Friday Jumuah Khutbah – June 11, 2021

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The importance of acknowledging the negative impact of actions and addressing actions that cause harm is emphasized. The need to be aware of the negative impacts of actions and show appreciation for Islam's value is emphasized. Visits to church sites are encouraged, and individuals and families are encouraged to create a loss ofarnivore. Visits to schools are also emphasized, and individuals and families are encouraged to remove suffering and loss. The "we" movement is also emphasized, and a young people's program is mentioned to help people remove suffering and loss.

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Sound it's gonna flow here on

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definitely want us

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enforcing our laws

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when you have the

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former you

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had the

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surely you can punish

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someone more or they you are yourself or something because you

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will see come on up see the top one bar here So Joe come up on the lower so the

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shape on it. What do you see learning?

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Yeah. Is it done?

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Welcome I'm coming

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to you

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with double

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in the wall.

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My brothers and sisters and how do they learn? And how do they learn?

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And how do they do? It is so nice to be able to see the community in front of us once again all together.

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And we need to of course be thankful to Allah azza wa jal for granting us the ability to be here

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for almost a year and he knows best, why things happen.

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And I'm also accountable

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Data is from you. And he knows what we conceal within us and how much we missed being in the musti.

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I'm also counting what to analyze and view so he knows why things happen on earth, and for what purpose they're being delivered to.

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My brothers and sisters, we'll look at the name of a boss,

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who is a colleague.

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He is the knower of all.

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The one who knows what we conceal, the knows what is revealed, knows what we do.

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And these last few days have been very difficult to pump in.

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When we see what has happened in London, Ontario.

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In fact, if we go back

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to the incident that happened in Quebec City,

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many Muslims began to feel scared. And they're probably knew exactly who was feeling once.

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And then months later, we saw what we didn't expect to happen at masajid in New Zealand.

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And we didn't think that the same sort of action would repeat itself.

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But it did. And then for the nose.

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And then we saw

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an attack at IMO, and one of the older uncle's, who was simply sitting outside the door of the masjid.

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And his life was taken,

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no one was best.

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And now we see what happens in London, Ontario.

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My brothers and sisters, a lot. So a gentleman as the one who knows everything, as the one who we call ups to be in our garage, that he knows why these things are happening.

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He knows what we feel within us and many Muslims have been expressing here.

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Many Muslims have been feeling very scared,

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almost kind of want to Anna reminds us of the importance of turning to him through not only commands in the Quran, but seeing it in the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and in the actions of the Sahaba, following through what they found in the life of someone longer.

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And so for brothers and sisters,

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here is a creation of a loss of carnivores.

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It is something that are more creative. And he tells us in the Quran, whenever you want

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to follow

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what you do

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to see what

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she saw the ad

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told us that he's going to test us with you.

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So the feeling that anyone feels or their children are feeling or their spouses feel or their relatives or feeling or neighbors may be feeling is not something that we disregard. It is from the creation of Allah subhanho to Allah. But the interesting thing that we need to focus on is that as much as it is a creation of abasa panelboards.

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It is a test. He says when I never knew one.

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So my brothers and sisters, we need to pass this test. We cannot let the fear get to us. And I want to share an important example, from the life of the Sahaba.

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When the Muslims were small in number, and they would conceal their a Bible, they would stay at home, or they would gather and prayer gathered in prayer away from the vision or the view of those that were around.

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And then

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what did he do?

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He gathered the Muslims went to the Canada and stood guard, not letting anyone touch for come near or come close to harming any of the Muslims. He put the fear aside and a loss of

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How to what to use.

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Can you imagine gathering a huge amount of Muslims marching to the Kaaba and being able to create it all together in congregations for the very first time and of course accountable ones are adequate

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to overlook and to make the Muslims feel we are okay if we are with our movements.

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So my question to myself first, then into my family, and then to you is, Am I your

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and I the Muslim that learns from the sooner of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam all he was doing was implementing the sooner

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you are sending them in not feeling scared, knowing that the protection of the law is with the Muslim always and forever. We asked the loss of cannabinoids added to breakfast the strength

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to get through the fear the difficult times that many may be feeling and other

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No brothers and sisters, the profits on the one where it says

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he says it's

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better for

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the profits on the long run it says to snam began as something that was strange. And it will return to being as at once what began to maybe provide tidings be upon those who are strangers, as in less will be those who

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bless will be those

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will be the diffuse or less will be the few who hold on to hold on to Islam. Because Islam began as something that was small. So when he said stop googling what Allah bless, we're glad tidings be upon the few hold on to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my brothers and sisters, don't give in to the fear that those who have ill intent try to instill in the minds and the hearts of human beings. Rather we fear of loss of how to what to add as punishment if we do wrong. And we fear if we are to do something that is displeasing, according to him, and my brothers and sisters, be more listening than you've ever been before. Be more Muslim, than you've ever been before. Show the community show

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the society around us that we are Muslim, and you don't have anything to worry about except the fact that you don't have what we have. You don't have a man. And we have that. You don't have that firm belief in the law. And we have that firm belief in the law. And so my brothers and sisters along will always be in our protection. And remember, those of us who we've lost, who have returned to Allah, whether it be in New Zealand, whether it be in Quebec City, whether it be in London, Ontario, for that type of action, they are the ones who will not be with us in this room anymore, but they will be with the most incredible pleasure and the highest levels in the UK. And we all strive for

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that. So my brothers and sisters strung

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along with some

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Obama better than MPP

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except for every single one of us, to allow us to pass the test of fear. And the fear is the things that you're scared of in life. That's the most common data to make a strong to go out and to show the world that we as listeners are not scared of these types of actions at all. Please make it easy for us to teach our children what is best and what is going to protect them and preserve them upon enough in the 70s. We asked the last category to help them to remove all of the hardship and difficulty and suffering for the many, many Muslims around the world that are going through such difficult oppression and we have an attorney in the way of organizing

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say no

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My brothers and sisters for cooperation is to remember to donate generously on the way out. It's also the youth program that we run via a

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young person's Academy will have a summer semester starting the first week of July. In our musty website, you'll be able to get the details for that. And it will run for six weeks throughout the summer.

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starts the first week of July.

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Can't remember which days exactly that is the first weekend of July Saturday and Sunday for six weeks.

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The details on the must have website