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Musa Ibn Nusayr

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The history and character of the Islam world's first man, Ham[[A Message, was born in the time of the caliph in the time of the Spanish-equipped city of sources. He was a good pious Muslim and a strong warrior for his family. The caliphate was the third largest caliphate in history and was replaced by the new king after his death. Moosa Alon, the father of a war criminal, was a good warrior and a great warrior for his family. The caliphate was the third largest caliphate in history and was the largest in history. Moosa's decision to bring the religion to North Africa and the success of his army in conquering the region led to the return of Islam to Africa, and the Berbers of North Africa rebelled against Muslim control and fell within the Islamic Empire. The success of Moosa's army in conquering the region and the upcoming heroics of the next day led to the success of

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Are we leaving a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he vasavi he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How y'all doing?

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You look as I feel

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and handle has been a bit of a tough week. I can Allah subhanaw taala accept from us the the effort in this funnel of this does not go unnoticed. And Alicia, could you appreciate the little that we do? And what soprano data is most generous when He rewards him Allah put Baraka in our life after I'm along, because of this effort that we are doing for his sake, and for his purpose only for you, we are a lot. Well, hamdulillah we continue with our series on the heroes of Islam, and we discussed four of them already. And what Hamdulillah, the hero that we would like to speak about tonight,

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lived in the golden age of Islam. He lived in a time when Islamic borders spread from France, and Morocco, and the Atlantic Ocean, to send in India, to China in the east and to Russia in the north. This point in time, the Muslim Empire was the largest and most powerful empire in the world. And under the Caliph at the time, Khalifa lead the first he had a combination why this empire so strong is that he was fortunate that Allah had blessed him with a number of excellent generals, some of the best generals in the history of mankind were present in his time, and he was able to win Battle of the battle on different fronts in the east and the west. Today we're talking about the man who

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conquered the Western Front for Islam, the man who brought Islam to the edge of the known world at that time. At that time, there was we didn't know about in America and the world basically stopped at Morocco. And he brought Islam to the edge of the world. We of course talking about the great governor and military genius, Musa even Jose Rahim Allah.

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He was born 19 of the era in Medina. And it's mentioned that his father was at birth, his father became Muslim, and he was a slave and he was freed and he became a Muslim, and our doula and the killer. At that time, he wasn't the halifa but rather he was the governor of Satan. Normally, they normally put him in charge of Syria. Now he wrote the law and found this man to be trustworthy, honorable, and he was a good Muslim. So you said Evert, and he was a good pious Muslim, and he was a strong man. Somehow, we selected him to be his personal bodyguard. And in charge of Marbella, Dylan's entourage. So this man spent most of his life at the side of Mongolia. So again, mooses

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father was the bodyguard of Mao via the governor of Syria. And before he got to see the workings of the government, he got to be intimate with the ruling class of the time. And Musa Alon, he was called initial, so you spent most of his childhood in Medina, and he learned and he learned from the Sahaba. So his childhood days was spent in the company of Sahaba. He was born 19 of the hlr, which means he so satana the time of say, North man, and saying that he, he saw many of the great Sahaba and it and he's a Tabby as well. So therefore his formative years, his childhood years, was spent learning from the Sahaba. And as a teenager, his father called him to join him in Cydia, and to be

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in the court of mowing of the lawn. And we know more about the law. And as a governor, he was highly successful. It was a nice time that city and Palestine and even Cyprus, the first naval battle, the first naval fleet was constructed out of the land, and the Muslims began the campaign in the Mediterranean. Somalia was a great administrator. And, of course, naturally with Moosa, this young teenage boy, being around the government in the seat of power he learned from our other lawn. And

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to show you though, the honor and the caliber of moose his father was as follows just a buddy God, he didn't do any great things. But when he saw that there was tension off the Satan of man, and we're going a bit off topic here, but when saved enough man that it allowed me know when he was assassinated, there was tension between Satan alien malware, and there was sort of a civil war between Armenia and say, nalli as to who should rule the Muslims, and Muslims father said, I don't want to be part of any of this. He's the chief bodyguard of Maui, and he says, and he loved my area, he protected him with his life. He said, I will die for you, but I don't want to be part of Muslims

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fighting Muslims and this man was a revert. So he said, I'd like to pull out and rather go to Medina. So Moosa and his father went back to Medina, and they spent many years in Medina. And it so happened that Maui was successful and he became the halifa for 20 years, but you sort of cut your bridges with the halifa. When you walked out to him, you don't go back now and say, Can I get my job back? So Moosa stayed now in Medina.

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And then he befriended remember he's still quite close friends with the elite family malware the roommates and the family would rule and dominate they would win out in the battle against a Nally and elevate, and whether we like it or not. This is the facts of history. The immediate family eventually succeeds. And Musa still had an intimate relationship with roommates living in Medina, and the roommates family living in Medina will not like the roommates who lived in Syria, they still had the piety with him. And he befriended a man by the name of Abdul Aziz and I noticed a lot of names were getting lost in the names, but he was close friends with a man by the name of Abdul Aziz,

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even more one now we poziom we poziom Abdul Aziz even Marwan Marwan becomes the halifa which means Abdullah is his father is the halifa. Right Abdullah is his father was the halifa after many years after Maria, and but he wasn't the eldest son of Marwan mattawan had an older brother, very, very famous, very, very capable, older brother called Abdul Malik, Abdul Malik, even Marwan if you can remain remember this name, Abdul Malik, even Marwan basically fixes the problems after the Civil War. And he would have four sons, all of them polyphemus and his daughter would be married to the halifa. So Abdul Malik is called the father of kings. Right after Malik Abdulaziz, his younger

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brother, and Abdul Malik would rule for a long time and his sons would rule. And it would be in the time in the, in the sons of the Malik that Islam would spread to Spain and China and sit in Egypt. I mean, it's and and in Russia. So this was the Golden Age, when the Malik and his sons ruled

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was his father, his friends, not with Abdul Malik, but rather with Abdul Aziz, his younger brother. And whenever the money became the halifa, Abdul Aziz who was not like as rough and was not the same kind of people, like the other side of his family was most sincere and pious. He was placed as governor of Egypt. So he's his big brother, he's Buddha is the halifa. He put his little brother in charge of Egypt, you be the governor of Egypt. And naturally, Abdul Aziz said I'd like to have an advisor and I'll take my childhood friend Moosa with me. Now, for a spot price. I'm going to ask you an easy question. And then a very difficult question. Or maybe I should start with the difficult

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of itself, the difficult one, Abdulaziz, we said, He's the brother of Abdul Malik, who was the halifa at the time, Abdul Aziz would have a pious amazing son, he we will talk about him inshallah, on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, one days I'm going to be enough. And he's regarded as the fifth Caliph, the fifth rightly guided halifa. Who are we talking about? Omar bin Abdulaziz Omar bin Abdulaziz. So, remember this name, Abdul Aziz, the governor of Egypt. He had he was a pious man himself, Abdul Aziz, but he had a super pious son, who became the halifa and fixed the Umayyad Caliphate. So, let's correct now for the easy one. I don't think I can give with a mercy the Buddha

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treats spot price. Right? I have to ask the easy one

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of the disease becomes the government of Egypt and Egypt fell within the Islamic control in the time of say now we're very early on. We are now well, we are 6575 years after that Woody, who brought Islam to Egypt. The oldest message on the African continent base His name is Sahabi.

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Which Sahabi broth. He was the general and he brought Islam here. And the most she told today the Moses in Egypt is named after him magic.

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Magic Man.

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Sounds like Omar.

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Close to Omar.

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This was the easy one actually.

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With a Mama.

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Mama last among us, right this great Sahabi he came and he was the leader and he brought Islam to Africa to Egypt. And in the time of saying that, oh, my goodness, man, the African continent slowly and more and more fell to each North Africa fell to Islam. But the Muslims were never able to fully control North Africa. I don't know if you know, our Libyan brothers are here he left already. This is the history that for much many decades of the decades, the people of North Africa, they rebelled against Muslim control. The Berbers of North Africa, they were a problematic people. And Islam couldn't take root of them. They couldn't they weren't subjects that were obedient. So the

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government has came and they would rule them by force and they would have to conquer them and re conquer them over and over and this wasn't working. So when they place Abdul Aziz in Egypt of the lousiest bring Musa when you say my good close, ally and friend, I want him to come here and he said Musa, I want you to fix this problem.

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So you go to in the middle of in the middle of carillon, which was in Tunisia, you go there, and you need to sort out this problem. So he's appointed the governor of West Africa, Northwest Africa. And they he begins his career. Now from the son of a slave. He becomes governor of North Africa. And this is like the Wild West, North Africa. There is no real government there. The Muslims are unable to control them. The Berbers internally, are still fighting and overpowering them. So he needs to fix things. And he get it within seven years. He pulls this region, right by the grace of Allah. But he did so differently to the ways of the previous governance. First, he used these armies, and he

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enforced the law. But once things were at peace, he treated the Berber people with justice with mercy. And he said, I don't he told the halifa I don't need any more soldiers bring me I want scholars to come to teach about Islam. And he said I want to show them Islam with my example. He didn't see this area as a region to take the money and send it to Damascus and overpower them. Instead, he treats them equally. And within those seven years, much of the Berber tribes embraced Islam. And not only that, he gave those people positions in his government and his army from being an Arab Army colonizing North Africa. His army became a Berber army, a Muslim Berber army, and the

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hero will speak about tomorrow. He's most successful General mooses most successful general was a Berber, the man who took Islam to Spain. The general took Islam to Spain till today. A region is named after him. What's his name?

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Tarik, even Ziad Jabara parekh the mountain of Tarik, this Berber slave became a Muslim and he became musas Bass general. So Mousavi Alon Rahim Allah, he's able to incorporate the Berber people into Islam. And he did something which no other Gen before him did. He was able to take Islam and bring Morocco. Muslims never captured Morocco was too difficult to get to Morocco. They now included Morocco in the Muslim Empire, up until the point of the Atlantic Ocean, he said we can't go anymore, go to the halifa and said, I've come to the end of the world. There's nothing left for me to conquer.

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The next stage of the of the conquest was at the Romans who still control the Mediterranean. So what about geography? Now, the Romans as we know, control the Mediterranean. And they would say now we can see that Italy, obviously under the Roman Empire, that Sicily, the island of Sicily and to the south, you see Tunisia, that's where the capital of Moses Moses capital, Kieron was basically, and from the conquered Algeria and Morocco to the west, but the Romans would send the fleet and continuously harass and attack the Muslim, Muslim North Africa. So musasa we do something and these are decent people. He said, I we learned from when we were in Cydia, how to build ships. And he

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started a Navy, a North African Navy, just to keep the Romans in check. But Allah subhanaw taala granted him success even on the sea, and he was able to conquer Sicily, and the Balearic Islands, the islands around Spain. So he became excited to control the Mediterranean Sea. And as we said, he went to the edge of the world. And he had this famous line, after he had stopped the uprisings in North Africa, and the people entered into Islam, and he lowered the taxes and he treated them correctly. And even those who didn't want to embrace Islam, the people who still wanted to worship idols, and the Christians that love thee, he allowed them to practice the religion freely. So much

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so that people from Europe did the opposite of today. They lift Europe to North Africa, they smuggled themselves to North Africa, to live under this man Moosa, even Hussein even heard about this fate and just governor and this beautiful line that he said, and he rode his horse in the Atlantic Ocean. And he said this, if it had not been for me, and my horse drowning, out of taking Islam to even the end of the earth, I'd have gone further than this, I would have gone further than this. But there was a place beyond the ocean, there was a land across the sea. What land is that? He's now in Morocco. And when? Yes, and when you're in Morocco, and the seas and you're at the edge

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of Morocco, and the weather is really good, and the sea is calm, and you look across, you'll see Spain, you will see Spain, and he heard about the conditions of the people of Spain, and the people of Spain, the Jews in particular, Jews love Islamic rule. The Jews were persecuted so badly under the Catholic Church, that many of them came to North Africa. today. There are Jews in Morocco that came from Europe, and the people of Spain and some of the governance even the

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Mussa. Since you have a fleet, and you're successful in the Mediterranean, don't you want to come to Spain and see what you can do? So the time was right for Moosa to do something which no one before him did to arrange an army and send it into Europe, into Spain. And we know that from that decision that he made 750 years later, Spain was a Muslim was still interested for seven centuries, almost eight centuries, Spain was one of the greatest Muslim states on earth. And he sent his best general this man we say, Tarik, even Ziad, he's number one Berber General, he sent him across the sea. And so you take the army to this new world, and you fail and you bring the word of the heat there, and

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inshallah Allah will grant you success. And this would be the first stone in this beautiful building that would be under this magnificent palace of Al Andalus. for 700 years, Muslim Spain would be the most advanced country in Europe. It began when Musa sent his army across that small streets, and it's an easy day to remember 711 that's when it happened. The year was 711 when he sent that army over the sea, we'll talk about that tomorrow, the evening Allah insha Allah will talk about our next hero tomorrow. Tarik, even Ziad

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inshallah continue with our quiz. So yesterday I was told I was in Yeah, and I was told I was very bad I gave a stinking quiz was a really easy one. So inshallah we'll go through the questions, the answers, this should be easy to follow. We don't know this will be problems. What is the declaration of faith? What is the kalama really mean? And we said that the kalama is that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. It does not mean that there is no God but Allah, no creator, but Allah. The difference is we said that as Muslims, we believe, like all the people, Jews, Christians, Hindus, they all believe in one creator. But we say we only worship that one creator. That's our difference.

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None has the right to be worshipped except Allah and Muhammad wa sallam is missing just as easy one, which of these statements are true? Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, he created the heavens and the earth in how many days?

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Six days? Not a week, six days? a lucky if you see 30 am in six days through must Allah Allah. And then he rose up over the arch with the kursi. What's the difference between Alison kursi?

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Yes, in need of of Chase, and Nita footstools, but a lot out of His Majesty, and he's a mite, he has a throne, the ash, and he has a little ornament next to the arch the Odyssey. And we say what's he had called? Susannah, what this could see is bigger than the universe and everything the heavens and the earth, the Squillaci is bigger than that. And the arch is way, way bigger than the Odyssey. So a lot of those above these things of the six days of creating the heavens and the earth. Then the last question, beautiful Hadith, Hadith says only four things are located by hand. Allah does not need to use his hands for anything he just says. And it is but when Allah create something with his hands in

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a way which be footsies majesty, Allah hands or something, not like our hands, he does so to under that condition, and only four things were created by Allah's hands. What are those four things?

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The arsh

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the pain,

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the highest general and the most, the best of gentleness, Allah created that with these hands, a lot personally interior decorator the agenda, something worth seeing, we will get there one day, and an honor to us our father Adam, Allah created him with his hand he molded the clay himself, Allah subhanaw taala. So we said which of these things were not created by us and who seldom was not created by us. And neither was the courtesy nor was diberi. Nor was God they were created, like other things, couldn't fire Kuhn. So tonight's quiz, you have your cards,

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you have your cards in sha Allah, you should know these things, and then we will ask the questions. So question number one, and just a side note here. I know a lot of people out there listening to these lectures online, and they said, We also want to participate in the quiz inshallah you can, we're going to try and upload the book. So all of you should have a copy of the booklet with your answers in it. If you don't have one, you can get one from the office, and we'll try to put it on our website, on our Facebook page, put on.org Let's see that Oh, that's it. I know that Oh, that's a day on our Facebook page and inshallah you will find the PDF of our of our booklet and insha Allah,

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you can email the answers, and we'll include you in the running for the grand prize. So question number one, what is the worst sin of all? What's the worst of the worst sins? Is it a shift? Is it be Zina? Is it see using magic? Is it the murder?

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Right so you answer it shala I know this is the month of sharing but keep this to yourself.

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Keep this to yourself. All right. Number two, who of the following do not have free will?

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a profit item did he have free will Yes or no? b does he believe a free will Yes or no?

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CDs if you don't have free will yes or no deed, to the serrania have free will. And if you don't know what those are gonna go back to your books, you'll find what does urbania do their free will yes or no. So which of them does not have free? Will? Even if you don't know what savani is, by elimination, you should be able to get to the answer.

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Right, number three. And the last question, Who were the first people to start worshipping idols? Was it the type of ad? Or the people or the mood? Or the people of no? Are the people of bunnies or the bunny? Sorry, easy one as well. The first people to start to come a chick, who are they? So inshallah write your answers and put it in the box, we will, we will have our weekly draw. And then at the end of the month, we'll also keep a log sense of points for every correct answer that you get. If you get all three, right, we'll give you a bonus point as well. And inshallah the grand overall winner, there will be something you'll be the hero of the month insha Allah. So also a

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reminder that alpha treats and K fi is on sale, if you'd like a copy, available in the office with the therapies, the 150 for the CIT and in sha Allah, I don't think anybody want to actually be with them actually want so we'll show it as that sits for you. And we continued in tomorrow with Larkin Ziad and the conquest of Spain, disciple of fate or sola, satana. Mohammed Ali, he was Saddam Hussein

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh