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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming evening event, specifically the Surah title and the importance of finding peace in one's life. They also touch on the use of random acts of kindness to benefit people and the "will" of Islam, which encourages young people to take responsibility for their behavior and community. The "hasn't been good" type of birthday celebrations is discussed, along with the "hasn't been good" type of relationship. The "harem relationship" where the father gives the son a job and the son wants to go back to his dad is also discussed.
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Wha Donald Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing Alhamdulillah we say, according an info popping in this evening, he's here with us one more evening, next week Wednesday, I think he said the some gifts he's following behind ozuna that everyone will leave with a price or hamdulillah is something to besides for the karate something additionally as well at the end, so the Wednesday inshallah we'll see cardigan for the last time and hopefully more than that, I mean, we also would like to before we begin to take the opportunity to say, big chocula halen tribute to those who supported us, you know, if our program with the orphans this evening, in fact, it was all day we spend some time with him. And really, it

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was more of a benefit to us, those who got to be there and to spend time with, we need to do so much more. Allah subhanaw taala Baraka in those who supported those who spend the time and the money, and it's something that we should all think about how much we give, if Ramadan can get us to she then it's very difficult outside of Ramadan, to say that and Subhana Allah it's like you know, if you're able to support we gave the Hadith yesterday, the person who supports Allah sees a widow with a poor person and of course mean by Allah even higher than that the team the orphan, it says if though he is someone that fasts continuously, and prays continuously, or like Mujahid feasability that that he

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would in that suddenly an opportunity for all of us to open our hearts, I mean, we continue with the sort of use of and just some lessons that we take out from some of the you know, a moment of discovery. So my good friend and buddy hamdullah is also doing so the use of was coincidental. So I will listen to his lecture and pick up some excellent tips and things. I should have mentioned that and if you can also share it on WhatsApp, you can also get hold of it. Some things that we've discussed and just to revisit some of those is the first lesson is something is an ayah. In surah Yusuf we Islamic psychology, a lot of it is based on it based on this ayah we never use of ces wema

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Oberyn FC in an absurd amount we sue in India, Mara Mara be in Nairobi, Rahim. Remember whenever Yusuf comes out of jail, Elisa Salaam, and he says I only did this protest trial open because I wanted to know even as he said, I just want to put Furyk on the record. I didn't. I didn't cheat with his wife behind his back. And he goes further and says I'm not better than any of you. I'm not saying I'm free that all of us all of us our souls Our neffs is a matter of our enough is inclined to what is haram. And based on this you find in the Quran. Allah mentions the three different types of nuforce enough's enough so users with full of nuts in Cape Town, in the Cape Town, colloquial

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term is full. Nuff said know what that means. But what I guess what it means is your disposition your soul, necessarily the soul. So psychologists, Islamic psychologist looked at this and the Quran mentions three types of news, the amount of to be sued, the one that encourages soon enough Scylla wama, the one that is regretful that he's guilty, and enough soon enough that he's at peace. Now, what are these three types of souls we see in Surah, to insert shapes, right and so two shapes is a wonderful surah Allah begins by saying, by the chumps the sun and the moon, the night, the day the sky, the heavens and the earth, Allah gives two opposites. Then Allah says, When FCU msoa and

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similarly Allah says, The neffs is like that, that every person is between these two extremes of good and bad for Allah Maha fujimura is a force inside of you, that pushes you to taqwa and a force inside of me and you that pushes us to force you to evil, all of us have the ability to be of the greatest earlier of Allah, Allah grant us that and also Subhanallah predict us to fall into the worst of sins. This is inside all of us, all of us has done everything and to pious for this, or I'm too bad to get me as well. So the neffs is constantly at the struggle. Now when the bad side when you're young enough studies is the basis side, the evil side is the one that is in control, that

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it's a matter to be sued, it encourages more and more harm. And that's why someone that is in harm, he looks to push that boundaries further, maybe where you have to be like he starts with a small drug. And then he gets to harder, more extreme and it gets more excessive. Suddenly, someone was looking at heroin, he becomes more extreme and excessive in that so this knifes is never contented with one cent, it just increases emotion, right? This is the amount of B Su and nebby used to say, even me my naps would also be that way. If it wasn't for the mercy of Allah. Then you have the nafs who's in between. Most of us first fall in this category, then that's the worm and episode Loma

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which is beating yourself up you commit sin and then you come on to the other side and then you feel you feel really grateful and you make Toba and then you fall back in and every day. It's an issue

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Eternal battle back and forth. Most people fall in that one day when bad side is winning and then the next day you feel really grateful when the knifes will move in, this is enough sway Alhamdulillah is in kind encouraged to do more good and he's more in connected to Allah and that's why Allah says at the end of pseudoephedrine we're excited decided that at the janazah, that it's as soon as we have the magenta, yeah.

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Oh, you contented soul energy in Arabic Isla de tomorrow to come back to your Lord. Now the soul that found it found peace in the dunya with Allah, you will find peace when you die with Allah, Allah grant all of us our hearts to be at ease with the good. We only know through eBay that when you find contentment, and we know in this materialistic age, no matter how much we have, it cannot equal that feeling that you have when you break your force with poor people, when you give some sadaqa. When you finish a night of therapy, you feel this internal goodness, it is from connected to Allah. And also that's why the Ramadan, we we do less harm. Why? Because when we stop eating and

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drinking and feeding the knifes, we feeding the lesser side, it becomes easier to do the good. So just something for us to think about the number two

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in leadership positions, remember that we used to have the comes out, he has an interview with the king, and he has a conversation with a king. And he actually says to the king, give me a HA, HA make me basically the Minister of Finance of Egypt in the Happy Valley that I will look after very well. And I'm competent to do this job. Now there's a Hadith of the Prophet, and he's the one who wants leadership position. He wants to be the leader, he wants to be the captain, he wants to be the chairman, he wants to be the mommy, you know, don't give it to that person. It is something discourage this like to be always to be in front and get the limelight in something. But it's a

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weakness of a person. But at the same time, you have the other extreme with people who are competent, they never step forward. Because they always feel I'm not, I'm not good enough. Now, you're in a situation like this, where you are the right person for the job and you are what is needed. And you can do good for the community and do it for yourself for the community, it becomes incumbent on you to step forward. So now the use of is has hundreds of 1000s of lives at stake now. So he says I'm the best person for this job. If you're on the plane, and someone has a heart attack, and they say have any doctors here, don't say no, I'm too pious, I'm a doctor, you know, Doctor, I

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don't have that, you know, in sha Allah, someone else's be suited? No, then it's your responsibility to step forward. And so if there's anything in the community, then you should it's incumbent on you to step forward, not for your own sake, but for the sake of the community and soprano tonight, this evening, we awarded a you know someone that was very, very close to us as a jemar, someone that was our leader, you know, for a very long time. And we see that our senior members, they won't always be there with us. And when one of them, you know becomes older, frail, they are not able to give as much as a big vacuum. That's why young people never use of his his 30s. Now really, that's what your

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30s your 40s at your prime, you should really be giving a lot to the communities of the years, you can give as much as you have for your community. And you know, hamdulillah those in the 70s and 80s can start retiring. But they basically they work in the community until they join as a melody with them and bless them and their families. I mean, I mean, it also shows you interesting point on this abuse of is working for a Islamic government or a coup for government here. evils vanilla, they even worship the kings. The kings were like Gods on Earth, people worship all kinds of things. Now this mean now we just came through an election some people says How can you vote? How can you be part of

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a political party that is haram How can you even work in the government you find that we used to work for a government that was not an Islamic government but if you can do something good doesn't mean you have to agree with all the evil policies You don't have to be involved in those things you don't have to be the one signing off on the abortion bill the one that opens up the casinos know those things you you object but if you're working within something for good building houses, you know giving electricity then it's your it's our duty to be part of that good. So this we seen that we use this as the basis that if ever you want to know if you can work in a positive capacity for

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anonymously government, never use that and maybe as a last panelist, Allah. Another important point, we find a random acts of kindness, random conversations, you meet someone on the bus, you meet someone in the road, you have a chat with that person. You don't know how this will benefit you right and similarly you have bad conversation and how to be determined. Moosa meets two random guys in jail. He speaks to them, He gives them good companionship. He gives them a nice way. He has a lunch with him, he teaches them some some and then he explains to them the meaning of the dreams seven years later, this man pops up from nowhere and he connects him with a king and he gets the

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highest job in the land. You don't know Subhanallah how a random acts of kindness can can be to your benefit. Another excellent example in the Quran is Nabil Musa and I

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They will maybe challenge you. This is a comparison between abuse and abuse. Really, it's one long story. But the children have no idea who this is the story of how they entered Egypt. Now we moved on to the story how they leave back home, right? We're all going to come to Egypt and be miserable. Take them back to, to Palestine. So it's one long story. Let me move on. We know of his story of the he runs away and he's all alone. And he has nothing. He finds himself the the well, and he sees this beautiful. He sees these two women, they are unable to water the animals, we know the story. And so he helps them out. He has nothing to give, he doesn't even have a home, he doesn't have a fight, you

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know anything. He has nothing. But he can help these ladies. So he helps them and he doesn't ask for anything in return. Because it's a random act of kindness. We just people, Muslims, we are kind and good for the sake of being good. And then when he's done with us, he says, This is rabine Lima and delta la Yamuna. He even makes us to iccr Allah for what if it was asked? He doesn't answer anything specific. He says, Yeah, Allah, anything you can give me I am forget, I mean, need anything. I'm not even going to specify what it is. If it's any good, you can give me Just give me something Yeah, Allah, and he just helped these ladies. And we know you know, five minutes later, these girls came

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back here, you got a job, you got a house, you got a wife, wife, all of that, from this random act of kindness. SubhanAllah Don't feel shy in the office to help someone with suit the photocopier out of someone, you know, pick the bags across the road, you don't do it because you are one day This person will get you an interview with the President. You don't hope for that. But behind Allah, Allah works in ways you do you plant that seed, how it grows into that is a lot of *. So you just do that. Another interesting question someone might ask because because Allah says in the Quran, waka Delica, mcanally Yusuf and like that, Allah says, I established him in the land, I gave him

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powerful. And we gave him the ability yet about where

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he could move wherever you wanted. Now from being in jail, he's not free. He never wanted a position and a salary and a government. What does he want? He wants to go to his dad. It's a story between a father and a son. Why didn't never Yousuf tell the king, Zack Allah, hey, I'm free. Can I just go back to my dead? That's what I want. I don't want to be in Egypt. I want to be in Palestine. Why? And then when I ask these questions, number one, understand, like the visa celebrity member, he's in Mecca, he can only leave when your job is done. So Allah is telling us if you have a job here in Egypt, you have a bigger job than just yourself and your father, you actually were brought here to

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take care of the grain, because this grain will feed the whole of Egypt and even your own family we know later on his own brothers will come to benefit from this grain. Allah has had planned this entire system so that the use of could save 1000s if not millions of lives, and therefore his duty, his job was to go to jail, meet that man so he could get to the king so that he could look after the grain of Egypt and save so many lives. This also and you know, as they also mentioned, that part of the story is this way. Allah is testing him with his distance. How long are you going to be grateful to me? Even if I take the thing you love the most? Subhan Allah, Allah is as me now. Yeah, maybe

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oxygen in the Quran. In this in the sutra. He's our hammer Rahimi and he's alumina. Hakeem. He knows based I just I can't understand the plan of Allah. But whatever he does is the base and out of mercy. The last question and this is something which myself and only he shared with discussing last night, the wife of Aziz is well known in Cape Town, but he ends up marrying, right? We say and even in the Nika Olive bainer, who come after Bina Yusuf was later sometimes Anika right? That's a different kind of, I don't know if I should make that kind of destructive, lovely, it's lovely is a bit extreme. Did they actually get married because the Quran does not mention anything about her of

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the basically in Surah Yusuf the lawsuit mentions when she sees that he was the to school and I wanted him and that's it. You don't hear about her off the bat. But it's a common notion that they did get married. And we did some research on that Shannon I reading up here and they and in reality they are most meaningful for sitting say they did and they base this on the story of the bunny, the bunny so I remember Joseph is a biblical prophet. Now that ethos of lamb says when you hear a story from the bunnies are eating, which is not clearly there's nothing in it which is false nothing in it, which is clearly true. We can't tell the difference, then we need to accept or reject but we can

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benefit from that.

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So if this is not true, that Allah Allah they didn't get married and abusive married someone else but if they did get married, that is an interesting point to learn from your if they did get married, which, even if I even Kathy Remini said they did. We learn from this, that she was always written for him. That you know, your partner's without a law had put those, the two of them put them out that they will get married together, but not before the right time. And usually Subhanallah you meet your soulmate in high schools, and you can't get married yet. If you indulge in the

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Have you spoiled that relationship from that point, if it'd be useful for him, but he said he also wanted her, if he gave into his naps, they slept together, as these would have caught them, that relationship would have been bottled and finished, they would never have been together. But because he was the one that was patient, and he maintained any, he stayed chaste. And then when we got in the holiday, now they could get the full Baraka. In other words, that if you listen to this, and you have these harem relationships, you steal the Baraka from it, you poison it, you won't get the fruits of it afterwards. So we learned from this that if you do things that I love will put Baraka

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in it and he just we just need to look at our divorce rates as an example of how we think that look if I date and I quote, I find that I person, but all the heroin we did before that might have poisoned that relationship from being successful and it mentions and is often abusive now gets the job of Pharaoh basically says, You got the job of Aziz, you should also marry his wife I don't like a package deal as part of the perks of the job. So he married her and now he says to her, is this not bitter in the hallowed way having it like this then having the harem and she says Don't hold me accountable? When Look at you. You're such a big fit and I couldn't control myself but hamdulillah

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you're strong for both of them and it is Allah subhanaw taala that predicted them we will we will continue to see with the new Ayah will continue to model with new Ayah because we have prize giving tonight they some see some people said Sunday's are difficult so we give prizes on Saturday and Sunday for two prizes to be given this evening. With the names the box of names so we're going to give one prize

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so there's like a nice

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Cooler Bag thingy with stuff inside. We can handle two prizes in Chicago this evening with C okay so the rule is if you're not here you can't win and if you want to read you can win again. The first person inshallah smile

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Yes, yes.

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Cell phones must be

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the amin is part of the GCN varano well done Thank you. We welcome welcome the second one Alia

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is just a

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shoe a Benjamin joy Benjamin Mashallah. Yeah, tomorrow only sisters can win.

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No. So tomorrow the sisters Can we give two males and tomorrow for the sisters Okay, so this is this tomorrow doesn't mean the main con come tomorrow.

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So let's say no Mohammed, Islam mousseline

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okay, sorry. There's a question as well. We said what the random act of kindness is gonna be Moosa do cutting the water cleaning the sheep, watering the flock, watering the crops. Okay, so which random act of kindness Nabi Musa, do you see from this random act, he got a wife, he got a house he got a job and hamdulillah

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after that means exactly that said I want you to

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