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The importance of sur booking and giving good things to others is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal growth. Immediate responses and "ironic" dreams can boost people's memories and lead to problems and negative emotions. Immediate responses and "ironic" dreams can also lead to anxiety and fear, and reopening cases of seven years is a high priority on the king's priority list. The use of immediately responders and "ironic" dreams can also lead to problems and negative emotions.

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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa COVID-19 beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's everybody doing? And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah night number 11 and Hamdulillah, the second Juma of the month of Ramadan. So on top of the holiness of this month we in the holiest night of the week, Allah subhanaw taala. Bless us, as we know that these especially our in every Juma every Juma is a one hour Allah says that even makes dua in our whatever you ask for a lability award and we'll give, it could be some honorable mention. It could be the last third of the night just before support, which is Ramadan is really a blessing hour or the last hour of Juma meaning iftaar time. So both those times tomorrow morning, so hold time and tomorrow evening, start time, make an extra

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effort to make an extra for yourselves, for your families, for the sick, for the oma for your parents, for the whole Muslim world. And all those are in difficulty. May Allah forgive one of us and bless us, Allah God, all of us to be free of the hardships of this dunya and grant His goodness, I mean, we continued our story of who and his life is going to take a new change. And as we see, one of the benefits of surah Yusuf is that he, unlike anyone else in history had the most roller coaster, up and down, up and down to show. That's why a lot those of you sitting here, some of you are at the lowest point in your lives, you might be like us in the well, you might be like us in the

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prison, or you might be as easy as soon you will come to be the ruler basically of Egypt. And unless he's Quranic, this is how I change the face overnight. So never ever, the speed, do not feel that you're too far away from hide that you are too far away from Allah and never even feel that I'm so on top. I couldn't imagine the well tomorrow's behind Allah. That is the lesson that we learn from the abuse of also, as we said, he in the last the last section last night, he had his two friends that came into jail with him. And as they said, we see you a good person, something beautiful to think about useless. In jail, he's got nothing, he doesn't have money, he doesn't have his honor. He

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doesn't have his freedom. But he's still someone that gives. As I said, as a Muslim, our responsibility. Our duty is always to be synonymous with good. Wherever you are, you need to somehow give good good doesn't only mean that if I'm wealthy, I can give good if I'm poor, what can I give you has nothing to give, but still is able to give goodness at the very least the resources if you can give something good, at least a smile or good word, wherever you are in class, in school, at work, your neighbors, people should associate you being a Muslim, there is goodness wherever he is, he says wherever I believe it is beneficial. He brings benefit to his environment on the rugby

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field, wherever it might be. So now, use of total dream interpreted the one he had a dream where he was playing while making wine. And so you said that one of you will be pulling wind for the king. As for the other one, he is going to be crucified and he will be his birds will eat his head. And it's a matter that is decreed and then never use of sit to the one who went free. Before you go just remember mentioned my case to Europe, meaning your king mentioned about me. But shaytaan Who is this man to forget never use of and this one, this is the way we are insane. The minute we forget those who do good for us. Many of us if we look back where we are in life today, some of us have come very

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far from where we started. How many people do we really owe something and we don't even remember them at least to mention them into Ah, maybe spend some time Yeah, Allah bless all those who have not thanked to Allah, I don't know the names anymore, but bless them And grant them Baraka, we would not be where we are today if not for them, and how many of them from our parents and grandparents in particular. So now he completely forgot. And so never use because of that state video is better seen.

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Innovation means a number of years, seven years he stayed in jail because the man who like to mention this this case of never use of Win Win the king. He has a dream where he sees seven fat cows being consumed eaten up by 7000 cows and he sees seven corn or seven stalks of corn that are green, lush, very big and seven that are dry. And this idiom reoccurred over and over. So he says to his mother, he said to his ministers, tell me about these dreams. What does it mean you people get the idea the experts tell me what this means callooh Alam they are mixed up figments of your imagination basically Okay, this is meaningless. When women are going to be that will be it mean and we have we

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are not specialists in learning dreams. But now while you know it is the big shots are talking we forget that there are others around us like Aziz realized what did I say? The wolves have ears right the wolves have is that the servants around know what's happening. The king is having a conversation but the guy pointing the cup is listening

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He's listening. And then he says, Ah, the king has a dream and he needs an answer to what called levina. German Houma was

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the one that was set free. He remembers Now Allah says by the oma often oma meaning of the years it finally clicked, that the someone that knows about dreams, I know someone I know a guy. And then he says to the king, I know I will not be a computer really soon. I will tell you what it means. He doesn't say I know someone he said, I'll get you the answer. Just give me time. I will. I'm the man for you. See how insane is like he doesn't even say it's it's I I'm the one that I've got a connection, I will do it. So then he leaves the kinks is fine. You can give me an answer go. And now he goes to the jail. And look at this man what he says. He says use a USC D use of my friend My

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buddy where you been all this time? You've

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been a long time since I've seen you where you've been. Right You sit in jail, and now immediately asks him, Athena Fie surgery, Baca, Latina Sima yaku, Luna sat down, he was a brain tumor that included in

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the early RJ illness elomi Allah moon. So his use of my truthful friend, my buddy, I have a question tell give me a photo, this dream seven fat cows being consumed by 7000 cows, seven stalks that are green, and seven other stalks that are that are derived. Tell me what this means. So that I can go back to the people. And they may know a suit of Caesar, he's saying that they may know the meaning of the dream or the other Tafseer which many scholars so it is so that they may know about you didn't really make this promise. He says I'll tell you the let me go and I will tell them about you. Now vehcile salam says Subhana Allah look at us, let me use his character. He doesn't reprimand the

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guy and say what you've been up to seven years, you already told me you're going to go and mentioned my situation to the king. He doesn't even you know, reprimand him or anything like that. He didn't even say before I let you tell you the answer. I want to promise on something in writing this time, you know, you fooled me once, this time I want something in writing. If it was me, I would have made him promise to set me free before I answered the question. But now the use of immediately gives the answer again the believer he gives, even if he can't get anything in return. So karma we live in a world where if you can't get anything in return, then why should I do anything of good? No, that and

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in fact in the world today says no good deed goes unpunished that if you do a good deed, you come to the nose vanilla, if you don't see it in the dunya I was going to give it better than you expect. So now the use of immediately responds, Allah doesn't our own sabar seen that you will, you will plant and you will harvest for seven years. consecutively, you will have good harvest For seven successive years, Mr Hassan to further roofie soon very soon de la colina methaqualone. And that which you harvest, you will leave inside its sheath, basically you will leave it unconsumed and you only take a little bit from it and you will leave with the

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children. After those seven years of good produce, you would have seven years of drought very difficult years. Yeah, Hakuna Matata down to Laguna de la colina me matters, you know, and then you will eat from the storage that you had kept those seven years of storage, you will eat basically all of it. And except for the only be a little bit left. So after the seven years of drought of seven years of good, good crops, seven years of drought after that meaning the 15th year now that's 1414 years on the 15th year, my team embody Delica fee.

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fee soon, they will come after that a year in which the people will be given abundant rain and in which they will place meaning please olives make wine basically now why is he saying they will make wine because if you produce you'll only make wine with excess grain is excess you know your excess fruits. Now you're going to make wine, you know wine is secondary. So some wine is primary for them. But he never uses you'll have so much excess that you'll even be able to make wine, of course, that we used to have is not saying that you should drink wine was a side note here. Remember, wine at some point was not Haram in the previous nations. But it became haram that I was asked to choose on

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on the Iranian Mirage with a wine should be allowed or not. And he said no. He chose milk instead of wine. And so wine became haram for this panel. So this man now goes recording medical. So now the man goes and he tells maybe you use interpretation to the king. And the king is amazed by this and the king and he doesn't mention in the eye of course we skip straight to the king. Obviously he's certainly saying, Oh King, I have a guy who says for seven years we need to store our grain and then seven years later there's going to be a drought. So this is big stuff. This is the economy of the whole country. This is the biggest economy in the world. And the Kings is Who is this guy? Who is

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this some guy in jail you want me to base my policies on that? Who is he bringing him to me Cornell Medical, Tony B Bring him to me. I want to interview I want to speak to this person myself. But I'm at Yahoo rasuluh. So when the king's mission

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Ninja came to the abusive to say come the king wants to see you. The cell is open you need to leave the king is summoning you call her Egypt, Arabic. Allah Huma Abedin, Swati katakana ad hoonah, in Arabic at Nadeem, he says, Go back to the king. I'm not leaving my prison than absences if it was me, sold on the promises and says it was me, I would have rushed out of the jail immediately. But use of says no, I'm staying here. Go back to the king and tell him I'm not leaving the cell until you find out about those women meaning reopen my case, I'm not going near without my record expunged. I'm not gonna leave prison without people thinking because you did a favor to the king,

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you're going to go free. Rather, I'm going to leave as an innocent free man, I want to go with my name. intactness vanilla. Let me use an image shows you how much it hurts him that he has the charge of Xena on him. Just the claim of Xena on him that he says I will rather suffer in jail then have that because once he's out and the case is closed, you will always be known for that even though you'll be now in the good books with the king. He says my freedom isn't worth it. My name is more important than that. And that's why it's behind a lot. One of the seven major sins the prophecies avoid the seven destructive sins in that seven Xena isn't in the we know Xena is a major sin. But

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Xena isn't in the seven destructive sins but rather what's in the is to accuse someone of Zina that's worse, accusing someone of Zina is worse than committing Zina, accusing an innocent person of course. And this is vanilla, how we take lightly we give people nicknames. We give insinuations and when someone has a sexual charge against them, it really destroys the reputation. And so this is an abuse of feces. I don't mind staying in jail, I will continue staying in jail, go back and tell the king ask him what happened to those women that cut the hands. in Nairobi, my lord knows very well about the FAA. So now the king is intrigued. And also never use of didn't mean he mentioned in a

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very cryptic way, the women that cut the hands and the clots. Now the king is very intrigued about this man, this man in jail that can tell dreams. Also, obviously the guy who pulled the line said twice already this man's dreams came through the dreams he mentioned came through my friend got crucified and I'm here pulling the line. So this guy knows what he's talking about. And he's a good man, but he doesn't want to come out of jail. So now the king is forced to reopen the trial. Now the second Supreme Court reopening a case of at least seven years, and these are the high society ladies Remember, these are the wives of the ministers. And now the king himself will reopen the case. We'll

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talk about that tomorrow. inshallah. Yesterday we asked in the king's dreams. What was not the of course they were no sheep in his dreams. You count the sheep before you fall asleep right only off in his dreams. Then the question of tonight what was to come off to the seven years of drought? What would he be one year of rain three years of rain five years of rain seven years of rain. What is the use is after the seven years of drought you will have that's the answer tomorrow inshallah what other Saturday evening will be our orphan program. For those who like to contribute financially. Vanilla Hades is the person who spins on a needy person and the orphans come first and the needy

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person. It's as if he is fasting without breaking is forced. The person who looks often often is like he fasts without even breaking his whole lifetime is in CRM. So if you can contribute a few rands please speak to the talent in are your skills of goodness Amiens Allah hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh