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Villa, Villa alameen Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islamic law, but it got to

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you all doing,

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excuse me a little bit of the sniffles today and from the law. We continue with our story of the city of Novi used for a slum, when you mentioned how you had come from being dropped in a well by his brothers, picked up by a group of travelers taken all the way to Egypt. And he was sold as a slave he ended up in the house of Aziz was like the Minister of Finance of Egypt at that time, also understand Egypt at that time was perhaps the most advanced developed country in the world. So he's very close to the centers of power, then he grows up to be a beautiful, the most beautiful man. In fact, he's the most beautiful man that ever walked on this earth as a result and says, half of all

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beauty was given to us. But when he came into his full maturity, he said, the woman of the house as his wife tried to seduce him. And she tried and tried and tried. And he continued to block her into the buffer. Until one day, as he was out of the house, she locked all the doors and said, Hey, Tara, come and do this thing. And he said, mavala, that he says, I can't do this. And as easy, as we said, came in unexpectedly. And so this is where we stopped yesterday. And when Aziz found the two of them in the situation, he didn't know which one was he, as his wife said, it was him and he said it was her. And then of course, the shirt was torn from the back. So you know what, you know, she was so

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eager for him, he grabbed him and literally to his shirt from the back. And so when he found out that it was his wife, that she was the fault he sees you so far in and had a really dumb biggie. In Nicki quintino hottie he says, to use of use of leave these things, turn away from it, move away, forget it, bury it. And then he says to his wife, you make you make mistakes. You asked for forgiveness, not obviously, these are not believers, either. meaning to me, to the gods in the middle hottie, indeed, you were wrong. And as we sit as he says, His response was very weak. Either he prefer to keep it hidden, or to fear with honor. Or some scholars have said, the tables have been

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turned, and it was useful that was found guilty, how would he have punished us?

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yet with his wife, he let things go and the show was you injustice that in our Sharia people, one of the one of the people that are under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala is the ruler is the leader who is just and he keeps the law, even when it's against his own family, even when his own wife is accused. Then he practices the law fairly on everyone. The prophets of Salaam mentioned that nations were destroyed before you Why, why do we say this? A woman was of high status she stole and so some Sahaba came to the next level don't cut the ends off. She said well to do lady is going to resources. This is what destroyed nations before that when a poor man would steal or did something

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wrong. Then they punished him severely. When the rich did something wrong. They relaxed the rules. So as he did this, and because of that a bigger fitna occurred, a bigger fitna occurred also, as we said, if something goes wrong in your house, your kids, your children, your husband, they transgress, if you let it off with an easy Yes, we should be merciful and forgiving. But if we let it off and then rectify the problem, it will lead to a bigger a bigger sin, like we see now wakad and so to fill Medina t in Morocco as easy to LA we do Fatah, NFC, cassava cassava have been in

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the movie. So as much as you start to keep the secret Allah sees and the women in the city the women in Egypt started to speak they started to gossip fitna and they said, the wife of Al Aziz is seeking to seduce her slave boy and she is madly in passionate over him in love with him. Indeed, we see her to be she's lost her mind. So naturally what starts happening obviously as his wife is one of the you know, the socialites of the town. He's one of the big ladies of the town and she obviously winter she's got friends in the social circles. And so as much as they try to keep it hidden, the IRS have rules as they say the other sorry, the walls have ears as they say up one mile from so my

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allergy medication is kicking in.

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Right. So the the slaves obviously got to know what happened as much as they tried to keep it hidden. And so the news went out and the ladies of the town sought to speak and you know how when every year this Ichikawa anything that follows his bed. Whenever you hear that symptoms begin What follows is bad. And so they said and even claim is great, great scholar of Islamic says this one I have so many ways in which they hurt as his wife. Number one, the ladies began to speak. They don't say a name. Let's mention the name is really hard. They don't say Zhu Li he did this. They said the wife of Aziz is like saying the moms of Rome dimucci Mom, you know it's like to add that, you know

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of all people she was the one to

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We do that she was pursuing it in a presentation she's still going off to him Fatah boy not even like say her servant is a boy servant. Number one, she's a woman. She's older, she's more powerful and she's chasing after him and Neff. See, she's trying all of this and the implication is she's unsuccessful of all after doing all of this. He's still rejecting her. Her servant doesn't want to put a shovel kadesha hoop and she is wildly madly in love. In a fetal alley movie. We clearly see that she has lost her mind. She's gone crazy. So the news reached her. Obviously, you know how it is? Vanilla, she probably came. She's with her friends. She comes to meet them. They were all

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laughing giggling when she gets statins, what's the what's the joke? And then no one says anything right? We all know how it is and swallow. What we learned from because of this she found out they were gossiping about it encouraged her to commit Muslim. The prophets of Salaam says that the No ma'am the person who spreads in Amoeba will not intergender that one of the things that is specifically of the major sins is to speak about the faults of others, even if it's true, the Sahaba era slavery we speak something bad about Buddha so and so did he so and so. But it's true. She is stingy. He is or whatever. Then it's it's it's it's not Mima, it's fitna it's gossip. And if you

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actually told a lie, you're accused of something else. And this is that this is actually fabrication This is even worse. So So behind Allah, because she heard this, she wanted to prove something to them. But I'm assuming so once as his wife heard that she is now the talk of the town, the Macarena she heard about the plots and the schemes are set at La him so she called all of them toda la Hina Taka and she prepared all of them a banquet so that all the invitation You're all invited to Alex's house for a party we're at a lower

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quality food so she slid them spin the night they had a seven course meal starters, whatever they wanted and now finally when they were you know, they had all the main course it was time for relaxing like at the end now you just have to you know, you love the highlight of the book a time now you finished you can't move. So they all sat down and she gave each one of them a plate of fruits with a knife each one cuts if this was like the desert, and while they were they about to do this, she said a huge lie. So obviously you should be the slave. She says now come out into this room and let them see you for the marina who a cabana cabana who so once they saw him a gardener

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like Allahu Akbar, they glorify they magnify him and they see what Katana a dinner and they didn't realize while they still cutting, they actually cut the hands when they looked at him was struck when they were looking at this beauty. We're calling Harsha de la and they said, You know how perfect is Allah Maha Basha. This isn't a human being in heaven. Illa Allah Karim. This is this is what angels looks like, This man isn't human. He's an angel. He's so perfect. They became so amazed at his beauty. So now as he says nice, she's standing there she's put eating use of in front of all these women who handle up and again, these are the highest women, the most well to do women in the

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world. These are the women the wives are the most respectable men on Earth. Obviously, you can imagine how how they look for that. So then as his wife says to them, for alicona lady loony fee, this is the one that you will gossip that you blame me about. You only saw him once. And you cut your own hands and you've lost your mind. I see this man every single day in my house. This is what I am, who I've been attracted to and it is wah wah to an FCC for some. And she says yes, she admitted openly. I am trying to seduce him. I am chasing after him for some, but he keeps rejecting me swannanoa she actually says that. And Lola mentioned the fact that she says he kept rejecting me,

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makes her one team even more. Because behind Allah as we know, as bad as the guy is, and he chases off the this one and that one, the girl that he can't get the one who is pious, the one that keeps the chestatee that's the one he wants the most how many of them they will say that, you know, I do what I do with these ones around boys or girls. But when I get married the mother of my children, she must be someone better than that. So she's saying that he is not only so beautiful on the outside, still on the inside is even more beautiful, and he keeps blocking me. But now she says whether in lemmya file, but now tonight, if he doesn't do Ma Ma what I command him is Juliana coonan

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Manasa T, I'm going to put him in jail, and I'm going to make him small and humiliated. So now Musa Yusuf is surrounded in the scene as part of recording imagine what that's like soheila these women are looking at him and this lady saying, I'm going to command you to do a new way to do it, or you're going to go to jail so that the user has no way to run now and he says

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decision about la Marina de la w says, Yeah, Allah He makes it to that jail is better for me than what they are inviting me to now notice what he says they didn't say she, in fact that they in Arabic you know that these are the brutal masculine feminine. This is them males and females, which means the whole crowd is cheering and saying do it yourself. And if you don't do it, he's gonna do this to you. Now. So behind Allah, we find ourselves in temptation. But there are things that prevents us from falling into, for example, Xena, we might think, what would our parents say? What would our

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society say? What would you know? We might not be alone. What if we could? Yeah, everyone, society shape, not all of them are pushing him do it. And if you don't do it, you're going to be punished. You don't do it to look at the tests that nobody uses is going through what electricity for Nikita Hoon, as well in our community. And he says, Yeah, Allah, if you do not avert the plots against me, I will incline to them will acuminata him and I'll become of those who are jehlen He says, I will incline to them live him because Allah says it wasn't even one of them saying come maybe the other day, maybe you don't want her but you can come with me. Rather I will. You can come home with me

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Subhana Allah every way he looks with someone else inviting him and he says our law if you don't turn me away from these people the plot I might inclined towards the meaning. I'm also only human. This is how you make do against sin. We all commit sin. We don't expose it to Allah we be honest to say Allah, this sin is so difficult. I'm about to fall into it. I might click on that website. I might take this thing I might answer this phone call, I might respond to this text message. If you don't help me now. I'm going to fall into it yet Allah save me. So and this is if I do it, I'll be of the jacquelene What does he mean Geraldine? Because Jacqueline is ignorance doesn't mean it will

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become ignorant. It means that I will be ignorant of you and your greatness Allah in fact, Allah says every sin you do is actually you don't realize almost greatness you don't. Because Subhanallah if we saw Allah in front of us, and we understood gender and gender before us will never commit any sin. So our minds forget Allah in that moment of sin. So another use of says if I were to do this, I would now become of the Jay Haley and also Allah subhanho wa Taala. When we commit sin, a lot takes away that guidance and tofik from us and the for the Nixon becomes easier and the Nixon becomes easier. Right and the opposite with Ivanka, the more good you do as overseas as SATA tenham Russia,

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the more good you do, Allah protects you with this light of guidance, very famous poem shefali Chieko to allow in our key, what is Mushaf his teacher, Shafi had a super memory, he would be able to look at something and he would memorize it, like a photographic memory, it became so difficult for him at some point, you have to cover one side of the page so you could focus on me. And then he's super memory started to go away. He couldn't memorize like he used to. So he spoke to the poem about how he went to his teacher wiki and explained to him I have this problem. So what he said to him Shafi stop committing sin, because the knowledge of Allah is light, and that light will not go

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to a place where there is darkness don't join us. So your heart you might have committed sin, Shafi. We lose hope when we listen to the tcci did come with us and I looked at the lady's ankles, I shouldn't have I saw her on ankles. For us, we think Allah we are we, but Subhanallah we live in a society. And I think of the use of he lived in a society we fit now was almost jumping on him, and Sahaba in the Rola emotion, if they didn't experience a society like that the women they will close you have to go look for her arm and find it. We live in a society where it's so easy to find her on every turn Subhanallah as we sit even in your house, you're not safe, like never used to even in

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your house that fitna is the that phone is the you can get whatever you want, see whatever you want, and it requires everyday struggle. And this is of the highest levels of taqwa The only thing stopping you from doing it is your taqwa and Allah so he says, Yeah, Allah only you can save me from this. And if you don't do it, then I'll become one of you first Yeah, but who knew this is this was the job but I will answer these two then and they rob Rob boo for sort of an who came down in the house me read him. Allah says I answered his door and I turned him away from the sun. And he Allah is Ever yearning and ever see in knowing of everything. So now obviously, he may do it, either Xena

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or jail, give me jail. So Allah answered his door. So now he's gonna go to jail. This is a new phase in abuse of life, see the ups and downs of his life? We continue tomorrow in sha Allah. We ask the question, what is the title of the man who adopted Yousuf His name is of course, Aziz. His name, his title was al Aziz. Tonight's question when the women saw you So what happened? What did they do? Did they faint the other way? Did they scream or did they cut the

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Hands easy answer so in Charlotte's answer the question and we continue tomorrow Jacqueline Hyde assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.