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First Caliph Part 6 – The Western Front

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The history of Islam in Syria and Iraq highlights the success of Islam in Syria and the importance of protecting the region from attacks. The land of Yemen is a symbol of Islam's position, and the use of military incentives and protecting the region from attacks is emphasized. The Battle of Algiers was a quick and effective way to get to the edge of the desert, and the army were ultimately conquered. The situation is described as a crisis of political and military control, with the city being destroyed and the army being called into action.

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House Villa image on the road James Miller Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Bucha mursaleen said no Mohammed not only he or SOFIA Jermaine, my beloved brothers salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu, Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. To begin with the praise of Allah and Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will testify that isn't worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations so beloved, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to spice in his pure family, his companions and all those are following sunnah until the end of time. Allah blesses to amongst them, Amin while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We continue with our series, the first Caliph of Islam, the caliphate of a bucket of the Alon, a bucket of Sadiq. And we mentioned within one year of his caliphate, he was able to from defending Medina from being invaded, consolidated the power and

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neutralize the false prophets and all the rebellions that occurred. And now he's moving into the big leagues taking on the superpowers of the world and SubhanAllah. It's really amazing to think then it shows you that the worker of Satan or worker or the Allah and his his Eman when he took on at the same time, the two biggest empires in the world at that time, Arabia and the Arabs were nothing more than Bedouins. No one cared about them. No one even considered them an entity last week I made the joke that you hear if you heard on the news, the suit was just conquered. Russia even laughed in the in the in the masjid. It was listed that even more unrealistic because this country wasn't even a

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country taking on the Persian Empire. And at the same time he's taking on the Roman Empire. Of course, this was the Tawakkol of St. Oba, karate Allah and even Sahaba said to him, perhaps is too much, perhaps you being over ambitious. And his response always was that we fight not for victory or for power, but we have Allah subhanaw taala and outside and there was completed that is why it's called acidic. Acidic is the one who was such complete yakking. He has no doubt in his mind. I'm on the hook. I have no this is the way and that's it. Why are we having any second thoughts? And so we spoke about the battle with the Persians with heart and Melinda, the Alon was invading the Persian

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Empire, and was getting great success in doing that. But this was never the primary frontier. The main frontier was actually the western side, the Roman Empire, because this is where Palestine, Missoula saw was, and that is where that resource alum had focused on before he passed away, this land of a sham. So we call this area a sham, which is Syria, Palestine, Jordan, the western part of Iraq, this area is called a sham. And it is a Blissett land we know Allah Subhana Allah says in surah SR Subhanallah the US raw Praise be to Allah Who sent his servant in a night journey from Israel haram in Makkah too much laksa too much Luxor in Jerusalem. Allah the baraka hola whose land

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around mercy Luxa has been blizzard. Allah says that this area, the land of a sham is a blizzard land. And then he goes and says, Oh Allah in a hadith he says, Oh Allah bless us in our sham he called it our Sham, our city or our Palestine. This is an important part for the Muslims and in Yemen and the province is the land of Yemen is a blizzard land and the prophets of salaam says in a hadith and remember these Hadith panela that nobody's always mentioning it before the or even any wisdoms in that area. He says that this land are a sham, Syria, Palestine will be the heartland of Islam. He says this, long before the Muslims even into that land, he says the heartland of Islam

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will be in a sham, the middle of Syria and Palestine this will be a Muslim land And subhanAllah as the nation had promised, this is it will it will come through then this is also mentioned in a hadith that the meta meaning Islam will continue until and until Kiama. When Kiama occurs, you would find that the fighting on the day of Kiama before Kiama there were many, many wars that John, the big fighting will occur in Syria, and in Yemen and in Iraq. And in fact, we know Subhan Allah, we should know that the ISA and if Saddam the Messiah, He will not come down in Makkah, or in Jerusalem, he will come down in Damascus, the ISA will come down in Damascus. And so it's amazing

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that that is missing this land has a very, very important position. And it's going to be very important on the time close to piano. And so that is why the focus of Palestine and the focus of Cydia can never never be underestimated. And so when

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the Muslims were able to see no one was able to defeat all the enemies in Arabia and put down all the false prophets that attention was let us take the Roman Empire on and as a now begin to see a very different as I said, looking at Abu Bakr the Allah and we always know you from the Sierra and He is that man that soft man that when he stood any lead Salah he could not lead the salah except that he was crying. We know that when Abacha would read the Quran they you know I should say Don't make him the imam era Salah because the people get annoyed whenever he reads he cries Salado

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On softness of a worker. But when it came to military action, it was a man of action, as he did with the false prophets. When they said to the center worker, we have 11 rebellions, what are we gonna do with it? We take them all at the same time. Yeah, he says, Yeah, you know, yeah, I mean, Rome is a big place Syria, Jordan, Palestine, we were going to send the army sinful armies, we attack four different locations, we break the army up into four, and we send them while cardinalities. In Syria in Persia, we're going to send four armies into into the land of Sham. And the name is Pamela, these are the names of the great Sahaba he put generals in each one of them. And he sent them into, into

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into the land of Sham and the objective objective meet up in Damascus, you will go at four different directions, one through Jordan, one through Syria, one along the west, one along the eastern frontier, you you go different methods, and then you land up in Damascus. And that will be stage one of the of the of the of the campaign, and these four armies are going to be independent. Sidenote, you're going to find, and this is fine. There's no one leadership style, you're going to see a very different leader, it's a normal Abubaker. The army is a very,

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it is not a it's not a micromanager. He says you are in charge. You run your army, like you want to do it, you decide on the details, you just report back and he gives a lot of autonomy to his his generals, you guys are in charge, you pick people, you know what to do. So you know, I'm not just gonna be a micromanager. I want to know everything. And he's in every kind of decision making. And so say, Now Bukhara, and says these four generals, you do it. And he gives them broad instructions. And this is so before they leave, this is the instructions he gives me. He says in your March when you go, you do not be hard on yourself and on your army. Don't be overly aggressive on yourself and

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your army when your march and do not be harsh with your men and your officers whom you should consult in all matters. He's instructing his generals, be the leaders that asks your people what to do. You're not a one man show you guys be collaborative, be just and avoid all evil and tyranny. For Ms. Ron Lau. How true is he saying he's saying even though you're Muslims, no nation will succeed, while they are unjust, and Allah will not give victory, even if you're a Muslim, and you make salah, but you are not just as many of our Muslim lands are, unfortunately, where's the victory are Allah if you're not just Allah, I'm gonna give you victory, another Hadith. And Amazon says that even a

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non believing people, Allah will give them success because they are just, they do what is right. We see that in the world as well. So he tells his generals, so long as you are unjust, Allah is not gonna give you victory. And then he says, When you meet the enemy,

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do not turn back to do not flee forever, turns back and flees, except if it's part of a battle strategy, he will earn that the anger of Allah and His place will be Johanna. Man, what a terrible place that is, and when you have, but when you have won a victory over your enemies, then it's probably it reminds them again, you're going into this is you're going now into cultivated lands. These are cities, these are highly densely populated parts of the world. Don't kill a woman or a child or an old person, do not even slaughter an animal except for eating. And do not break any promises you've made. If you made a promise with a tribe where people you have no right to break

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that promise, you will come up and look at this. He says you will come upon people who have spent their lives in monasteries, they are just making ibadah, priests, loving, believing that they have given up everything for the sake of Allah, leave them and destroy the minds, even though we don't agree with their religion, leave them and let them worship don't bother them. And also you will meet people who are the followers of shaytaan, you'll make enemies so fight them with your swords until they accept Islam, or they sit in there and they pay the Jizya. And I entrust you to the care of Allah who is giving his genitals very broad advice and you go on and do the, the mission. So when

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the as we said at the same time two wars are happening. And if you are alive at that time, the BBC News would be about how didn't lead and how the Persians are losing battle of the battle. People can't believe how this ragtag team is destroying the most powerful empire in the world. And everyone is getting to know this name. How do we lead all the people of the world is getting to know this amazing General. Meanwhile, in the Roman frontier, things are not going so well. For the Muslims. They are able to have initial successes and the the strategy of going different directions moving quickly. They're able to take off and be the small Roman Garrison's. But the Emperor of Rome says

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he's not going to do the same mistake like the Persians. I'm going to force the Muslims into a single big battle, a huge campaign, and our numbers are going to overwhelm them, and then we will destroy them. And so when the Muslims hear that the Emperor of Rome sent his own brother, now, again, this can tell you these are not small issues, when the Emperor of Rome is sending his actual brother to lead an army that's now become serious. It's It's major. It's a major battle.

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And the four Muslim armies are forced to come together.

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That to meet up with us enemy and Abu Zubaydah, the head of the fall. So say Nabokov said the four of you have fought armies when you come together. abou Aveda is the main the commander in chief Boveda Raja Allah and and you should know this mess Panama. He's one of the ashram of Russia, one of the first people to embrace Islam, that he possibly would have been the Khalifa. On the Day when the Prophet son passed away. He was one of the candidates were three people have a bucket and Omar and I'm already there. So it's very senior, senior companion, but because he dies early, we'll get to his death maybe in sha Allah, his legacy is not so well known. So I will Veda is the man in charge.

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And he writes to Abu Bakr and he says, Yeah, I mean, this issue is too big for me. Fighting the Romans and Aveda was a soft man. He wasn't a military man. So he writes to say no Bucher, we are in trouble. I fear we're not going to stand up against the Romans. And so say no Bukhara the Alon sends a message to Hadith and says you need to stop your campaign in Persia. And you need to get to Rome ASAP, to get to the Syrian frontier immediately. It's and the army is on its way. So harder, there are the Alon stops all these campaigns in, in, in Persia, and he has a choice, what is the quickest way to get to to get from Iraq, to Syria.

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The one way is to go make all the u A u turn go back into Arabia and to go back up to go south and the north again, this is the safest way because you avoid the enemy. The other way is you I go straight through Persian lands, Persia and Rome were at war.

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So, like you know, when these two countries had war, the barrier between them is highly fortified. There are many fortresses many armies many Garrison's you would have to go over steps, the most concentrated enemy line in the world. That's not going to be a smart move, but he needs to get the ASAP. And so he he does a crossing that no army in history had ever done before another spine line these are the you see the miraculous nature of Allah subhanaw taala they decided to go straight through the city and visit Syrian desert is one of the most inhospitable places on earth, no one lives the there's not a single Oasis or Well, in that desert. No civilization lives around the no

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army or caravan ever went through the but it's a quick way, one week journey. And hardly there are the Alon tells his army, he splits his army in half, half of you are going to stay in Persia, the other half were going to go to Syria. And they they do this crossing which until today, no army has ever done. And again, an ingenious method. He gets a bunch of camels, he starves them for a few days. And then he leaves them drink. And when they drink, when you're hungry, you drink too much. And so the camels over drink. And so he uses these camels as kind of a storage facility. And as they're going through the desert, he would slow to them at a time.

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He expected to end the trip, within five days of the five days that the cat, the camels are all slaughtered. And they have two more days to go. And as the books of history mentioned, for two days panela, the army marches through the deserts of Syria without a single drop of water, making dua that this is the only if they had to be one day longer, they perhaps would have perished. But that hamdulillah they were able to survive. And this amazing journey meant that when hydrogen and the army came out of the desert, they came out at a place that no one had fortified, no one ever expected, you're gonna get an army coming out of the middle of the desert. And so he's able to come

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behind the Roman enemy lines, and immediately immediately takes charge of the of the Muslim army. And so when they arrive,

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when they arrive with hydrogen arrives in Syria, these immediate action to be taken, he meets up with the Muslim army. He didn't come with a major contingent of forces. But of course, he comes with expertise. He had just beaten superpowers. And now he's able to engineer a victory against the Romans, the Romans, they see the First Army and we go into the detail of the battle, there will be a number of major battles. The first big one is called the Battle of Arjuna. Dane and this is where the brother of the of the emperor, the blood brother of the Emperor, and the king of Armenia, Armenia, they come and they join forces to fight the Muslims. Also, the Romans and the Persians

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decided on a peace treaty, they said, We're going to not fight one another, we're going to face it fleece, the Muslims, the Persian Emperor married the daughter, the granddaughter of the Roman emperor, to show that we are now united against these Arabs, and so against potlights amazing. So again, to think of context, Lesotho is invading America and Russia. And so, Putin marries Biden's daughter so that they can join forces against lawsuits. That's what's happening if you want to have the concept of what's going on in this world, and in this in this history. And so, the first battle the Battle of Algiers, I mean, we don't have the records, but what we do know Subhan Allah, again,

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in this very strategic fashion of hardened Malik, he would set up his army and he would have

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A elite unit of champions now these are the champions that were fighting in Persia. And he would challenge the Roman generals and mentioned to them how successful they were against the Persians. Let's see what you have. And one by one, taking out the leadership of the Romans until the entire army was without leadership and able to completely rank the Roman army. And so with the Battle of Agincourt Dane,

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a whole night of fighting from the day through the night to the next morning, very strategic moves by hardened multi-drug The Alon, the Romans were forced to retreat and the city of Damascus was left open, the city of Damascus Subhanallah and what can make us understand the city of Damascus It is perhaps the oldest city in the world. And I say this is the city. Whenever Isa will descend from the books of Hadith we know it is the city waiting to be isa would be seen. So at that time, there was perhaps with a single Muslim in that city. And then I'll be somewhat given a hadith that the time will come when the gel appears, it will be at the masjid in Damascus, the Grand Master of Damascus,

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where the matadi will perform salah. And as they're about to perform salah they will see a man descending with two angels and this will be the Messiah. How did that be some know that he Sahaba would one day reach Damascus. This is where it happens. They reach the city of Damascus. And the city was perhaps one of the biggest cities in the world. The city was so big that the army of the Muslims could not encircle all of it. The army wasn't big enough to beseech all of it. So they stationed positions around the gates of the city. And for a week or so there was a major siege. While this was happening, the Roman emperor had sent an army to alleviate the city. Of course,

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before they arrived, the hardware or the island setup and ambush and this army was was was defeated before it could reach the city. And so eventually, the city was

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besieged and Hydra Delana was able to climb over the wall with a elite unit. And while the city was being captured, the input of the governor of the city in secret established a treaty. So whether whether were the Muslims, so to understand what's going on here, the city is so big hearted Rahman is able to enter the city from one side, and he is conquering the city. And the the governor of the city knows the city's going to fall. And so he speaks to Abu Zubaydah who said, we said was a much softer man. And he said, I will surrender the city on very, very favorable terms. And Boveda agreed. And so when Harley arrived, and he said, I've conquered the city, I've already said no, but I've

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already agreed a peace treaty with the governor. And so the Muslims as they will come on about what occurred, we had a treaty and so they honored the treaty. Even though the city was breached. They honored the Treaty and the treaty Subhanallah what does the treaty not a single person, property, item of animal coin of money will be taken from it, no food will be taken from it. Whoever wants to stay can stay, whoever wants to go to Rome will be given escorted by the Muslim army will be allowed to return to Rome. Many of them decided to leave and the city fell to the Muslims. The news arrives of Macedonia, London we have secured Damascus. This is perhaps the last great news Abubaker receives

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because on receiving that little bucket on become sick, he falls ill and this would be he'd be ill for about a week. And then he would pass away and in that time SubhanAllah. And again, the series isn't about qualified rationing and we can go on and on. But it's to show the legacy Abu Bakr had left behind. So bokeh is now where he started defending Medina, his army, the Muslims have gone to the extent of the powers of the world, the Quran has been consolidated in a book and are working on and is now ill. He's done his job. The last thing to do of a great leader is to do what used to appoint a successor. And so he assembles in his as he says, he invites different leaders in to his

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room and he asked him, What do you think of Amara hubbub? What do you think of say, Norma, and we have record records of what was discussed. Some of the Sahaba said, whatever good you have to say of him. I mean, in fact, in my mind, I know even better of him. And as soon as he mentioned, or the Alon, say northmen mentions the good that you see of Omar in public. He's even better in private, but there's nothing negative that we can say about him. If you have consulted considered him, then we do not have any objective objection to his name. Only once a hobby Tahara de Alana raised the concern and that shows you that they were humans felt horrible and said, you have decided to appoint

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saying that Homer as the next Khalifa, how will you respond to Allah? When Allah asks you, how will you Why did you appoint such a strict man over the Muslims? Say nearly say no. To the CDC said you're asking me how would I respond to Allah? If you asked me why I put Omar then I will say to Allah, Ya Allah, I could not find anyone better than them. So I chose the person I believe is the best person to be the the leader and then he seems to fall out of the line. The only reason why Omar is so strict is because I'm so soft. You will see that when I am not here anymore. You will be a little he asked

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Balance me off. I'm a soft guy. So he has to be he's my advisor. He can't be a yes man all the time. So he says no just so that we are balanced, but when he becomes his own man, you will see he would moderate And subhanAllah we will see that in say, no matter the island, and so say no matter.

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Instead of working before he passes away, he calls Aisha, our mother, his daughter, he says, Elijah, do an audit of all my finances. Look at all the property I have. And he said,

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from when I became the Khalifa until now, my wealth increased. I've got one extra house one one extra camera. Look at all the concrete that's happening is my wealth increased by one camel, so return one camel to the Treasury. I do not want one extra synth to have benefited as the Khalifa Subhan Allah. Remember how we started the series, someone accused this man of stealing the caliphate for his own personal use every cent that he increased as the Khalifa, he said we return it back to the Treasury. So much so that say normally I would say, yeah Abubaker you have left a very difficult, difficult bar to maintain a worker and passes away and he asks that his wife hosted him

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which is permissible. His wife whistled him and he was buried and he was buried Subhan Allah next to the Prophet SAW Selim l every essay analysis in every Hadith theory Genovesa Salam and Abu Bakr and Omar were the the novices on Wednesday and Abu Bakar Ahmed followed him even in the interview Salaam is lying they and our bucket and Omar is by his side, a mutable meaning and so are working on passes away, say normally becomes the Khalifa. The army is the wars are still happening. A letter is sent from Amman to the army in Syria and he says I am now the new Khalifa. There's a new management in charge. Khalid Malik, you're demoted. You're no longer the general at the same time that the Emperor

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of Rome comes with a huge army to stop the Muslims and inshallah we'll have to continue this next week with Nila quick announcement that inshallah our program will be automatically with Allah insha Allah and the details are there and now we can treat 15th of October with the life cycle ahead was Allah say no Mohammed? Islam whistling hamdulillah Wilhelmina sinuata Alikum