Abu Bakr Zoud – The virtue of Surat Al-Kafiroon and Surat Al-Ikhlaas

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of Sorrel and its use in various settings, including sickness removal and disease removal. They also mention a person who stolen heat and instigated a towhead on someone's heart until they meet Allah.
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In the sooner both the sorrel careful rune only flaws are known as an mocha special mocha special meaning something that removes a sickness for sort of the loss will care if you're on a cold fisherton because these two swap the remove the sickness and the disease of a shark while a biller and the rectify a person stole heat, and they instill a person a instill a towhead in a person's heart until he meets Allah subhanaw taala with his story

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