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other live on a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa early he was a big man in beloved brothers and sisters in Islam As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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or praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala shadow Allah, Allah Allah, Allah bear witness that nun has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we exalt Him and we praise Him and we thank him for all his abundant blessings. And if we were to count the blessings of Allah, never ever we will be able to enumerate them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant a steadfastness on his worship, to grant us to be grateful for the blessings that He's given us. And we send our love our greetings and salutations, beloved nabina, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala

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bless us to be steadfast on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah bless us in His work of Jamar may our sins of last week be forgiven in this worked. May Allah accept this as our doors that we've made. For those who wrote exams May Allah grant them the best of success so youngsters in the exams, Allah grant those who are about to travel on holiday grant them a safe travel and a safe return. For those who are going through difficulty him Allah alleviate the difficulties of the dunya and those who have passed away May Allah bless them in the cupboard, grant them mercy Amin well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Over the past couple of weeks, we've done the

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series on our risk series, and we spoke about transactions about the Riba the dangers of harmful and earning money in a haram wait. And then we spoke about ways of increasing it in a in a spiritual way. That yes, we said that it is important, Allah will not give you your risk. If you do not also make the effort. You need to go out you need to have a plan, you need to work according to the dunya as we said, the ASVAB but there are also spiritual ways which you can increase your money. We spoke about that last week and the week before that so far, just by making ECFR Allah will increase your wealth, just by doing your business in a halal way Allah will give you added baraka and blessings in

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that just by keeping family ties Allah will put Baraka in your money and your you will find that your money will increase that by doing the right thing all the time, even if it's detrimental to you but you have the taqwa Allah will open for you those which you could not have imagined. And we listed about 15 of them or so. And the one we didn't mention, which is perhaps the most important one is the weapon of the believer, the thing that we have, no matter which situation we are in, when we are looking for that risk, even if all the doors are closed, when we are fighting that cancer, even when all the medical treatment is done, we always have one powerful resource, and our assets is

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the dua that we can raise our hands to the creator of the universe, to the one who has and owns all wealth, the one who gives wealth, the one who takes wealth, the one who gives health, the one who takes it, the one who has power over all things, and we can raise our hands to Allah and Allah says, we'll call her up Buddha, in your load said that if you ask me as to gmail.com If you call out to me, I guarantee you I will respond. If you ask I will give guaranteed a promise from Allah, it might not come in the way that you want it, it might come in a better way. It can only come in a better way. You know, Allah gives you exactly what you asked, we will give you something better than that.

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So it's a guarantee. So Allah says if you ask me, then I will surely respond. So ask and I will respond to your call. And we know the beautiful if Allah subhanaw taala says to the postman Salam ye that said I like you better than me when my servant asks you about me Where am I? How am I then say to him indicative I'm always close to you. I'm always near to you. I know your situation. So ask me Tell me your hola my I'm broke. Yeah, hola. I'm in debt. Yeah, hola. I'm struggling say to him, beseech Him for His Rama is mercy. Sahaba would say even if we needed something as small as a shoelace, that would make to offer it. Make dua this and you will find in sha Allah, that they will

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come away out that Allah will give you either give you what you need, you will give you an increase in sustenance, or you will find a way to make do with what you have, you will find contentment in that. So the DUA is our weapon always. And a Muslim therefore never loses hope. Because he has a direct line to Allah just you know, we don't give any examples rely must lie Allah Allah has no likeness. But if you had a direct line, if you had the president on speed dial,

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and he would help you no matter what you do what you ask of him, you feel invincible. You feel like there's nothing I can worry about. I just found out my my friend and he's going to sought me out. Well, you have Allah subhanaw taala anytime of the axis, just raise your hands and Allah subhanaw taala will answer. So we sit in this discussion. Wealth ultimately, is a test. Everyone is being tested. Some of us are being tested by Allah giving us money. And some of us Allah is testing by withholding money. That's the test.

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No one is everyone has been tested in this thing, every single person. And Allah says in the Quran, when an absolute want to know what a nebula can be sure when we're hiring fitna that we will give you a fitna that is good and bad, a taste of goodness and, and of blessing and a taste of difficulty. And ultimately, what Elena what Elena to Geralyn ultimately will come back to me, this is just purely a test at this time of year,

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for many of us will hamdullah we go into a period, we we've earned the money, maybe we've got bonuses. Well hamdulillah we've just had a PD, how we spin that money? What do we do with a wealth? That's the next question. And having money we said is sometimes and usually this is agreed by the scholars having wealth is a bigger test than not having wealth. Having wealth is more dangerous than not having it. The pious people have old understood that every blessing comes with a price tag every blessing you must take account with Allah on the dev Yama I was going to ask you just to understand this thing and it makes us scared sometimes we know the very famous story of Ebola you but I'm sorry

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I'm going to you but I'm sorry if it's a hobby that actually how's the Prophet when he came to Medina you'd never house he stayed with you but I'm sorry buried in in Turkey. I will never give up on Saudi this tells a story that once Abu Bakr and say no matter they wind up in the masjid at like, two o'clock one o'clock the afternoon. And and no one is around in the desert awake that time. It's like middle that's more people are awake. 12 o'clock the night than 12 o'clock the afternoon because it's hot. So no one is awake. So Abubaker say normal. Why are you here? Is it I can't sleep was an angry aboubaker said the same reason. I'm also here. I don't have anything to eat. I can't sleep so

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I'm hungry. And of course Subhanallah the prophets of salaam was there as well out of hunger. He didn't have he couldn't sleep. So the three of them are so hungry. They said you know what? A Buddha you've always had something. Let's go and ask him. Allah says Allah I'm knocking on the door for something to eat with Abu Bakr and Omar Subhan, Allah Subhan Allah, so they go to his house and when he sees his guests Yeah, Allah Azza Rasool with Abu Bakr and Omar, he says, Not only am I going to give you lunch, but he's going to actually like, give a feast. So he cut some dates from his three. The Prophet says, Why did you cut so much we don't need you mean, you could have taken the right

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ones why even believe obviously, when moving, we wanted to honor his gifts. And then he said the IRS will Allah allow me to slaughter a goat, and then we can have the goats for lunch. So the Prophet says that also, don't slaughter a goat that is gives milk. So he took a young small one, and he told his wife bake somebody. So they ate some dates, bread, and some meat and the Prophet sits by us crying, he said, Allah is going to ask us of this blessing, we're going to have to be unsuitable for this blessing. Now Subhan Allah, I will meals that we eat is better than this.

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When we talk about the kings of old and the arrogance, they will be amazed that you can put on a lights and these lights, you can press a button and your room is cold or it's hot, you turn a tap, and the water comes out. You can go to the toilet, and flush and it's gotten these blessings by let alone our health our family, we will be answerable for these blessings, every blessing Allah will ask the Prophet taught towards the Sahaba when they add what so how do we answer he said, When you begin, say Bismillah, and you dance Alhamdulillah, just thank Allah hamdulillah and you pay the price of that blessing. Every blessing comes with a price tag and the more you have, the more you're

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going to answer for it. When you look at that bank account, if it's a bit high, you're gonna have to answer for it. How did you use it? So wealth is a test. And some of us fail in this test. And it's worse to fail in the taste of, of wealth. And there are things that we can do that actually Allah will bring ruin on that wealth, that wealth can be the cause of your ruin, or that you can you know, these two things, yeah, you can, the wealth can be ruined. That's not so bad, you lose. That is your punishment in the dunya. Or even worse than that, the wealth ruins you. So what are the things that we see from the Quran? How wealth can destroy the number one thing that you find that destroys you

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and your wealth is arrogance. We find this in the Quran.

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To people for example, we find frown, we find the story of cartoon, we find the story of the man in South Africa, we had lots of wealth. What happens usually is wealth makes you feel better than others. You begin to believe that this is used you forget, it's only on loan, it's going to come back and you begin to look at others who don't drive the car that you have don't have the bank account that you have. They are Lisa, the opinions don't mean anything that I am superior. So there was this man called Qarun in a time of Nabi Musa laissent Salam. He was a Israelite, but he worked with the Pharaoh against his own people. And he profited from his own people from the manipulation

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so much that his houses were filled with gold and treasure in a bank. So they say that vaults and his his private vaults are so big. Allah says in the Quran, that men that a group of men who carry the key to open the door, that's how rich he was, and

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Musa says to him to be thankful and grateful to Allah for look at what you have. And look at his response. He says, In ama ot to her Allah, I mean, nd that this that you see here as come out of my knowledge, my expertise, my skills, because I'm smart, I'm professional, my qualifications. This is because of my business abilities what I have, he ascribed his wealth and his prosperity to himself, and that is arrogance. And Allah Subhana Allah says, they do not see that I have destroyed and belittled people greater than him in power. So we know Allah had swallowed him and his wealth up into the ground as a punishment for him. When he was asked to humble himself, he says, Do you not

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see I own all of this Egypt belongs to me and the rivers the flow under my feet, what happened to him, the man in South Africa when his neighbor said to him, don't be ungrateful. You have so many properties that you look you as far as the eye can see you have wealth, what did he say? He said that this has come to me because of myself and to Allah, I think will last forever. So Allah in a blink of an eye, took it away. When we begin to feel deluded by our wealth, we begin to feel some self worth and pride in our hearts. When wealth does that to us. When if we are lucky, Allah will only take away our wealth to humble ourselves. If we are unlucky, Allah will take away our wealth,

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and cause us to die on that pride. Subhanallah never, ever feel yourself bitter. Always. And Allah always takes you back. Look at where you began. Look at where you began, you began with nothing. If you grew and hunger, you progressed better than others in life, you started off no way. And you will end up in that same place. Don't think you're superior. Even if you are the CEO of the company will allow you that man that's cleans your office might have greater Taqwa than you that person that cleans out your toilet might be greater in the sight of Allah then you never ever feel yourself superior. Many of us our domestic workers may be more pious in the sight of Allah than us. And

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that's the only thing that counts. And Allah ins these with Qarun story. Allah says, Allah will not give the akhirah to people that put corruption in the world, they do mischief, and they exalt themselves they feel themselves boastful, but Akeeba to clean that the end Allah is going to give it to the Buddha in the people of taqwa, people of taqwa, let your wealth never make you feel grant, when you buy a new it's okay to wear new clothes, it's okay to have a nice asset. It's okay to enjoy yourself. But the minute you have that sense of self worth, very, very dangerous. Allah hates that, that that feeling of arrogance is of the major sins.

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One of the things that also takes away the baraka from your wealth, the reason why many people feel I work so hard, but I don't seem like I'm moving forward. My wealth isn't my bills just never get met. But no matter how much effort I put in one calamity after the other knocks me why the Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim says,

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imagine a man is deprived of provision because of the sins that he commits, the sins that he does his provisions, Allah takes it away. And we know that sometimes Allah tests us with a calamity as a mercy and sometimes it comes as a purification. Allah punishes us by taking away our wealth, so that we hopefully will return when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, as we know the opposite is true. When we obey Allah, Allah will increase our physical sustenance and people when we disobey Allah II takes away that sustenance.

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One sauce, scholar of the Salah, pious scholars, you would say, when I became when I feel myself I committed sin, I disobeyed Allah in something then I find the attitude even of my animal changes even my animal becomes disobedient to me. My relationships go bad, my my businesses, problems happen. People don't you know, my data is don't pay on time my creditors are on my neck. Even my animal is not obedient doesn't work. My car doesn't work. Why do we have these calamities? And like we said Subhanallah everything is a test. Blessing is a test calamity. That is how you respond to that will determine if it's you pass the test or not. So if Allah assisted you with calamity, we ask

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your Allah What have I done wrong? We give sugar and we say Allah let's introspect. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Let me fix that. Stop doing the sin. Also, you know what some scholars mentioned? It's a Mercy of Allah, that if you I personally, we are bad people.

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If Allah gave us more wealth, what if we have a corrupt person? What would you do with that wealth? We will use it for more corruption, we will actually use it to do more evil. So as a mercy from Us when Allah sees me doing that he withholds it so that we don't strangle ourselves we'll understand. That's that's of the Mercy of Allah. But sometimes things don't go well in our life. I get many calls from hon Allah that will say the business isn't doing so well. Things aren't going well in the exams. Whatever. It must be ginger, it must be Jim is

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You know, as he might you can give me something to drink. When you look do you perform your Salah five daily Salas, sometimes the you have you, you know how do you do your business dealings you cheat people. There's some people that you know, I haven't paid them now Subhanallah don't worry about June 1 Worry about yourself. First Worry about yourself if things don't go right in your life, do an introspection, sometimes just will hamdulillah you're doing everything right. And as an added piece and purification, Allah will also make it difficult even look Subhan Allah, the Prophet SAW Salem doesn't have food to eat, the prophets also lamb doing everything right. And Allah also does

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seem, but you are the one that must decide, is this a punishment a purification in the dunya with the taste, and most of us Subhanallah we know it is because we are not doing things properly, why our music is not going as far as it should be.

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Another reason where Allah subhanaw taala

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will withhold that music for us that there is they and Allah has written it for you, but because of something you're doing is withheld. It's being ungrateful for what you have. It's being ungrateful for what you have. So Allah says to you and me, we're entitled dunya I'm like Hola, hola. Laughter Suha in Allah lava Fuhrer Rahim that if you were to really count, Allah says the favors I've given you, if you didn't count what I give you, you would, you will be unable to quantify them, if you will, Allah says, Okay, you have such a bad life, we moan and we don't know what we don't have. So let's let's let's add up what you have. Let's put a price on your health, the price on your family,

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the price on living securely, freely the price on the call that you have the job that you have, let's put all your blessings together. Now, do you really want to complain? And that's what Allah says, if you count what I give you, you would you would forgive would realize that Subhan Allah we have not given Allah the sugar he deserves. Allah says to us, if you were to count Allah's favor, you would not be able to count them and most surely in son is very unjust to Allah, and very ungrateful to Allah, that we we are unjust to Allah, all we do is we complain in another ayah, Allah says that when we give him, he's happy with me, but when we withhold, then he forgets, then he then

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he becomes angry becomes an opponent to me. And in fact, the highest form of ungratefulness is when Allah gives you and me something, a blessing, and we abuse that blessing, or we use it against him. When you lie muscle, Allah, we don't give Allah any kinds of analogies. But if a parent if you were to give your child some kind of blessing, some money, for example, if they were to squander it, that's bad, they wasted it. But imagine they use that to harm you as the one that gave, they actually use it against you, how the how does that How is how ungrateful is that? That's what we do, we think the blessing that Allah has given us, and we actually use it in sin, in corruption in

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harming others. So it's only sometimes as a mercy that Allah takes it back. In fact, in the Quran, Allah mentions, if he really wants to destroy people, he will give them the full, open all the doors to allow them to use it to the full level of of haram and corruption, then he takes them like that, that is the highest form of punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. And we find that Subhanallah, when we look at our life, and we look at the problems are the things that we wish we had, or it's when we compare our lives to that of others, we compare ourselves to a photoshopped Facebook life of someone else. Look what they're doing, look at the holidays, they're going on, look at the things they eat.

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And we compare it I wish I had that. I wish I had that. And subhanAllah. Number one, we know that it's superficial. That is just the highlights, you know, the top 10 moments, we haven't seen the other, the other rest of the day how bad things were for that person's life, we only see the good points and we compare ourselves to that. We look at that person's wife and we look at our wife and then we can pay and we feel not good enough. And this Subhanallah is this is a high level of ingratitude, Allah subhanaw taala, a high level of ingratitude. If you were to come pay to make the proper comparison, then at least also compare yourself to the guy lesser than you, the one that

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doesn't have what you have, as they say, as a wellness thing of the scholars. But if all the people were to put their wealth together, and all the people were put to put the problems and the sorrows together, and you were to take a che, you would say you know what, give me back my original lot. I don't want to take the share of everyone else's, because you realize you actually above average, that your problems are not really the big problems. Having the last panel the people that we know, don't have food to eat people that are dying, people that don't have health, people that are going through wall, people that are going through so many problems that we couldn't even imagine. Yet they

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say Alhamdulillah they give sugar to Allah because they know there's someone lesser so no matter what position you and I are in, you can desire more no problem to want more. Let it never ever make you forget what you have. And me

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Never, ever stop making sugar to Allah because as we said last week, just by saying, Alhamdulillah you've signed off, I've appreciated that blessing. And now Allah will give you more. So in gratitude is of the things that takes away. If you complain a little too much, and you spend more of your time thinking what you don't have, there's a level of ungratefulness the level of ungratefulness

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another reason why Allah subhanaw taala, beyond arrogance and sin and being ungrateful is how you spend, one of the competencies of a believer is that we are able to manage our financial affairs, we should be able to manage it correctly. And all it's a it's a rewarding, it's Allah rewards you for managing correctly. We mentioned this a while back, that Allah Allah, Allah says in the Quran, that if you have the wealth of an orphan, and they reach an age of marriage, and they're competent, then give them the wealth of meaning, to manage money requires a degree of competency. So Allah speaks about this, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah tells us to to the Surah,

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that once that of your obligations in terms of wealth, Allah says and give the relative his rights the relative meaning the distant relative, the one that you don't usually give. So yes, we always help our kids, our parents, our spouses, the immediate family, we tend to help them but sometimes we forget the aunties, the cousins, the distant cousins. So Allah says, Don't forget about the relatives, that extended family and the poor person and the traveler, the one who doesn't have a place to stay. And but when you're giving in charity, do not spend wastefully. What about the root of the law? Don't spend away so this isn't charity. This is in something good. You can actually be

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wasteful in charity. So what about something not as noble as charity? And Allah says very little but Vereen, that is those who are wasteful in expenditure? They are the brothers of the shayateen that they have an attribute they share and quality with the devil because the devils are wasteful.

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And evil Allah says is the devil a ungrate. Lately Rebecca fura is a coffee to Allah coffee doesn't mean a disbeliever. Cooper actually means Angra is ungrateful, the shayateen are always ungrateful to Allah meaning actually what Allah say, Allah gives the even the shayateen Allah blesses them gives them blessings, and they are ungrateful, so don't be like them.

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And Allah continues, and if you were to turn away from the needy now this is something that's finally happened to me last night, I was telling my wife at 11 o'clock, someone knocked on my door. And even I was a bit late, and I could see this guy was out of his mind. He wasn't you know, he was analog, he was not in a in a proper state of mind, and he's coming to us, you know, and you're going to get upset. And I remember this, I want to you want to say some harsh words, as I Allah says, and if you turn away from the needy, while you are waiting mercy from your load that you expect, then at least speak to the Magento word. At least if you can't give money, at least say something nice.

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Allah says that's the least you do. Because remember, you are also in need of Allah, you are asking Allah Constantly you are the beggar, and now you see another guy begging of you. And that's how Allah responds to you is how you must respond to that man. Okay? And then Allah says, And do not make your hand as chained to your neck. Meaning Don't be, don't be miserly, and don't extend it completely and don't waste and spin completely and become blamed and insolvent. So here Allah is explaining two types of people that spend one spends too much, and one spends too little. You can even spend too much in charity. You can even be wasteful in charity. And Allah continues to

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interrupt Bucha Yep, so to risk Colima Yasha Oh, Allah is the one that extends provisions for whom he wants and he constricted for him who we once were in our current NBA buddy hobby Ron Busey era. And Allah is always aware of the situation, hearing and seeing the situation of His servants. So in this idea, these are the points we make Allah subhanaw taala is saying to you, how you spend your money is either sinful, or it's an ibadah. You can spend too much and you can spend too little you can waste and you can hurt and every one of us must analyze ourselves, how am I spending my money? So what is wasteful spending? And what is being a miser? The province is on talks about wastefulness

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as a Muslim. He says, Verily, Allah the Exalted is pleased with you by doing three things, and he becomes displeased when you do three things. He is pleased when you worship Him without any shift. And when you hold on to the rope of Allah, meaning the Quran, when you hold on to the Quran, and number three, when you are not divided. So I was happy when you worship Him. You hold on to the Quran, and you have you are united, he pleases Allah and he's displeased for you. When you gossip amongst one another. When you ask unnecessary questions, and when you waste your wealth, it displeases Allah, it upsets Allah.

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The Prophet said, they asked the Sahaba what is the prophet Salam was walking by Abdullah bin Ahmed and

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or rather Saudi Arabia costs side have been one of the 10 problems gender use thinking we do. And the Prophet said, What is the extravagance you're taking? We do and you're wasting the water. So sad sin is extravagant can I use too much water in wudu? I'm trying to make you do like 100% for Allah sake, I'm trying to clean everything. Is this extravagance even in wudu? I mean, I understand that I can waste on holiday, I can waste on my family. But what Allah say, Can I waste too much the prophecy, even if you were at the bank of a river, and you use the word one drop more than you're supposed to? That's a waste that is rough. Whenever we use something beyond what is required, beyond

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what is needed, and that extra could have gone for some better use, and that's wastefulness. That's wastefulness. So again, we ask this in the context of our lives, our food, our water, our electricity, our assets, are we wasting in that regard, and maybe we don't move forward. Because Allah Subhan, Allah gave us X amount, we wasted some of it. So Allah is not giving us because if you were to give us more, we'd waste even more. And that will be will be more blame upon us.

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Mujahid the greatest seed scholar when he explained this idea, he says, If a man spends all of his wealth everything upfront correctly, he's not wasteful. But if he spends even a little bit inappropriately, then he is counted as those who are extravagant and wasteful. So every blessing and a general rule, every blessing Allah has given you your time, your wealth, your knowledge, your money, your family, there's a way in which you discharge, you use that blessing. If you use it in an incorrect way, or you don't use it, it just completely just goes to waste. It's the we have clothes to handle and our cupboard we haven't worn for a year. That's a blessing that is standing idle,

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someone else could be using it. Now it becomes wasteful, and it's rough. Oh, we use that acid that was given to us. We abuse it, it breaks it damages without care and concern us accidents happen. But we need to be accountable for that SubhanAllah. Or even worse, if we use it for haram. We use it for haram. Then we need to ask ourselves, are we really using Allah's blessings correctly?

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On that note, the prophets of salaam season this perhaps is something we'll talk about nothing maybe next week or the week after the two blessings, which really go which many, in fact, most people, we waste this to blessings most of us are guilty of this very few people actually succeed this question they will pass us there's a question the exam that most people will fail, that is the blessing of time or the blessing of free time, and good health. We don't use our good health as it should be used. We don't use our free time as we should, many of us will take this opportunity in the holiday, not let alone not to do good, we might actually increase insulin. So by Allah giving us a holiday as

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a blessing, it actually was detrimental to us. It's again, something for us to think about. Now, this period, December period, holiday period is where we spend. And this is where we need to think about how we spend this is why it's dangerous. And we talk about spending. And one of the things we have to think about very, very carefully is about spending to the point of being indebted. Debt is very, very dangerous in Islam. It's not haram, but it's something that is taken very seriously in the sight of Allah, the longest the verse in the Quran, the longest verse in the Quran, is the idea of doing either number 282 Surah Baqarah, the idea of the three close thing of Surah Baqarah, you'll

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see the whole page is the eye of the Allah gives a whole breakdown procedure of how this should be should be practiced. And I don't mean not to talk for myself. But yesterday when I put this ayah down, there are certain dates, I have dates as well. And I realized Subhanallah I'm not following this injunction correctly. The ayah tells you that when you have a date with a big or small, it should be documented. There should be witnesses, it should be agreed upon between people, whether it's big or small, it should be confirmed. Every one of us we might have dates, you know this is normal, this is part of life, documented correctly. At the very least they will be Baraka index,

00:29:03--> 00:29:38

just by doing that you're following the injunction with Allah subhanaw taala. So long if you have to write it down, you have to have witnesses you have to agree on when you're going to pay it back to the best of your ability, with a desire that I will pay it back sincerely correctly, it will avoid mischief in the dunya to avoid animosity between people. And this is the requirement from Allah. So for them and from the data, you should not to the best of your ability not think that the Sharia doesn't want you to take this but of course situations are different for the one who gives the loan. The ones some of you are Hamza, you in the position of creditor, you've actually loaned the money to

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

something for you. When you loan the money. It's one of the best forms of passive kind of sadaqa. While that loan is outstanding, yes, you're entitled to get it back. But you're being rewarded as someone giving sadaqa charity and sadaqa usually give it you don't get it back but you're gonna get your loan in full. You've actually like invested in this, Peter, he used that he paid it back and you actually got rewarded for that.

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

And that's why lending is no interest. Why because it's seen as an act of charity, a man will only come to you in need, we don't add on to his burdens by putting interest on him, we lonely to him, it's just a timing issue inshallah you situation will get better after a few months, he gives it back, you didn't lose out, but you got massive reward from Allah for that. Now for those of us who are in are in debt,

00:30:24--> 00:30:59

and we want to spend maybe hear more than we have in this period, look at this hadith very serious Hadith. So take this into account, the next time you want to overdraw your account, we spoke about interest when I'm talking about interest that is something even extremely bad not haram you can have access to it. But even data that has no interest this applies to a man who takes data without interest. The prophets of salaam Sahaba said we were sitting with a messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam when he raised his head towards the sky, and then put his palm of his, his hat on his forehead, he put his hand on his forehead. And he said Subhanallah what a strict issue has been

00:30:59--> 00:31:13

revealed to me what a stick thing Allah has not said to me. And the Sahaba said, we said we remain silent and we were afraid was scared. So we didn't ask the question the Sahaba semana Allah said, You got something if they even ask the question, the next morning. The Sahabi

00:31:14--> 00:31:57

was the sahabi asked the prophets even Jash he asked the Prophet SAW Salem omission Allah What was the issue that was revealed? So he said, the Navi said by the one in whose hand is my soul, if a man were killed in jihad for the sake of Allah and brought back to life, and then killed again and put back to life and killed the third time and brought back to life three times and he owe the debt you will not intergender until the debt is paid off. Shaheed three times. Now your Salah, your charity, your Hajj, until you pay that debt off to someone it will not be, you will not get the reward you're held back until that reward is paid off. That debt is paid off. You're asked sometimes you need to

00:31:57--> 00:32:35

ask yourself is it worth taking that extra money for a one to not need makes you scared? It's not worth it sometimes, not the dunya implications but the ocular implications as well. The profit reflects well on the profit that refrain from offering Janaza Sora on someone who died or when two dinars between Iran basically didn't yet that date prophecy couldn't pray Janessa Salah on him so once a hobby said you know what, I'll pay that no problem I'll pay it in charity. And the Prophet said, Now that brother's skin has become cooled we meaning us being punished in this cupboard because of that. His life was made difficult in the cupboard because of that. I generated the the

00:32:35--> 00:33:05

prophets of salaam used to say in his salah, every Salah he used to make dua Oh Allah protect me from sin and in the heaviness of date, every single salah the Prophet ossia Allah protect me from sin and he sinless and from date. So someone asked him how often ya rasool Allah use you asked for a year you recite this dua for date so often why else would Allah so the Prophet said, when a man gets into date, he begins to tell lies, and he makes promises and he breaks them.

00:33:07--> 00:33:44

I promise you, I'll pay you back tomorrow will lie, I'll pay you back tomorrow, you make lies and promises you can't keep. And that's why we speak with spend away from it. So let's talk in time is learning about spinning, good spinning, bad spinning. Of course, any spinning which is for Hello means is good, you'll be rewarded. Haram no matter what it's for. If it's haram, you're going to be punished you incurring sin, and you're taking away the baraka. By fulfilling your obligations, your obligations are feeding clothing, sheltering, to the your necessities, if you're you're fulfilling that even if you need to borrow money to fulfill that, that's your necessities, you need to do that.

00:33:44--> 00:34:24

There's a big difference between a need and a want. Haram are bad to spend on a want before you need to obligations on it. Some people Subhanallah they spend on entertainment, and they haven't paid their kids school fees on my dresser fees, or they haven't paid the man who fixed your car, the mechanic. They have accounts that are outstanding, but yet they spin on things which are which are once that's an obligation, that's an obligation that you are neglecting. It's bad form of spending. When you buy something which benefits you is good you buy an asset that benefits you. But when you buy an asset that does not benefit you it stands you never use that. You have clothes and shoes and

00:34:24--> 00:35:00

things that have no benefit, an asset that you've only used once or twice and it stands idle, that's wasteful expenditure. Or of course if you use it for haram, using a resource to the best of efficiency for maximum usage, that's good, but the minute you use it and waste then of course this is bad expenditure in terms of from the financial gurus. They list things that will ruin you financially. They serve certain tips. In fact, I didn't add this but I see the biggest mistake for those over 30 The thing that will be the biggest risk for you financially number one is to get divorced will ruin your

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Financial divorces, perhaps the most expensive thing you can do, right in your 30s and 20s, the biggest mistake is to marry the wrong person. So just something to think about, and whoever implication on your life in the 30s. So they made a list of things that number one most mistakes we do, we don't budget, we don't forecast, we don't budget and we don't our account, you ask my money ran up, but you don't know where to end up. That's the problem. If you don't know how it ran up, then that's an issue for you. That's a problem. And you know, the way we do an equation, we say, look, I earn 10,000 minus my expenditure, what's left the savings, if you do that, you will never

00:35:36--> 00:36:19

have savings, because we as insaan, we can spend, we can survive on 1000 Rand, but we can also blow 10 billion rand easily. That's how our nature is. Rather you do it the other way around, you first take out your savings, and you pay off your obligations. And what's left is for you, discretionary entertainment spending. So spending more than you can afford. Using debt to pay for your once is a major problem, holidays that we can't afford cars that we can't afford clothing that we can't afford. And we take debt to pay for that. That is a recipe for disaster. And we live in a society where it's very easy, constantly being bombarded 500 to 500,000 Rand 10 million or whatever it might

00:36:19--> 00:36:21

be, you get these these AC misses.

00:36:22--> 00:37:04

So living on debt, if you're constantly living paying one date with the next there's a problem you might need help buying expensive assets that lose value. The worst asset to buy is a car, brand new car, you know you own from an accounting perspective, you'd spin what the minute you drive that car off the lot, it lost, like 10% of its value. If you want to sell it now, one day late, you will lose 1000s of rands that so buying an asset that really loses value very quickly. You're paying for that asset. Maybe this time people are having weddings, they spend so much on weddings, that it puts them in financial ruin strain, that puts the toll on the marriage, these kinds of expenditure,

00:37:04--> 00:37:41

unnecessary kind of expenditure, you might find that these never ending payments. What I mean, there are things that you paying for that have no end, look at your debit orders, look at your debit orders, a lot of those debit orders have no benefit. Yes, it's 15 and 20 and 30. Then add it up. Subhanallah be 1000s of rands, it's you spending on nothing, not saving for a rainy day can become very, very expensive. As a believer, it's not haram to save not haram to save. I used this example, someone asked me, I said, maybe not the use of saved for seven years to prepare for the drought that was going to come, no problem in saving for a calamity or saving for that time. It's part of the

00:37:41--> 00:38:17

believer to be forward looking. Also, they're not investing or reckless investments, we'll have time to talk about that. But that's also for those who have extra money, don't squander it. If you're in your 20s and your 30s. You don't have the big obligations, you should be saving and acquiring investments as part of financial planning. So the DUA the Prophet solemn, speaks about this dua, that for those of us who are in debt, it was narrated from a lay of the land that a mocked up a slave who wanted to buy his freedom. So you could you could ask my boss, look, I'm, I'm a slave, can I buy my freedom? So the slave who, right he wanted his freedom and he said, I'm unable to pay off

00:38:17--> 00:38:57

my Manumission my slavery helped me came to the Prophet and said, Give me some money so I can be set free. So the prophets also said, Shall not teach you some words, or at least some words which the Messenger of Allah taught me and if you have debts, like the mountains, Allah will pay off for you this dua so what is that dua so at least said, Oh, Allah suffice me with what you have permitted, so that I have no need of that which you have made haram and make me independent of means by your bounty so that I have no need of anyone besides you. Suffice me with a haram against so I don't need the Haram and make me independent from your bounties that I don't need anybody else. Recite this all

00:38:57--> 00:38:58

the time.

00:38:59--> 00:39:27

Next week in sha Allah will continue on this and we'll talk about the one who spends too little, perhaps your problem, why your risk is not going forward is because you're not spending enough. Maybe you're calamities that you feel in your life is because your wealth is actually holding you down, spending too little being actually miserly. There's some of us who spend too much. And some of us that spend too little and it's the challenge of life the test. We'll talk about those people looting and amassing wealth next week in sha Allah.

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