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Villa Manor Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islam, why they can work with the law what to get to

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How's everybody doing Alhamdulillah like number 14 Sharla and we continue that as CEO of surah Yusuf Elisa to celeb. So after a number of years now the use of now is we sit back the Minister of Finance of Egypt, perhaps the second most powerful man in the world after the king of Egypt, because at this time, Egypt was the strongest nation in the world. And remember, the king said, that I'm going to make him exclusively mine is no one above us. The only person above us is the King. And he says to me directly, and he can move and do as he pleases, SubhanAllah. And let's see how long this period was that he was, was absent because Allah says, of the had been in a position for at least seven

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years. So this was after seven years of harvesting, and storing the the harvest. Now we are in the years of the drought, where people are coming to buy the grain of Egypt. So the use of is in charge of giving out the grain and making sure you only take what is allowed, each one is rationed, with a specific amount. And in one day as he is doing his job, which is what we use for the holiday.

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Monkey rune. And lo and behold, these tin, Canaanites, so these 10 guys from Palestine, come in looking to buy and purchase grain and useable Islamic units. These are my brothers, but they do not recognize him, because when they left him, he was a seven year old boy. And they will read, some of them are already grown up. Now let's just count how long this has been. So use of was seven, when they dropped him in the well, then he was picked up. And he grew up in a house of Aziz until he became mature. So maybe what 1013 years he's not 20 years old is 13 years in the house of Aziz. I mean, the wife wanted to seduce him, he refused. So he was in jail for at least another seven years.

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Remember, Allah says, the guy forgot, oh, my only remembered after a long period of time. So that was at least another seven years in jail. He's 27. Now, almost 30, basically, when he's finally released from prison, and then he is the minister of finance for the first seven years of harvest. And now we into the drought years, so another maybe two years after that. So an abusive is almost into his 40s. So this has been more than 30 years, that they have not seen each other. And now never Yousuf remembers them, but they don't remember him. Also, it mentioned that never use of course, by now he's speaking the language of the Egyptians, he's disliked him, whereas these guys are dressed

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in the Palestinian clothing. And they are speaking the language of Jerusalem of Palestine. So that we use of understands, but they don't know he understands it. He's not telling them I speak your language. So even though they they they have an interpreter to interpret between him and him, now the use of understands very clearly what they're saying. So this also shows you that the use of did a very good job that other nations need to come to collect the Russians from Egypt. And there was a strict policy that you could only get one camera load per person. Remember, it was Panama, we all survived the great drought of 2017 2018 in Cape Town Alhamdulillah. Allah grant that never returns,

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I believe is a cold front coming in. So take precautions, and I hope our dams for that. But for those of us who I don't know if any of you queued in the line to get collect water, you're only allowed to take X amount of cans. You can't say I'm fishing for my granny and my opa? No, no, no, you have to take what you can carry. And that's it. And this is similar situation, you can only take what your camel can carry. And a very important point, slight side note here. Look at how the tables have turned now they coming to him basically begging for the rations for food. And this is the same person that they basically tried to kill. You don't know in life, how someone you've hurt someone

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you've stabbed in the back, someone whose job you took someone whose position you took, how easily tomorrow the tables can turn and you're in that person's you depend on that person and really a pious person. When you have the upper hand this is the only way you manage distance. When it's when you're at the bottom it's easy to have patience but when you have the power now to squash your enemies to be you know forgiving in that in that essence in that way that is really what is what is one of the the attributes of the believer and remember, this is a big theme of surah use of many people around abusive annual forgive all of them. Remember Ramadan, we went a lot to forgive us. But

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we cannot get that forgiveness if we still hold grudges, if they still a brother or sister. Yes, they did something wrong to us but we because then when we punish them now in the dunya already know, if you let go those grudges then Allah Subhana Allah will forgive but if we're not able to forgive in the dunya how do we expect Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us? So they come in now and another use of knows them the next ayah Allah says when a manager has a home BJ has been called to be up in local mean Abby, come on up, Kayla and

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so off the bat spend some time in Egypt and it's clear now it doesn't say directly that they had

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good relationship with never use of never use of basically entertain them again, not telling them I'm your brother. And he's basically you know, he's looking, giving them as the the guests cornering them. And he got to know so he says to him, bring me this brother that you have now does he know that there's another brother? So they basically say that they came 10 guys, but they had 11 camels. And this is why do you have an extra camera? So said no, this extra camera is we've got a younger brother called Binyamin. We basically going to collect on his behalf with his family. So now you should be asking now why don't you bring your brother with so now the explaining look, we actually

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12 brothers, and then we had a bad brother who died in a well you know, long time ago. And this is a his younger brother. He's not a good guy. And you know, he's not allowed to come with us. And they basically said what they said. And so they say but we need to collect for his family as well. Now the policy is you're not allowed to take more than you can carry and abuse is I can't break the rules. In the biblical narration, it mentions that he gave them an extra camera load but he took one of them as a hostage now a lot of that doesn't appear to be the case in the Quran, who basically says to them, I'm going to give you 10 but you can come again to me bring your brother and I'll give

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you the 11th camera load. I'll give you another one. Don't you see a nice thing to them. Don't you see a lot thrown at me Oh, Kayla and Helmsley Don't you see have nothing to fear that if you come again tomorrow, you know in a few weeks time I will give you well and you and he says you can see I give the full measure. You know even though you're foreigners even though you don't come not from this land. I'm giving you more than what you basically a deserve. So coming in and you bring your brother with for inlanta to Navy, but if you don't bring your brother next time for like a letter come then don't expect any further rations from me. What are Takapuna don't even come and speak to

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me. Now why? Why are you saying this? You know, some people that make big promises, and I swear I have an old uncle or father and I need all of this long stories. But now you say come show it prove it to me that they know it to be found. So he's saying, I want to see if you're telling the truth. Bring me this brother of us call center all we do and whoever who were in Iran, they said we will try our best to persuade our father to let him go with us. And indeed, we will do it. We promise we'll do it. This also shows you that 30 years have passed and nebbia who they still didn't get what they wanted from their bi cube just shows you that certain that they thought they thought once we

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get rid of Yousuf our father will be looking at us his face will be over us shows 30 years of course, they didn't get what they wanted, they did the crime, they harm the brother they almost basically killed the brother in the mind, and they didn't get what they want. And now in abeokuta is even more predictive of Binyamin means a big man now and he still says I don't trust you with my son alone. And so this also shows to us that this animosity is the and he still fears that his younger brother is in danger. And so we know that he will plan to bring bieniemy to him. And I that's why he says bring you when when you guys come again, bring your younger brother. Now question you find the

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books of the sea Long, long longer discussion amongst them facility. They said Yusuf knows Elisa knows already nebbia who is crying at home because he lost one son, why would he take another son away from him? You know, why wouldn't you just say take the camera load and leaving the Why? Why did he orchestrate this plot number one of course this is an abuse of the MBR Bella, this is a much bigger story behind a beautiful story. In fact, if you go all the way back, Nabi Brahim is one men alone, right and he's preaching to him, and he wants his message to reach the world notice us Don't worry from you your message your spirit to the world. Now this is the great grandson of Nabil

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Ibrahim, and in the Palace of the highest authority in the world, you have someone talking to heat and from that these people will come to come from Palestine live in Egypt and in Abu Musab will be born and take them back to canal. Meanwhile, in Arabia, another son of NaVi Brahim NaVi smile, his progeny the Arabs of Arabia they are growing. So all of this is part of a much bigger plan I was telling to be useful for you just do what I tell you to do as we see another another interpretation is that this was a taste whenever Yahoo. And you remember our last one this is the MBA we give you what you want and we teach this unit which you love.

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called lithium called lithium and he actually

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oofy Rahim Allah una even in Colombo Lima lonelier June so just as the about the packing now so they came for green light The boys are coming for the tin brothers are coming for green but they came with they didn't come to get you don't get this free you have to purchase it. So they came with some either gold silver or some some goods to barter and so that we use is to his video his boy mini servant when you pack the grain put all the all the belongings they gave putting back in the with the grains that so that when they go back home and they unpack the grain see they must see that I've returned the merchandise to them I basically gave them free of charge of gave us to them free of

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charge Subhanallah Vaseline even sees as a minister Are you allowed to give the treasure

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Free of charge, you can just give sauce going just give you a different free of charge because you my brother, like this is corruption. Right? So that is the real problem. They said no use of his own pocket. He basically paid for the grain. And when he gave and also Subhanallah at this point in time, furs and leathers, these things have no value. Now everyone wants food. He didn't give them more food. This is what everybody wants. He gave his brothers his father the exact amount of food that everyone needs to give, but he paid food out of his own and he returned the goods to them. Why did he do this? He wanted them when they go home. When they unpack it, they realize you know this

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guy gave it for free. So next time when the shopkeeper gives you something for free, you're actually going to go back to that same shop also it will take them a long time to collect this merchandise again to come to buy a second load, but now that they have the goods, they can easily go tomorrow basically bring Binyamin with and then they can buy another load of goods. And this is Subhanallah This is a facility mentioned here is a very good example of it is better to give someone when you give charity you give a loan to someone don't make him feel like he's indebted. And then a piece of somebody This is a beautiful there's a beautiful story of Navy SEALs alum great Sahabi jabil or the

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Alon Jabulani his father passed away when left behind live jabiru with a lot of sisters. So the family was quite poor, and the only property job it had was a camel, and it was all weekend long. So the province of Salaam is the only way before Jihad they on the way back and jabil is struggling to keep up. So now this also slows this camel down and he speaks to jabil and he gets to hear how difficult things are in Japanese house. And also in the discussion, the prophecies. Jabara heard you got married Mashallah, tell me about this woman is she a young young girl? She says no, no, I married a big lady. So the promises one young man you never married before marry a young girl the

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two of you so he says no, no, no, I have young sisters. I don't want to bury another cute young girl and I needed a woman to basically take charge of the situation at home. So that was a good choice. Good choice. And women have a system that makes any pets this camel and this camel becomes super strong. And it becomes the fastest camel and he's sprinting and jabil is running and he wants to get home quickly because he just got married. The process isn't slow down jabil give your wife a chance to prepare for you. Now as they as they are arriving back home the Prophet says to jabeen this camel now Mashallah is really good. sell this camel to me now.

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The only property I have is this capital. I don't want to sell it and the prophecies to sell me the camp and he says no, sell me the candles finally. He says no. Right not as a prophet of Allah but as an IT as a transaction. I don't want to do this transaction. Eventually jabby religion says okay, I have sold this camel to you on condition that you let me ride it till we get to Medina shows you in a contract you can make an additional because otherwise we took the camera now you also have to walk to Medina. So it is no problem. When you get to Medina I'll give the camera to you. The person pays the price of the camera. He gets to Medina and off the job arrives in Medina. Now he brings the

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camera to the prophets of Salaam and the professor smiles at him. He says yeah, but I never wants to buy your camel you keep the camel and you keep the money I gave you as well. Why? Because jabiru would have felt bad if the Prophet gave him a charity. In this way. He says I gave you a business transaction. You felt like we did a fair trade but you know what you keep it noble you keep the change Subhan Allah that's a nicer way of giving charity is a beautiful example of genovesa Salim Javid got the super camel Plus he got some some money as well. So the number Yusuf wanted his family also he knows his family's in difficulty. He paid for the goods, but he also wants them to return

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from Morocco. So now when they got back to Canada, they come back to Nabhi. Yahoo. avi him to the Father Kalia abana Mooney amin al Qaeda, Farsi mana, ohana nectar in Allah who have done the Cydia our father, they have not given us greenery. This is no exaggeration, they got 10 camels they can get 11 but this is a father they didn't want to give us our grain they say crying about the one camel and they won't give us any more grain. So allow us to take our brother with next time so let us go with our brother and in Allah Who have you don't they use the exact same terms that they use we use we will protect them and you watch over our brother

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God I

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am an Akuma de la cama I mean to come at a fee for low have happy law who

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is being sarcastic. Now he says, okay, you're going to look after him just like you looked off his brother right? Exactly the same way you looked off the use of vets are you going to look after him? is asking a rhetorical question should I trust you like I trust the new with Yousuf rather, Allah is the best guardian and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. There's a Hadith of the Prophet who sees a believer is never stung from the same hole twice. You know that you don't fall in the same trap twice if you're a believer meaning as a believer you don't get taken advantage twice by the same person. So yeah, corpses. No ways. I'm not going to do this for you. What I'm after the

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whole matter what I do

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Toluca Lake in Korea but Amanda how the widow tuna? Elena, when Elena ohana when his dad Kayla Kayla, very delicate kailen etc. So they said oh Father, when they open the bags and now they unpacking the goods and when they unpacked it they found the merchandise returned to them, they set out for the look our goods are being returned to us, what more do you want? Look at this, you know this is like profitable and profitable for the What more can we do? How can we convince you this merchandise return? We let us go. We can obtain a supply for our family. We will protect our brother and we can get an extra camera load and that is something very easy. That is something very easy.

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The last idea for the evening. pada Nabi Yahoo. finance's Leonard sallahu Malcolm, I will never seen him with you had to Tony musi con Manila, until you take an oath with Allah that you need to be here that you will surely bring him back to me. And you have to become except if you are completely overpowered, that you will do everything in your power to you basically have to suba suba back for them to move on. So movie calm so once they made the spider lock in abeokuta, after they swore took an oath, nobody else is called a lo alamanda kulu keila. Now Allah is a witness between US and US with Allah stress, Allah is now in charge, you may you may swear by Allah, those is actually excited

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about this. We'll talk more about tomorrow, but we have to get to you because it's the question. We have three ways in which you can take a vow in Islam, right? What law he taught law he will be law a lot so a lie like this No, so a lie. That's not really the way we do it. It's three liters in the Arabic language, you can say by Allah with Allah and with Allah right so he there are three liters one law here this is the one we usually say in pseudo Yousuf you'll see they say the law he taught law a lot and there's another one to say Bill A by Allah I sweet. So these are the three liters in which you can take a vow you can take a custom you can take a custom with Allah subhana wa Tada. So

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inshallah I had to get to that because it's the question for this evening. We move over to the question of last night.

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Last night's question was what random act of kindness didn't be Moosa? Did he do

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clean the sheep carrying the water watering the flock watering the crop? I think Nancy see it's watering of the flock. So not cleaning the sheep is is seen to be on the sea. I mean, last question for this evening rather, which is not a type of the knifes mentioned in the Quran. So we spoke about the knifes which is not the type of nuts in the Quran, the fasting laughs that the gratefulness the contentedness with enough said all this evil? Which of those other witches that's the question for this evening. Then we have outro for tonight we said we didn't give prizes to the sisters last night so only girls can only females can win tonight. So good to see that the minute Yeah, so how can I

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you know you're just moving liquids. Alright, so inshallah it's with full some names out of the year.

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We've got

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Alessia Ali,

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Allah we'll say Allah we are Ali, Shia hamdulillah and as

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Oh, Mashallah Lucas is my Marsha. And as Rob was here, she's here. Both Yeah. Alhamdulillah fantastic, fantastic. So talk about hey, we continue tomorrow. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.