Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2018 – Prayers of the Pious – Episode 02 – His Door is Always Open

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who called on Allah to have her night be greeted by him. She says that she had a beautiful experience and that she had a powerful combination of hope and faith. She also mentions that she had a difficult time getting her night supplies and that she had a difficult time getting her draft.
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So now when it comes out to everyone, welcome back to prayers of the pious.

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So today we actually cover one of my favorite dramas in the series because of how personal it is. It's a long one, but it's truly a beautiful one. This is actually narrated about a very special woman Habiba. adobea. May Allah have mercy on her, she's not one of the companions, but one of the following generations, one of the pious predecessors, and she had this habits. This is narrated by Abdullah McKee and others that when it used to get really dark at night, and her piano live, she would actually head up to the rooftop. And she would start to call out to a lot towards the, the middle of the night or when it was very dark. And she had these words that were narrated that are

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just so powerful. She says Isla glutton new Jim wanama to their own. Well was allocated Maluku, Baba Baba will come up to wahala could have even been Habibi. He will have a Kami been a deca. So she says, Oh Allah. Oh my Lord. The stars have vanished harder to newseum when our material and the eyes have slept. Well allocated Monica Baba and the kings have locked their doors. Well, Bob will come after, but your door remains open. Well, hello, hello, Habib, and Habibi. And every lover has found privacy with their beloved. Well, hazama call me being a data and here I am standing before you.

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It's a very powerful

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half of the massager for him. Allah mentioned that you spend your days at the doors of kings. But at night when the King of all kings calls upon you, you fail to stand for him and you fail to reach out and respond even though he calls upon you, wanting to provide for you

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when the night would pass and she would continue to pray as the night would finish and as budget would come in. She continued with her day. And she ended her night with this powerful supplication and she said a llama had the lay look at the bottle or how the narrow cod is for Allah. There goes the night departing. And here goes the day brightening. And she said, Well, yeah Lita Shirley and oh how much or how Oh how I wish to know for later charity help a built a mini Laila Tifa Have you accepted this night for me so that I may congratulate myself on what I did to her and if arza or have you rejected it from me so that I may extend myself condolences and she continues and she says

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for where Exotica the how that deal with that will cover them up clay Tony, where is that okay. Low into how to Tony Maverick to member beaker.

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What are what are what are what are a few call to be viral, Judy kawakawa. Mika. She said that, after obviously saying that if you accepted this night, then I will celebrate. And if you rejected this night, then I would extend to myself condolences by your might. This is my commitments. For as long as you keep me alive by your might, even if you scold me, I will never leave your door nor will anything but your generosity and your grace be felt in my heart. This is a powerful way of combining the conversation that you have with Allah subhana wa tada which has to be driven out of hope to have that type of a personal call with a law. But at the same time at the end just like our father,

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Abraham Ibrahim alayhis salaam, when he calls upon the last panel town even after building the Kaaba, he and his son asked for acceptance. And this is the perfect combination of hope and fear here that she called upon a lot with the most beautiful personal supplication. But as the night flood, she asked the last panel to add it if you accept this from me, I will celebrate. And if you turned it away from me, then I will extend myself condolences, but at the same time, I will keep on trying, nothing will ever keep me away from your door. And nothing will fill my heart except for your grace and your love. So I'll keep on trying. A lot of times when we call upon Allah subhanho wa

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Taala with a very personal, one of the things that happens is that we we say all right, well, we got the drought done. Now, you know, I'm just waiting to see some miracle happen in my life. So you can either become complacent after an amazing night like that and amazing conversation that you have with your Lord or

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you can be discouraged and you can start to move away because something happens the next day and you feel like maybe that's a sign that my my supplication wasn't accepted. So the power of this woman and the beauty of this is that all she wanted as the night passed, because you will never know for a fact whether your draft was accepted in the

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or not, was to have another opportunity to be at the door of her Lord. May Allah subhanho wa Taala never turn us away from his door And may Allah allow us to always be amongst those that call upon him and that knock at that door until we are finally greeted by him and welcomed by him in the hereafter into his gardens a llama I mean, does that mean lol Highland See you all next time and Shawn law so now Mike lines on the council

In today’s episode, we examine the importance of persistent du’a, like that of Habiba al Adawiya, and how to get personal with Allah SWT.

[ Day 2 Du’a ]

إِلَهِي غَارَت النُّجُوْمُ، وَنَامَت العُيُوْنُ وَغَلَّقَت المُلُوْكُ أَبْوَابَهَا، وَبَابُكَ مَفْتُوْحٌ، وَخَلا كُلُ حَبِيْبٍ بِحَبِيْبِهِ، وَهَذَا مَقَامِي بَيْنَ يَدَيْكَ

“O Allah, the stars have vanished, the eyes have slept, the kings have locked their doors, and Your door remains open. Every lover has found privacy with their beloved, and here I am standing before You.”

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