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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the stress and pressure of exams and setting goals for one's life. They stress the need for dialogue and discussion with children to manage stress and achieve success. The importance of fixing mistakes and learning to live in life is emphasized, and the importance of learning from one's successes and failures is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for hard work and consistency in life decisions, and invite listeners to attend monthly hardware events.
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Hello himanshi Domino Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah ashrafi mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali you also have yet many beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All praise me into Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator sustainer the Most Merciful, the most kinda Chateau La ilaha illAllah have a witness that man has the right to be worshipped except the last panel to Allah. And ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive us for the mistakes we've made last week Allah to guide us in the week to come and we see no greetings and salutations their beloved nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious family, to his companions and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, Allah grant us to be amongst them. Amin hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. sha Allah next week would be the first Juma of November. And

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November's usually the month for exams, our school kids and varsity kids are busy with exams. Now I know most of you, yes, I can switch over this one doesn't apply to me. I haven't written exams in in decades. And most of our people, yeah, there's very few youngsters in our Jama.

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But even if you are not writing an exam or matric exam, or university exam, you perhaps have kids of your own that write the exams. And we all have someone that we love someone that is dear to us, who's going to go through this difficult period of exams, it has also been noted that all of us are in an exam, this dunya is an exam. And it's very similar to the exams that you write, you've got a book that you have to follow, you have a teacher who's the best of teachers, so long as you stick to the book and follow that example, you either succeed or fail in this exam, and there'll be a day of results that they have judgment. So we take this Hooda, while we're talking about specifically

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exams, university exams, high school exams, we apply this to our life, we apply this to the exam of life that we are busy with. So the season of exams is upon us, and what advice can we give to our kids, and we should take this inshallah, to our children and our nephews and nieces, we should discuss these things with them, because it goes through, they go through a tremendous, difficult difficulty. And I don't think any of us who's written the exam, will ever say it was an enjoyable experience. Even if you were top of the class, it wasn't an enjoyable experience, even those were very well prepared. You know, you go in, and you always want to do more, and those who are not well

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prepared, they know. They just try to survive the exams. So it's a stressful period. And our kids, our youth, they go through the amount of pressure and stresses they go through in our day and age, perhaps more than in the past. And we see it time and time again. And sadly, we will see, you know, hopefully not but if history repeats itself, we'll find some heinola people disappearing, people just absconding not coming to the exams, running away from home, or people even taking their own lives, because of the stress and the pressure. And many, many times when something tragic happens, the parents say we never knew any reality they didn't know. We don't know what kind of pushes our

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kids are going through. We don't know what kind of stress they're being put under, it might look fine on the surface. But the fear of failure, the fear of not succeeding can become overwhelming. Not everyone is both the same. Some of us can manage that stress, some of us can take it in our stride. Some of us you need to take it a little bit more seriously. Others take it too seriously. And that's why it is important for us to have this dialogue and discussion in sha Allah with our kids. So what advice can we give anyone going through an exam or in fact, any traumatic and difficult experience? And in fact, in your life? This principle applies we know. So when we tell our

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kids, they're going to go through a month of hard, difficult work. We begin as Muslims, we ask why? Why Am I breaking my back like this? Why am I coming in and out of work? Why am I struggling and suffering and going through this hardship? And if you can't answer that, why, then it's a waste of time.

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In normal Albania, you have to know why you're doing it. For some of us. 30 years might be of pain and labor, but there's no purpose to it, because the knee and the reason behind it, there was no greater thinking we just do it because we have to do it. We just do it because we must win. I think the exams because I have to do it. Once you understand why you're doing it, why you're struggling through this exam period, it gives meaning to that hardship, you're working towards a greater goal. And one of the scholars said, one of the problems of our time is not that we have bad intentions. We have bad objectives. Most of us and particularly our young people, they have no objectives. They

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don't know why they're doing it. I suppose.

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To a young person in this week, what are your plans? I don't know. I'm just going through the motions. So well performing person at school, I just do it because I have to do it. I just work because I have to work. I just wake up every morning, go to work for 30 years, why? I person you know, another person I was discussing, listening to a lecture, he said, if you think back at your life, if you're 30, or 40, or 50, and you just think about your whole life, and you were to add all your memories up, it will only be a few hours of memories will only be a few hours of memories that really stick out the rest of time. The rest of those days that you're sitting in the office and

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you're working it just feeds was like just an advert just like you think like, you know, you're watching something you don't remember the advert you only remember the important bits. And it's sad to think how much of our life is important. But the bulk of it is just a filler. It's just, you know, an interlude. It's just therefore making up time. Why? Because they were not important. Yes, it was hard. It was difficult, but they were not important. So in Albania, ask ourselves, why are you doing this. So we tell our kids, that every action is done for a reason. And you are sitting going through this hardship through this exam, to get to a destination, this is a journey, and this

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is a difficult journey, but you are there to get to a destination and that destination. We are in oma, as they will say we have a high Hema We are an oma of extremely high ambition. We are a people this is one of the SEMA. This is one of the characteristics of the soma, from its beginning from its inception is that we have high, we are highly ambitious both for the dunya and akhira. We want to have meaning to our lives. So when we leave this dunya, what we did was we left the dunya with purpose. And therefore we tell our kids, you're studying through this for a purpose, not just so that you can get a job and that you can survive with the tears. And when you pass away. That's not

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why we go through this hardship. We want to change the world. And we want to be something and through this exam through this stvr and enhanced through this test. It cuts away It cuts away the you know it cuts away the impurities or the useless stuff in our character and it makes it defines us. That's why as they talk about a fitna a fitna is a taste that a blacksmith puts to gold all that taste is difficult. But what it does is it purifies the gold, it removes the impure, or the waste products, this is the same,

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that this exam is supposed to bring you out as a better person, a stronger person, so that you can change the dunya. We tell our kids that we should have this discussion, that you are part of something a lot bigger than yourself, that this exam that you're sitting for is not just for you, but it's for the oma and we look at our big problems, the big problems that we face, Rohingya, Palestine, Syria, if we take a step back and step back, it all will come down to right at the Foundation, that we are not functioning at a individual level that our youngsters, the youth that the energy that they provide, is not it's not honed, it's not educated, it's not focused. Every

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person is a part of fixing the oma part of the Jihad for the oma is sitting in an exam. And that difficulty that you're doing now is your jihad, it is your fight to fix the Palestine or to save Muslim saw sitting in that exam in that maths exam. That's part of it. So link, the Nia link this difficulty to India, but you want to inshallah want to be an engineer to both things. So that when you leave, you're gone. But that bridge that you both that people are riding on day in, day out, you're getting rewards for that, I want to be a doctor, how many lives have saved, I want to be whatever it might be. But when I go the effect, I left a mark a positive mark on this dunya. And

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therefore, once that near is the the success is guaranteed, Allah rewards you not? Well, this is a How do you say the reward is attached to the Nia, love the result. So you knew I was I want to save lives. I never got the I wasn't built to eventually achieve that objective. But Allah will already give you the reward of that. And also, conversely, even if you get the results, you are the lawyer, the doctor, the engineer, the whatever it might be, and you do do great things in this dunya for the wrong near, you don't get the rewards for it. You rewards us in the dunya. And that's it. So we speak to our kids. And this is part of perhaps even a bigger lesson in the exam is to ask them why

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are you doing this? Because mommy and daddy can't always force you. And when they go to university in particular high school kids, they do very well maybe in high school, when they get to university and the time becomes their own and the decisions they make are their own. Are they prepared to make those decisions? Are they prepared? Are they able to go to class when they parents are not watching them when they teachers aren't checking on them when they can bank the whole day. can go in to the beach all day. Some of you know what I'm

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Talking about.

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So we need to have those intelligent conversations with our kids. And we need to remind them that they are part of an enigma, they are a brick in a much bigger building, and every brick enough bricks fail, this entire building is going to collapse in you are a major part that we use as a major part of the success of this ama, and the education will lay that foundation for decades to come. Most of us, most people will only spend about 10 years, you know, of serious education in the life, which should be enough for the next 5060 years. Most of us wants you 25 you graduated, you're done studying, which is not a it's not a good thing. But this is the reality of life, and what

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decisions you made in those 10 years, what you decided will define you for the rest of your life. If you decided at 18 I want to be, you know, whatever I don't want to study, I don't want to go to university, I don't want to this is not for me, that the repercussions of that decision will affect you until the day you die.

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If you chose you could have chosen between going to one university or this different university, chances are at that university that you chose, you'll meet your spouse, you will find your career, which will determine where you will live one day where you get to work Subhan Allah how many life decisions are made in this time, and therefore if any of us have matriculants that are writing, it's very important to explain to them Is it serious, don't overstate, but it is serious. And know that you are you have a big role to play. So the NEA must be sincere. Once you need an Ei sincere in any exam, and this goes to life as well, whatever we do, make the NEA sincere. And I ask again all of

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us. Ask yourself, Why do I wake up every single morning? Sitting at traffic? break your back at work? What am I doing it for? Where am I going towards? What is this? What? If you can't answer that question? Today? You won't be able to answer it tomorrow. Same without kids. If you can't answer while you're doing it. Now, you're going to go to a career that you're not going to be able to answer you're going to have a life that you're not going to be an answer. And only the day, the sad day when you realize the writing's on the wall, you realize what did I do with my life? What was my life. The second thing is going through any difficult period, any hardship, any taste, is to trust

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in Allah subhanaw taala is to put your faith and your trust in Allah, that Allah subhana wa Taala says that he created this dunya as a test, this life is a test. And in fact, usually when I will speak to our tests, Allah speaks about the good things that we've made in sort of Kapha losses. Luckily, we have made this dunya beautiful, nice as a taste. So the nice things I taste and the not nice things I taste, the good, the good stuff in your life is a big test. And the hardship is actually a smaller test. Choose your tastes basically Allah saying you can choose, you want the taste of blessings and ease or the uncomfort or the taste of hardship, but you know that you're

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going to do a test, there is no way out of it. In who you can send my mother so that I can see who of you are the best in actions, who are you who have you are going to do the best in this exam. That's the life and then the only hope is that we put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala that this test is beyond me, Allah, the test of life that these are my exams of work or family, whatever it might be. The only thing is I put my faith in Allah subhanaw taala that no matter how big the situation is, Allah is bigger.

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The point again is not always passing the exam, winning the exam, but rather it is putting your faith in Allah. It is to draw you closer to Allah goes back to that near anything that you decide and do with I should marry this girl. When I should buy this house. You know when you buy to the side note you had these, it says a jar cabela dar when you buy a new home we went during a certain area, Allah the Prophet says check out the jar, the neighbor before you look at the house. First goes look at the neighbor we're going to live next to before you look at the house. You might have a beautiful house terrible neighbor do a bad for you. You might have not a great house but wonderful

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neighbors and it'll be good for you.

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Just something simple. Check that out. Everything links back to Allah What does bring me closer to Allah. And once you've made that Nia sincere Allah says, we'll call your husband Allah when they are manual key. So say Allah is sufficient for us. Most Excellent Is he in whom we trust as a dispose of our office, ultimately, the choices with Allah, the success or failure is with Allah, we do our part and we leave it to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah says, well wait a worker, Allah, he

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and whoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him so when our kids go through this difficult experience, it's hard time.

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Remind them again, you're doing this for Allah, and you're putting your faith in Allah and you putting your trust in Allah.

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And that's what it comes down to the you in the hands of Allah, then as Muslims, we can face anything. If this is the wall and the decree of Allah, then we know what is best for us.

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But at the same time, we tie our camel, you put your trust in Allah, and we tell our kids, we should tell our kids this look ultimately, how much you earn. And you need to learn this lesson in life, how much you earn, what risk is going to come to you. What sickness is going to come to you what accidents calamities are going to come to you is from a law. You can't avoid it. You can't stop it, you can't change it. It is all in the hands of Allah. And he decides you can study the best you can. And you can go blank. And sometimes you didn't do to study to prepare to well, and things go well, you get lucky. in inverted commas. We don't believe in luck or bad luck. But we will everything is

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an end of a luck but at the same time, we don't say a lot provides. So when our kids tell you that I am now making tawakkol am I gonna study because Allah provides

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already you know, my Eman is so strong that Allah wrote for me 50,000 years before the creation, I'm going to pass or fail this exam, you know, where's your Where's your yaqeen? Daddy ways you again, Mommy, what's wrong with you? You know, trust in Allah. No, this is not how a Muslim operates.

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I want analogy to say is, Allah will only give you what you want if you give 100%. But to get it, you need 110% you want this thing you need 110% to get the meaning you will never reach it even if you operate at full capacity.

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But you need to operate at 100% for Allah to give you that extra 10% whether it is in the big things like jihad, or fixing the world, we need to give 100% before Allah will give us that extra 10% so that you get the success.

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That's how life works. You need to give everything and then Allah will give you that extra push your passes exam. But if you don't get to, if you don't get to give your full alarm will not give you his unless out of his mercy. He gives you that thing even though you don't deserve it.

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So we are people as the prophets of Salaam says in a very simple way of understanding see how beautiful are going to be some breaks down a very complicated thing. He says we tie our camel. But yes, the camel is written whether he will run away or not. But you do what you can do in your power. So in this exam comes Yes, the success of the decree whether you fail or pass is in the hands of a load at the decision is made already. But Allah says you need to take as above you need to take the means. Meaning what does this mean? I want to get to that objective I want to get to that destination.

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I will show you if you want to go from A to B, you need to go this is the path you need to take if you want to succeed in the exam. This is that you need to study you need to work hard. If you want to be wealthy, you need to work hard. If you want to get married, you need to make certain actions to get there. You won't just the wife isn't going to fall in your lap. Alright, so I'm going to pull from the summer and fall in your lap. No you need to play the game. Right? Same with exams. So Allah has shown you that as BB the ways of attaining success and for us we need to take those as BB and once we've done everything in our power now we say ultimately now what's left is in the hands of

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Allah doctor tells you a sick yeah the Balaam Allah protect us you might have cancer may Allah protect us. All of us know someone that we love that has cancer may one of our youngsters or exams today, a Muslim youngster cure cancer in our time. May Allah bring that that great success and reset to the oma for all of humanity.

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Dr. fells you're sick. You don't just say it's in the hands of Allah, I will sit back and tawakkol you know, eat some honey and we'll be okay. No, we do everything we can we take every precaution and medication we can. And we still then we ultimately say Allah I have done my part nine waiting for you to do your part. Whatever you decree now is in your hands. If you kill me Alhamdulillah it is by your Iza and your mercy and your Shiva not my efforts are not my medicine. And if you don't kill me, and I've done my part, and if you've put this difficulty in my way I put my trust in you and I'm patient and thankful and grateful to you. For Allah. That's the life of the believer. So beautiful.

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So Allah has decreed all matters, but we are required to seek success, success through the prescribed means we tell our kids, Allah has certain success or failure. And you can attain that success but you need to do your part. And of course, as we know, for exams is quite simple. It's hard working hours you have to sit there, some people are naturally gifted, some people things will come quicker. But we can all say this, we we tell our kids this not just you know, it's it's the same. It's reality. Most of us we know this, the guys that you know got everything easy. And the minute hardship came to them and they correct they don't see

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succeed not only it's a life lesson, we don't only not succeed when things are tough life is gonna throw you a curveball. But it's the guys that work hard, consistently who graph to struggle, everything they got was through struggle. Those are the people that usually succeed in life. Because they know how to deal with failure, then how to deal with things to easily keep going, that combination that they learn, so the one person you know, they've got the knowledge, they got the the smarts and the IQ. But what they didn't learn was determination. And our kids were not that gifted. Not all kids are the same. Some of us might be might have three, four kids. And we can already see

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this one is not that strong in certain areas. We need to encourage them and each one has something to be Allah has given you something Allah has given you a gift Allah has given you something, and only through hard difficult work like a minor digging, when you find your gift, when you find what you're good at. And even if you don't find it now, just the determination of doing it of struggling of persevering or giving it your all, it will be a lesson which you will need in life. You might not most of us might have forgotten our maths, stats, whatever it might be, we studied, but we remember the hardship we had to go through to get where we are today. That's with us. And perhaps a bigger

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lesson for our kids to learn the in the day and age that we live in. We live in a time as they said, It is about immediate gratification. You want to speak to someone you just pick up the phone, it's immediate, you want to go somewhere you can just get there easily immediate, everything is about getting it now, there is nothing, they we are not we are moving towards a society where there's no such thing as I work and I build towards something, I wait patiently until I get the and our kids need to learn this lesson. For you want to get to something, it might take you six years of hard work to get the six years to someone might sound like a lifetime, six years. It's like a life

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sentence six years. If I want something, I just get it now immediately. Everything I want I just with the touch of a button. That's a dangerous world we live in. So as parents, the exam itself might not be so important, but the lessons in life is important. And as we've seen, once you've taken the means and put your trust in Allah, and we submit ourselves to whatever results comes we did our part. And if as as parents and we should also be we should know our kids, that if we know they've put in a full quota and a full efforts and it didn't achieve so much. We should tell them a lot does not look at the results. I'm going to question you about your math smock. Also look at your

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effort, how much effort did you put in, and if you put the right amount of effort in you're a winner. Similarly, the guy who gets 100% but didn't didn't take it seriously. Allah has gifted him that when we say that you haven't really succeeded, even with Quran in response to beautiful Hadith prophets of says the man the person who decides to quit and fluently and beautifully and easily they get the rewards of like the melodica. But the man we gotta many struggles in every sentence like he hacks, you know, he stutters every single word, he gets double that he would obviously the one who recites like today's martial arts beautiful, but still the other person who struggled, you get more

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rewards than he because he struggled and he said that one I was more beloved to Allah than that beautiful heart and that was recited because of the effort, the sincerity, that's what Allah is testing you.

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Number four, don't ever undercount or discredit or discount the effects of DHA. And it's our responsibility as parents, for us. So you know, when when kids go through exam times the old house is going through exam time, the whole house is geared in that. And as parents, we'd love only I could write the exam for them, you know,

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but what we can do something greater than that is to make to offer them. The appearance is one of those Mr. Jobs was when a parent makes to offer the child with child links to halfway paid and it's sincere. It's with love, and therefore it's powerful. What we can do as parents is to continuing making Do you know, if you look at the history of many of our great scholars, behind them was a great parent. Eman. Bihari Rahim Allah, we know he went blind as a child, who was about three, four years old, he went blind, what could become a blind child, his mother in the doctor said nothing we can do. Your child will always be a blind child, you just have to accept the reality. She didn't

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give up. She may do as she may do as you may do, or you're already turned the sight of my son, when only when he say to return of one, when he said his sight returned.

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He became something else you could see. But his memory, his memory changed something like a kurama way, whatever he may, whatever words he heard, he couldn't forget. And therefore a lot of his success and by the grace of Allah, but

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Through the death of his mother, you find the same with him it humble. The same with him. Sherry was a mother in the life that really guided them and showing them the way may do out for them. So Allah says, what about the need for iniquity, without a die that that fella says he will he will you know, Allah, Allah, Who, here soon, we say this to our kids, that no matter how difficult things are,

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when my servants asked you, Allah says about me, indeed, I am corrib I am away, Allah knows what you're going through. Allah knows that this mess is difficult. You don't understand a word of Shakespeare. You don't know what's happening yet Allah knows he's these away. And he will respond to you if you ask him, if you ask who's gonna help you. So raise your hands and ask if it's important part of this exam procedure, part of the exam routine is to say, X amount of time you study X amount of time is break, relax, X amount of time is

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you have to make time for that door. You have to learn in life, that there are certain challenges you will not get through except through the law cannot survive except through law. No matter how good you are smart you are, how hard you work, how great you are always going to throw you with a challenge a test an exam, bigger than you and bigger than your ability, you can't prepare for it. And therefore you put submit yourself into law.

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And believe last week, there was a discussion on two hours, the topic and just something for us to remember how do we make the law, the etiquettes of law, some of the best times use your time Our time is very precious. So even though I only have five minutes to make dua, when do I make do our best, best times to make dua between the Adana and the comma. So if you're in the masjid and Iran goes off between that period, make dua before you say Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullah insalata. Soon, you, if it's followed, do it in Arabic, if it should not in English or Afrikaans, whatever language you want, being asked Allah, so make an extra two records. And before you make tasleem make it to

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Allah for your kids, whatever it might be,

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after your solar alarm and the Salah, that's a Mubarak time because you just didn't bother. And if you very serious, Allah say this, you don't, if you are not making the agitate for something, you're not very serious about it. If someone is sick, and you really love that person, and you're not really getting up in the urge to make Salah, waking up an hour before fudger to make dua to Allah, then you're not really you don't really love that person that much. If you're not waking up with algae to make the art for your success, then it's not that important to you. Similarly, Philip making the all of us we're all guilty of this, if we're not waking up, we still fart and Jana, then

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we not that serious about it because Allah says in the Quran, that they are a fragile meaning that they are before fudger is extremely powerful, extremely powerful. Allah Himself comes down in a manner which reflects his majesty, in the last third of the night to except to us. So if your kids one of the lessons they could learn is wake up one night, one night, in this month, let's make a gadget as a family. And you ask what you want with Allah. Don't let mommy and daddy make dua for you make dua to Allah. And that's a great to listen to a lie than passing your math exam. If they learn that lesson, and since you struggled, I didn't prepare so well. But I passed and was that tangent,

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it works and they do that going forward. Allahu Akbar that's a great lesson in that a they got to be they got in sujood and some other etickets have to

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ensure you complete your all your Ferrari obviously can't make da if you haven't fulfilled your salada basics, avoid sin, especially money if your income is haram. And your food is haram as well as the prophecies in the Hadith. And his food and his clothing is haram. That's one of the reasons but we discussed this last week wise you are not forgiven. And why do is not accepted in your da don't just begin Allah give me Allah give me sort of RT has a very beautiful example of how we make dua. We begin with unhemmed. Yeah, Allah I'm coming to ask for more. But first I want to say to you, thank you, Allah, Praise to you for what I already have. Even if you don't give me what you've given

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me is enough. I first want to begin by acknowledging the blessings that are Allah, the fact that I have an exam tomorrow is a blessing, because there are millions of people who would love to have to have education. There are millions of people who can't study. We don't have the opportunity. So the fact that I have an exam is an Amana is a blessing. The fact that I can go for the operation is an Amana other people don't even have that option. So we begin by praising and thanking Allah calling on his names, and then you ask whatever your heart desires, ask whatever it might be, Don't feel shy. Don't feel shy to ask of the tricks of shader is how can you ask Allah for this? Ask him what

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you want. Because even if you need a shoelace, whoever says Cydia, Allah is only my Saki Allah, please give me a new sock.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:13

Danette final I'm not gonna take we do make Sala offer that it's so insignificant, no and even for that, so obviously whatever is bigger or smaller, make dua megado and whatever decisions you make, how big it is make dua Allah guide us

00:30:15 --> 00:30:52

and make dua for others and tell you kids make dua for your classmates make dua for everyone in class, they all succeed. And make dua for the teachers as well. They're not there to catch you out, they giving you something which is so great to help you in the rest of your life. Make dua for others, even if you are competing to be number one. Yeah, Allah, let me be number one, I'd like to be number one to do good. But if not me, then someone else. hamdulillah that's a great lesson that we teach, because they are going through the same difficulty as I am, and some might even be going through it. Some people might have learning disabilities, but yet they in the same race like you,

00:30:52 --> 00:30:55

and they struggling just even harder than you.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:37

And as you see, they do have kids and parents and continue to supplicate if you really see this again, that when I say if you really serious about your exams or your stuff, continue to make dua even after the event. So you had you prepared you may do are you studied, you wrote the exam, you went blind, it was terrible exam, if you really trusted in Allah, you still make dua afterwards, I can change that paper. A lot can add things in in your favor. It's like, I really like this I can't remember I think it but it's a it's my handwriting. If you really believe and trusting Allah then even after, after you've written continue making dua, and no matter what the result is last, the

00:31:37 --> 00:31:39

last point, this is a point in life.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:42

Do not become despondent.

00:31:43 --> 00:31:45

Don't give up. And perhaps

00:31:47 --> 00:32:00

a lesson which we need to inculcate in, in a world that we living in where everything is results driven. Everything is about success. Everything is about being one better. No one is going to always succeed. No one is always going to win.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:05

All of us are going to fail. And that's a very important lesson to tell our kids.

00:32:06 --> 00:32:46

If they didn't work, and they failed, then we part of the reprimand. The point is we don't reprimand for the sake of reprimand, we explained to them, you say you failed because you didn't do your part. So if you continue in this line, you continue to fail. But if you even you did your part and you still fail. You also have to remember that not every day is going to go your way. things are going to happen out of your control. Y'all know why? I've done everything right. And things just don't go my way. That's part of life. That's part of how things are the results are the most perfect of persons. If you look at his life, person, like if you look at his life, he died with zero in his

00:32:46 --> 00:32:51

bank account. He owned nothing when he died. He buried all his kids except one.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:32

He went through, you know his costs out of his family of his home. You look at this person's life, you think that's almost a failure. This is the most perfect of persons and Allah gave him every single conceivable test. Imagine burying all your kids except one. All your kids, the oddest thing as a parent, that Allah is going to test you and you're going to fail sometimes Allah is going to test you with that failure. That's a bigger test. And when we remember this hadith had no fatigue, no disease, no sorrow, no sadness, no hurt, no distress before as a Muslim, even if it will be as simple as a thorn picking him. Then Allah will remove for him he said, Allah will purify you through

00:33:32 --> 00:33:45

that test. You tell your kids through this anxiety and this exam is purifying you is bringing you closer to him. It's a beautiful dog and and this is what they decide during anxiety Allahumma salli ala medacta who Salah

00:33:46 --> 00:34:17

has an either Salah you can take a picture of it if you want this is something that your kids you tell them recite this exam or decide this to go through difficulty. Allah lays no ease is nothing is easy, except that which you make easy. And if you please you ease the difficulty, the sorrow when you're going through hardship, recite this to our nevison reciting this trust in your ability and remember in the manner of Nusra that was every hill is beautiful I and I conclude with this ayah for in America, in America.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:34

If you look at this ayah linguistically Allah it's not saying that with every usually it's if you look in translation with hardship will be easy with hardship Allah repeated twice, why does it repeat it twice? Allah to confirm to confirm in your minds with hardship they will be easy. But if you go deeper into this ayah

00:34:35 --> 00:34:40

Allah saying, literally she translated with the hardship is ease

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

with hardship, meaning with the days that are hard, with the few hard days, most of it is easy. Most of your life isn't an exam. Most of your life isn't sickness. Most of your life isn't failure. Only a few days you remember, but the rest of the time which you have forgotten is easy.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Allah saying life is easy, but for most of you life is easy. And you have a few days which are which are bad, a few bad days, but the rest of them are easy. So Allah saying, remember, I'm testing you for a few days only, and the rest is ease. And Allah saying what every hardship over has built in it is to succeed in that. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us and bless our kids in this this difficult time. May Allah grant us ultimately to pass this exam of life, but in the good of it and the bad of it, may Allah grant the best of us to come out of it and the best of our actions, whatever mistakes we've made, while we're still here, the exam isn't done. The exam isn't finished,

00:35:39 --> 00:35:55

no matter how far how badly you've done. The past 50 years of this exam, exam is unfinished. The best is still to come. Some Allah bless us and except from us make easy for our kids. And may this generation of youngsters do great things for this. I mean what sort of law say no Mohammed valioso Islam Sunni

00:35:56 --> 00:35:57

Islam Allah

00:35:59 --> 00:35:59

Shekar and

00:36:01 --> 00:36:07

I have a few announcements. Firstly, the massager w book up wish to invite all of you

00:36:08 --> 00:36:23

tomorrow evening, Saturday, October for the monthly hardware Goron which is normally the last Saturday of the month. And this will be out at our most of our evening at 730. That is after

00:36:24 --> 00:36:39

all of you are invited as well as the ladies. And then also a shared mother requested to our daughter the eight year old right up on the stage who collapsed at school and she said a coma in a coma at the moment. We are so lucky to

00:36:41 --> 00:36:43

have all those statistic like

00:36:49 --> 00:36:49


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surely the MRA closes on Wednesday.

00:36:54 --> 00:36:58

Which at what time of the uptake shy

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