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I was gonna say Tanaji industry law Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jimena said Omar alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. In

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today's show where we talk about that first night's mela protect us that first few hours that will into the cover all of us, there is a cover on Earth. For each and every one of us there is a hole with our names on it, whatever it is, and we don't know whether soon later, but we will be entering into the cover what is going to happen on that day. So as we mentioned, at the moment about death, our role is pulled by the angel of death. And if we are a good person, and Allah make us of them, I mean, then a delegation is an amazing thing and all entourage of angels from Jana, to praise you to carry you to carry you in a position like a parade up the summit all the way to the seventh summer,

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until Allah Himself will say, write the name of this person in An Elysian, which is the register of the people of Jana, and then return him to his cover. And then the soul is returned to the body, not in the body, but attached to the body somehow. And while the angels are carrying you on down in the dunya, your body's being hustled and toughened, and the soul will return attached to the body in somehow and then telling the Jama get done, I want to go to my cupboard. And as the responses when the man when the men carry the deceased on the shoulders, meaning to the Maqbara and he's a righteous person, when the soul will see take me quickly take me quickly to my cupboard and waiting

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for my cupboard. And if it's a bad person, and by this point in time, you already know what's waiting for you the bad person he was pulled out by the angel of death in a very harsh way and he was greeted by the angels of Jannah they will say do not take me where are you taking me and he will begin to scream and then every creature besides the humans and the jinn would hear the screaming of the person as he's being taken to the to the cupboard. There'll be some says also that two people one is getting relief and the one is being relieved of house What do you mean here so Salem for the good person your mouth your this is a relief that's why make the DUA Raha to our this is Raha it's

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actually a relief or Hamdulillah we are done with this dunya for the good person, this is a relief. It's a comfort, I'm moving to a better place. And as for a bad person, the whole dunya is relieved of him that he's gone he's no longer on the earth Subhan Allah may Allah protect us from that. So then the Janaza Salah happens and it will make to offer a big Janaza the bigger the Janaza the better. And the businesses who ever performance the Janaza Salah he gets one can park in thought is a fortune. It's like the mountain of boyhood, in gold in charity for the person who makes general Salah one. And for the person who accompanies the disease to the Maqbara you get a second Kintaro a

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second huge fortune. So it's a great reward to carry to carry the person the meat to the Maqbara and be worth in the precision. And when we're into the Maqbara there is a simple to to recite, we say assalamu alaikum Hello Dr. Santa Monica people of the cemetery minute mini while Muslimeen of the believers and the Muslims in sha Allah become lahic on insha Allah we're going to join you and as Allah Allah Now what acumen Afia We ask Allah for you and for us protection and forgiveness, I mean, question can the ladies can assist us visit the Maqbara

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Yes, we can and Hamdulillah this, there's no second opinion on that. While there is other opinions. There is a Hadith that says that it is not permissible for a lady to be so what Archie? She does it habitually so she is allowed to visit but at the moment of video, it is only really for the men and the Spitzer that the men do the bidding and when they are no more men around around and there's no fit then the ladies may come and they may visit ladies especially another misconception that I need to clear up Subhanallah I've said many times a person's husband father mother passes away and she wants to give that final greeting before the maid is taken away and they say sister you and your

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height. You're not allowed to come and greet because the hide lady repels the angels. As one Imam said that was the that was the case I would surround myself with ladies and the angel of death would not come near me. That's not true. Not not no problem for the lady to say her final goodbye to her relatives even if she's in the height. Also this is you breaking the Abdus sauce of the case. 200 brother is dead already. So no need who do we just have a whole solo so sisters may definitely visit and greet and say the final goodbyes. Then the person is taken

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into the Maqbara. And again the NABI Salam reminds us something which we know that when when you go to your cupboard, three things go with you to, to to the Maqbara, two things come home and one thing stays with you, your family goes with you to the cemetery, your money goes with you to the cemetery, and your deeds go with you to the cemetery. And ultimately your family will leave, and they will cry, but they'll forget about you, eventually, your money will already not belong to you, it's already gonna go back to inheritance. But the only thing you will be left with

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is your deeds, the money, the wealth, the fortune, all that that we've spent our life to accumulate, will be taken away in an instant, we will own nothing, we will have nothing, the only thing we'll have is our coffin to cover up our nakedness. What was it all worth? What was it? Oh, force panela. And all you would have now is how much Salah did you make how much good how much sin did you do? So then Subhanallah it's very, very, very, very scary Hadith. The person is then loaded into the cover. And he's aware that he's being loaded into the cupboard. And then he's being covered up, and he hears the footsteps thereof. So Salem was at the janazah of Saudi Benoit Saudi mod you should know

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this. He was the leader of the Muslims of Medina. So as you add the Satana Abu Bakr and say normally from Makkah of Medina, Saudi Anwar was the leader of the people of Medina. And he was the man when he embraced Islam. The whole of Medina basically embraced Islam. So if anybody seen it as a hobby, he died at the Battle of the Trench got injured and then he died. So off the back of the trench, they are now building this great so are beside him. And when he died, then he said, the honor of sad is that the Arsha of Allah shook. This is the man that the ashram Allah shook at his, his is, and 1000s of angels descended to attend these janazah but then he says as he was being buried in a visit

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Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar for a few seconds. Sahaba said, What is this era Sula. Then have you seen since this man, this great Sahabi who the Irish of Allah shook, even he was squeezed for a moment by the Earth by his cover. And if he was if anyone was to be exempted from the squeezing of the cover, it would have been sad, you were squeezed for a few seconds. And then he was let go. So if this is facade, Allah protect it is something that it appears that every single person will experience a kind of constriction, a kind of pressing by the cover, and then if you're a good person that pressing Let's go, and may Allah protect if it's a bad person, it continues to constrict

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and constrict until the person is confined in a narrow space almost pinata Allah protect us from the squeezing of the cover.

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Once the person is in his cover, and it's dark, as the enemy says the cover is a place that is dark, and it is tight and narrow, and the footsteps leaves and he can hear the people leaving until the last person leaves his his his mark is his cover. That is when two angels into the cover and this is the fitna questioning the test the title of the cover to angels as the recording they are blue and black Chedid very, very scary looking even for the believer. They will not be easy, and they will start questioning the person. They will ask mantra book Who is your Lord? Who is it that you worshipped? And the believer and we don't have to worry about do I know Arabic? Well I memorized it

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will be your iman that will answer you will say My Lord is Allah I used to watch what they'll ask you Who do you worship? And you will either say Allah subhanaw taala or you would be silent you will not be able to answer they will ask What is your religion? And the believer will say my religion is Islam. And they will ask you about the man that will sing to you. And you will say that this is the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for those in the previous nations they will miss mention the Gambia and they will ask about the book that was sent to you they will say the Quran what have you done with it? So there's a number of different questions and he will say I read the book and I

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accepted it I believed in it and they will continue to question you trying to catch you with this is not an easy exam they are pushing you and then eventually after after answering it. Allah Saba as is the Quran Allah mentions that he will be sent between Medina I'm gonna be Koli, savety if that says Allah makes firm the believer with a coal a third with a firm word that I've seen of this iron is in the cover. That when you are being tested and you are being scrutinized by these angels, the believer will be made firm by Allah subhanaw taala and eventually the questioning will end but Allah he will say my sleeve has spoken the truth. You will tell the angels this man has passed the test.

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So spread his cover out wide as far as he can see. And let him be clothed with the clothing of Jana. And let him be is his cupboard be opened. He's not going to be in Jana. But let a window into Jana be opened so that the fragrances and the a of Jana may enter and he may look inside the Jana so it's he says this screen where he gets to see what's happening in Jannah and he would feel at peace. Then, as he sees these blessings around him. A person will appear next

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To him beautiful looking person and the dead person will say who are you? And the man will say I am your deeds. This is the I Am the

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personification of what you did your charity, your soccer all that you have done. I am your deeds, and I will be with you in your cupboard so you won't be alone. And this person will obviously say yeah, a lot of it Kiama come, of course, on the other hand, when a bad person

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when they are asked,

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and a person who was not true his Eman was not true to Allah subhanaw taala the Hadith mentions that when they ask, Who is your Lord? He will say, Ah, I don't know. And they will ask what was your religion? And he will say I don't know. What about the man that was into you? I don't know. And then eventually, Allah subhanaw taala will say, My slave has spoken falsely. So spread out for him from Jana, and open a door from him for jahannam. And so the heat and the fire of Johanna will into his cupboard, and it will be made tight and Allah protect and squeezed and constricted, and it will be made dark and the Subhanallah a man will then enter a foul smelling creature will into his cupboard

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and he will say what are you and he will say this is your deeds, this is your life. I am what you lived in what you left behind

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her she had an Assad Ankara Hakuna Villa I bring you the tidings of that which will harm you. This is the day that you were promised. And so this is Ay, ay ay ay ay, the the purpose this creature will harm the person. And it's also mentioned as we know that monka the angels of the capital of fitna are called mukha and Nikita, this is the name smoker and Nikita they were the ones who will do the questioning and if if a person answers incorrectly, they will strike this person and then Allah will bring him back and they will keep striking him for every every false answer that he was unable to, to give. And so the copper being tight, filled with fire this creature upon him and then he will

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look into Jahannam and see what is in Janam and he also Yeah, Allah let me stay here rather than go there. That is the real skinny thought. The other half of the cover is so severe that it so seldom said the worst thing I've ever seen, and we'll talk about the punishment of the cover. It pales in comparison to the adverb of Johanna what is in Jana, Hola. Hola, Stan. And so, the the person remains in that state. There are many Hadith about at this moment, other Hadith. So for example, when a person a good person, they die. And at some point they are not fully aware that they are dead. They covered will be have some Twilight, it's as if though the sun is sitting. And he would

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say and this is a beautiful thing. He will say as the angels are questioning, he said the Sun is sitting I need to make salah. Even in his subconscious. It's almost Margarita time I need to make salah. He doesn't realize I'm dead. This is something ingrained in your DNA. What a beautiful, what a beautiful thing. And when he's being questioned and eventually he passes the questioning. He will say to the angels. Let me go back to tell my family I'm okay with me go and tell my family I passed I made it because they're worried about me. He's thinking about shame. Everyone is crying over me but I'm glad I made it. And then the angels will say to him, No, you can't go but rather relax and

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sleep. And sleep in the Hadith actually mentions sleep the sleeping of a bridegroom. So Swan Allah for every for those of you who are married, you know that your wedding night is a very special night. And hamdulillah after you've made the Ibadah that you're supposed to make on your wedding, you will sleep and they say to sleep the sleep of a person who just got married, knowing that tomorrow you will wake up with your beloved sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow you meaning Kiama you will wake up to the thing you will have the most this isn't the Hadith, Pamela. So when you ask what happens to the person that this believer is being punished and we'll talk about my other biller

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tomorrow, the types of punishment are covered. But as for the believer what happens? This hadith one Hadith mentions they are they're going to sleep and this is confirmed in Surah Yasin Yahweh Ilana, Mombasa and me Mark Kadena that when the trumpet is blown, the believers will arise they'll be started though who woke us up? This is Kiana. So they were sleeping on a way of what's going on and they were at a peaceful state and then they are woken up by the Trump but that's one type of believer. They are other believers that are missing is the Shaheed he will have the honor of not being confined to his cupboard, he will be allowed to fly his soul will be placed in birds which

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will fly around the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala the Shaheed the man the person will die is feasability law this is the proper Shaheed the *gy that is, is martyred in battle. And these other hadith of course of pious souls meeting up with dead relatives. Now we don't know if this is a an occurrence that happens all the time, or is it just at the moment that you die? Because in some Hadith mentions, as the person dies, and they being carried

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I'm entering the cover and they've just passed Bianca and Nikki. That's when they see an editor who passed away. And then a recent beautiful, he says, the way in which you will greet one another, you you and your dead relatives, your parents Mala Grantham agenda, two fellows, they will rush and they will sort of jump on you jump on the dead person until one relative will say, take it easy, you just died, you know this, the soldiers running out now, go easy. And they will ask about one another and way they are and what's happening. So the dead don't know what's going on in the dunya. And the person who has passed away will want to know how they are. Now this might be just at the moment of

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death that this delegation comes to give some ease to the deceased person, or it might be that Subhanallah as some and this is there's a lot of discussion amongst the Anima that the date will sleep and they will wake up and they will engage with one another. The good ones of course, but as for the evil ones, that they will remain confined and constricted in the in the cupboard. And so the grave Subhanallah as we said, it will become a garden of the gardens of Jannah and it will be vast and wide. And the person who is dead the good person would not want to come back for all the money in the world what's now we imagine the cupboard can't be a nice place. No one year Can you imagine

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I'm going to enjoy myself in the cupboard with Allah He those who are good and our relatives and Allah make amongst them and us amongst them, those who have passed away and they were muslims and they testified and they passed the test and the name is nearly Yin. They would not want to exit the cupboard for the dunya as the enemy some says the death was Raha it was a relief and a release from the suffering of this world. The cover is not Janna but it will just be a window into Jana and it will be better than all the name and all the joys of the dunya. There are certain special people who are saved from the either the questioning of the cover which made easy as we see the Shaheed the

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Shaheed the person who dies, FISA villa, he gets six reward six special upgrades. Number one, all his sins are forgiven the minute he dies, there is no muslin his whole life is wiped out he sins and he was is placed in Ghana is guaranteed meaning he will not go via Jana, he's going to Jannah guaranteed and he will not be tortured, you will be exempted from the punishment of the cover and be exempted from the questioning of the cover. And on the day of piano he will have a special status, you will have 72 whole lines and he will make Shiva intercession with 70 members of his for his family members 27 members of his family. For any person who dies, his deeds come to an end except

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the one who dies. I'm Robert M. Robert is someone who dies protecting the lands and he will also be exempted from the questioning of the cover.

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The very very interesting Hadith and melograno is this, the person who dies we see on a Friday, they are exempted from the questioning is made light and they are also exempted or they are the punishment they are saved from the punishment of the tuber. And then lastly Subhan Allah, we know that hadith and gives us a lot of hope anyone who died of some stomach ailment, some disease, cancer, whatever it might be any disease that caused the person to die, and this is the Rama of Allah, a person of the certain life and then Allah gave them a sickness on the deathbed and they died of the disease, then this will be a means by which the torment of the cupboard is made easy.

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Allah subhanaw taala will wipe away the sins and the cupboard would be emptied and they will not be judged as as hard as it as it could be Subhan Allah Allah Rama is always there. And so this is what happens to a believer in his grave. Tomorrow inshallah another predictable talk about the types of punishment they adapt of the cover. What are the certain what are the things that people do? Some of them are simple things not using responses. The thing that is causing the Muslims to be punished the most in the cupboard is not using the toilet quickly. Simple thing and the thing that protects you swallow beautiful is something we can inculcate in our life. The one thing that protects a person

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the most in the cupboard is Surah Mulk. Robinson says there is a Surah 30 Is that whoever recites it habitually, it will be the man it will be his defender in his cupboard and it will protect him from the punish the angels will want to attack him and Surah Surah Tabarka Tibetan monks are a monk will protect him and defend him. It's something for us to inshallah remember will continue with the adapter the cupboard tomorrow, may Allah protect us, Amin and grant for all our deceased relatives. They have a blissful rest in the cupboard and make it easy for them whatever hardships they are. I mean I mean question. We said what is the question that will not be asked in the grave? You will not

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be asked what is the direction of your Qibla this will not be asked to our knowledge you will not be asked in the seat tonight's question? Which of the following is incorrect? Okay, so which is not true? Will you be buried on your right side true or false? Will you be loaded into cupboard headfirst? True or False? Is the Janaza there is no Janaza for a person who is dies four months is still

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One baby that is four months old is their Janaza. There is no gender as either true or false. And lastly, the dead person can hear the footsteps of the people leaving the Maqbara which one is false of that?

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was mean tonight. I five, four smells came out. So how does it work? So let's say Mohammed said I want to