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Learn English shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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and hamdulillah tonight is night number nine. And just another night to go before the first third of the month of Ramadan is over as part of how quickly is it going, and May Allah grant us the best of what the domains grant us the strength to get the full benefits of it hamdulillah we've learned so much from Surah Yusuf and there's so many lessons as Allah says, Lisa Elian, if you're just asking you, just really once you teach you the use of just once, there's so many lessons that you could take out for you as a parent for you as a child for someone that has a blessing for someone that doesn't have a blessing. Everything in the highs and lows. Some things that we learn so far. I hope

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that you've noticed every time that we Yousuf Allah mentions that he gets a major blessing. The very next section is him getting into problems. It begins with him seeing a dream that he's going to be selected by Allah and he ends up in a well then Allah says he grew up in to be a person that was righteous Allah bless them with hikma and knowledge and wisdom, and then immediately finds himself being tested and tired which ultimately lead him into jail. So lies teaching us also that they easily curse, but blessings in itself that some of us if Allah blesses gives us certain blessings, it is actually a punishment, it is a form of harming us and the results a lamp would give to some

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Sahaba and withhold and when asked why. He says, I'm fear that if I gave this money, or I gave this position to someone, it would ruin him. Some of us had a law that we crave, we wish we were the CEO, we wish we were the billionaire that we wish we had all the beauty. Let's imagine we had that kind of blessings. Imagine we were in the position of Yousuf and we were tempted all the time in this blessing would actually be a curse. So therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to realize wants me to realize that yes, it's good to seek His bounties, but also when he withholds It is sometimes for our own benefit. The things that he doesn't give us is sometimes a mercy and a blessing. Because

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those who have blessings many a time they find it a curse and Allah protect us. Then, of course, this last few nights that we discussed, the juicy, you know, side of things, it's all to do, about Xena and the seriousness of this fascia. Now, never Yousuf was tested as we said like no other person. Other person. No man was tested like us surrounded by fitna calling him to fitna everyone. The only thing that stopped him was his taqwa in Allah and we live Subhana Allah in a similar time, as we said, that we are surrounded by fascia and fitness, more so than body more so than even champion swallows, Shafi saw some angles, and this like blew his mind for us. What we see everyday

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swala I think many of the Olia and the scholars can't imagine what we see. And what is accessible to us is even worse, the property foresees a time will come, they will come a time of patience, meaning to be steadfast as a believer, it is like holding a burning coal in your hand. And he says to the Sahaba, to remain righteous in that community will be like 50 of you. So the Sahaba said 50 of them, the amount of 50 of them 50 of us that means for the Sahaba the amount of 50 companions will be required to remain steadfast in that kind of environment. Never before in the history of mankind. Never before if you look at all sorts of civilizations before was you know fascia and immortality

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and openness so easily accessible, yes, and hamdullah with a lot of blessings as well in this environment that we live in. But it does come with a lot of temptations for young people. It is a norm, it is a norm to fall into sin. It is only one line. If you have a child, even if they don't do well at school, even if they're not top achievers, but they perform they solder. They haven't fallen into Xena. They're not on drugs. And this is a family of the Olia of Allah in these kind of children of pious children. You know, really, really be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that these children are pious. So how do we maintain our, our image? And how do we maintain ourselves in this

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kind of environment? It's vital as an Imam, you find so many people coming to you married couples, young couples that, you know, temptation overcame one or both partners. Lots of our data reminds us that none of us wakes up and says today I'm going to commit Zina. Zina is the last step of a gradual process and shaytaan stick chiffons mission is not for you to commit to Well, he doesn't get you to commit the final act. He just wants you to take the first step, look, closer touch, taste and then fall into it and they follow this will not occur. Boo and Xena Don't come close to it. Because this is one of the most if not the most powerful, powerful desire within us. Allah mentions that men he

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is driven by Hogan chahatein and Misa men and women, the most primary biological driving force is to

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Go into the you know, to to copulate to, to have intercourse. So therefore, it requires a lot of self constraint, in no kind of fashion whatsoever. So Viola says that Zina will lead it is a wrong path, it will lead to destruction. So how do we avoid it? We live in as a society, we are no checks and balances you and I need to put those checks and balances in place we need to build that Libous of taqwa Allah says the best clothing you can have is the barrier of taqwa. We have to build that because our society has removed all of it. So for example, Allah says to the mean, lower your gaze, and to the sisters as well before he talks about Xena, he says men and women, lower your gaze, it

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begins with Look, your sisters, even sisters, look at the biceps and the triceps and the six packs and all those things, lower your gaze, don't avoid, don't click on those websites don't go in because that's the beginning of shaytan. taking hold. The promise of some see is the eyes We know command center that the hands come up Xena by touching that the legs come up Xena by walking the tongue komatsuna by talking by chatting the fingers, Xena by texting the mouth komatsuna by kissing and when all of this command Xena, then finally the private parts just confirms what the race was doing. So she thought tries to get all of those to be corrupted. So protect ourselves. Another very

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important thing and something we see. We have to learn this level of segregation is we live in an open society, we work side by side with members of the opposite sex. But Islam tells us with wisdom with wisdom that if two people are alone long enough, a minute a man and women are alone long enough shaitan is going to get in between them, that's going to happen. So therefore you and I have to separate ourselves. Avoid certain close friendships that are impermissible. You can't have a very, you know, being blunt with you guys, you cannot have a platonic friend that is of the opposite sex. If she's not your wife, she's not your sister, then there's no such thing as that. And similarly for

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the sisters, you can't have a BFF that's a male. Right? Not not possible. And this is your husband, you these are running clubs big fitna and I'm not just saying so because I'm against running alone Don't have rights, viola. These social clubs, running clubs swaddler moodgym. As we hear these things, avoid, avoid this intermingling social media face, you know, heinola it's all can be used positively. But it can be a doorway to shaytaan. So you and I have to put those checks and balances in place. We have to protect ourselves and so behind Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the one who is able to overpower this drive. The only way to overpower this thing is through connection

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with Allah SW su says that what you are calling me to, I want it I'm attracted to it. But what I want more than that is the love of Allah only through the love of Allah that you realize I can have this relationship which is haram, and compromise my relationship with Allah, I prefer Allah subhanho wa Taala only by preferring Allah when you have the power to move away from that, and therefore of the for our young people, for example, you know, if you as you're growing up, if you are still in your teens and you getting to 20, and you're getting you're getting to notice members of the opposite sex and all this stuff, if you can get through your youth not falling into Xena, then we

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know that this is one of the people that are shaded by the Arusha law, that one of the people Allah really loves is a young person that goes through his youth in the obedience of Allah doesn't mean you need to be the master 24 seven, avoid the major sins, avoid the major sins. And of course we know that the one who has committed the sin, some of us were falling into that we didn't know and now we have reformed Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course he says that who ever metabo Well, I mean, I'm an insanely, however, committed Zina, but then he repeats and he comes back and Allah will convert his sin into a good deed and Allah grant all our sins to be converted into good deeds, by

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all our mistakes. Yeah, Allah be good deeds, and therefore brothers and sisters, as simple Hadees but a very difficult Hadeeth very, very simple but very, very difficult. Now this one says two things. If you can guarantee me that you protect that you watch that you preserve what is in your mouth, between your cheeks, your tongue, and what's between your legs, your private parts, if you can protect those two things, Jenna is us you are guaranteed Jenna, very, very difficult to control those two things to control those two things very, very difficult. But that is the means to Jenna. quickly move on back to our our our is a lots of use of after being tempted as we said not just by

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one woman, but a room full of women saying maybe you don't want her come I will take you home and showing him and dragging his color A B you are telling me either I commit Zina, or I go into jail. Now think about this for us. We will see that if I don't commit the sin, I'm going to be punished I have to commit the sin year they told us Have you ever committed the sin you either have intercourse with us, or you're going to be punished since you've given me an alternative. The punishment is bitter so so one of the most powerful is of the surah a young man 20 years old in the height of his passion is called

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Be oh my lord I have boo me Marina de la that prison is more our preferred Allah I prefer prison than this one according to me to work

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on Nikita Hoon as possible in our communal janene yeah Allah and look at he's, you know he's an abbey of Allah. And we think sometimes I see the NBA are super humans but the humans that are angels that are pieces of wood, he's saying yeah, if you don't help me now, I'm going to incline to them. I'm at my end, I can't anymore. I am almost the If only you can save me, which shows you that since vanilla sin is a very, very powerful thing. But only the person who has taqwa he can really push himself over and if you don't believe me, look at what you're doing. For this month of Ramadan. You're giving up your food you drink you in your relations, that is what your biology is designed to

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do you as a human being is designed to do that you are you're suppressing that constantly. That's why we are few things we Allah rewards very few things like patience He rewards he says without limit these know into how much he would you can get this for charity, you give one round this X amount to getting at what is the upper limit, but cm fasting, there is no limit to that. Because you're suppressing the thing which you were designed to have for the sake of Allah, your body is saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar all the time, every second Allah except from us.

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For the Jabba war, Abu Salah answer is do you want to be averted from this facade, facade, facade of al Qaeda hoon. In a whole seminar Lima Allah says I came to his assistance in that very difficult moment. And I averted him from this calamity, because I'm constantly away I see and I know all things. And then through medalla homi Bhabha, roll it, like you said, you know, like a student who had that now after seeing all the signs after proving it, the women realized that he is not going to do this thing. And so they had him imprisoned. It's mentioned here that the wife of Aziz that she went to the Aziz and she framed Yusuf panela. They accused him of the sin that he's trying to run

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away from North America, you understand use morality, with one thing going to jail, but it's one it's like, you know, if you go to jail as Nelson Mandela, you have your honor and dignity intact, but you go to jail as a adulterer, as a man who tried to rape these women, that hurt, hurt, never use even more. He went with his honor being tarnished, and he was put in a prison. Think about the kind of many is how you know how soft he is how pure he is, in the worst of places in the prison, and he was put in the maximum security prison. Why? Because he wanted to avoid Zina, you want to run away from it. And so they put him in there and they framed him as she had promised.

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Our last two is so non abusive, he's in jail on how long framed in the worst of the maximum security, we will see now that the people that are with him or people on death row, those are people being held to be executed. So you can imagine we ease and his environment that he is he's in how these ups and downs of his life. So behind Allah, wa, and in interview with him, a surgeon, a surgeon, and in into his cell, two young men came with into the cell with him. So who has been there for some time, and now two new convicts of routine youngsters young men, called huduma. One of them said, in arani, aceto camera, the one seat I had a dream last night, I see myself placing grapes,

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you know, I'm making wine. We'll call it 100 and the other seat in Irani. See who doesn't

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mean who that another thing I also had a dream, I saw myself keeping a loaf of bread on my head. And the birds were eating from this loaf of bread.

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Really he in in naraka scenes panel a beautiful beautiful is one of my favorite is of this of the of the surah. So they come and they had this strange dream. And now they know it's not a normal dream. So they come to never use of cell and they say, will you tell us the meaning of this dream? In naraka mina masini we see you, you're a good person. Even the criminals, even these were genuine criminals. They could see that this man was not he didn't belong here. He wasn't giving bionz and giving goodbyes and making hard times he was just being a you know doing what he was doing. And even though you could see you are a good person in that we assume you assume to be a good person can do

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you perhaps have knowledge that we don't about these dreams. Carla, do you say to them, Carla Tacoma

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Tacoma comma comma

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comma V comma a comma, that I will I will tell you the meaning of these dreams before our meal comes Of course they as present as they have a meal time. So before lunchtime comes I will tell you the meaning of the dreams come sit here. Wait for lunchtime before it's lunchtime. I'll tell you the meaning of the dreams. Why Why is he telling them to wait because you also tell them something more important than economic

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Eliminate Robbie. So he says, I know the meaning of dreams. How do I know my lord has taught me this? I have special knowledge from my load, who's you know, what is the special knowledge in need to militare common law you may not be law he will be working capital. So he says, I have lived a people whose religion do not believe in Allah and they don't believe in the accurate. So before he talks about the dream, he says, This is not me. I'm just telling you about Allah. He's talking to them about something more important to receive. The fundamental basis of Islam is the worship of Allah. If you were to read the Quran, no, we would like but just if you were to read the Quran,

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Johan from the beginning of the Quran till the end, one female to extract this La Ilaha Illa. Allah is none worthy of worship besides Allah, that you and you have a personal relationship with Allah. You don't need an idol. In Abbey, you don't need a karma. You don't need statues between you and Allah Nabil Yusuf is telling them about this religion that they didn't know about that this is the fundamental of this Deen and he begins telling them about this. And the last point where

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he didn't look at these people and say these are murderers, rapists, whatever. He's giving Dawa to them. And he began by saying he's a good person, they noticed his goodness. And he saw even in them these people could be in the mercy of Allah in the depths of prison. The worst of the worst death row maximum security these people realize the for them as well. They can also return to Allah we continue with an abusive tomorrow inshallah last last question, we said when the woman saw an abusive, what happened to them, they cut the hands and in tonight's question, what is the primary theme of the Quran we just said a moment ago is the most important thing of the Quran to forced to

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worship Allah to give charity to fighting jihad. When just one announcement we will be having our orphan program the Saturday evening we'll be getting orphans from a different orphanages panel I imagine spending the Ramadan without your parents. So one day in Ramadan we take them out to play and to have fun and then we will have any Friday at the Civic please if you want to join us please join us that'd be so solemn says to the man whose heart was hard to get through law. I don't feel sad about jahannam I don't think about gender nothing affects me no matter how many bayanzurkh Give me a reason to sit with the orphan. Maybe what you and I need is to sit with the orphans 510 minutes

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and we will get our Eman through them our taqwa. So please join us and if you can't join us contribute to it. And except from all of us, I would need a means to hate us and Amati Kumar