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The history of Islam is discussed, including the first ten verses of the Prophet peace upon him and the story of the sleepers in the cave. The use of the hasn'tith" as a reference to Islam's culture, the history of the sleepers in the cave, and the importance of young people in bringing about change. The speakers also discuss the cycle of goodness, the importance of belief in Allah's teachings, and the upcoming prize for the first tenured graduates. The trial is expected to be long, but attendees are encouraged to participate in a book club and book the books.

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Avila initiate en rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala surefit, mousseline, satana Mohammed no other early he was a Marine, beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's everybody doing?

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Alhamdulillah hamdulillah just some admin in sha Allah Alhamdulillah we've got our workbook. So this is I said, this is a pseudo pseudo cap is a bit in depth and to keep track of what's happening we gave you a little bit of a little workbook

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so don't worry there'll be no mocking or anything like that. So before you leave the masjid inshallah, just take your surah calf workbook, we see that surah calf is broken into will break it up into eight sections. Last night, we finished the first section which is, which entails the first 10 verses of total calf. We spoke yesterday about the themes behind it the link between prediction from fitna and the Quran being the guidance, in times of hardship, and to refresh your memory the audios are available in sha Allah. But tonight we'll move on to the second section, and the first story of certain calf.

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This, we see that the Yahoo would ask the Prophet peace upon him about three questions. What are those three questions they asked him about?

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The people of the cave and they asked him about

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the man who traveled through the world which don't coordinate history will come at the end. And the last question the last question, the soul the rule had asked about the soul which Allah answered into Islam saying that the soul belongs to a law that no information has been given basically to anybody. So now we talk about the seven the or the sleepers in the came with us have we got and from the story, the name of the surah cams the surahs name is the sutra of the cave. It's mentioned after them. So Allah subhana wa tada mentioned in verse number 9am, Hasib, Hubbell, Gaffey, Rocky McCann, omiya, Tina, Jabba asleep? Are you really is this what impresses you the people of the cave? Are you

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asking about that? Meaning, the way he phrased the ayah is to say that's not such an impressive thing. You fighting and debating, I will talk more about the debates, you focusing so much on something which isn't that important. But if you really want to know about them, then I will tell you the story. So Allah subhana wa tada will summarize, this beautiful oil represents the story a lot presents the story in summary, three is giving the old story in summary, basically telling them remember they they challenging the Prophet peace be upon him, Allah gives all the information in three is these are all these are the facts, you know, now I will give you additional facts that you

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don't know. So before we go into the surah,

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let's talk about from a non Islamic perspective, the story of the sleepers in the cave, as we said, the Jews are asking the question, you'd find that this is a a story which you find in Christianity and Judaism. And in fact, the the the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus as they're called. So the the scholars of Islam are trying to leave who are the sleepers in the cave, they were obviously they before Islam, this is before that Well, before the Quran was revealed. Who were they which ad they live in. So there was a group of Christians in Arabia, they were a sect of Christianity in Arabia, who used to celebrate the story of what they call the Seven Sleepers of emphasis. Emphasis is a city

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in Turkey. It's an area in Turkey. And they believe that about 250 years after Ibiza, this is about 300 years before NaVi salsa lamb. So before the Prophet peace be upon him came, there was a Roman Emperor called DCs, who were persecuted Christians. And he came to this area of the city called emphasis. And he demanded that everybody come and pay homage they should, like, you know, put the allegiance to him and the gods that they used to worship. And then you had seven young people, youth, seven youth, sons of nobleman who got together, and they studied Christianity, and they became Christians in secret. And then they slowly became the you know, they were, they were found

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out. So they were summoned before the king, and they were about to be arrested. So they ran away, and the heat inside the cave, seven of them. And when they were when it was discovered that they ran into this cave, DCs had them buried alive, he closed the cave up, and he said they they will stay and they will they will die. So they were blocked up in the cave. 300 years later, or so more than three or a few centuries later. Someone went in and he uncovered the cave. He forgot, you know, there was no you know, people forgot about these people that were buried alive in this cave. And when they opened the cave, he found they were the seven people and they were alive. And when they

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came out of the cave, they found that the whole city had become Christian. And not long after that when the bishop came to teach them and he found that these really are, you know, people that had had had lived 300 years ago, they died. They died within a few days. And they the Christian church then built you know, like a Masjid on top of this area. And they started to worship them as saints. So you'd find

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In the pictures, if we go back to the pictures of them one more back, you'd find these like a halo around the head, that circle around the head is like that light, called the Halo. When you see that in pictures of Christianity, it means that they are saints. Now what the Christians used to believe, which is obviously wrong, that when someone was a saint and they died, then they were like a valley, you could actually make dua to them, they will call you to ask Allah. So they would, the church would say, these are our saints. And so certain groups of Christians actually made the seven youth into saints and they used to be a festival and eat which they would celebrate annually. So this

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happened before Islam and this was happening before the coming of the Quran. So the Jews and that's why some of us sitting, you know, debate whether it's a Jewish story or Christian, surely, they asked the Prophet about this. So Allah Subhana, WA tada now responds, in ayah, number 1011 and 12. He summarizes Allah summarizes the story, Allah says, Okay, these are the facts that you know, Allah says, when the youth remember when the youth retreated to the cave and said, Our Lord grant from us mercy from yourself, and prepare for us from our face, right guidance, meaning like easier way, show us the way out. So let's see that number one, they were young people, youth, teenagers, all they did

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is they ran away into a cave for prediction. And they made our Lord have mercy on us, Allah guide us, show us a way out, grant us away. So Allah says, so we cost over the years, we close the ears, within the cave for a number of years, we made them to sleep we put them to sleep. When we awaken them, we raised them up, that we might see which of them were based of the two groups will be based at calculating how long they were sleeping. So Allah basically says to the Jews and the Christians that advise, this is all you have, these are the facts that you have. Now Allah says in the next ayah in detail Nananana kousaka will help but let me tell you the story in truth, I'm going to give

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you the full details of the story. Number one, in feature 2am and will be robbing him was eaten at home with a solid pizza that number one they were, they were a group of young people. Now it's amazing that Allah repeats the word twice, and it's very significant. When Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights the age you won't find other is Nicola and viola says that they he was a young man when old men but the fact that they were seven young people stands out and Allah subhana wa tada actually named the surah. After them you find a great person like Luke or nine that can trap your usual Juju, you'll find that the moose and hidden in the sutra, you find that the Adam mentioned in the surah,

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you know, great people, yet the surah is after them, of all the stories they story is the one that Allah elevated, which shows that there is a hadith that the Prophet also says, Allah is amazed at the person who, you know, he worships Allah in his youth, he uses youth to worship Allah, and that we know Subhan Allah, one of the blessings, the blessing of youth, once that door is closed, it never opens up. And it's very few people that actually take that time of the youth in the worship of Allah. And therefore they are one of the seven categories under the shade of Allah in the day of karma. So we know the very famous Hadith, Allah says, The Prophet peace woman tells us on the day of

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PML, when the sun is low, the only shade will be the shade of the throne of Allah. So the only only landmark on the whole plane of gamma is a flat place. And the only thing that will be the desert mountains is no hills, the only thing will be Allah sternal notch. So the only thing that will cost a shadow is the throne of Allah. So everyone will be under the sun will be boiling will be suffering under that, except seven types of people will be admitted. One category is going to be the same. And let's see if we can go through that seven categories. The first would be an Imam, a ruler who is just a ruler there is just the secret would be a man whose heart is attached to the masjid. Meaning

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he's the end he comes in he goes regularly. He is part of the masjid. He finances the magazine. He works in the mosque. He loves the masjid very, very much. That's the second type of person. The third type of person is a youth. A young person who spends his youth in the banner of Allah doesn't mean that he's in the military 24 seven, he just does the basics. He performs his solid on time. he avoids major sin, she races correctly. They don't you know they're not perfect people but they better than what is the norm of the youth they spend the youth remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala third category. The fourth one is somebody that spins his money so secretly, that he does not know

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what is the right hand, what is left handed spin. The fourth one two people who love each other for the sake of Allah, meaning they only get together they only meet up with one another for the purpose of pleasing Allah and hopefully we hope this is the case of people get together on committees organizations for the further end of the dean. They would never have met each other they would never have been friends only for the sake of the dean. The sixth person is someone who was invited to come at dinner by a woman that is attractive but not just anyone because that's easy. But by someone that is desirable of honor of state of stature, and they alone together and he says India half alive fear

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Allah and the Last one and we hope this one everyone can get. The last one all of us can get is a man or a woman that in the dark of the night.

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When every sleeping, the person's eyes are flowing with tears for Allah subhanaw taala right so that is the one category maybe that we can get. But for those of us who are in our youth, your teens or maybe early 20s it's an opportunity to spend your youth in the worship of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala loves a young person who worships Him more than an old person. That if old person is in the masjid, you know, he's crazy. You know, in our mind, we picture a really an old person in the masjid five times a day gray gray beard, big turban, that's the value of Allah subhanaw taala, a young person that performs the Salah on time, they obedient to their parents, they do their best at

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school, they have friends, when they keep away from the money, they don't drink, go to her own places, indulge in Haram, what sins they do a minor, they don't avoid Xena. This is a volley of Allah, a person like that is a Wali of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's where Allah mentions these young people. And you'll see how young they are really the things that's on their minds. They were a group of young people, they didn't know anything about Islam or the Sharia, they never could. And all they knew was we don't want to worship idols. It doesn't make sense to worship stones. So they ran away, they ran away from home. You know, they didn't know whether they had no plan. They

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just were gonna go away. They're gonna force us to worship. So in Africa, the group of young people am an Obi Wan beam they believed in the Lord was eternal. So we increase them in guidance, this technical discussion here.

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There was a debate back in the day early in Islam, where the scholars argued with Islam where the man was something which was static or fluctuated. What do I mean? Are you Is it a on an off switch you either a believer with this believer or is the like you Eman grows or decreases? What do you think is someone but someone says email and we spoke about the pillars of Eman to believe in Allah, the angels the books, the prophets the last day? caller. So you said you either have it or you don't there was one school of thought you either have it or you don't you either believe or disbelieve there's no in between. Another group said no. Your Eman increases and decreases. And this was a long

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debate. It actually had many implications. certain groups actually, you know, they they killed other Muslims because they said if you commit a major sin, that means you don't have belief. It's gone completely. There's a Hadith of the Prophet says he is not a believer who commit Zina while he's committing Zina. He's not a believer, and no one while he steals he doesn't have a man while he's stealing. So certain groups that became very brutal. They see this is clear evidence that they don't have a man when you come at a sudden you have no Emmanuel disbeliever. At that moment, other groups said and this is a tsunami jamara. That Eman increases and decreases. The more good you do, the more

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your demand increases. And the more sun you do, the more it decreases and you get to a point a certain level where it dips below and you no longer a believer. Right and Mr. Bahati use this idea. He said look in no 50 they will they will they believe that Allah was eternal. increase them in guidance. They did good. So Allah increase them in Eman now as you go through this month of Ramadan will believe that hamdullah when we entered it, but we know the kind of persons people that we are at the end of the month we actually better. So there is a correlation. The more good you do, the more Eman you're going to get. And the more Eman you do, the more good you do and you enter in the

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cycle of goodness. That's how that's how the ambia and the earlier they get where they are because they in the cycle of goodness they do good they remember Allah so Allah grants him the strength to do even more good and so on and so forth. Sunday's the same. The more sun you do, the easier it becomes to commit more and more sun and so Yo yo yo, yo, your Eman decreases Allah protect us. So let's say that they were a group of young people they believed in Allah and Allah increase them in goodness. What about Nana boo boo him and we tied down their hearts meaning they were scared. They were not like superheroes. They were scared to be him. If Carl move Apollo when they stood up and

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they said a lot vulnerable to a lot of Letterman dooney illa that our Lord we don't know much anything else. All we know is the one we worship is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. We will not make evader worship anyone besides Him. There is no Illa no worthy or unworthy except him. Lakota Khulna Eden Shaka, we should have certainly spoken and exists of a huge mistake. Now it's beautiful. Summertime, I mentioned that this was when they were questioned, when they were asked by the parents or when they were asked by the Emperor. What do you what do you say? So they said, We only worship Allah. And if we were to worship any besides Him, then we would have been, we would

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have been you we would have committed a huge lie. Now look at the dollar methodology if they said, You people are liars, or you people are talking about knowledge, it would have upset them. They use themselves as you know, hypothetically, we would have certainly become fallen into error if we see this kind of thing. So this is a very beautiful analogy of dour and it could have been because of this so they managed to escape instead of being executed immediately. So this is the story of Allah will continue explaining the story in the next few verses. And we'll compare that to the Christian

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Or the the the the as we see the Christian narrative of the use of the cave and it's amazing how certain facts which was impossible for the prophets of Salaam to know would line up with the discussion yet Allah will go into detail, Allah will discuss things that they did not know Allah will tell them, these are the debates and the questions you have. And then Allah will actually give them the final opinion like they like they have 345 views opinions, Allah will say these are your opinions, but this is the correct opinion. But we'll continue in sha Allah with the story tomorrow. Have any questions.

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Any questions? No. So please get your book your booklets. And we as I said, we're in the second section. Tonight is prize giving first first we have a question of course and a prize giving. So what's going to happen is those of us who've who've you've ticked your cards, we can have a book, we're going to pull those cards that will predict per the rules that we agreed to sit if you're not in the masjid and your name comes up, then you are disqualified. There'll be two prizes for the sisters, two prizes for the mean as well. Just to make sure everything is equal. Yesterday's question. We asked what do the tin the first inverse of Sudoku Caf what do they do they protect you

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from that jam? Okay, that's the the answer. Today we said

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with emphasis, we said these are the seven youth of emphasis. This is what the church used to call them. We use this place emphasis is it in Jordan, Palestine, turkey or Syria with emphasis? Right? It was on the picture who actually gave the picture as well. Some people might have been to Ephesus already to answer the question. I think this is for next week. So by obeyed is here

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you don't have a court in the lightweight family law case just to make sure there's no conspiracies here. You put up new give us a name.

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This is Fatima Saudi

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Mashallah the

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committee's spouse of the committee's are allowed to win as well. And the Fatima mdls the first winner I think what's in the bag? Let's see what's the prizes just to make sure we can make some people I don't think they really keen on these prizes, but maybe they see they'll be more keen on it. I think that there's firstly there's a cooler bag right? It's a cooler bag. And there's a scarf, Donald scarf abravanel beanie

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What is this a pin Burano pin

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is this apron. Burano apron. You see the main also get the apron. Alhamdulillah. So we we feel you know, this is a CD of Kira at this station. And these are a floss right it's a nice nice pack actually. Okay, so Auntie Fatima hamdulillah first winner for 2018 the next prize inshallah

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me choose one.

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Shoo shoo a Benjamin

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Benjamin natya as the second prize giving even knows you want Yeah.

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Next one. Fatima patients

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No, no. Okay. Let's see.

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I think Mohammed samsudin now Oh, yes, sir. Nobody.

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Nobody is problems. Right. Each element of this one. There's not even a name on here. It's just the contact details. Oh, seven two double 179795

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No. Okay. All right. All right. Okay, the phone numbers at nine Mashallah. nanopi at nine easy Alhamdulillah thank you for saving us.

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Tarik Jacobs, Tarik Jacobs. Now even if you say you thought executives

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At nine again won't give you another price. Now.

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problem okay. What fix Simon's

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we can we can decide No, I will give what was one of the year to Russia. So okay, we'll figure however we give him what we all want to get. And one more lady so let's find the sister is I'm the lawyer known

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as bassier.

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Stan, now she's not here. Okay. hafsa 15.

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Is it sesia Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. So those are the prizes in shallow but it will distribute Exactly. We continue tomorrow.

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Please get your booklets Don't forget everybody gets the booklet please sokola hate Assalamualaikum