Muhammad Al Bizry – Muhkam – Part 1 (bros)

Muhammad Al Bizry
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Yes, yes so

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Baba, we up to page 99 from Solon fifth tafsir by Sheikh Mohammed bin sada Hydra taming.

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First and foremost,

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we're going to keep from the objectives of this lesson, we're going to give a quick definition

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overview of what is common with the shabby? What does it mean when we say these AR, gamma, this is a motor shabbiha

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it's more than just clean and unclean versus then we're going to look at the categorization

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that the shift they mean uses when it comes to classifying the Quran as mahkum admonition

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and we thought we'll look at a more refined definition.

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Then inshallah we'll look at some examples that the shape has given.

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Along with our examples, you saw some extra examples of added and then finally our approach

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to the Iet which are watershed we heard that which are deemed as unclean. How do we treat them? What do we do? What are some action points?

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So to begin, a very rough translation of maka mata shabba. You find sometimes Moroccan clean as well too shabby, unclear, but it means more than that mahkum is clean, yes. But mahkum also means perfect free from contradictions the word must come from

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gamma in Arabic means a corner means to perfect to master something. In other words, the Quran, all of it can be described as Muslim. All of it is described as perfect. Free from contradiction. And this word also is connected to the word Heckman and Hakeem, notice the shell It is my gum, Hakeem hikmah. And what's hikmah wisdom? In other words, how could I can be described as mahakam and that is full of wisdom, full of eloquence, bellava, perfection etc. So therefore, you can say two things among many

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that which is clear, but also that which is perfect.

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As for motor Chevy is also translated as unclear. That's true to some extent, with the shabby from shubha. What's the Shobha Adele? Very good. So Shobha is a Dell so you can say unclear but that's only part of the meaning. The word Muta shabby came from ashba you should be who

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you should be is to resemble something else you say a he and the Toshiba a hawk you resemble you look like your brother. So those I add that resemble each other in meaning.

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So therefore, the mother shabby is that which is unclear as one definition. You can also add that which resembles Can you say the whole clan resembles each other showed us the whole could add is also can be described as watershed but the whole could resemble each other in perfection. See, the whole could resemble each other in

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wisdom. How could an resembles or the at all resemble each other in wisdom the all of the ads resemble each other imperfection all of the art resemble each other in eloquence, etc. So, in reality, you can describe the whole canon as or you can also describe the whole clan as militia and that's what I share from there.

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I mean, does hear you're going to see the categorization in a moment.

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So one definition is unclear. That's correct. It's only really part of the meaning. And we said also that which resembles

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because in Arabic means.

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So what does it mean unclean

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wasn't mean unclean, that I those I add that on face value are unclear, you need to go to the passage. So that which may seem to be problematic for you, if you don't have knowledge, or a careful approach to the client, for example, they'll come and bring an idea. That's what a shabbiha we're going to give examples and build on third. McCall is like, Arabic proverb with examples, does speech become clean? So we're going to look at that in Sharla.

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So the sheet that I came over last year, a chef Muhammad amin, he goes on to categorize the whole could add into three categories.

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The sheriff goes on to classify buchalka these are in your notes

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into three

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categorization actually add this, of the

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categorization of the clan.

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You can say the hopper M is mokum in general.

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That's one way you can also look at the whole Chronos watershed

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in general.

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And then he goes on to mention

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masaka mean specific and watershed specific

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so those areas which are clear and specific those which are unclear, specific, for example, Hola, Hola. Hola, HUD, that's mockup that is clear, clear as day even a disbeliever what understand this

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I'm sorry.

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As for an idea, which may seem problematic Muta, shabbiha is internationalization logic we have sent down the crowd we was talking plural here doesn't mean allies many.

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In Ghana, we have sent down the Quran. So so from one perspective, this is same as motor Chevy. So and Ohio law, however, is welcome. This is mahkamah.

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So what's our approach? We'll get into it later and show a lot but as a as a as a quick Danny example of how to deal with this is you use the IRS which gamma as the judge

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Alma cam, yeah. That's the answer. And mokum Jaco the IRA which is mockup that becomes a judge over the motor Shelby. So that if for example, that it says we, in Arabic we know there's two plurals there's the plural of numbers and there's the plural of greatness. So which one is referring to look at those ads which are gamma that will give you the answer that becomes a judge. That's one of the ways you can deal with those ads which are motor shabbiha very easy.

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This this topic sometimes can be problematic confusing for some people. So I'm really just going to, you know, summarize it in simple terms for you, as you can see on the board is the categories. Now, although the shape went on to mention three categories, many are on the mat, you'll notice in the books have appeared in the books of the soul and so forth of the Quran. They go to split down the earth into two categories. They'll say, Makkah, Mata Shabbat in general, and waka Mata Shabbat is specific. So whether you want to split the corral into two categories or three, no problem I prefer to because Allah azza wa jal said earlier, Milan is seven he goes on to mention that some of the

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data more kamisama data, moto Shabbir so shows us two categories, but there's no real problem in doing it into three. In reality, you could even do it to four true mokum in general, what the shabby in general and then work on specific motors are very specific. So at the end of the day, you've got two key categories mokum and watershed. So however you wish to clarify them, categorize them, there's no problem there.

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So he goes on to mention the first category, the general

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Welcome, this is the top that the entire Quran is described with. She's now on page 99. An example is the statement of Allah Kitab. And

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it's a book game at Ayah two in which all of the ayat are perfect. So, so therefore based on that, and other it goes on to mention that the whole Quran is described as mokum. Also Allah says we're in the houfy Makita la de la liga, and Hakeem Hawker and his hockey was, that's where the word came came from, as we've already illustrated. So that's an example of

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the whole Quran can be described as mokum. In general, we looked at that second category.

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The general the whole Qur'an is looked at as motor shabby, in general, is the second type the General Motors shabby also describes all of the Qur'an, in which case that the whole of the crown is unclear.

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Meaning all of the Quran resembles each other as a la jolla stated here is sources Omar, Allahu Allah oxen Alhaji Chiquita bamboo shabbiha, mata shabbiha Macedonia. So Allah has been mentioned the whole Quran is ascribed us with the shadow behind method Ania Phantom is to repeat so you find in the Quran is a repetition so so the whole Quran and repeat itself many times sometimes are yet are repeated individually. So

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for example, Allah says is repeated Give me an example of a

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sense of

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sadness or analytic value mood, okay, this is repeated as well sometimes the whole idea sometimes words within a can either a Ducati that can, that can, that can that can so that was repeated there's wisdom behind that. Sometimes a concept is repeated, either zillertal out when the whole earth zealot is shaken it as was a little odd zils Allah the words dissolve the concept of xyzal shaking is repeated why we've mentioned this in the city classes benefits behind. So don't just think repetition

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happens for no reason. colorable law there's great wisdoms behind it. And there's a very good factor on Islam QA and this is your homework. Type in in Google, Google repetition in the Quran. This is your hammock type in repetition in the Quran, Islam QA, make sure you put Islam QA Otherwise, you'll probably get a dodgy website, repetition and look for Islam QA, type that in Google, your homework is to look at Give me an example of repetition and look around. I gave you some but you can do your own research. It's a very nice fact when very nice read an example of repetition. But the main thing I'm looking for is not that the example but the purpose behind them. Let's go wisdoms I can open the

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door now. But then it will just take us into this topic in detail. And I want to really finish mark and with the 700%. There is remember we took that anyone want to answer? Otherwise, you can listen to

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the recording or send it to someone that

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can help him out here before I before I answer. What are the wisdoms? Very good to humble you do not only fly me means.

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Yeah, but what does it actually mean? What does Elif mean?

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I don't know. I don't know, what does that mean? We don't know. So when you approach the Quran, you know, I don't know what this means that humbles you, and makes you realize, you know, I'm not as smart as I thought. You see the wisdom. Allah is really saying, you know what, you don't know it all. I know it all. So that's one of the many wisdoms that was humbling you, second wisdom,

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A lot of challenge the co founder of courage to produce a Hawker and like it, they couldn't do it. A lot of challenger produced 10. So they couldn't do a lot better than for just one sort of, they couldn't do it. I was really saying, look, this good ad is made up of letters. Alif Lam, Meem. They're the

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same alphabet that you know is it was different letters. So Allah saying, you know what, you know, this is the same alphabet. Why can't you know what if you're saying Mohammed invented sallallahu sallam, then why can you invent it? It's a challenge. But you know, it's the same Arabic but you can't produce a Quran like it showing it from Allah.

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So it's as if Allah saying, Look, let me help you out here. Let me start you off. Alif lam mamia Let me help you live better. So if Allah is giving them a Head Start Here, let me help you out here. Right.

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So those are some wisdoms behind it.

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So and look at the wisdom of a chef from North I mean, after mentioning of the whole Quran is described as is back to the home and the main thing I want you to do Shabaab is to find the wisdom behind repetition. Sometimes the story is repeated like the story of Musa it's repeated many times. So look at the fact where that's your homework. How do you say homework in Arabic

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Why'd you Why?

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Because it went to

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you have to do this. You have to do Shabaab.

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So there's great wisdom behind it and look at the shape and I look at the wisdom behind the share from North I mean mentioning on the next page on page 101. He mentioned FLIR, the boron and Willow Canyon and the hydrilla lavado fy 11 kathira that don't they ponder the credit they carefully consider the Quran if was from other than a law that would have found many contradictions. Why is he mentioning contradictions this idea of contradictions after he's talking about motor shabby

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boy what's the connection?

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Okay, but how does that connect to motor Shelby?

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Very good. See, he gave the definitions but how could an is motor Chevy in general meaning the How could an is perfect? A resemble each other imperfection that's one of the meanings of watershed the How could an resembles the ayat resemble each other and perfection? And for them to show that he used the delay that the hope that the Quran has no contradictions in it? That's the connection that you can see his great wisdom there. So we looked at

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what the Shabbat in general. So it's fair to say well, how could and is it fair to say the whole Quran is what Shabbat

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when we say the How could the Shabbat meaning

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resemble each other. So in style, in stories in content, in eloquence, it resembles each other in that which is noble.

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And let's also prove to the Prophet Allah His lots of sounds Prophethood from beginning to end, the revelation it resembles each other, the whole Quran resembles each other. It resembles Yani, its style, you don't find a different tone. Over 23 years, you'd expect the person who authored something to write in a different way. The way you write now is not like I used to write five years ago. Imagine over 23 years How different would your style be in speech in writing? So but the profile is sort of slim, of course then author of the Quran, but let's just say if this was possible, or let's just say he, if he did, then you would have definitely found different style

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doesn't resemble the beginning. The End doesn't resemble the beginning, but that wasn't the case. So and the third, he said the specific mokum in this specific watershed.

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The third type is that some AR are described with a specific meaning of Makkah and some ayat are described with a specific meaning of Mata Shabbat, because this is what la said the hula De Anza La La Kitab. I mean, who is Ahmed who know Makita Allah is the one who sent down the Quran upon the messenger Allah said from it is some ayat, which are more commands mahkumat we said CLI here, this doesn't mean some is a perfect seminar.

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This means some at UCLA like hula hula had

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things that even the kuffaar one differ about when a lot talks about the earth, a summer sky and kettle, these are words that are clean moto terrain,

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and from then Allah and then oleds who know Makita they are the mother of the book, meaning that the foundation's showing us that if you're going to look at the specific

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some atmaca Matson Mata Mata mata shabbiha then the majority of those items, and

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so the majority of the if you find that clean, majority, that's the foundation but Allah azza wa jal also adds what automata shabbiha and some

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unclear so here

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the general welcome refers to the whole quarter and is

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perfect, very good. So when we say the whole could add is mica Yeah, perfect. You can't say the whole credits CLI. True. You can't say that. Because are they? Even people like our students of knowledge machines don't even know true until you study. So the whole Quran is Wakeham, meaning it's all perfect. When we say the whole Quran is what the Shabbat What does that mean?

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resembles what resembles perfection good, resemble style resembles

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eloquence, etc. But when we say specific, some specific, some specific What do we say?

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Some clean, let me say some watershed specific meaning some add ons. You see, so therefore we thought, quick definition we gave in the beginning. That's how you could summarize the categorizations of the Quran. And we'll even add a fourth one a fourth category, but a fourth type some is what one is. Sometimes you get an A a single, that gamma and watershed B at the same time.

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Have you get one or more? It's more gamma and mata shabbiha. At the same time, what does that mean? Give me an example.

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of man, Allah.

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Allah has risen above the Throne. It's clear from one angle that it still means firewalla as cortada and the tavian would say, but it's unclear from another how we don't know I'm sure. Well, a lot talks about particular fruits in general, or blessings in lemon milk loss, as I said, Honey, we know what honey is, we know milk is not fruit are like ramen and things like this, but how the reality of those fruits are unclear what to share. But you see, so sometimes you get an idea, which is what came from one angle with the shadow from another.

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When Allah says he is the old co Albacete, we know what it means. It's clear that we know what the definition mean, we know what seeing is, we know the concept of science. But how does the law say everything that's part of the unseen

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description of the oil, it's clear from one angle unclear from another, you see, so the point is, when it comes to some, like, issues with the unseen, then a clip from one angle and unclear from another. So you can add that as a fourth.

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You can act as a fourth

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solo ads family and a few fellow beings they forget who Natasha bahaman is for those who have Zion, deviancy in their hearts, what do they do, they just focus on that which is what the shabby that I want to look at what

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this is showing us Shabaab, those who focus on them on Shabbat only without looking at the rest of the ayah the rest of the Quran, these people have saved in their heart deviant in their hearts. So therefore, the brothers you asked earlier, those people who come to you that want to just focus on one day and the Quran or one Hadith, one aspect that seems to be able to share but they don't want to hear anything else. No, no, I just want you to answer right this give me an answer why? He said, Look, I'll tell you why. Let me give you some background information. Let me use another area Nana, then that shows you these people have deviants because Allah said, you can say that because Allah

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said it.

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wanted to add something here. Actually, no, after the examples, you mentioned some wisdoms

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write down some personal examples.

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And we're almost done

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with the example so given one from the crowd, although lower had in Nima Allahu Allahu Ahad clean. And then Allah says, We have already explained that what it means.

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Well, the example a person says

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I love my mother. I love my mother, isn't that? Sure? Is that statement Joomla mathematically statement. I love my mother.

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The same person whether on say, the most beloved people, to me is my mother. Someone who's got deviants who say, Oh, look, he loves his mother more than Rasulullah scooper.

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He said, the most beloved people, to me is my mother. But what do we do our approach? We said, use the mahkum to judge Shaban. So we look at a person's statement. We look at his height, we look at his height, his conditioning state, we look at the rest of the Quran. And so now we realize now he loves Rasul Allah no doubt what he means is those people who are alive today, those people who around him so and this is something that I'm sure it's clear to all of us, but those who have deviancy or gel in them, what do they do? They focus on that which is watershed or liquid. He said that take it out of context. So when people only focus on things out of context, that's a that's a

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sign, that's one of the signs that put a question mark on that person. And this is not the way to go about things just to focus on them or to serve it.

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So the LMS said, the approaches make the mahkum The Verge

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because it's the foundation and majority of the Gita, the Quran, even if the mahkum is little in quantity, very important. So although we said the mahkum is the foundation, but on a particular topic, sometimes you have the mahkum has been the minority. Sure. So when it comes to Allah names and attributes, for example, let's just say

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they clean but they'll say, Okay, let's just say a topic in particular, any topic, maybe the ayat on this topic.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:44

mokum the ICT, which I'm working on this topic are small in quantity, very few. And the majority of the Iet on that topic armata shabbiha is still use them to judge even if it's minority solo that's clean.

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Another example

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optimists Allah, Allah says established a prayer that's clear from what angle is established to pray.

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In the sense of you need to go to the books of the field. If a person has no idea about Islam, they've just entered into Islam. Alchemist, they don't know how to establish the prayer this will be unclear to them. So also something which is what the Shabbat is specific, where Yusuf Ali Salaam says, Yeah, Betty in Nero at Ashoka was shumsa Well come on All right. Oh my god. I'm ready Father, I saw the sun the 11 I saw 11 stars the sun and the moon prostrating to me this ayah is unclear in the sense of you need to go to the books have to feed the squirrels What did they say? What is this dream mean? So that's an example of that which is motor shabby.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:45

shala that's cliche, but the shape goes on to mention.

00:25:47 --> 00:25:49

Some further examples.

00:25:51 --> 00:25:54

It goes on to mention that you find in the Quran,

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

Allah azza wa jal.

00:25:58 --> 00:25:59

Let's see what does he say?

00:26:06 --> 00:26:07

Next page 104.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:24

value the Houma suta law talks about his hands are widely outstretch and he gives his generous bountiful so this is his watershed we have from one perspective and clay from another.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:36

So a person who's got deviants, what do they say? Oh look, it says in the Quran, that Allah has hands like our hands, he's got hands that resemble ALS. What's our approach to the motion motor shabbiha

00:26:38 --> 00:26:41

so go to the mahkum won't be America. We don't do

00:26:42 --> 00:26:56

LASIK at least there's nothing Michael so that I can be looked at like that allows hands on the creation of the person is deviant but then you go to the ayatollah clee LASIK, a cliche and also what a miracle now there's nothing like

00:26:57 --> 00:26:59

so that's another example that

00:27:00 --> 00:27:05

he also talks about. The the IRA losses is certainly sir.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:47

Well now sobre camisa yet infomine fcwc whatever befalls you from calamities, and it's from you, you're the cause, however, is sort of the Nisa. Allah says koloman de la, it's all from Allah. Whatever happened so from Allah, how do you understand this? And that contradiction to a person who has knowledge how I share from North Damian said one is seven v one is quarterly. One is referring to the cause. This case was you you cause the committee and other one is the other a lot decreed it because he controls everything. It's like when a person has a child. So it's from him that guy right from he's the father. Sure, he's the cause, but who decreased the job a lot. You see, so if you're

00:27:47 --> 00:28:04

correct in saying the child is from him, that man and you're correct in saying the child is from Allah true. So therefore, there's no contradiction. Now the example where a person with deviance will say no CRAN Allah states himself but the Quran is from Mohammed

00:28:06 --> 00:28:16

in Hola, hola Salim Karim in South Africa. And another is that the query Allah state Sakura is from jabril in hola como su Lin Karim.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:23

So Paolo, so how do we understand this? Allah said this Quran is from our sword. I mentioned you always on

00:28:25 --> 00:28:31

Okay, yeah. Okay, if you read the ad after it's talking about Yeah, in the first case, Muhammad and the second category

00:28:36 --> 00:28:38

Okay, yes, sounds good. That's one way

00:28:41 --> 00:28:56

to make sure that it doesn't say that we know that. We know that. So one you could use the ICT after if he was to invent other words this question wasn't from him. He then invented What about the I have it now? Okay, you got me there Mike.

00:28:58 --> 00:29:01

You got me. What about in the whole Apollo school in Korea?

00:29:04 --> 00:29:07

How would you explain you have to look look at the area.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:10

Now look at now look at the

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in the hula golra Solon cannon.

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Very good. Allah said these are assuming a lot of them say that this Quran is from debri in hola como debri in hola como, Muhammad SAW in a hula cone.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:48

Rosalind Karim, Allah say this the word of a Rasulullah. And it was also a messenger. And a messenger is sent by someone by definition of being a messenger. The messenger comes with a message sent by the sender. So by the word of God called him or soon

00:29:51 --> 00:29:52

indicates that it's

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not Yeah, it's not for the code. It's his words. They'll say that

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

No, that's right. Yes. Now that wouldn't be the delay. The delete is the word itself. I love that and say in the hold up, hold up. Are there any other big problem? Sure is the word have to be in any way you can't answer and you know find the nuclear. No, Mohammed never is the curse words of Mohammed, Allah clearly and you never find contradiction. It's the Allah said it's the speech of a messenger meaning a messenger came from the sender so Panama so when they come with is you look at the eye itself and that's why I'm not a me I said no person brings me evidence from the Quran and Sunnah for his deviation except I'll use the same evidence against them.

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But you can even refute in another area we said when you come across it with a sharpie what can you do use the mahkamah so another idea in sort of two tober six one at the bottom, the last eye on the first page last time on the first page, I six losses when or how to minimize shakiness dijadikan

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Judo, yes, ma calama La Liga kalama la.

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So if one of the polytheists asks us for security safety, grant him until he his gala mala kalama law so he has clearly no doubt calama law this explains that so it's a column of a law and unless engineer and Mohammed Allah Hema salatu salam with the message of the Quran, so therefore you can use two ways of refuting this misconception. Another one that they try to bring, so your Quran says your credit from soil another one says your credit from Alaska another is your credit from a moto. What's the goal here?

00:31:38 --> 00:31:38

What is it?

00:31:41 --> 00:31:50

Very good. You can use the ISO to move money also sorted how much you can use a look showing you all of them in one meaning it's the step by step process to stage

00:31:51 --> 00:32:27

so sometimes I'll mention an aspect of recreation club the smell of bacon or the hall. In Solomon, Allah Allah just mentioned a lot here. Why? Because it's the first Revelation the first that was ever revealed from the Quran. That's the first time someone has something new a new concept, you're going to over flood them with information. No, I'll just gave a bit why because it's the first time is mystery corn, of course, you're gonna hear revelation a lot is taking it easy, you see, showing you the etiquettes of Darwin, the guys new don't overburden the book. That's one wisdom, as you can see, but you say to them, when you bake a cake, if I was to say this cake is made out of eggs, and

00:32:27 --> 00:32:54

if I said this cake, another five minutes, I know this cake is made out of milk. Five minutes later, this cake is made out of flour, and we're contradicting myself. No, because all of those ingredients make up the key. So likewise, we made up from all of these things. So those are examples of rock and water shabby. And two more things and we'll end here number one, the wisdoms behind Allah azza wa jal putting it out which are more common mata shabbiha. So before we get into our approach, we finished with that.

00:32:57 --> 00:33:00

What's the benefits, there are many benefits among them

00:33:01 --> 00:33:07

to distinguish a Rossi, Juana Fidel from those who are to distinguish the knowledgeable the scholars from the layman.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:13

Now, these are my own, my own notes.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:27

Chef Mohammed, Abdul Aziz Allah who died. That is Mr. Chef, Mohammed Abdullah,

00:33:30 --> 00:34:15

Al Mo, him. He's the one who get shot on this book. And he explained some of these points. Number one, to distinguish them to distinguish the knowledgeable from those who aren't to show us who they are or lemma, who gives us f t to show those people who don't know the meanings of these mata shabbiha. And those who do show us the scholars. And number two to test the believers as stvr empty hand. Why how's that a test? Who will submit to the IRS which are motor shabbiha, even though they are unclear to them? Who's gonna submit and who won't? Who will follow there, who will follow the knowledge from the earlimart and will follow their desires, who has a PhD and who doesn't. So to

00:34:15 --> 00:34:17

distinguish, but also to test the believers.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:41

You're going to truly submit as you claim to be a Muslim, the one who use limbs The one who submits the Submit to them with the Shabbir. So because you have some Muslims who say, Oh, this is not clear to me, I don't accept it. I was a builder. That's the second benefit among many water laws which Allah has placed is a man with a sharpie and nakara. As for our approach, we've already given one method, you use the mahkum for

00:34:43 --> 00:34:50

judging. Another way, is Allah azza wa jal has mentioned in sort of two Allium rondi I have quoted is seven

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

wama Allah Mota widow Illallah Allah knows that we were Rossi Honda fill an akuna, Amana be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

And also those who are firmly grounded. Now there's many ways you can interpret this is some have stated that Allah said, Only he knows and that RC Horner know

00:35:11 --> 00:35:41

is what I was telling you, who knows that that we are law and the scholars, this is one interpretation, there is another, which is what has been translated there that a learner's interpretation of the motorshow behat and those who have Rossi on Eros ihana. And they say we believe in all of it. However, let's just say we go with the first and this is also true your second approach to the Atma shabbiha if you can't use the mahkum to judge and decide because you don't have the tools and you have the knowledge what do you do

00:35:42 --> 00:36:13

you go to the people knowledge because Allah said first Allah Allah decree in Guatemala tala mode. So we thought we conclude that's the approach you take two things. When you come up to an area that's not too shabby unclear to you. You either use from your knowledge and tools and experience as a student of knowledge, that which is clear to judge that you first approach. If you can't do that, if you don't have the means. second approach ask the people of knowledge first Allah Allah decree in quantum law, tala to chronicle law behind the shadow and learn in the highlands. Mr. Furukawa to Boolean

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