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AI: Summary © The history of the Battle of the Land is discussed, including the use of signs to indicate the presence of the beast and the use of "verbal" in Islam to indicate the presence of a beast. The discussion also touches on the construction of a beast and its potential impact on the world. The segment concludes with a discussion of the Day of War and the upcoming assembly of the United States, including the presence of angels and the Day of War, and the potential consequences of the Day of War on people's lives and peace of mind.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was certainly here she may, for coming and this is the last lecture in this series Inshallah, tonight we'll be talking about the Battle of the oneness, the beasts of the land and the fire that will appear at the end, just before the day of judgment. So these two signs were mentioned by the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as I said in the famous Hadith that was narrated by who they said Al Rifai, or the Allahu Allah, and the hadith is found in Sahih. Muslim, in which he mentioned 10 signs. And these signs also are mentioned in some other Hadith. So we'll talk about them tonight in

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sha Allah.

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So the beast of the land will be one of the major signs before the day of judgment. And this creature will appear when the sun rises from the west. So they will appear the same day, in the same day together. So Allah says Allah was not sure he said if one of them will appear than the other one will come right away behind it. And we Muslims have to believe in the signs because that battle of the beast of the land was clearly mentioned in the Quran in the book of Allah subhanaw taala and mentioned in the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Surah Nevile Allah subhanaw taala Carl will either work I'll call him a Krishna who the button mineral or the to Colombo and the

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NASA can be a attina law, you will Kenan. So this is a clear ayah in the Quran, that at the end of time, there will be a beast or creature that will appear and it will speak to people. So in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala said and when the word is fulfilled against them,

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the in just a volley moon we shall produce from the earth a beast to face them, and it will speak to them that mankind did not believe with assurance in our science. And this is inserted in naman Abdullah having to miss Rudra the Allahu Anhu said walk rule kolyada him he's trying to make Tafseer if I still had ilaya called Walk around Kodaira Hema Kuru be multi Rhodiola with the heavy rain water failed Quran.

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one seller or the Allah who can who can actually Rutila tell Quranic Kabbalah and Europa. First haba who live in a house Accardo have eaten masala have to refer for Kadena few sudo region for color the Allahu Anhu you surah Allah He laden fails to behold a min hook off run. When Sona La ilaha illallah wa Karuna Fie, Colin Jaya Helio Ashara him with early Kahina Carl COVID Haleem Haddad Kalam current minimus ruderal the Allahu Anhu Mo's huge feat of Cyril call to me. So he said the word will be fulfilled against them. When religious scholars are gone, he passed away and authentic knowledge disappears, there will be no authentic knowledge on Earth and the Quran is taken away. And then he

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said Abdullah animus Rudra the Allahu Anhu recite the Quran. Now take advantage the Quran is still still exist instead recite the Quran before it is lifted up. So they said the must haves would be raised up that was the understanding of his friends or companions. All the Quran will be raised from the must haves The other option Allahu Taala Adam, but he said what will happen to the Quran that was memorized by men?

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So he said it will be lifted up in one night. That not even one verse, he said so that not even one verse will remain on earth. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually even in Massoud was confirming what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a different Hadith. In this hadith Rasulullah Salim said that was collected by remeasure and Al Hakim will welcome your guru Asahi banana shirt a Muslim card in the visa Scylla Mia Drossel Islam Kamiya drew so wish you so

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Hatena Yoda Marcia Wallace Allah to Allah new sukoon wala sadaqa so Makawao usara Allah keytab Allah He let filet let him follow up coffee or the mean who I attune, whatever whatup Kapha if Amina nurse, a che hula kabhi Well, I shoes, your coluna adrak

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Kowloon La ilaha illallah Fernando Nakula. So Rasulillah Salam in this hadith he said this is something that will happen at the end of time. He said Islam will disappear, just like the colors of a dress, you know, fade away. And he said until people will not even know what is fasting What is prayer and what is the right what are the right

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It's a hash or what is charity? And he said the book of Allah subhanaw taala will be lifted up this is at the end of time in one night, so that not even one verse will remain, and a group of old people will remain who will say, you know, we have found our forefathers saying La ilaha illa Allah. So the only thing that will be left with them is the statement of la ilaha illa Allah that's it. You don't know about any Salaat any Zakat and hush and here comes the importance of seeking knowledge and memorizing

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and teaching our kids because we don't want our children or grandchildren to face this situation right. So basically, even Mr. O'Donnell the Allahu Anhu said, you know, this will happen when this happens, Allah subhanaw taala will allow for this beast or this dab to appear. What are the other Hadith that mentioned the DAB or the beast of the land? At the library Amma Radi Allahu Anhu tal Hafiz to me Rasulillah Salam, Hadith and lemon say who Bardo semitones hula sell me a call in a whirl at Hiruzen Toulouse Shamcey mean Mareeba Hulu's you there but you are the nurse you do hon. What are you mechanic cobbler Sahiba TfL Corolla atheria Caribbean by the Hadith Sahih Muslim vikita

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Bill Fitton so in this hadith of the Lebanon Omar Abdullah Ahmed of the Allah I know, he said I mean what is from the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, a hadith which I have not forgotten, I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that the first of the size will come is the rising of the sun from the west. Of course, this is confusing here. I know for those who were attending with us this program from the beginning from the first halacha the first lecture, we studied or we said that the first sign that will appear it will be the appearance of the gel.

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Right? He said that we said Maddie, then and Maddie is not a major sign, even though some scholars believe that he could be one of the major signs. But the majority of scholars they said in Maddie is one of the last minor signs. So then at his time will appear at the shell, then Marisa will descend and then the illusion is huge. Right? And then we mentioned the other science. So we will solve this problem at the end in sha Allah. I will tell you about some Hadith that are confusing which one is first which one is the last? We'll solve this problem at the end inshallah. But this hadith is in Sahih Muslim, so Rasul Allah says, Allah me saying this hadith, that the first sign that will happen

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is the rising of the sun from the place of its setting in a maverick from the West, and the emergence of the Beast upon the people. And he said whichever of these two occurs before the other than the one the second one is right behind it.

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Imam Mohammed Raja Hadith Saho level Alberni Rahmatullah Ali and baby mama your father willing to be saw Salam kala tofu dabba to photo see Manasa Allah harati me him Yanni Luffy him a little too far, some way of Morona fecal matter study original bear era mithya Kurumi managed narrator who fair Coleman huddle McLean other Hadith Masucci Messina dilemma Muhammad Musa al al Barney, he said the beast will appear and then it will seal or it will brand the noes have every nonbeliever until the number increases, and a man would buy a camel from from someone, one of them and it will be said from whom you bought it and he will say from one of those who were branded or sealed and this hadith

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is found in Sahih Muslim Imam Muhammad ibn Hajr Radi Allahu wa rahmatullah wa ala naturalize Kalani. The one who explains the hell Buhari tried to establish a relationship between the rising of the sun and the appearance of this beast. So he said the wisdom in the beast appearing after the sun rising from from the West, he said the door of repentance will be closed at a time when the sun rises from the West, the door of repentance will be closed. So he said thus the beast will emerge to distinguish between the believers and the non believers completing the aim of closing the door of repentance. That is his statement the statement of Allah Allah of no hazard Rahmatullah ally. Now

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the task of this beast would be to distinguish between believers and the non believers will allow to Allah Adam, the said the aroma it will touch the faces of the believers they will become bright and luminous, and this is the sign of their Iman this is this

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wouldn't be a sign of their Eman of a time. And as for the cafe, they said it will seal his nose and it will be a sign of his conference Allah Salama will have you. It will also speak to people or blame them for not believing in the signs of Allah subhana wa. What is the nature of this beast? Halima will go to be Rahmatullah Ali, used to believe that this beast will be the animal, or the ying and the yang of the she camel, that appeared as a miracle at the time of Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, that is his opinion. There are some other scholars who believe that these bees could be ill just Sasa that is found in the famous Hadith of the year, when we talked about the famous

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Hadith of the shall we say there was an animal that was talking to people telling them about the place of the desert. This is the second opinion, there are some other opinions, but all these opinions are invalid. They are weak, we don't have a strong evidence. So the old AMA, they said what we should believe in as Muslims is that Allah subhana wa taala. At the end of times, he will send a BS to face people it will speak to them and blame them for not speaking for not believing in the size of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's it. We don't know the nature of this beast. If you go to some books, if they've seen a zoo other resources, you will find amazing things, people talking

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about the description of this VSAN amazing ways people saying it will have multiple heads and multiple hands and a you know, but there is no proof for this kind of, you know, for this kind of description, even the location, the location of its appearance, most of the Hadith mentioned that it will be Makkah, and some of them mentioned that it will appear in the Masjid Al haram. But all the Hadith are not very strong, this hadith the talks that mention the location

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in which the this this beast will appear and not very strong. So Allah hooter, Allah, Allah, but will too before I begin, and I talk about the second sign, which is the fire, I should say that this beast has nothing to do with the beasts that are mentioned in the Old Testament

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that there are two beasts, one of them it will appear from the sea and the other one from the land. And they have their own description there in the Old Testament in the Bible. So this beast that is mentioned in the Quran, as I said, we believe in it is mentioned in the Quran mentioned the hadith of Rasulullah is Salam. But it has nothing to do with the beast that is mentioned in the Bible. Imran Hussain is a famous Muslim speaker, who talks about the size of the Day of Judgment believes that this beast is the state of Israel.

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What a brother, he told me this is an aggressive interpretation. And it is indeed, it is an aggressive interpretation. He believes that this is something that they got it from his website, I'm not just making this up. I got it from his website. And he made the statement there. He said that suffering, how early suffering how early is a famous scholar from Makkah. And we know his Aqeedah we know his knowledge, the level of his knowledge and knowledgeable scholar from the city of Mk. He's saying Imran Hussain is saying that several heavily holds the view that the beast is the Zionist movement.

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There is no proof for these kinds of interpretations. And I don't think that's a shift suffered heavily holds this view will allow to on

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issues of our has a website, we can go to his website and check there but I didn't have time to double check. But I don't believe a check suffer will go here and he will, will hold this view we'll learn how to add. Now talking about the fire, which is the last major sign to appear before the Day of Judgment, it will appear emerge in the area of lemon in it and you're familiar with Adam these days the fighting is going on there between the Houthis and and the troops of Salah, the ex president and the head of the Union, the Muslim union between Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim scholars. Anyway, so what will be the job of this fire it will drive people to the place of their

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masher. And what is the price of their matter or their assembly at the end of time. It is a sham the area of Hashem so this fire will force them to move to that area will force them and this fire as I said was mentioned in the same Hadith that I mentioned in which also Allah says Allah mentioned 10 I yet and in this hadith Hadith who de fev no se delivery.

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He said, What are you there? Lika so he made this fire the law

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asked of this major science called rubelli karna on tajoura NASA ultipro Do NASA Ilya Mashery him he said, the end of which a fire would burn out from Yemen and we drive people to their place of assembly. So here in this hadith in Sahih, Muslim is saying that this fire will be the last among these major signs right? But there is another Hadith that says this fire will be the first sign and the second hadith is in Bari.

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So Inshallah, as I said, we will solve this problem very soon Inshallah, this hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Ennis from the Allahu Anhu and Abdullah and Salah Abdullah who Salah was a Jewish rabbi, who lived in Medina, and what also Allah Azza Selim came to Medina, he came and he went to him, and he met him and he accepted Islam

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or the Allahu Anhu with some other Jewish rabbis who accepted Islam at that time, but he's one he's a famous Sahabi he was a scholar, like he was a Jewish scholar, and he became after he accepted Islam, he became

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a Muslim scholar. So let Muslim settle in the visa sell him and Messiah ill minha mer well who are shroud is, by the way, Abdullah having to sell him when he wants to, when he went to see Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He narrated many Hadith one of them, of course, this hadith here. When he asked him after he accepted Islam, he started asking him some questions. So here we have were interested in the part in which he asked him about the science or the first sign of the Day of Judgment. Before that, he said, I want to see to meet the Prophet of Allah. He did not believe in him at the time. He was not a Muslim.

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And he said when when Rasul Allah says it I'm just arrive to the city of Medina

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and Abdullah Abu salah, he said, I heard him saying, force first he saying I looked at his face, and I concluded right away that his face is not the face of Allah.

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That was his conclusion in the beginning. And then he said the first thing that he said that Rasul Allah says in him said, yeah, you have nurse. They said dr. Emoto, will have shoe seller will soon or have was aloo belatedly when NASA near that Hooroo janitor be salah.

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This hadith is amazing.

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is amazing in a sense that rasool Allah is I sell him I asked many people, I did some courses about Sierra and everything, not here in this place. But I asked them what is amazing about this hadith there is a miracle here. Psychological miracle is not about these things, is something that is in between the line that you have to derive look into it. Coming from Makkah, he was running away.

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escaping death.

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The Mecca is after Rasul Allah says salam last left the city of Makkah. They said whoever brings Mohammed Salim alive or that he will have 100 camels. And actually one of them was able to catch our Prophet SAW Selim with Abu Bakr, who is he Soraka pneumonic and he accepted Islam. And he hid his Islam his conversion and he went back to Makkah and he told them, it will give them a different tutorial. It gave them a false information about the whereabouts or the location for Prophet Mohammed Salah. So he was protecting him at the end. So it was looking for him to catch him bring him back to take the 100 camels accepted Islam now he's protecting the prophets of Allah isn't. But

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anyway, think about it. Think about these people who are trying to kill him. He came to his house to kill him. He made a plan. member from every tribe, many tribes, every tribes and one member so he said his blood will be divided between a cabal between different tribes. They found his cousin Ali but they didn't didn't want to kill Ali, or the Allah who I know they were not interested in Ali, interested in killing Muhammad SAW Selim so he's someone who is escaping death

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going to El Medina. People are after him looking for him. They tortured his companions. They killed some of them. They took their properties. We took their houses we boycotted them in the shared Makkah in the valley in a valley beside mecca for three years. He was suffering with his people for 13 years now. He just arrived to El Medina. You expect him if he was a regular human being no

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after Prophet he would say what?

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We will take revenge from these people. We will organize a big army to defeat them who will do this and that in that right? You expect him to be talking about his enemy. His enemy was behind him. So Zula is SLM arrived Medina is not thinking about the McCanns at all.

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They are not in his mind.

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He started the teaching right away teaching Islam yeah you have nurse out Mo Tom or if you sell em, spread the greetings of peace. A few Ceylon water Mo Tom feed, give food to the needy

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well seller or have keep the ties of kinship

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and some mobi lady oneness on em offer the night prayer where people are asleep at Hello Jana, Debbie salah. You will go into Jana in a peaceful way. Beautiful Hadith. But what is amazing about about it is the timing. The timing, if if it was someone else he would be talking about his enemy, about the suffering that he faced and the hardship that he faced in Makkah, and he's maybe plans to take revenge, right? But also Allah says Allah is not thinking about these things at all.

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He is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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so anyway, Abdullah Abu Salah when he accepted Islam he said as lemma for Salah newbies SLM and buy the Messiah and we've been having the Messiah it ma Oh, well, a shroud is. This added is confusing to as I said, but we'll solve it there. Now we'll wash throughout this car Tashiro NASA mineral machine, Elon Musk really didn't say from lemon

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and this is in Buhari had it inside Wuhan Bukhari incinerated this hadith he said when Abdullah who Salam accepted Islam he asked the Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam about what is the first sign? Some Messiah L one of them? What is the first sign of the Day of Judgment? Or he meant what is the first among the major signs? We're not talking about minor signs anymore now talking about major signs. So Rasulillah Salam said, it is a fire that drives people from east to the west.

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So he did not mention Yemen. And he mentioned that this hadith as it will be the first sight the Hadith of

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the ephah. No, I see the referring. He said it will be the last one right. So now we need to solve these problems. And it's not my solution. Actually, there are only there are some remember who looked into this hadith, and he came up with the conclusion. So they divided these minor, major side they said they will take this race major sides will take place in a period of time. And they divided this period of time into two phases. If you want, we can divide it into three phases for the sake of clarification. So these add Hana in the beginning we said we want with the opinion of a majority of scholars who said that the first sign will be at the gym. So they said the first actually group of

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the signs will be at the gym. The descent of Risa Ali Salah here is huge and huge. And these signs indicate that the hour is approaching. It could be a matter of years, is not very close.

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So here we're talking about one face in which the you know these, these major signs are happening. Why? Because if we say that the sign the rising of the sign from the west is the first one. That means Toba will not be accepted. But we know at the time of Isa Ali Salam he will be inviting people to Islam and people will be entering Islam. If we say that the temple were to close the door of terrible will be closed. What's the point of Risa inviting other people to Islam to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala there is no point right? So here the aroma they said no, it is actually the gel and this is the Allahu Allah and the majority the opinion majority of scholars and this group of

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science will happen within a certain period of time. We said recently said I will say most likely seven years and even Maddie will rule seven to nine years rule the Muslim ummah. So, between seven to nine years, these major signs will happen. Allahu Allah, Allah Allah. These are the second phase. It will include the rising of the sun from from the West, and it will include the beast.

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And here it is said at this phase, the door of Toba will be closed, and these signs indicate that the hour is very close.

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They don't fill Hadith in the visa system called woofie and Nasrallah, Amman, you

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And he said people the deeds, the past deeds will be enough for people after the door of Tober is closed. So that means that our is very close or the Day of Judgment is very close with Allah Jota Anna Anna. The first third phase, if only for the sake of clarification, is this fire here that was described as the last in one Hadith, last sign and the first Sign In another Hadith. So, it is the last of the 10

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but it is the first sign of the actual hour

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when the hour is taking place, because when this fire will be helpful, it will be forcing people to go into the area of assembly or in a sham, there are people who will delay their travel and the melodica will come and drag them to the area of a shed. So that means you are dealing with angels here. So the Day of Judgment is very soon very close. This assembly by the way is not the assembly of the Day of Judgment. No.

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This assembly will will happen before in this dunya in this life before the trumpet is sounded for the first time before the blowing of the trumpet for the first time and was fragile and saw it as Zoomer talks about to blow Wings of trumpet

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when we have is solely for salary per month is similar to our dilemma in sha Allah. So menoufia huffy, Rafi their home pm on en Varun so Allah subhanaw taala and this is talking about two BlueWings. So they will get together those who are alive at a time they will be forced to get together in the area of Russia. And then Allah subhanaw taala will give the command to Israel feel on a salaam to blow the trumpet and everyone will faint. Everyone will swoon away and then they will stay 40 Is it 40 days? or 40 years? Or 40 months? We're not sure there is a Hadith

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in Sahih, Hadith Ebihara are the Allahu I know, he said between the two BlueWings

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is the period of 40. They told him 40 years he said I'm not sure 14 months he said I'm not sure 40 days he said I'm not sure

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about the odometer he said the bodies of the people will decay during that period. And the only thing that will stay is the tailbone.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah will send the rain and then the bodies of the people will be will be growing again like plants. Allah subhanaw taala in Allah Allah coalition, Adil, Allah is Able to do all things. And then Allah subhanaw taala will send souls to get together with their bodies with their bodies. And then Allah Subhana Allah will commend you, sir, I feel to blow into the trumpet for the second time and everyone will be

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standing up waiting for the judgement to begin this Allah subhanaw taala. And

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yeah, and you as Alan added Jana, they said to us that we should ask Allah subhanaw taala Forgive me later.

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Now the second question here.

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The only remedy said, Hadith there is a Hadith that said the fire will appear from Adam from Yemen, and the other Hadith, it will be driving people from the east to the west. They said, there is no contradiction here. We said that this fire will appear from Yemen, but it will be spread to every corner in this earth. And it will be most of the people who will be in the west they will be in the east will be going towards the direction of the West, because they said the sham is located in the western side. If your reference point is the east Iraq and Afghanistan and

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China and all these places, so most of the people will be coming from that area. Willa Jota Allah Allah what will happen to people in North America? I'm not sure.

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To tell you the truth. I have no clue. I know people will ask this question.

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Allahu Allah in North America is not mentioned in the Hadith. So I don't know what will happen to us.

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It's a very serious matter one.

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Yeah, but

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this is what will happen on the before the Day of Judgment people will be assembled in the area of Russia. Before I started my I finished my Hanukkah. I promised the brother who asked me he said if I don't want to witness this, these events or any fitna is there any do ha they can say your so I

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I brought the dirt here with the translation in English and transliteration but I have only 20 copies. So feel free to take your copy at the end of the Halacha. But if if you are interested in this dua and we were Yanni we don't have enough copies then you can leave your email I'll send it to you as an email attachment inshallah I saved it in my computer here. The DUA said Allah homogeneous Iluka federal hierarchy, water kallmann Karachi will have been Messiah keen want a federally water harmony will either Debit column in fitness and *able me elaida IRA math tool, this is the other shade this is what we want. Whereas alcohol Barack Obama new hip book or Obama the new Caribbean

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Isla Hogback, the meaning of this dua Oh Allah asked you to enable me to do good deeds and to avoid evil deeds and to love the pool and ask you to forgive me and to have mercy on me. And this is what we want and if you want to try people try people then take me to you and try to cause me to die and tried the only without any fitna

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and I asked you for your love and the love of those who love you and the love of a D that gets me closer to you love. This hadith was collected by Imam Timothy and some other scholars classified as saya and the transliteration is here 20 copies you can take your copy as I said if you if you need it and you you couldn't get a copy. You can come to me leave your email I'll send it to you in sha Allah as a as an email attachment. She was Akula spanic lover hunting shadow Allah Allah had nothing to suffer according to William