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AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a powerful message for Muslims, with signs like being unable to see a person, being recognized by animals, and being recognized by people without even knowing them. The importance of learning about Islam and the upcoming war with Iran is discussed, along with the return of the beast and return of the sun. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith and belief in Islam, as it is crucial for peace and security. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and a Christmas present.
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Does the hour have a knowledge that you can know it by? He said naam yoga Massoud and Muslims have to know these signs. So they recognize them when they see them. And there are many signs. One of the signs you're Kunal what to do Hey, that children become filled with rage. When your corn and mataro ada rain becomes burning or acidic acid rain, one to feel that ash Roro failed that you'll see evil people spreading widely that the the dishes will be communicating continuously and the Prophet use the very word that's used for satellite communications will also that and people will sever their family ties. In other words, people will stay home and watch television on satellite dish and they

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won't go visit their neighbors.

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This is an amazing hobby to me. This is

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greetings of peace. Welcome to the D show. We have an exciting episode as we always do subscribe right now so you can get it delivered directly to you. You've heard these terms, Armageddon, people talking about World War Three, antichrist, MADI signs of the Day of Judgment. Now, this topic is a hot topic very exciting. And I just want to make a disclaimer and point out that in no way these are things that are mentioned in the Bible. These are things from the Islamic tradition. And we want you to be educated on what Islam has to say about the Day of Judgment, the signs of it. And some of these other terms like Armageddon is this Islamic term. What does it mean? antichrist is actually

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anti Islam to be anti cart, you're gonna be learning so much and more. Remember Islam. It advocates peace, and justice. So in no way when we talk about many of these things, this is putting things out there for education, but in no way does this advocate for any violence. This is something that we're presenting these topics and the essence of education to see the Islamic perspective compare it somewhat with the Bible. So you can be enlightened look more into it. And that's what we had to talk about on this week's show. Don't go anywhere very exciting topic. We'll be right back. You will see hypocrites ruling will Kulusuk and fujihara and you will see the worst people controlling the

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marketplaces you either know Mr. Rude in a midnight on the sidewalk shut off and choose

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one to Heroku you will have automatic mosques but the hearts would be ugly. So people praying in the mosque they've done notice QIA but the mosque is beautiful.

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What are some of the signs of the Day of Judgment you have minor major let's talk about some of them. schoolers broke down the signs of the hour. Based on the Hadith, into minor and major those are main categories. The minor signs are signs that already happened and ended and they will never happen again. Like the sending of the prophets Allah Salah, like the death of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam like the plague of Hamas that happened around the 24th after that would be considered major sign or my no no minor I'm Cat Cat sub sub being the minor science science that happened and they will never happen again because they are done science that happened and they keep happening,

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but they happen in a greater magnitude like adultery is growing usually is growing killing is growing earthquake, it happened initially started, but now with the magnitude The more you approach the hour the more the magnitude the the the greatness of that happening it can you say these are prophecies being fulfilled? Absolutely. Yes. Actually a lot of the scholars with the fact that the minus signs are almost done. And this will be also more you can add this as proof of profit. Absolutely. This is why we should study it. Yeah. You know, people normally have you know, craving for knowing the unseen so instead of going to the Chinese restaurant and reading the fortune cookie,

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you can read a different level about what would happen in the future inshallah and yes, it affirms your faith, your Eman in a way when you see that something that was foretold ears back and you see it happening with your own eyes. Now number three signs minus signs which did not happen yet, like the afraid is disclosing a gold mountain of gold that people will kill one another for it. But there is one sign which the schooler gave it a very special name. That sign is called the transitional side which is the emerging of an Imam for the Muslim for the Muslims called Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Hill Maddy 40 mi Allah has Allah Allah we al Hasani, there's some guy right now he's actually people

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can see.

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I myself, want to reveal something that I myself am on Monday, and I am giving you the good news of the arrival of the Jesus Christ.

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Yeah, this guy's Is this the guy that we're talking about? No, no, no. You've had a lot of people come up with and make these little history. We had a lot of claimants of Macedonia. And a lot of people actually claim that they are Jesus. I mean, I'll never forget this day I was aiming and msgid and Maryland pgms called. And one day two brothers actually entered into my office and this is how they introduce themselves. salaam aleikum, Imam. This is Jesus Christ and amyl Mr. Mohammed Abdullah him it was his Halloween there was a joke actually, they were dead serious about dead serious. So you got these claimants and you remember years back we got a lot of people killed and they'll harm

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because of somebody who claimed it. So we had a lot of claimants often mad that we and there is a reason for that you know that people who claim it normally you know when you read these Hadith about Maddie you find the Muslims are in control the Muslims are conquering the Muslims are in united

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and when you look at the condition of the Muslims now it's it's it's it's disgusting. I'm sorry to say that. It's very sad. And when when the people see that the future is very bright. But meanwhile the present is is very,

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you know, is very bad. So people attempt to Okay, Maddie is going to bring the change, then why do we have to wait? Then I'll become a little muddy and then bring the children work like it doesn't work like that, you know, in the La Jolla gadget lab. Allah does not hastin things to happen because of people hastening them. Everything happens because of a time we got a lot more to talk about very hot and interesting topic. We'll be right back on when you will see homosexuality and lesbianism widespread.

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And he said you will see miracles again, young people having massive wealth. Like this Zuckerberg is a multi billionaire before he was 30. And you will see more Amara to Nisa, you'll see movements to corrupt the women.

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Back here on the DS show. Now, world war three, would this have anything connected with signs of the hour the day of judgment? By the way, I want to say something in the that Muslims were not promoting this. But it's a big talk. Unfortunately, in the Western world. After the fall of Russia, they started saying this. They started saying that the next enemy is Islam and Muslims and and they are bringing this up. Yeah. And Subhanallah always Hollywood is a reflection of what takes place. Lately, we actually saw movies called our pictures called Armageddon Independence Day. And they talk about the same exact subject. When the attacks in France happened. Actually, the pope in Italy said

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this is an event which will lead to World War Three, he actually made that statement. I'm not making this up the pope in Italy. So as Muslims, we're not really promoting this, we're not propagating this. So the brothers don't understand that we're sitting here and trying to prepare people for war or anything. No, we're not doing that. But this is something that is updated and the front end you need to know the Islamic perspective on the subject. Because they have their own story. We do have our own version of the story. We were told this by the prophet sallallaahu Listen, so we said the minor signs the last one is called the transitional sign which is the emerging of Mr. Mohammed

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Abdullah Ahmed, again according to Allah Chanel, Gemma because Shia Islam they have their own version of this. He is somebody who is an eternal since the 1000 years, more than 1200 years almost daily, that's not our humanity. Our humanity is someone from the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who will come and will lead Muslims and unite them again. And he will be the leader of the Muslim army in this battle called Armageddon. He's from the offspring of the Prophet sallallahu taala and just to show the brothers and because there are some Muslims out there who use intellect, they believe that intellect takes precedence over divine luck. They say that's not correct you know

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that's not true. That's you know, that's that's that's not true. The and they go after the Hadith and and so forth and see that's in the sun that's not mentioned in the Quran and, and all that stuff, you know, look at that greatest fitness earth will ever experience is what the fitness What if the jet, the worst fitness that will always the the Antichrist. So what would be some of the major signs now to this? Well, the major signs is, but I was trying to finish 111 point here that the prophets Allah Salam in one Hadith he says if there is only one day left in this dunya Allah will prolong it until one of my progeny from his name is said

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Similar to my name, Mohammed I've met his father, his name is similar to my father's name who will come and lead the Muslims and he will fill earth with justice and peace after it has been filled with injustice and jealous whatever human being was just Yes, yes, yes, that's why we're talking about this. Now he is called the transitional sign because when he comes, we believe actually, the Antichrist will come. And Jesus peace be upon him. Well, they said, we actually believe that he is going to be in Jerusalem, leading the Muslims in Salah, but they say Look, I'm sorry to cut you out. But our brothers in humanities you say no, you aren't you guys, the Antichrist? You Muslims. What do

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you say to that? Actually, it's seven. Have you ever been told that? Have you ever heard that? Can I tell you something about this? Yeah. And you really need to dig deep into yourself as I'm saying this and you'll understand what I'm trying to say. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us against the Antichrist. Again, I'm using the term even though it's not an Islamic term, it's really the Islamic term is in that jail.

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And when he warned us against it, the jail the Antichrist, he made one beautiful statement. You know what he said? Alamo and nakoma lanterra, Nora brokenhearted, Salima Muslim, rest assured that you will never be able to see Allah until you die.

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Now, who believes that Allah can come down into Earth, go into a womb of a woman

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and be bored and walk around people in earth?

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And actually, you take him and boot Him to the cross and kill him and spit on him who believes that now, when the Antichrist can because what is the Antichrist is gonna do when he comes down? When he comes out? What is he gonna do? When he comes out of his island? What is he gonna do? He's gonna tell people I'm Allah. Now, the first way to refute the Antichrist, the fact that I'm able to see you and I'm sorry, I'm pointing at you. The fact that I'm able to see you antichrist, that means you're alive. Because if you're truly Allah, I shouldn't be able to see so to be anti crisis to be anti Islam. Right? You can say that. Yes, it's a foolish statement. And yes, and this is actually

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one of the best ways to protect yourself against falling into the fitting of the Antichrist is knowing the names and the attributes of Allah Subhana Allah that looks upon Allah, the first when you look at somebody, the first thing that you attract use the eyes, right? The eyes of the individual, basically, I mean, if you're looking at the same gender, so Okay, we have to be careful here. So trying to get married.

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we're not gonna go there. Yeah. So look at this now, Allah subhana wa Taala calls the Antichrist to have a defect in his eye. Actually, both eyes are defect, they do have defects are defective, if this is proper English, both eyes, one of them is like a floating gray grape. And the other one is like you know is there is a, a piece of flesh around it. Why? If you're truly, truly Allah, and you've given me good eyes, and you have these eyes, go fix your eyes, man, that's, that doesn't make you Allah so but yet when he comes back, and Allah is gonna allow him to have all these powers that he will be held by Jin and he will travel earth with with that speed. Guess who's gonna follow him?

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The people who possess the corrupt belief system once it comes to Allah subhanaw taala who is Allah? Alright, add to this, most of his followers will be amongst the people who are awaiting for a messiah somebody who comes in and basically establishes them in earth and so and you can see that a lot of people the fake healers, people exploiting people they in the name of Jesus name have even some goals some spirit and you have people throwing their money at them. They he making these claims. You see, it's happening. It's happened as he enters this hotel conference room in Hartford, Connecticut with a security team that rivals a head of state and adoring audience greets him with

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calls of daddy

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and sings His praises.

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He is 60 year old San Luis de hisses Miranda from Puerto Rico, a preacher and evangelist to go sure, but to his followers and in his own eyes. He's more than a man of God. Just ask Him.

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Jesus Christ man

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in front of you. That's right. He says he is the second calming people actually the gel is gonna come and cuts one of the young men in Medina who comes out we will even have

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a Muslim, that young man will come out of Medina. He will break him into two halves and he's gonna walk in between his two halves. Now if the people are doing it now imagine they see all that we're gonna take a break. We'll be right back.

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You will see the destruction of civilization.

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You will see the civilization of the destruction of the world. So how Petunia that will become the Tamiya it's technium

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you're gonna Masaru denominado massage raffia and tawaran as if that musical instruments will be widespread your reservoir Otto Roseann been massive news musical instruments will be on their heads How did he know about that?

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That's what it says I didn't make that up. It says they'll have more as if I don't Lucien massive on their heads are musical instruments.

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Who would have thought Who would have known what that meant at the time of our profits? But now we see it all these people everywhere.

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Welcome back to the D show. Now let's get everybody's excited to know what are some of these these major signs? The major signs are 10 and they are coded in one Hadith that you have no idea about the Allah Han and the Hadith is a Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day he entered the machete found the companions are studying. He asked him what are you studying? He said, we're studying the hour on messenger of Allah. He said Salallahu alaihe salam, it will not come until you see it and science before it. And he named the beast, the smoke, the Antichrist, the jetlag, you know, using the word just for the because it's commonly used.

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He said that the sending of Prophet sallahu wa salatu salam, goggan Magog, those are five, then the sun rising from the west, those are six and three landslides. One in the east, like earthquakes, major earthquakes, one in the east, one in the West, and one in the Arabian Peninsula. And the last one, which is the 10th. One, a fire which will erupt out of Yemen will dismiss people to their place of gathering. Now, the scholars do not know the sequence of these of these major signs. But also Sam did not indicate the sequence. Actually, there is another Hadith for the same Narrator In Sahih Muslim when he narrated those when he mentioned those 10, but in a different sequence than the one

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that I just quoted. So now Hydra last Kalani the author of fat belly, the one who explained half of the Hydra. He actually brought him down, he said there are two sets of signs. The first set was going to start with basically the Antichrist breaking out of the island, the first of the side, and that will lead to growth, because who's gonna kill the Antichrist Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is gonna lead to Prophet Isa coming down and to earth and killing the Antichrist and gogan Gargan Magog, yeah Jojo module break behind the wall. So those are three.

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Then prophet Hasani Salaam will establish the Sharia on earth, and he will rule out of Jerusalem for years. And his impact will carry on actually the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, to bear the burden to see what a good life will be when Mercy is actually ruling, using Islam and Sharia out of Jerusalem. For the for some people, they're here in Australia, and you know, they

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say, What do you actually go to these debates with with non Muslims and Christians in particular? And then they come up with this issue that, you know, you guys are here to establish the Sharia. So, you know, just to make fun of the whole thing we say, we're not worried about that actually believe that Prophet, he is the one who's gonna come and establish the Sharia, Jesus, God's the Creator, so they they look at you like you're crazy. You're coming out of the moon.

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It's very interesting. Jesus mode. 10 commandments in Syria. Yeah, that's what Jesus called a beggar. Think nuts. Look at Matthew 517. Think not that I came to abolish the laws and the prophets, but I came to fulfill them. And that's what it is, you know, so Sharia are not that I have come to abolish the Sharia law. I came to fulfill it, Sharia. That's what he's

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saying. That's what he said. We'll come come down to do you see this hadith regarding Lima Mohammed Abdullah Hammadi. You see, in that morning, I look at the scene now. The Antichrist, the gel is out there with that huge army and the few Muslims that believers are out there with a machete there is no way they can even fight that the Antichrist. So Rasul Solomon Bukhari Rasul Allah Selim tells us in that morning

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Alabama is about to lead the Salah, and he will look behind and he will spark profit as a seller walking into the machine Lhasa.

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He will say the academy Oh Allah, oh spirit from Allah. Carmen lead us in Salah. He will say no, I'm not here to lead. It was already established for you. I'm gonna. This is really symbolic that I'm not here to bring any new laws or any new I'm here to fulfill the laws that are in existence and this is the nature of the

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Second Coming Prophet esala salatu wa sallam, how do you know because we covered earlier people making the claims that they are like the person coming into your office. So what is the criteria how to eliminate the there is one criteria.

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Basically, he's going to be given that blockage between the black stone and the station of Ibrahim A neuroma calm. Now, when the evil forces find out that he is already leading the Muslim world, an army will come from Iraq, Syria, that direction. Look at this now, and Subhanallah this army will be miraculously swallowed by Earth. Earth will swallow that army. No but no no forces huge army then every Muslim should know that. This is Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, add to this ad. By the way, I want to tell you something. If somebody claims that his humanity This is in itself refutes that he is not an baddie, because we know from the biography of humanity that he will be forced in, he's gonna say no

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keys Stay away from me. I'm not interested. I don't want this No, come on, help us. I'm not interested. So they are actually going to force him in. So if you come and claim it that means and it's like at the jail if I'm able to see you in this world

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because if you're truly Allah I shouldn't be able to Allah Allah Allah Allah dunya in now

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this is in itself refutes the fact that he's you see many similarities when the from the Bible when Christians they will go because same thing there it's it doesn't match but but but but here's here's the confusion. They because they believe that Jesus died we believe that Jesus did not die. Jesus was raised up alive to Allah subhana wa tada body and soul untouched Wanaka De Luca masala boo What do you crucified Him? Not they killed him not but it was made to appear to them. So but rahula because they believe that he died and he rose from the dead Of course, they believe that when he returns he was gonna return in the hereafter when the Day of Judgment is here. Yeah, no, yeah, we as

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Muslims we believe that he's assigned that will come before the day of judgment. So many of these things are also there in the Bible that there but again, because they messed up the you know, the things got changed the the alleged crucifixion, they had to change the under the context of these. So the immediate what, that he's gonna come and reach the dead and he's gonna be the judge in the Day of Judgment. But for us Muslims know, he's gonna come before Allah salatu salam Prophet, so before as a sign of the hour, and he's going to live and actually he's going to go and perform hajj and umrah or one of them, and he's going to be buried in earth. And after him will be ears, ears

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have actually good life in earth. And then the other set of the major signs, the sun rising from the west and the east will introduce themselves again. And this will lead to the end of the world. Let's end with this where we got one minute left. When same thing when Jesus was asked about the Day of Judgment, he didn't know he didn't know. Yeah, so obviously, he wasn't God, because God is all knowing, very clear. But he had called people to prepare for that day. And then the same thing with Mohammed listen with this when he was asked about the day when it was he said, What have you prepared? Yes. So how can we get people how can people prepare for that day? What did I need to be

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the man faith? Okay, man, faith. You see, you need to understand this. When these major signs emerge. There is a Muslim, or the Aloha fella settle either horizon three major signs when they come out, if you do not have a man faith already established faith, according to Allison or Gemma, which is the belief of the heart, the uttering of the tongue, and the action of the limbs, not faith, according to the more general How are you know, and Fie, Fie, Fie, Fie, faith, you know, faith, faith, the Sahaba faith of the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, not faith, like he said, My heart is white. And so can we say the same faith the same pure monotheism? Yes, Jesus and his companions are

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likewise Moses and his likewise that believe in Mohammed and his companion. Absolutely. So it's the same tradition. Yes, pure monotheism, pure monotheism. This is the first thing which is going to save you this is number one, because when Allah named these three said, that gel, the Antichrist, it dead by the beast and the sun rising from the west, when these three signs come out, if you do not have faith already, it's over. Actually, we read that after these major signs or when these major signs before the sun rising from the west, and Allah will no longer accept Allah, Allah actually will send a soft wind to suffocate the believers

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to make them die, and to relieve them from the Phaeton and the worst of mankind will be in the face of this earth. When the hour erupts. When the outcomes palace Allah wa sallam the prophet SAW Selim says, Let acusa illa Allah assuredness, the our will take place while the worst of mankind are in the face of this earth. They are committing adultery in the street, they are worshipping idols again, and this is when the Kaaba actually will be

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The assembled like the brick by brick. A man from all these details are there in Islam based on a believable message, a book that's tested to this day preserved unchanged. That's what strikes you that you find Muslims going and reading these soap operas and reading these hearse hearsay novels, and they leave the Quran and the Sunnah. All right, we have a lot to learn. Thank you for sharing this lightness with us. All right, so I'll make a piece of this. And there you have it, the Islamic perspective on some of these topics will really stuck in my mind was being anti christ is actually being anti Islam because Jesus He promoted and he taught Islam, what is Islam Islam is to surrender

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to submit yourself, not to anything in creation, but to the one who created creation to God Almighty, and everyone who said Allah. And you will see that when you study the life of Muhammad, peace be upon him. And the things that he had foretold, you know, the Quran is a living miracle has scientific facts, it has so many things that don't go against science, that actually are verifiable, and they're coincide with many discoveries that we've made today. And then there's other things that the problem of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him at foretold. And we see that many of these things have happened because whatever, a prophet, a true messenger, it says, it's definitely something that

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will happen. And we see that people such as Aristotle, and others who have made vague predictions about certain things, they, for example, make 100 predictions, and 99 of them percent are totally false. But the one that maybe they got right that fits, people forgot about all the 99 other 99 that are totally false, with a true messenger

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that sent from the crater, they all have to be 100%. Correct. So until now, everything that we've seen anyone sincerely studies the life of Muhammad, peace be upon him, he brought a believable message, which was to what to be sincere with yourself, look, to worship the Creator, not the creation, everybody digs that. It's very simple. And then the ones who are calling us and showing us how to implement that were those prophets that were sent. And they had told people to prepare for the Day of Judgment. They gave the signs on what to expect, and we're seeing those things rapid today. adultery, fornication, killing all of these unjust evils that are happening, but how can you

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prepare for it, Jesus didn't know when that day was coming. But you have a lot of these, these shysters out there predicting certain things. But if Jesus didn't know, Muhammad didn't know,

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they weren't gods, but they were messengers of God. And they taught us how to prepare for the Day of Judgment by what proper believe pure monotheism, connecting yourself, your heart to the Creator of the heavens and earth and obeying him doing all the good that the creator told you to do. And it's all packaged in Islam. It's very simple and straightforward, is something that doesn't go against reason or common sense. Call us one 800 662 Islam to learn more.

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Subscribe right now if you haven't, so you get the next exciting show delivered directly to you. We'll see you next time. Until then, peace be with you salami

Unbelievable miracles and Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad SAWS foretelling the signs of the last day. There is no way he could have known all of these things, except for the fact he was the Prophet of God Almighty Allah. This weeks guest is Sh. Karim Abuzaid discussing the signs of the last day.

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