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As we learn English atonal regimes filler man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali, your savage mine, a beloved brothers in Islam Salam Alikum warahmatu La Habra to

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as you were doing

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Alhamdulillah This is the 14th and nights of Ramadan. And we quickly approaching the Midway marketing tomorrow as a school dedicated is avant Yes. Right. And we will be going into the last the last 10 nights and before we look at it two weeks time 27 nights are being done, and we already sort of focused on an aid. So therefore, with half the month still to go, we need to focus on insha Allah, you know, rethink what we've achieved, and hopefully we provided a lot of good answers. The second half is even better than the first half, we fell behind we can catch up and Allah subhanaw taala remember this hadith. The Prophet also says you are also judged the way you end an action. So

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if you started a bit slow, if you can end on a high mela reward your reward is according to that, that high.

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Yesterday we spoke about the man the parable of the man who had two gardens and his friend who had nothing and how his wealth misled him and how his wealth made him feel better than anyone else. And Allah subhanaw taala took away everything from him in a in a moment everything he lost in a split second. And Allah says there was none to protect him from Allah. All those people all those helpers deserted him. So Allah says whenever you can watch it like Huck Finn Sabu Akbar, the on the day of pm and really in life as well that we lie the prediction that is the true prediction will only be with Allah only be with Allah. And before in the past, the as we said the machine used to worship a

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number of deities, but when they were in a severe situation like on a boat, they were to sink that's really received a lot sincerely. That's when they asked Allah sincerely. So Allah saying in times of hardship, you will realize that everything leaves you when you're on your use panel or when we are now displayed. The last thing we'll think about is a loss of anodyne also that is the only prediction The only prediction. The only way is Allah

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Acaba and he that he is the best for reward and the best for the final in the only thing that you can really depend on in the end of the day is Allah subhana wa Tada, everything will fail you, your businesses will fail you, your family will leave you your health will leave you the only one that will be with you is Allah subhana wa tada if you depend on him. Now Allah subhanaw taala will continue the motif or the parable of life and death in a garden. So Allah continues the story of the man with two gardens and explains all of us actually are like that man, we all have a garden, you'll find this in many, many places in the Quran. Allah describes this life as as vegetation and the

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farmers and before we lived in built up cities, we all everyone who would would understand this parable that every year you need to start all over you work hard, you put your your seeds in, it grows, it looks beautiful, and then it dies and then it starts all over again nothing gets carried over to the next year. If you were not successful in the previous year, then you made a huge loss. So lots of analysis. What did the bloom give an example to them? methyl hypotonia give an example of this life hire to dunia coma in Enza now Minnesota been about for us vashi Maria, Allah says and put forward to them the example of the world this worldly life. It is like the water that we send down

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from the sky, meaning the rain, and it mingles with the earth and grows vegetation. And then it becomes fresh and green. But later it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the wind scatters away, and Allah is able to do everything. So Allah Subhana says, this is your life, that you will start off, small you grow, you reach the prime of your life, wherever you are, no matter what you achieve, no matter how many billions you achieve, no matter how strong you are, how big your armies are, you will all scatter in the wind and become nothing unless he's just like that plant how fragile that plant is, and none of us behind Allah. And we think about this, none of us would put our entire, you

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know, hopes and our salvation on a plant because we know that plant is not going to last. When we think of a plant, you buy it for your mother on Mother's Day, your wife, you know, an anniversary, you know, after a few days it withers and dies, unless your life is just like that. So don't put all your hopes and all your dreams in that thing, which will ultimately disappear. Another seed a beautiful series, Allah says, and the likeness of this life is that which comes from the sky meaning water. So as a little seed is saying, This life is literally like water, that it gives you life water gives you life, but too much of water that's what it kills you that if you starve yourself and

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you you go existence of this dunya it will kill you. And how many people do we know in this age that have all of this dunya the existence of life but they miserable In fact, some of them actually killed themselves, because we can see and the opposite. we seen the Ramadan, we see

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our selves of the dunya we literally starve our body, and we find an increase in happiness and spirituality, lots of fantasy this life, too much of it will destroy you. And I was able to do all things. And now this is upon us beautiful. I also do have an Emmanuel Luna, Xena to hire to dunya. Allah says, yo the wealth and children, your wealth and children are the things that make this life beautiful. They are the decorations of this life. The things that make you happy are your wealth and your kids, but they are only a decoration, meaning it's not really going to benefit you. You know beyond that, if you just you just live for that. It will only be as a decoration, no substance, your

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wealth and your kids, several of them acid. Why did Allah begin with wealth? Surely we love our children more than our wealth. And yes, in reality, most of us we do, we love our kids more than our wealth. Because if you look at your position in your life, from when you are young, until you old, you always desire wealth, but only in a certain phase in your life when you want kids, when you're too young didn't really think about kids when you're too old. If your wife tells you, she's playing the game,

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La, La quwata illa. Right. So, but we always want Well, we always want wealth and kids when Allah says, that is the things that we work for, and that which we desire the most. It is only a declaration of this dunya it only beautifies this dunya and like the garden that will disappear, your wealth and kids will also disappear. Wolbachia to sorry, had to hide, don't interrupt because I am Allah, but the good righteous deeds that will last forever alberca to solid heart, Allah says, think about everything, everything is temporary. Everything in this world is going to disappear. That also becomes that except about here to solid, your good deeds is eternal. The good deeds, that

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solid that you made, will stand eternal, it's an investment that will never ever end, that once you do that one day of fasting Alesis alberca to solid had the good deeds that will last forever. Hi, don't interrupt because that is better to Allah than your wealth and your children and to youth urban Amala. And that is the best thing to put your hopes in MLS is what you should put your hopes in. Put your hopes in your good deeds, not in your wealth, not in your kids, not in this dunya because the only things that are going to get in with you to be accurate, are these Bharti Airtel, solly had the good deeds, so invest hard in those good deeds. So this is why Yeoman Allah will jumps

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to the day of karma. So unless you've been in this dunya whatever you sowed, what Yeoman was, given, a day will come when even the mountains will turn to dust. So if you imagine the mountains will disappear, then what of this of your life will remain, what our bodies are, and you will see the earth flat we see the day of karma we will be it will be on some plane, some flat Flat place where there isn't a hill or a valley, the only structure is on that day. The Throne of Allah that's the only you know landmark, this is an open flat plane with people the whole of humanity and Jean will stand and the Judah marriage all of those of creation will stand before Allah will have shall now

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and all of them will be gathered. None will be left behind every single one of us will be the one of us will stand on that day. We already do either because of a Lakota una cama hola como Villa and we will stand we will return to our load and will stand in a row so everyone will stand in the rows as we created before meaning we will stand the naked without any shoes on uncircumcised everyone all standing like that in a rose quiet everyone's head down cos not saying a word not wanting to look up. Now kiama has many many stages. One stage humanity will be in crisis running around and going to one Nabhi to the next level. Yeah, speaking to Nabhi often Abby please speak to Allah speak to

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Allah. When a time will come when Allah Himself will will come Johanna will be brought will be present Jana will be present and everyone will just be silenced even will be quiet waiting for the judgement. So Allah says Bella's I'm to Allah, Nigella como ADA, but you thought that we will not appoint for your meeting Allah will say most of you forgot that you had a meeting with me on this day. Well, Woody Allen kita and that day, the book will be presented now the book is what the Quran means what the book of your life, the book of your deeds, every person will be presented a report called a Buddha Kitab Fatah Mooji mean mushrikeen I mean MFI una

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de tabula rasa Hirakawa Kabira ilaha webwatcher Duma. amilo little harder.

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So Allah says, On that day, as they're standing, everyone will be given your book, the believers, those who are successful, they will already have the good news that they received the books in the right hand. As for those who want successful, they see within the left hand and they'll put their hands behind the back, but it will be forced in their hands. So Allah says, the criminals those who committed sin, the sinners and get the book in the left hand, they will feel in

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sphere mushfiq he needs to feel him instead of the consequences inside that book. And when they open the book, they will say, Woe to us, what kind of book is this, that it records everything big and small and it has nothing on it is meticulously accounted for every single second and moment of our life has been accounted in that book, what is the moral analysis that I do not commit injustice to anybody, as we said, we into this month is the month of forgiveness, we see that beautiful the other who decide we should be deciding it now, a lot. Aloma inika fu to hibel Alpha one, alpha is the one who it is it means to erase it literally a lot takes your book,

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and the sins that are in it, and expands it wipes out the sin completely doesn't exist anymore, that record is clean. No other time in the year does more of the books get cleaned, like in this like in this time. So Allah gives us this parable and says, think about it, your life is this garden, it will disappear, your kids will disappear, your wealth will disappear, that which you competing will disappear, you will end up getting a book on the day of karma, and the only things that will count heavily on that book, the good deeds that remain behind.

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we are talking about wealth. And we'll conclude the section about wealth before we go to our next section. And we let's talk a little bit about investing in the era. Talk about investing in, you know, a lot of ohana. If we go to the next slide. When we think of wealthy people, most of us we even go to the next slide. Most of us believe that when we think of privileged people, we think of those living in Bishop's school to clubs, and that's the rich people. I'm not rich, everyone thinks they're not rich, right? Allah is saying all of us should be way above our wealth. And look at this Hadith, the Prophet says and Buhari is actually an edible method, also by my body, but also a body,

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the profits is the one among you wakes up secure in his property, he's safe in his property, healthy in his body, and he has food for that day, then it is as if though the whole world will given to him. If you have those three things, then you are a wealthy person. You know, today in South Africa, there's a big discussion about the privilege, those who are privileged, anyone who has these three things is privileged, Allah says you are privileged to have that that's privilege. We have those three things, you're safe, you have health, and you have food for the day. And hamdulillah you're privileged. So we are all wealthy.

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And as you said, the poor Sahaba complained to the properties about the rich Sahaba How can we compete, the Prophet says even you even if you can't spend in charity, there are ways of increasing your portfolio in the era. So how can we increase in our portfolios, and we are here. The first thing of course, the best thing is a loss of hunger losses on the day of losses and spin something out of the provisions which is bestowed upon you before death comes. And one of the things that people on the Day of Resurrection, they will say to a lawyer up, allow us to go back so that we can do one thing. And that one thing is to spin to give more charity, just give us one second to go back

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to make an EFT and we will come back here. So the one biggest regret, we will regret that we did not give more in charity, it will be the one regret that we have. And as we said, if you're not able to give charity, there are other ways of increasing in your affiliate portfolio. As I think about this every time the back here to sorry, half the things that will endure my investment that will last my pension in the era, either financially speaking, if you can't do that, obviously, if you can't do that, the Prophet says every Super heinola is like a three being planned for you in general, every little every Al Hamdulillah. Even as we see the husband and wife together this rewarding that even

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smiling. If you can't do anything and say, You know what, I can't give charity, I can't afford charity, and make a point of smiling all the time. I'm going to smile continuously. And that will be my charity. I this last few tips. We said I'm going to give some advice how to build your ocular portfolio.

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So one of the things that count the most look, we don't have a lot of time in the dunya we don't have a lot of wealth. How do we invest investment discussion? I'm not talking as an accountant now. But how do you build your portfolio in the era? So the things that count the heaviest on kiama the heaviest mightiest thing, the thing that we'll get into you will go to general insha Allah, even if you have sins even if you must go to john them, if you have that though, he'd caught you and yeah, La La Ilaha Illa never committed Sheikh I never went to a comet to worship it. I never walked out with a prediction. I never did any of those things. Whenever I needed something I depended on you,

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then you're guaranteed gender. So that's the number one thing to hate the heaviest thing on the scale. After that, of course, sorta the one as the US as the Prophet tells us, once they pass the believers they pass the question of the heat the next big question on our exam on pm and we'll be solid a level audit our Salah, and if our Salah is intact over compulsively once we're done, and if we made mistakes, let's compulsive on wedding episode masalas. like are we to fill it up? If you pass that question, then basically you're one foot in general in the generalize okay.

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for you now, it's about your levels in general. And now now it's just about the minor things need to be sorted out. So those two things are the big ones, though heat and soda and of course your Pillars of Islam. As for the next things, the heaviest things that you can have on your scale is good character. So even if you have 1000 items, even if you have a million billions of rands of charity, the man who has good character will exceed you in that treating people well, smiling with people speaking to people well will be heavier on your scale, then all those natural things, of course, Allah, so that's a lifetime we need to do those things. But then Allah gives freebies bonuses,

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things that will make your investment very, very big. One of the big multipliers for your investment is Ramadan. There's a week Hadith that says every single lead that is done outside of Ramadan in Ramadan is multiplied by 70. For example, and O'Mara in Ramadan is equal to A Haji with the prophets of Salaam everything in Ramadan is added up exponentially so when you do good deeds in Ramadan you give charity in Ramadan it's multiplied many many times over later to quarter at three years of reward is given to you no other you know little deed is equal to that when you have Salah in JAMA 27 times multiplied from the normal sooner sorta salon in the front row Salah in the harem 100,000

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times one budget in the harem of Makkah equal 200,000 times budget anyway you know, normal budget, and we have this thing we've given this many many times inshallah we'll shoot again tonight perhaps on the email and WhatsApp, those shortcuts to gender small deeds that give maximum rewards. For example, just one of the examples, the person who comes early to Juma he hustles Friday morning, his wife hustles and he comes to Juma before the Imam and he sits in the masjid before the Imam comes in. And he sits close right not in the back right in front. Then every step he took to the masjid is one year of fasting one year of that every step, how many steps to the masjid maybe 1000 steps 1000

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years of fasting, small action, massive reward, small action massive reward. The person who stays off the budget we said this and he recites you know after he comes to the masjid he makes budget, he stays an hour and a half until sunrise. He makes to recognize when for him is a complete prophecies, hygiene time and time and time and excepted Hajj just for that hour of evader. So there are these shortcuts to Jenna shala will share that to you. Of course, we are certainly investments will hamdulillah again, be strategic with your investments with your money in particular.

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giving charity is good, but there are some charities that will continue reaping dividends even after you die, though sadaqa jariya sadaqa jariya, anything that continues to benefit you after you die, they will be super heinola people that will come to Alon qiyamah. And they'll be shocked when they see that he would say No, they didn't do much in the dunya How did I get all of this. And Allah will say it's because of the sun that you left behind was pious made to offer you this or the plot that you have a tree that you planted, it lived for three 400 years animals ate from it, they will shade people set and date you get reward for that I received this message in the book up over 100 years

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that Buddha put a brick wristband on law while we sitting here is getting rewarded discovered long after he died. That reward is coming knowledge that was passed on. You now can see a lecture. You can see a authentic hadith of course, and that will increase the shortcuts agenda. Very good thing, get it, shake it. Even if you don't practice on it, other people practice it but you get the rewards. So be strategic in your ibadah and therefore, be as I said, these reoccurring rewards in just my advice to you. So if you can, it's good to feed people very good, good to do all kinds of ibadat. But donate, for example, make of your charity for the masjid handle, a lot of people donated

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for the roof. The nursery school is still there for you to donate. A very good initiative that I personally donate to is a Muslim Central 2 million people visit this website. Every month, 2 million people visit this website to learn about the dean as like the biggest school you can think of simple thing to donate to IDP donating to Imams and they teach every month over 20,000 people through them, it's a good initiative to donate to it benefits you. So these are the kind of things that you need to continuously increase in your portfolio. In the for the like they are multipliers. They are nullifiers they are things that can completely destroy your investment. ship. Number one completely

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destroys it. one drop of shield will ruin all your good deed so never ever go close to it. Ria doing it for people to see alone makes it zero. And of course when you harm others, how are you going to repay them, you can only repay them with good deeds on piano. So if anyone if you know you've harmed somebody, fix it in the dunya or you're going to have to do a lot of good deeds to pay that man back on the day of karma. Allah subhanaw taala forgive us put Baraka in our good deeds May Allah subhanaw taala take out good deeds like Allah says he takes that charity you give any plants it and he waters it. So when you get to pm, it's a huge difference.

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The mountain of good deeds. Malloch brown that for all of us, I mean we had a question When should we say Masha Allah? Obviously when you feel a sense of pride or you see something you like say Masha Allah when person says no because I say insha Allah I see something I like insha Allah for me as well that's also fine but first Mashallah right what is the heaviest thing on the scale on piano is good character to to heat is pretty little other should be easy one what is the heaviest thing on our scales on the piano? Easy? Any questions with [email protected] you can visit our website burano.org dot zayday and you can join our mailing list on a wait for triple to 1308 circular fate

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so now when it comes together