nights, what are the virtues? What are the bonuses? What are the blessings Allah is giving out? You know, I always we think about those black friday specials when you know that these is big fry, Big Black Friday special people are waking up queueing outside because they know I'm gonna get an X Box for free. I'm gonna get a ticket for free. Well, this is what Allah is giving and you decide how much effort you wish to put in. Remember, this is the holiest night of the year. There is no day.

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There is no Surah dedicated specifically solely for a day. Yes, the surah Juma we're only a first who is given to it. But two places in the Quran, two parts of the Quran, Allah dedicated about this night. Why? To remind us that this is a serious, serious night that is coming up in sort of Wuhan at the beginning and the entire chapter in Santa Fe like Qatar. We all know that surah and in fact Allah says that what Morocco Malik because that how will you understand how great if Allah is saying who is the greatest and the mightiest he says how can you really understand how big this night is? It is the biggest night not of the year, but of by life of your life.

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Little color can change the trajectory of your life. Not in only this world, but in the UK era.

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That's what's happening 10 Nights 10 nights to change your entire life. In that night. We know whoever stands in, in sada with sincerity, with hope of Allah's forgiveness hopefully would you stand in touch with PR Milan whatever it is even shy even with it, whatever it is, you just stand in Salah Nabisco Saddam did not say what type of Salah just stand in Surah even a shy with sincere Eman and you it coincides with that might have led from Allah forgives every single sin.

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Every single sin

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wipes it out completely

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and whoever achieves the reward of it, so there is the forgiveness side. And we make dua that is for everybody, that everyone can leave the month of Ramadan with zero sins to our name. That's an E to celebrate. But then there's another aspect of later to cover with the reward is a lifetime of reward. Hero Maleficent better than a lifetime. Remember Allah said better. It didn't say to like 1000 months it's better than 1000 months. And for us to really understand this. We always say that if you were to make sada and force and give charity for 83 years, that is the reward that you would get. Allah is giving that reward in one night, if you devoted 83 years in the magic aitikaf 83 years

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fighting Jihad and you just under

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What you'll get for those 83 years Allah as a minimum is going to give the one which gives little color as a minimum Y minimum because there is no maximum with Allah. That is what's going to happen. You can have the reward of a person who stood for 80 years in Salah Foxford for 80 years recited Quran for ATS. Just capture that one night in Nevada.

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We know that it is the night where Allah says all the angels will congregate with Allah. And they will get the decrees and then they will all come down to the dunya and they will visit why are they come into the dunya. To visit the places of vicar visit the places of Salah every single one of us. If our homes are alive with Quran with Torah with gadget with whatever kind of good deeds, the angels will visit your house or visit my house, one of the words one of the meaning of Qatar, it means to be restricted, compressed congested. Why? Because there are more angels on the dunya on that night than they are in the summer. This Earth will be packed with angels and for those very

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very special Masjid. Places of sada Gibreel himself will attend. Now Gibreel only came down to visit the Nabil salam to give the Quran there is no more revelation. There is no more Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, but he is therefore looking for those places that are so sincere in their worship, that he will come and visit listen to your try and make dua with you. This is not just for the the old Leon but it's for those who have sincere love for Allah Gibreel might be visiting my house and so you don't know when he will come and you don't want to be busy sleeping, or even worse watching something or even worse, doing some haram when he visits. You want to make sure that every second

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every moment of his last 10 nights it is in Nevada, we also snow that it is on as Allah says in surah Doohan fi you frog cuckoo Amarin Hakeem Amarin I'm Ron mean ended in Hakuna mercy. Allah says on this night, every this every distinct matter, every every decree of Allah is going to become known. And how we explain this Allah finalizes the budget for the year. Allah did. He knows what's going to happen. But he reveals it he makes it known to the angels. These are your lists whose souls you're going to put on medical boat. These are the people who are going to get the rain. These are the people who is going to get a job promotion, who is going to get children that is going to happen

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on that night to the angels first meet Allah and they get the commandments for the year and then they come down to the dunya. And then Allah says in surah, Ramadan Mira Buddha, as a mercy from your Lord in now who was Samuel Aleem, he is the one who years and knows why. Because when he makes this final stamp of approval, he gives you and me an opportunity, plead your case. What is it that you want? What are the problems in your life? You want me to sort out? What are the things you're craving for? You want the job promotion, you want that child you want to get married, make dua and when I put it down as a decree, it will happen. Now someone might say what is the point of dua if

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the decrease made, perhaps the decreases? Whoever makes to give him what he makes to offer? Perhaps that is the decree of Allah. Now, if you know, and I want all of us to think about the things that are really difficult in our lives, sickness, poverty, whatever concerns frustrations, if you had Allah calling you and saying what is it that you want to I can put it in your budget?

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That is what's coming up in one of these 10 nights. And then of course, there is the Saddam, this peace from Allah. This general amnesty that no one no one should lose out that everyone should succeed. And so this is what's up for grabs. Between you and Jana 10 Nights, between you and me and success in our life. 10 Nights what it is is 10 Nights. That's it. So how do we make the most out how do we hunt this, this great reward what how can we focus our attention and our energy I hope this introduction to it has given you the excitement

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before we move on, think about if this is your last little

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while I think about if this is the last opportunity to change your life. If Allah has put down that we will die that with the Angel of Death our name is on that list. So that he said but if you calculate it to call that hamdulillah I've my last 3040 5060 years of sun is gone and Allah has given me a lifetime of reward my way to Jana is secured hamdulillah

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let us think about that. So when these little color we know that then a visa Salam searched Allah in the Quran says later to Qatar is in the month of Ramadan. Allah didn't specify a time in Ramadan, but as a mercy than a visa Salam in told us it will come in the last 10 nights of Ramadan in the last 10 nights and therefore if you want to cover all your bases, make sure you are steadfast and worshiping and working hard from tonight which is the 21st sight until basically the last night of Ramadan until eat every night. Do good deeds you will capture a little quarter in sha Allah

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But if that 10 nights if so you say yeah Allah of all these rewards still 10 is a bit too much, then then the resources and fine focus all your energy then in those five odd nights, the five odd nights, one of the reasons why as a mercy Allah did not tell us exactly when because think How disgraceful it is to Allah to you and me if we just respectful to Allah, if we knew two nights later to call them and you still didn't make salah.

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One of the reasons Allah has given okay these if maybe the excuse you may keep the Muslim to call them but the night before the night after he was a bit serious in sha Allah, as we said Allah is looking for every technicality to grant Jana so when he's led to Qatar, the first thing is like if any of us have a big deadline you have a wedding or meeting you put a calendar on your fridge right exam that's the first thing we all do. So put this on your fridge or make a note.

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The last 10 Nights begin from tonight this evening Maghrib time and it will end inshallah eight you don't have to worry the monkeys will tell you that. When are the odd nights so the odd night is to night 21st Night. The first one. The next one is Sunday night. Sunday night is the 23rd night. Then Tuesday night is the 24th night and then Subhanallah I don't remember when last the 27th and the yo mo joumana coincided next week Thursday. Of all the nights that has been indicated as the one that appears year in year out that many of the Olia and the Sahaba said the 27th Night appears to be that special night. The 27th Night will coincide with your moon tomorrow Thursday night next week. And

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then of course don't forget the off one the the 29th night is of course Saturday, next week Saturday. What's great also if you look at this calendar of the five odd nights, three of them the next day is is a holiday or weekend is a public holiday on Wednesday so you can sleep a little later. Yeah, you can and you know then a visa Salem what is the Hadid said when what did he do when the Knights came in? Now look, he's already making a bar at that level. The Aisha says when the Knights came in, he kept the night alive, meaning he didn't sleep now. This is the only time in the year that he just did not sleep because there's no time to sleep now. It's like someone going to

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Arafa and now taking a nap while he's sleeping. Now we laugh but later the quarter is like that. Later to God he's like alpha and so you cannot sleep on that night.

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Obviously that is the lowest thing sin is worse than that. But if you have to sleep we have to sleep. But Hamdulillah this year, Allah has allowed that three of the five nights the next day is a holiday so we can really push ourselves the night and rest in the morning. And if you really take leave for example, next week, Friday, you take leave on Monday, you have all five nights you can really cover in fact, between the two next week, Wednesday and Saturday, two days most of us will take leave Inshallah, then we can really push ourselves so Allah has made it almost everything has fallen perfectly this year with COVID being gone. Allah has put everything sort of in line, it's

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just for us to do our Albert. Now also remember, the night starts at Mercury, not off the Ishai the night starts at Mercury and many of the scholars have said how sad it is that people lose like little color at the farm table because they broke really fast and now they start talking and chatting and they commit sin and that's you spoil you spoiled the night already. So be focused from when you break your fast. Make sure that you are in that state of Nevada from malherbe until Fajr and remember that those nights the whole night is sacred. But of course if you really want to be specific, what is the holiest holiest part of the night it is the last Thursday from two o'clock off

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was to and to fudge it. That is the absolute holiest night that if the holiest part of the night. So if you're going to wake if you have to sleep, they may be sleep before that and wake up in the or as a part of the last third of the night if you can stay up the entire lasted at least an hour before 5g Two hours before 5g Really focus on that. And remember, brothers and sisters, do not forget after the 27th of Ramadan, there is the 28th 29th the little quad that can be uneven night as well unlikely but possible, and even an odd night after I'm after the 27th Please do not lose your focus many machines they make hartham and the Cova don't come in you know Subhanallah you don't want to

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lose at the last hurdle as long as I'm Josie says he says even the horse when he sees the finish line he pushes himself so be smarter than a horse be like the horse when you see the finish line. push yourself harder push yourself harder. So at least we know when and now schedule your time. You can say look, let us

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you know that's why it's called Fast Food Food for the fast you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen. Let's just whatever is easiest. Let's not distract ourselves with things unnecessarily make everything you know Subhanallah when we wrote the exams, we had all our comfort food ready because I need to focus now. That is the same thing. Everything must be in place so that I can focus this is the priority. My Jana is on the line. My Jana is on the line here. 10 Nights 10 nights you have one for Jana.

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The next thing to focus on is dA and they can perhaps the easiest type of worship is making dua and vicar. You can be laying down you can be sitting

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So if you're not sleeping, you should be making dua and that's why I should ask them what do I should I make Allahumma in the cartoon to help with alpha one, if you can not say the Arabic very good if you can't say the English, Oh Allah, you are the one who pardons you love to pardon support and all our sins, every moment you are not engaged in salah or reciting Quran, you should be making this thicker, you should be making this dua or Alhamdulillah stockfeed Allah, that is sort of the minimum, like the old amount would say before you you know, you wait Sudan or you go to the toilet on your way to the toilet, you make Allah Monica window, and then you go to the toilet, you come out

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you continue, every second is must be utilized now almost to say, who can maximize this dua, who can get to Jana just on this dua. And so it's very important when Allah is giving us the opportunity to give forward our input in his budget. What do you want? You need to know how to present your case, spotlight work I'm going through a budgeting cycle. This meeting Oh Allah, the directors are all meeting him to present yourself Subhan Allah what is that? The rubble The Lord of the universe is putting my budget in place my children's resurrection, life and death in place, asking what is it that you want? How do we make dua we ask. Now this is how we make dua. We begin by praising Allah

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thanking him glorifying him testifying that he is one mentioning his names like Surah Fatiha Al hamdu lillahi rabbil i Praise be to the creator and sustainer the Lord Rahman Rahim we praise Him we thank him and then we express our dependency on him Yeah, Allah you alone I worship you alone. I've turned to ya Allah why am I woken up in the middle of the night I left my sleep for who may Allah for you and you alone only you can assist me only you can help me only you can guide me so I've come to you your Allah that's how you that's how we speak to Allah. And then you complain Yeah, Allah you know, this is the problem in my life. This is the thing that I need ya Allah forgive me for my sins.

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Yeah, Allah put Baraka in my life. Yeah, Allah save me from Jana. Now you ask now you ask, and you employ and you bake and if you can cry, Oh Allah, those tears, those tears are

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those things Allah Allah loves those tears so much. And of course prioritize. Don't start with I want that tech ECL Allah and I want that. Start with ya allah Jana. Save me from Jahannam Subhan Allah every night we know that hadith every night Allah is proud please happy to give the angels a list. These are the people who I saved from Jana 2020 lists have come out if our names were not on those lists we need to make sure we on the team the team that comes one of those this has to have our name that Jana is haram for us yeah Allah except Yet Allah so now though you prioritize save me from Jahannam save me from the punishment of the cover. Save me from standing before you will steeds

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that are inferior, insignificant. Save me from a lifetime of mistakes and grantors Jana so you make those to us. And then also don't be shy though, to ask for the small things. Don't be shy to ask. Yeah, Allah I have a problem here problem they fix this fix that the Sahaba would ask if they lost a shoelace. They would say Allah He the shoelace, please Allah helped me, alright. So it's good to strategize, make lists, every family members in your life has something that they need. Some of them are going through school, some of them are going through marriage problems, some of them are going through sickness, whatever it is, make time in these 10 nights to mention everyone in sha Allah by

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name, try to do it and make a special dua for them. Why? Because then the angels make dua for you. The angels make dua for you as well. So make a list of duels of your loved ones. Make dua for the Ummah, the people of Palestine, all the people make dua for the people that were NAMA, the leadership as our community make dua for all of us. And then of course, always end with Salah sin Salawat on the NABI SallAllahu, alayhi salam, remember, as I said, and we know from the Hadith, nothing changes further like dua, so yes, Allah decrees, but he has also allowed you and me to make our case and Allah can change the color for us, even your life can be extended through dua through

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dua, and so as we said, the special that the DUA that you should there are special demands that you make for yourself you know that speak to Europe, that alone time in sujood if you can, so interject, you will institute make dua to Allah in your own language no problem all outside of Salah if you want to No problem inshallah Oh as you're laying in bed make dua and if you're not making formal dua, then just repeat this number yourself. See the goal. I want to make 110,000 Allahumma Inaka for one table after five one that's it some goal and push yourself in doing that in the next 10 Nights. Now, point number three of course, the best way to worship if you ask what is the best absolute best

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thing I can do to capture Leila to codon is to make Salah throughout this team nights from multigrip until Fajr if you can stand the whole night in Salah that is the best thing now that is possible or at least possible and we're going to tell you how you can do it right there's a shortcut to do that. So we know that then it will send them said the best Salah after the fourth salah is the night pray and the night pray is any Salah at night, but specifically off the shy so the faraway scapulae now amongst all the night prayers, the holiest

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Want the statute, the one that happens in the last third of the night? The one that happens because the closer to project the more difficult the later. So this is the most beautiful type of night pray, and then at the sunset, you should pray. chiamo lay for it was the custom of the righteous people for all times since the beginning of time. Kiambu lay is the action of the Olia and it brings you closer to your Lord and it removes your sins and prevents you even from future sins. Listen to this Hadees panel. I only came across this hadith. You know, when I did the slides, a man comes to me Solomon says yeah rasool Allah, what do you think if I bear witness that there is no I say my

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kalima and I pray my five solders and I forced Ramadan, and I pray Kiambu lane, only in Ramadan, and I give Zakah so I do the five pillars, but I do a little bit more keum in Ramadan than a visa Salam said he who does this and he dies will get the reward of a Siddiq and Shaheed

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so if we can't pray throughout the

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these 10 Nights, we have to make a family. Now how do we make sure that I want to hear Allah make him from tonight, mothership until Fajr. I want to spend the entire night in Salah How do I do that? Yeah, that's so difficult. Well, there are two shortcuts, two ways of doing it. Number one, the resources whoever makes a shy in JAMA, he's written for him as if though the entire half the night six hours was was in JAMA and whoever prays Fajr in JAMA the other half. So make sure you in JAMA for Isha and Fudger In fact, many of the scholars have said the greatest accumulation is your photo. And therefore the best way to get the photos on your scale is in JAMA to make that effort that I'm

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going to come for Gemma for Fajr and Isha. That's already the whole matrix for you. Then, whatever makes taraweeh with the Imam The reason whoever prays with the Imam until he finishes the thorough with a thorough cause whether it's 20 minutes long with a short Inshallah, then he didn't specify you stay with the GEMA the entire night is written for you in Kiama lane. So whoever comes to the masjid, you always have for every night you have two nights of Kiambu just doing that, then you still do your own pm Lail at home Subhanallah it's like you're covering all your bases. As I said Allah is looking for one excuse to interest into Jana. And so make time for your own make time to

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come to the masjid for Ishai for a weekend project. And then of course make time for your own your own Ibadah at night, make that extra effort an hour before Fudger as much as you can, as much as you can, as much as you can. The other thing that obviously unlocks your Ibadah unlocks your cover the two things that changes color is DUA and charity. And the business owner mentions that the two things that changes your destiny that prevents calamity is DUA and charity. And so part of doing a little bit more in these 10 nights if you were charitable hamdulillah most of us are very charitable. We follow that sunnah that we give more in Ramadan, we give our Sokka in Ramadan if

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you've given give a little bit more but every night nurse Padma this requires that consistency. So make a specific time either when I come to the masjid I'm gonna give something to eat to whatever in the Iftar table I'm gonna get a packet together and I make sure person gets it so every night I can say yeah Allah and then you use it, you know, Allah doesn't know but you tell Allah Ya Allah, I made sure that someone was fit tonight. I acknowledge that that this person was quite in need and I gave him something so yeah, Allah I employed he needs so please assist me Allah every night, every night, give charity every night, then use it in your DUA or everyday even. And then of course, there are

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other things besides feeding is the best form of charity. But the other thing is behind Allah being on your best manners, smiling a good word, sending a message to someone that is good, you're good character, that's also a form of a bad that's almost a form of Evanna. Okay, so charity is something which unlocks it boosts your Ibadah the last point and perhaps the most important point than a visa Salam. when Ramadan came he spent the first 10 nights in a teacup and Gibreel said not in these 10 months. This is not related calories. Then he spent the next 10 Nights Tikka said not this dinner, then he spent the last 10 nights and then there'll be some LGBT will sit and this is where it is.

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And then for the rest of his life, you would only make it ticket that last thing is what is the ticket it decaf is that everyone comes to the masjid you put a tent up in the masjid. And he just stayed in iba nonstop didn't sleep didn't talk to anyone. It's just me and my Rob. Now if you can do that, excellent. If you can't, that at least be in the spirit of aitikaf. I don't want to waste time, every moment now. I don't know when my Jana is coming. I need to be in the state of Nevada. And so make sure that you're spending every moment in Nevada and if you can't, the very least thing you should do is sleep. So if we're not making salah or reciting Quran or in vicar or in whatever do

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ah then take a nap and rest or eat basic essentials. But if that is that's ideal if you can't do that, at least now of Whitson. If Ramadan came and you still have

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Since you are doing, chatting, looking, doing whatever haram, now is the time at least these 10 Nights, we're not going to do that. I haven't dressed properly at least these 10 days and 10 Nights, I'm not going to do that avoid sin

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if you can't, so if you avoiding sin or hamdulillah remember that the salah mentioned the big problem for the fasting person, he's not going to come with Xena Subhan Allah you're not going to be drinking alcohol. But you might still be talking about this one and that one backbiting this one or that speaking ill don't waste time in and you know, unnecessary talking waste time and social media spammer now many of us we check our Facebook and you know as you check your Facebook haram pictures pop up it just happens all the time. Music pops up just put that away for now say hello put that away for the next 10 nights in sha Allah as you know you know What's everyone's what's on the mind

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of everyone who said oh this year is going to be the first real eat we're going to meet each other yes and I haven't done a fantastic don't read eat the real Ramadan. Don't let eat chopping eat arguing eat preparations prevent you from later to other so put that one side and donate our sisters especially if you spent a lot of Ramadan in the kitchen cooking making food stop now. Now is the opportunity to focus solely on your Ibadah Jana in 10 days, Jana in 10 Nights hon Allah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala The Lord of the Worlds The Most Merciful, the Most kind yeah Allah you are Rahmani r Rahim. You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. It is to you that we depend on it is to

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you that we submit it is for you that we fast and we stand it is to you that we cry and we bake we need you here Allah who can return to besides you yeah Allah Allah Allah forgive all of our sins and all our mistakes. Our sins are great but your mercy is greater yeah Allah forgive us and pardon us. Yeah Allah right for us of those who are saved in the month of Ramadan. Yeah, Allah into us into genital Theodosia Allah into us into genital Pharaoh dose that all of us intergender to videos and forgive our sins protect us from Janam and the adverb of the cover. Yeah, Allah save us from the calamities of this dunya of sickness of poverty of death. Yeah, Allah turned us away from the

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Phaeton and the evil of his dunya Yeah, Allah grant Shiva to those who are sick God monk, Farah, for those who are dead. Yeah, Allah have mercy of those in the KUBU. And into us, all of them and as Ingenico fellows are some ala Sayidina Muhammad wa salatu salam ala serine. Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Just a quick quick announcements. I will Tara we will continue hoppers, nine is the AMA lane, those who like to contribute sadaqa to alpha and the tarawih program, you can assist us the Maharajganj as well, and we continue to see this as Aquila hatless Allah Santa Monica


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