Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – What’s Love Got to Do With It

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
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humble enough to want to study you don't want to stop to want to study.

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A lot

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of people

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that we all need,

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especially brothers and sisters said, I'm really

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hungry. It's an honor, it's a privilege to be here with you today, this evening. The title, what's love got to do with it. I don't know what his title came from. By the way. I actually did a talk once in Leicester few years ago, the same title at the University of Leicester Leicester University. What's Love Got to do.

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And I started that talk off, it's actually on the on the internet recording by saying that, I hope people have not come to listen to a song that

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we know where we are why we're here. Let's do it. In this short,

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what I want to do is talk about something that I think is very important for us as young people.

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Important things for young people studying at a university and living in an environment

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in such an environment, most telling university but even outside the campus outside the university, the environment and the times that we're living in. And I fully understand what young people go through I myself I was born in this country, I was born investor, and I've lived all my life.

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So I fully acknowledge and understand the time and the talent we're living in. And the society around us, the Charles and tribulations and the challenges that we face, living in these in this country in the west and in these times.

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But that doesn't mean that it's difficult for us as a Muslim as a believing muslim or you believe in Muslim male and even Muslim female. It does not mean that it becomes difficult for us to practice our deen our religion, Islam the Command of Allah is beloved messengers of Allah. Consider this Deen that Allah has given us which has become key to your life, if you realize Islam is not just a religion, and this is the reason why many scholars actually stated that it's wrong to translate the word Islam in the into religion. It's not just a few forms or modes of worship, through rituals, other religions, maybe just really just religions, meaning that there are just certain forms of

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worship, you do a certain rituals you do certain things. For the whole week, you can do whatever you want to you can go clubbing and partying and drinking alcohol and doing whatever you want to on a Friday night or a Saturday night and do whatever

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in your in your life in your day to day life. But then on Sunday, you can just go to wherever you want to go and get all your sins forgiven. It's time it's not like that Islam is a comprehensive way of life. This will be called Sharia. It's a comprehensive way of life. We have teachings in all the different areas of our lives. For a Muslim, it's not just enough for a Muslim to just pray. It's not sufficient for a video but just to externally dress like Muslim loved black and Muslim or carry out certain external obligations of Salah, the third approach, and it's not enough. It's not sufficient for a believer. It has to be a complete believer, not a partial Muslim or half Muslim, got a half

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time was then a full time Muslim full time believer. And Allah says to me at the top nooner be involved in Kitabi water through me Ron, do you believe in certain parts of the book and in other parts of the book? Another verse is Yeah, Nina, Hulu is silica. Oh you believe enter into Islam Galfer the word curve in Arabic means totally comprehensive you wholeheartedly fully don't take part of Islam and Viva La Paz as you as it feels good to

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Whatever you feel like practice upon, it's not. So as long as the comprehensive way of life the way we live as Muslims our interaction. You know, there are rules in Islam in terms of how we do business, how we do trade, how you marry rules, or divorce or inheritance, military matters, or various areas from the moment you wake up in the morning till the time you go to sleep, we go. If you are going to work, if you go to study at the university, wherever we are, even walking on a road or movies coming to driving a car, there are rules and injections of Islam that relate to us, the way we converse with one another with Muslims with non Muslims with the society around us. There are

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rules and regulations. So it's a comprehensive way of life. You can't just pick parts of Islam. And then we just be a Muslim or in Ramadan, for example, when the blessing comes, you can't just be Muslims on the screen or just on Friday, you have to be full time ministers, not part time, Muslims. You mentioned the football team, you know, coming from halftime after halftime, they don't turn up. Imagine we have Manchester United, you know, playing Manchester City, and the other team doesn't turn up for the other half. It's ridiculous. That's like Muslims who are practicing and taking certain parts of Islam and not further practicing other important aspects of Islam. So that's the

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first point I really want to leave you with, which is that it's very important that we practice Islam in a comprehensive way, starting from Akai from the things that we believe in to the aspects of privada, which is a branch worshipping Allah, all the rules are solid, and you know, Zakat and how to exception and fasting to what we call more Asha, social etiquettes more actual rules of how to serve, how to have interaction with one another social rules, how to deal with your family members, how with your parents, with your children, with your mates, with Muslims and non Muslims, people around you relatives, cousins, relationships, health insurance, that's another topic. And

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then more I learned financial and business transactions. That's like a whole branch of the teachings of Islam and then you know, a block, which is an internal character, having good praiseworthy traits and removing a bad character traits the blameworthy character traits from inside the heart, and that's called the skin, the skeletal column, reforming the soul. So these are all the different branches of Islam. So we have to really ensure that we become competing this as much as we can lead to try and this is life is nothing but a test. It's a trial. Allah has placed us in this world to test us and it's a test and we have to try our utmost best now.

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In terms of the rulings of Islam when it comes to interaction and intermingling or the gender interaction is Islam recognizes and realizes the Quran and Sunnah when we look at the verses of the Quran, the Hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Islam recognizes that

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it's very easy for a human being, to fall into a sin. It's very easy, very easy for men and women to fall into a sin and commit a sin. Islam recognizes the importance of modesty Islam recognizes the importance of, of the family system. Islam recognizes the importance of preserving your your your modesty and guarding your modesty. And because of that, there are rules within Islam. There are rules within the Quran and the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that stopped us from even getting close to committing something which is unlawful last year in the Latina taco Museum, that taco Mussina do not even come close to fornication and adultery, do not even come close

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to fornication, the verse Mr. Brunner reciting of the Quran in a very beautiful way when the dean and I had our own our outcome, what is new, what are the total number of salary horror, lovey dovey happy, whatever is new, you know, in this particular verse, Allah subhana, Allah is actually talking about two important natures of the human record shuffle, you know, the human being, that human being, there are two two

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powers or two natures of a human being that enable him or that, that take him will lead him to commit a sin. And these two are number one, a shuffled to the left, but here

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one is the what is the angry soul? You know, the soul that the human being has an eternal soul, that angry nature of human beings, many of the sins are committed through the anger so when someone commits murder, when someone commits you know, when someone harms another harming someone injuring someone being found, slandering, swearing, rebuking, having an argumentation currently disputes all these things, many of the things that human beings

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commits are connected to a shovel, love to hear the other the anger the wrath within the human be the angry soul. Right this is the angry soul, the knots which is which is angry. And another

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aspect of the internal human nature is the lustful nature last fall. So, and many sins that a human being commits is due to the last connection. And Allah Subhana Allah in this particular verse which the brother recited upon before was it.

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The brother recited when the leader that Allah gives two examples, in this particular verse, Allah talks about Akira first Neda, Guna, Allah the EDA and those who do not the virtues of those people who do not associate partners with Allah, so they believe in the Oneness of Allah. And then after Allah says, what to do, then slnb harem above the loving, they do not kill anyone, except by direct what I absolutely love, so they don't kill a soul. We just tried to hurt the translation without polluting us. And let me help them a lot which Allah is prohibited without gluten and absolutely horrible love to me. Unless the lesson is just right. And I mean, you can't take that justice in our

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own hands, but there are a lot of course.

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And then the last one is Zune, and they do not commit adultery, they do not fornicate, killing someone and fornication, two examples of the two natures of a human being the first one, murder someone killing someone that's connected to the angry nature of assault, and what is new legislation. So many of the things we should think about is you know, most of the things that we as human beings commit, they go back to these two aspects of the human nature,

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the load of the wrath, the angry nature and soul.

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And that's what the law says another place in the nappsa. Amara to be Sue. In other words, whenever seeking an absurd amount of who will be sue this soul

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or does it commands the person to commit a sin, it makes you sin, the soul, the soul makes you a sin. And that's what we need to work on our soul, we need that connection or wants to Allah, we need to purify our eternal, internal our hearts. And that's why the messenger for the love and wisdom said, I think if it doesn't, the mandala, of sorrow has suffered certified just a good way the FirstNet festival, just as a call to this, beware, there's a thought in your body.

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If that is corrupt, your whole body will concurrent and if you connected that part of your body, if that part of your body was sold a turn, and he said, No, you're fired, that's the heart, then your whole body is sound. And this is what Allah says, your environment or whatever you eliminate Allah.

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On the Day of Judgment, when the human being comes, nothing was benefited, except the one who comes to Allah on the day of judgment and the only animal with well when he said he sound bar. So we need to work on your heart and working on our heart will actually help us avoid sense because once our connection rather interesting, our connection is strong with Allah, we have that strong link and attachment and the bond with Allah, our Creator, Hollywood, that is very difficult to pull into committee, we assume the problem that we have today, many officers are our connection, our relationship, our bond with our Creator, is maybe there's no connection, or even if it is it's very

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weak. And because it's very weak, it's very easy to commit a sin. You know, if you love some, if you love somebody or people in marriages and they say oh, if you love your spouse, and it's very difficult for you to, you know, do some dodgy stuff on the side. Okay?

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That love stops you How can I do this?

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I absolutely adore love my wife or my husband. Right? It's difficult for people. Exactly the same scenario. If you have this extreme love and connection or relationship with Allah, it's impossible for you to commit a sin. And that's why we should worship Allah to love more than fear. Remember Iman availa hope you will reject our iman D is based on hope and fear. Image is between hope and fear. We fear Allah as well as we have hope and agenda. Excessive hope is also wrong and despairing and losing all hope is also wrong. And we should, we should worship Allah with love and fear. Both have been mentioned in the Quran. While even half of the janitor is

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the one who fears directly when standing before his Lord. Allah says that he should enter agenda

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agenda. So we need to hear about but at the same time, or probably more, as you mentioned, is to grow growth. Especially in this age more than fear, we should try to create a new

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of worship Allah do not offer this as a burden. You don't want the final

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punished. Don't think about hellfire and worship Allah think about paradise and even a higher level. And Satan is not even thinking about this very high level, not even thinking about paradise thinking about aligning. So we want to love what have you in paradise, in the hereafter the greatest Nerman gift and bounty on a raft it will be the vision in the sight of Allah. And Allah says upon delivery, the accident that was added to the zeal to an extra is the sight of Allah. And there are numerous Hadith are the messengers of Allah by yourself in the village around Morocco, commands around the corner, you will see a lot in the Day of Judgment like you see the moon. So this is a higher level

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knowledge of worshipping Allah of how much people love full Allah worshipping, have this love, extreme excessive amount of love for your creative for our greater levels. 100. And once we do that, brothers and sisters, that it's difficult to, it's difficult to want to

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commit sins, now it's more difficult to avoid sin, we're not talking about avoiding sins now we're talking about is difficult to commute. If someone tells you, you it's only forces you to commit a sin, you can't do it. And that's why when we look at the previous self and earn scholars, some of them are really pious and righteous people, people are oppressing them, suppressing them, punishing them,

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warning them and threatening them to put them into some bullion oil or fire or whatever. Yet they are ready and prepared to give their lives. Why? Because it's a love and a connection with Allah, they're ready to sacrifice their life. If you don't have that love and connection with the love and it's very, you know, that's that's the route, you know, we want to avoid. That's, that's the that's where we need to get up and how do we, you know, bring that connection and that relationship and they're always they're always, you know, number one excessively making dua to Allah and being punctual with your with your prayers and your

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worshiping Allah. And you know, there are many other ways recitation of the Quran is irregular, regularly. So anyway, going back to our Sangha, we need to we know that we live in a time where it's difficult. This we live in a time of this, we face a lot of trouble traditions and tests around it's very easy, very easy, if we don't have connection with Allah very easy to commit sin. So the first solution is what? Build a connection with Allah, right? That's the first once we do that, then you need to go into how it's going to be easy for you to works in. But there are many things now in this particular area, that gender interaction in male and female use, you know, brothers and sisters,

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Islam, Allah says, the person I'm talking about what are Takara Xena do not even get close to fornication do not even come close to Islam takes the you know, the preventative measure, prohibits all those things that lead to a person pointing kit, the messengers of Allah and he was sending sending one heavy, Zina it another the Xena the qualification of the eyes to look lust. Lust will gauge it was Yeah, he'll touch the Xena hands to touch. And I was in a ratio.

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admission. The Zina on the feet is to walk towards the evil activity. And then we'll come to you some people who you can people.

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They say what COBOL

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from refer to as a demo with the people. And if eventually you actually end up committing the actual session * for you may not. But it's still it's the Zener of the eyes in the hands of the feet. Okay, zero the ear is listening to an awful lot. So things. So Islam takes the preventative measure, because Islam recognizes and Allah subhanaw taala recognizes this, that the weakest instinct for the human being is his sexual instinct. It's very easy, Allah. Allah is the One who created us, right? The easiest way for a person to fold into an oval activity is the receptionist. And that's the reason why she brought up Satan uses that that particular area to make the human slip

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and make him commit a sin because this is the you know, the most vulnerable part of of the believer. Okay, so therefore sound hits the prevention measure. And one of the main reasons is that because we need to protect ourselves, not just married people, even under people you safeguard yourself you protect yourself before marriage after marriage, after marriage, of course is very important. Islam wants to keep and preserve the family system. You know, we live in a time where, you know, people just mix galleries and people who work in and you know, make mix environments with the husband.

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Make some goes to his work, thanks. The wife goes, she's there. And you know, you know what happens? Eventually things happen. Seriously, I spoke to so many different people and also in different scenarios, but things happen. It's time takes the preventative measure, take, block the means to the evil before you even get close to that evil. The woman goes to work, she's you're at home, remember marriage, and I'm going to provide you with an end. But remember their marriage, the child itself, there are responsibilities in a marriage, you know, you can't, it's not going to be like, you know, how you thought he was going to be because you have to struggle as you go to work. And as you begin

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maybe a limitation to working and she looks at the man to hate some boss or someone says, I wish my husband smiled, smiles read things.

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And the husband is working. And maybe the husband you know, has more control. This is working in a environment with a lot of females. And I wish my record.

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Not this is the human of nature, remember, and that's the worst thing for a human being to do something about the stillness and coolness of humans. I don't imagine a medical term for it. But it's an illness. You know what this nurse is always looking at other people. I wish I was like that I wish my wife was like, Oh, I wish you know, my something was like that person, somebody, every time looking at other people. That's a disease, you know, it's gonna lead you to depression. I know people who are depressed, don't look about don't look at the things of other people. Islam says when it comes to worldly matters, look at people below. You don't have a car, look at people who can't

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even walk. You don't have legs unless you're walking. If you have a certain amount of money, look at the poor people in certain parts of the world, why they don't have you a Denny's food in worldly matters. Look at people below.

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If you just invite Tom Perez, think about people who wake up or emulate as well.

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For us, as we should look at, we should look at the people above us. So Islam takes the preventative measure, block the means to the evil and it's our responsibility, that we've got the means to evil. Before we even smell that evil, we even come close to it, we have to take your unit. The first thing I mentioned, if you remember even asking this third thing is that we have to make our connection relationship with the last straw. After we do that, what are the means, okay? The meat and the rules which Islam has laid in terms of agenda interaction. There's quite a few things here. But I just want to make a few points.

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Certain things which are very important in Islam,

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in terms of blocking the need to achieve, right, these are very, very important actually wrote a very good article on this topic. So these are just bullet points

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between a man and a woman who are not related

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to one another.

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Something that is absolutely categorically decisively prohibited in Sharia Islam.

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There's no no two opinions about this. Remember, most of the things I want to talk to you about? It's some agreed upon, you know, I don't normally talk in public lectures about things that are not that disagree that for me, it is just simply your permission to have a little bit discussion. So probably, people can differ and have two opinions.

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But these are issues are continued agreed upon the prohibition of a man and a woman who are not related to one another, being alone in seclusion in isolation we call

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now you are dangerous. I don't know if you get into those scenarios, but it's absolutely categorically decisively forbidden from the Quran and Sunnah. The messengers of Allah is the One who originally will be in the kernel teratoma Shere Khan, a man and a woman are never alone your room except this third person amongst them is shaped by Satan, and he will eventually lead them astray. And many of the Hadith left one era. A man should not be alone Hello, hello eager to

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avoid being alone in seclusion, alone with someone from the opposite gender, the man and a woman These are rules for both men and women. You know, these are rules which I collected because the rules of hijab you know, the problem is today, Donald Trump people asked him Is there any job with this person, that person? You know, your strong, hijab is a comprehensive word. Hijab is not a piece of cloth. A job is not one particular ruling. Hijab is a barrier literally. Had your big puffy German. Oh, how'd you go back? He's human. You know, it's just literally a barrier. How do you design the barrier? This is a hygiene. You know, the one who's big being the guy

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A hijab is a barrier in the middle, you know, right now this is a time to review the hijab, a curtain. It's a hijab. It's not just what our sisters are wearing on the head. It's not just that, right? This is what we need to understand long as we fail to understand this. We didn't. Okay, we're talking I mean, yes, okay. Normally in our customary understanding language, we know it's not wrong to turn, you know, the headscarf as a feature. But it's just a one part of a collection of rulings that are collection of rulings in regards to feature. Okay, there are a collection of rules. So he so the first of these collection rules is the prohibition of hunting, the prohibition of being

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alone, in seclusion, being alone, being in seclusion, the privacy, that's the means you have to take the means you have to ensure you are never in a situation of Brother, you are never in a situation, right, when asked if you want to listen,

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that's 10 I don't know the 10 probably in the wrong case, I'm sure people have come here that we want to help ourselves we want to have a lot of press chastity of of protection and some dignity, respect and modesty and higher. And I'm sure most people are either here or go. So the first rule is you have to have the means to the point that there are rules, you know, the scholars actually discuss and debate the issues of work when a person sees a doctor or a nurse, you know, being with a patient and allowed not allowed how much of this all discussed, there are books and books on this topic endless with different councils have felt have discussed efficient and quiet detail. But there

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are rules, you know, we become lacks, you're in a room Calamy being alone in an area in a room where the doors are not too close where or in other ones where a third person cannot easily enter. If you're alone somewhere like in the corridor.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:13

You just stay in the corridor, but anybody can walk in anytime go past that's not hardware. Hardware is where, you know, you go to one of the rooms and you're lucky from time to having a chapter this is just as an ultimate advice and also because

00:27:16 --> 00:27:17

some of us

00:27:18 --> 00:27:21

be very careful. This is my brother gave you advice.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:24

You don't trust anyone.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:40

You just I mean, I come across so many situations because I interact with people on a regular basis. I'm serious because this does create issues, no issues. So unless you know what one presidency

00:27:41 --> 00:27:46

is, if a brother wants to teach a one to one teaching brother and sister it's unlawful.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:00

It's unlawful, okay, you want to teach this as a yo yo really adult teaching sister, I listed four sisters. It's take for you when I teach all of them together. You start doing something with jumping.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:29

Least do that but even that you have to be You must be confident on your own self. That's what they say stop to ask your own heart. What if mu Maha GFI sada Rita will carry the yatta yatta Enos, the messengers of Allah Allah you will send them was asked the definition of a sin A lot of times people ask this is how does this how is this allowed? This is this question of best definition.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:44

A sin is that which you feel guilty about in your heart, and you dislike that other people, we everyone, your parents, your father, your mother, your teachers, everyone you dislike and you'd hate that they come to no office. That's the definition of

00:28:45 --> 00:29:24

easy, we don't need to go to school as always, this is the law trying to get a new word, get some way off from it. Ask your heart you know, for a fact you hear there are certain situations where you know, you need to ask a person or not say you should ask me to ask of course we're still offended, but many issues we know our own selves, whether it's permissible, right correct or incorrect to do so be very careful. But that means never be in a situation. Never be in a situation where you are alone with someone from the opposite gender, a sister with a brother or brother or sister, ensure that you're not with someone of the opposite gender, it's very important. Number two from these

00:29:24 --> 00:29:33

collective rules or fija. The rules these are injunctions, the laws of HR from the Quran, sunnah, Allah says in the Quran, here very Erland

00:29:35 --> 00:29:46

but Zen are equally diverse in the world. So people were Isha when he goes to taqwa, dedica halal, the curry. Allah says that, cover yourself modesty.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

And then I can reverse and we have given you clothing it does. What's the main objective? What's the main purpose? Why do we come outside? Why don't we just walk around naked? Right. What is the main objective

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

Allah says, the universe you learn so equals it covers your soul. Soul is your nakedness the part of the body that the hour which must be covered. Now within the Hadith, the messengers of Allah and Islam has explained in detail what the outer is, of the body of a human being for a man, remember that these rules are for Java for both men and women. So sometimes when a preacher or he says that they have to, you know, kind of, it's for both hardware just like it's not permissible for the system. For a man, it's for both it's not I don't know, where this concept has come that it just says it needs persistence to do an apprentice can just you know, relax and chill and flirt and just

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look at every system and lustfully like he wants it doesn't matter.

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second part is covering the Allah, Allah says cover your Allah for a man as a part of the body which he must at all times covered in less absolute necessity you need like a medical checkup or some operation or something like that, but generally a man the pod which you must come from his navel up to an intuitive his knees generally according to most, cause, some have said maximum. So I'll say more, but generally the policy has to be covered. And for Sisters of all the general opinion is the whole body except the hands face and the feet. Now, this part of the body has to be cut, this will be called an hour, this is a read upon the oldest because the output of a system is a whole body

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except the face and feet, the rest is without a doubt our sister has to come no matter what, right from from non Bahaman you have to cover this lossy universe and you are so article you have to cover. And remember when we say we have to cover when we have to cover there's two things we have to cover.

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When we say cover cover with a clothing, there's two important ingredients or two important

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components and parts of this covering number one, that covering the clothing must be not seated. Right. Otherwise we don't have me you can Toby but you could see through clothing really thin fabric that's not covering the first condition in order for your covering to be Islamically valid brothers or sisters

00:32:22 --> 00:32:55

that fabric the covering should be should be thick enough not seafood. And number two and this relates to our brothers and sorry if I offend anyone here it should not be tight it should not be thicker heavy for brothers and sisters seriously you could you know you can wear anything that you could think you're the most practicing but if you don't act on this this this is breaking violating the rules of Asia a lot of times we will type the system where the head cover with a really tight jeans on stuff. And that's how

00:32:56 --> 00:33:34

I'm not gonna steal your pen because of that you're much better than me. And this is something that we need to try to try to improve brothers as well. This part from the Naval to the knees you have to have something use Nobody says you have to have a thought you don't have to go to necessity in Islam. You don't have to wear Turkish clothing you don't have to wear Arabic clothes you don't have to work aesthetically you don't have to wear Indian Tony there's no such thing as these old cultural things. But there are rules in Islam as long as you meet the criteria the * rules in whichever clothing you wear, whether it's Turkish or Bosnia or Kosovo or African or Lebanese or Syrian or

00:33:34 --> 00:33:46

Jordanian or Yemen or Saudi as long as you fulfill the criteria you didn't know vacation and this criteria for a product you can show from the label to the nice covered in

00:33:47 --> 00:34:08

non see through a non tight COVID Otherwise that coverage is not adequate cover you have to ensure it's not tight the finger on the body less not exposed and there are rules your salami contain valid if your finger is exposed if it's tight trustful the channel is just so tight the brothers you know we go in the masjid sometimes and

00:34:10 --> 00:34:13

you know you're praying behind somebody and then the other part is expanded

00:34:15 --> 00:34:21

this question is my surrounded by people asking me that I saw her that is the truth is basically like so important.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:25

As much as I embedded people ask me this question

00:34:27 --> 00:35:00

because you know it's tight and then and then this past news title The name has gone down. So you have to be very careful and sisters as well. A whole bunch of sisters except the handsome face this is this movie of Islam a few if you are not to the level and appreciate those sisters who don't have equity, no problem is still Muslims and the word Muslim. But we need to try and this this is the test that's why we come here. We need to try to pick up Mr. Sharp or not today and tomorrow. We try to change our ways. These are not normally if once we get married. Remember one thing you don't want people doing until they get married or find someone and tell you this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

doesn't work just as well if you don't want to. Because once you get a habit of certain things before manage those habits live with you after marriage. Seriously, I know so many situations. And I don't want to go into a specific example really shocked. Because I speak to so many people in the shop. So many husbands and wives who speak to me about the habits of the spouses, when you would think this can marry me, why does he need to live? I don't want to go into the specifics if I do, and I don't think it's appropriate, just yesterday, or was it the day before yesterday, the sister called she's got three children, her husband, and you know, he's doing certain things which you

00:35:38 --> 00:36:14

think this guy's married, why would you need to do to do these things. But it's a habit, which is before marriage, if you've got a habit of, you know, lustful gazes and women and 13 women as brothers, or sister with a brother, then you will have that habit, even after you're married, you have to stop before marriage, you have to stop for marriage. Because these habits that you know, it's very difficult to avoid the saucepan and remove these habits from it. So don't wait to marriage be a dignified a modest Muslim Muslim have now which means today, this minute, the second

00:36:15 --> 00:36:20

that's the test, you have to be trying to be a good Muslim. So cover your hour.

00:36:21 --> 00:36:27

That's, that's the second you know, rule from the rules of hijab. Number three, the third

00:36:30 --> 00:36:31

rule from the rules of HR

00:36:34 --> 00:36:39

which is very important, and which relates to a lot of this as well, informal interaction.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:45

And I've not been

00:36:49 --> 00:36:50

able to call myself so it's

00:36:52 --> 00:37:30

number three, the prohibition of unlawful casual interaction, Allah allows Islam allows men and women to talk when and if there is a need no problem. Allah says, No, you can talk, you can't talk. But when you talk, and when you have a conversation with someone from the opposite gender, then the conversation must be must be full of you can't have informal interaction in Islam must be formal. It must not be casual, must not be free. It's not relaxed. You can't be free and casual in your conversation with with a sister with a brother some of the lovers agenda talk about

00:37:32 --> 00:37:38

addresses the wives with a messenger SallAllahu wasallam. And Jeff specifically, and then generally to all Muslim women, but

00:37:39 --> 00:37:54

do not be soft limit, Allah is addressing you to not be soft, do not be soft in the tone that you use when you speak to men. Do not be soft in your conversation. But at the Apollo, why? Because these brothers are diseased, but

00:37:56 --> 00:38:09

the one the one in whose heart is a disease will be inclined to listen. And that was brothers as well, you know, no brothers talking as well, you know, brothers talking to another brother, he's you know, he doesn't care how he's talking on the student system, as it

00:38:11 --> 00:38:20

was soft and everything you try to impress you. And even sisters, sometimes, you know, as soon as the planner the tone changes, that

00:38:21 --> 00:38:26

the accent changes, the tone changes, these are things we all know about.

00:38:28 --> 00:38:33

And this is just to impress this, this equation, this all leads these to say,

00:38:35 --> 00:39:15

you know, for a brother, there should be no difference. When you talk to another brother and sister, there should be no difference. The way you talk to your mother, your father, your mother, sister, your own system, the way you talk to her should be exactly like you talk to your fellow businesses with respect, and not try to flip being flirtatious in your conversation. totally forbidden heart, that's again, taking a beating each other sin and you have to avoid that sin, you have to block the means before before the actual sale materializes, blocking the means to evil. So this didn't occur. Remember two things. When we are informally in our conversation, two things are very important. Two

00:39:15 --> 00:39:45

things are very important. When we say for our top dollar, because two things are very important. The maximum the content, and the min. of the conversation, this allows brothers and sisters, male and females to have a conversation and have an introduction. We we have to we live in a time where we have to but two things are important. Number one, the content of the conversation must be appropriate. Number Number one content. What are you talking about?

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

Is it something that you really need to talk about? Is the conversation about something important, relevant, significant, something that we need to talk about? Present just you know whether you're talking about some coffee, different types of coffees

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

et cetera, and different types of jobs and SR has

00:40:04 --> 00:40:09

different types of you know, jackets and violins and jukebox yes well this one's

00:40:12 --> 00:40:14

pink suits your purposes this is

00:40:15 --> 00:40:17

green and beautiful really nice and green.

00:40:18 --> 00:40:19


00:40:20 --> 00:41:01

content the content of the conversation must be appropriate and number two, the manner the way you talk remember both the content must be appropriate number two, the manner the way the method you use in having a conversation so that's number three, his time is short on this really moving trucks number three, number four, which relates mainly processes but even to the brothers. Okay, but mainly this is a specific ruling and as far as these are these are the rules of hedgehog collective rules. We talked about the prohibition of hundreds of being alone in a room we talked about covering yourself modestly with those two conditions. We know what the sisters have to cover and the brothers

00:41:01 --> 00:41:22

have to cover we talked about unlawful informal interaction casual feet you know interaction and and having a conversation number four, which is specifically to the sister three because it's heavy it's only mentioned for the sister the message is gonna love it was gonna be the hadith of normativity he said that if a woman

00:41:25 --> 00:41:37

will not let alone region here do we have a girl together are the only Shalida a woman applied to Turkey with loads of Turkey all the different types of perfume? I don't know what the names are

00:41:39 --> 00:41:43

he called boss saying well what else can people using I use it

00:41:45 --> 00:41:46

too much but

00:41:47 --> 00:42:22

but yeah, you know all these different types of countries you are allowed to use notices but at home if you're married is for your husband, right if you're willing sisters and find you and within sisters but if you have even less than that Allah He was gonna save any woman who applies curfew this data from your data in Arabic is started until a month or two from now familiar with other regions and then she passed by men she goes past men and she walks past men and they leave God out the hadith is literally you know there's a difference in one Hadith the variation is

00:42:23 --> 00:43:04

that originally Okay, which means that she passed by men and date smelter that The warning comes but a more authentic variation of the hurry does lead you to rehab that's quite significant the small loans quite significant one because in Arabic language this will mean she applies per view. So that women's soccer men's not with an intention and that is the more authentic narration the end to rehab is in the center of human activity as well as the sooner resolve widowed Lee who we have. So without any intention, okay, it's quite significant but even if you think that I don't have the intention, but you you might think that but you know, subconsciously very intentional you there will be no

00:43:04 --> 00:43:09

human there, there'll be female male, there'll be people does that smell nice. That's what the note says.

00:43:11 --> 00:43:54

The messenger SallAllahu sallam said, our company at this moment in Delta she's like, this is where Allah and companions are the messengers of Allah. So we actually use our cheerleaders. 10 words, a case is a woman and said that she will perish for a lost power dialer. So that's number one, number four. And number five, is trying to this is both especially this is more relationship brothers, trying to keep your gaze as low as much as possible. And this is from Allah says, What do you believe the Illuminati were collusion. And then in the next verse, All of this while you may not have a good level of solid here, you were following up on Jehovah informed command the believing men

00:43:54 --> 00:44:34

to keep the gauges Low to low the gauges Do not cast less fuel gauges, women, and I find the losses to the women or the Mobility Command of believing women too low and in cases, God the monitoring, when you try it as much as possible to keep our gauges away, you can have a conversation you can look there's not a problem, but less will give us is we have to try to avoid that. And these are all the collective rules of the job. Not one is just you know, you don't just practice on one part of this collection with aphasia. These are collective rules. And that's why you know, sometimes some people restrict hijab to one thing, just to cover the overhead now after covering my head, the

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

sister if she applies to have you or if she has an unlawful instance or an informal interaction, just casual joking around brothers, no problem about cut the head cover. I've done what I needed to do. That's actually a complete misunderstand. The only reason while you're actually learning the head color is that you don't do these things actually more important than even their head color is if you put the rules of hijab in category in terms of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

You know what's more important that's that's the the most important would be the prohibition of being alone in a room and that informal interaction

00:45:09 --> 00:45:11

so usually ended up sometimes just

00:45:13 --> 00:45:52

chatting, okay was fine. Some sisters to the point that some sisters were going to call and I've actually given a talk once with locomotion fiscal. I said many times it's unfortunate that in some of our communities women said our sisters, they restrict their understanding of the rules of hijab to a face cover. That said, once I've combed my face and inside, I can do whatever hiking, whatever. And then we'll flirting, going and talking about Muhammad the whole purpose of this color is defeated the whole purpose you defeated the whole purpose of cronyism. So these are the rules and that's why brothers and sisters we really need to

00:45:53 --> 00:46:01

try our best. What the final everyone this, everything needs him, you need that.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:04

What's human

00:46:05 --> 00:46:08

strength, that courage, that

00:46:09 --> 00:46:12

strive you're struggling Well, sorry.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:15

You can do

00:46:17 --> 00:46:55

two things. Nothing comes easy in this world. Nothing comes easy. We have to struggle we have to try our best number one him we have to do whatever is in our capability capacity. Number two is making constant globs. Allah all is praying asking Allah for help. We have to We can't use excuse we live in a town there's too much fitna you can't use that excuse. Imagine you know you can go oh token on Prophet of Allah use of peace be upon him. You know the story and I don't have time to time for q&a. But you don't assume pick up so that users can read. What happened. You understood

00:46:56 --> 00:46:59

that the wife of the king of Egypt missile she

00:47:01 --> 00:47:07

seduced him and wanted to commit unlawful activity and only Kate when she locked all the doors.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:16

The doors are locked. This is the woman running behind a man I'm sure everyone can hear me for the woman knocking the doors probably didn't get in

00:47:18 --> 00:47:28

the doors seriously. Lock the doors. Imagine yourself the doors locked. She can't he can't go anywhere. He knew that the door is locked. What do you still do?

00:47:29 --> 00:47:33

What do you do? He ran to the door. He ran to the door

00:47:34 --> 00:47:45

because in my capabilities, at least I can go to the door. That's where my reaches I can I can do this much. I shouldn't stand here run the even if the newest lot. After that. It's from

00:47:46 --> 00:48:05

something which is beyond our capability. We are on a couple of council books until the Coronavirus is very colorful governor so you know Sam is responsible for that which is impressive. So he strived and struggled and did what was needed for him to do whatever is often useful docsvault And he ran away.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:28

Not that he had to the point that allows him to run whenever the humming might be well hum Bina imagine this is a prophet of Allah. Right doesn't mean that he was a prophet. He learned that he has no desire to create a scene No. Warhammer GEHA she desired him. And he also had this inclination. He was a human.

00:48:29 --> 00:48:32

He wasn't some supernatural being even focus on humans.

00:48:33 --> 00:49:12

If only the angels don't have the credit, promise, one might assume all fallible. Of course, only the angels don't have that desire to any of the human being things that don't eat from seeds don't drink. They don't, they don't, they don't have sexual *. They don't have the desire. Only the angels. Prophets have these things that you know human beings have. And that's why they married our children, they eat the brain, they go to the market, in your business, they do everything. And that's why it's easy for us to emulate. So he or she has the information in his heart. But he has zeal that him and his struggle and strife and then that the rest of Allah and Allah and that's what

00:49:12 --> 00:49:23

we need to do. We need to really take a lesson. Try to be the users of Manchester Metropolitan University, sha Allah Miko users, and I said that was my sister in law. There are many examples.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:34

Many examples of our five predecessors Oh God do we need for the Allah who I wonder? And if someone's really, really struggling, and you know what's the best way to get married

00:49:35 --> 00:49:57

is very simple. You don't have to wait, you know, for years and years and that's another topic. I'm actually going to talk a little America tiny social, but, you know, getting ready for marriage is having the best waves and forms of expressing your love. What's Love Got to do with it is to emerge

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

and emerge. It's got none

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

Think whatsoever. You think you're in love, you're married, to hate your duty. And you see this, it's not it's not love, I guarantee you, from Islamic point of view, from a logical point of view from every point of view.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:36

I owe people Ron says he has to love you. I have brothers business couple, she could not envisage or think that she was pregnant daily with me to die or to manage, you know, people, they lust that exists just is a phase that people go through, you know, so how many times I'm talking relation to

00:50:37 --> 00:50:40

others spend the rest of what I've been doing. And you think about it, I know.

00:50:43 --> 00:51:00

It's happened to a lot of people, you shouldn't be doing that, of course. But when you're young, you know, you think innocent only and then you move on. And as you grow, it's less it's just, it's just a phase that people go through. So this couple that, you know, she was madly in love. She wanted to marry him and he wanted to marry her.

00:51:01 --> 00:51:06

And, you know, parents went on, and that's another topic parents national NASM personal time. But

00:51:08 --> 00:51:35

anyway, finally, they forced the parents are really the marriage lasted for seven months after my daughter was, but she was so bitter towards him that she could not stand the sight of his face that she would not want to spend even a minute of her life. She actually spoke to the system. I hate to do this, I don't ever want to see his face No, just six months ago or has gone the rest of your life. Without him it was coming in six months. But

00:51:41 --> 00:51:42

if you want

00:51:43 --> 00:51:58

good spouses insha Allah who help you to take you to Allah and take agenda, and you avoid the simple activities, and seriously is nothing better in the world at large. But if you have those bad habits in the very worst the right direction.

00:51:59 --> 00:52:05

There's nothing more worse than marriage in your life if you've got those bad habits. So until that comes up

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