Prohibition Of Criticizing Food And The Recommendation To Praise It

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If you come home and the food was prepared for you with something you don't like, what do you say about it?

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What would you say, Gemma? You said, Be quiet, right? Otherwise you've been trolled in the dunya? And, of course,

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is it even permissible for you? Is it permissible for you to have food that you prefer over other? Or should you make everything equal? Because it's all now my blessing from our last panel die?

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Can you prefer foods over others? Mr.

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Carey? How can

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this all name of my last panel the blessing from Allah soldier and all the food that comes to you should be should be grateful to it and should be equal? Because that's all known preference. But can you have preference in these now the last panel that

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absolutely must permit in the Quran is our

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local that we make from the food we make some of these foods and food bah, bah bah bah, that will hopefully make them better than others in terms of taste and desire. And again, preference so it is permissible to do that. But what should be your position from that which is less quality?

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What is the position of the believer? Whenever you're presented with food that you don't like? What should you say? That's remember never

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answered in this chapter call a verbal liar a

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liar, was the whole matter, which means chapter on prohibition of criticizing the food and the recommendation to praise the food in general to praise carnavon Abiraterone the

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Mahabharata la sala de la Motta Armand Cox is to have a gala in Korea hotaka.

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And this hairy people heard on the mountain he said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, never found fault with the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never found fault with food. If he had an inclination to hear to eating it, he would eat. If he disliked it, he would leave it

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he would leave it which means the Prophet salaallah salam, sometimes he would dislike some food. It's okay to dislike. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you dislike it should not be saying a word. Don't say anything bad about that dynamic, the last panel.

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So here, the prophets of Los Alamos. One of these occasions, they presented to him lub dub one minute, which is above the desert actually. Lizard, big desert, and the desert Arabia. So they cooked it for so long.

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It was roasted, so when they brought it to him, so a lot, a lot of ceramide from Santa Monica de la, Casa de la some every time they bring him some food that he is not aware of, he would ask about the name and the content of the food. Not that he suspecting the people as much as part of the culture like saying, well what is this? What do you guys call this food? What is it made of all Mashallah tastes good. And, you know, when you say something new on the table, so one day the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, he they brought this roasted animal to him, he didn't ask the question. He immediately wanted to start to eat almost about to start eating. So as he was extending his hand to the food to

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that, and in that book, that letter,

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someone said to me are Salalah in Nevada, just to let you know this was done. So the Prophet put his hand back.

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Hard, nobody was there.

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And Harlan, and his mother was from the desert. So he had those cultural the desert people as well. Carla rasulillah

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this is heroin for Coronavirus, awesome Carla. No it's not hot in Olympia couldn't be out there call me tragedy

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wasn't very common in our land. in Macau, we don't need that stuff. So as you didn't ask for I don't feel like it.

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So far, there was a lot of time he suggested that he would take it and the Prophet gave it to him for gra kulu hydrosol ed before the prophets of Allah said while he was watching him had

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until he finished rhodiola Mashallah has strong appetite on a lot.

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Now the Bob, they still eat it until this day. Until this day, you go to Arabian peninsula they I don't want to mention details but if you go even on YouTube, there are actually recipes on how to cook it. How to make cups out of the dog meat. I don't recommend you guys watch it because you might not like what you see

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Religion is still available. And people disagree that the point to the prophets of Allah Salah they wouldn't like it you would have been fine. Today you find the guy comes from more tired, exhausted and most importantly hungry.

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And another word he is hungry is angry.

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So the food has to be ready on time. the right temperature, everything perfect. If he dislikes the food

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the man might not say a word. He might not say a word. But guess what?

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He makes spaces

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he's angry. He's not happy. He's not smiling. And when he eats you can tell he's not enjoying what he's eating.

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That's the exact same concept of criticizing the food

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so when why she says so what's wrong? She don't like it. No, I like it.

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Which means what not like I don't like it at all but I'm just being quiet even when you do this actually kind of

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animate the basic the faces and the sounds and and so on. That's part of criticizing the food. You don't like it just to read it. If you like it, you don't have to get upset with your spouse. Just because you know they don't like the food that she presents you just be happy and if you don't want to eat it say you know what there's a couple of her Irene and they're sad that you cook this but honestly I'm not in a mood of eating that me right now. I would like to get something else from the fridge for example.

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handler banana help problem solve that but at least Israel is better than criticize the food and criticize us

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What have you seen something that is not so much to you? You know sometimes you expect Mashallah nice very fresh cooked meal. You come from mockery have leftovers?

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Is that harami Gemma? any leftovers at Hara?

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Is it haha? No. But why would he act like it's hot?

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When the food is present, why do we usually act like it's hot? I'm like it's better. How come How dare you put the same plate was on my table. And also Lola has sort of lasagna juice token they used to like leftovers Salalah himself. He used to like it. And you guys all know that in every single culture. There are specific dishes. There are better eating getting next day than eating it fresh.

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So in every culture, so the Province of Canada you would simply like to realize that one time he came to his house to sell a picture of the last time

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he asked he asked the family for some food. He asked family for food and eat them in the Arabic language. And it was just like tipping. So he asked his family for some something to eat for food for a car alarm and

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we have nothing but vinegar. That's always what is vinegar for you Gemma is that a meme?

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That's dressing on right? Today it's only dressing but for the prophets of Allah Salam was the like a full meal karasuma Mantra Lhasa that's all we have just for the hobby. shall bring it. Just bring it up bring it for Carlos de la Santa Medallia cool. And as he was eating he would say nnamani Donaldson and he is the source of a lot of setup. How excellent is when I was reading an exam?

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How Zamboni aided us as a dipping person. Why is that to please you know the family to make them feel good it's not like saying you know what, we have nothing yet nothing to eat. And you start feeling depressed you know you're criticizing me. You say that I'm not bringing you enough all that stuff on so all this kind of drama. Instead the professor service can bring it to me. Women are going in and are eating so a lot of Salah he was happy and you're saying normally dermatol it's an excellent EDA which means you smell as good and enjoy them hydro Muslim. So next time when you have your family bring it to you the only olive oil or color just catch up sometimes. syllabus Milan,

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amigo. You know what, ketchup, Lumsden and ketchup ketchup today is not even concerned. It's not even food at all. It's nothing. You know, when you go and you buy some sandwich from outside and the bigger all these pouches in the back. The kids they squeeze as many as they wish. And you just simply eat few and the rest of it goes into the trash. As it was not a food not not considered food at all. And I know people will like their dinner. That dinner used to be ketchup.

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That's their dinner meal. And it wasn't too far for me. It was my roommate.

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in Medina, my roommate I've never seen anyone eating yadi ketchup as a meal until I saw my friend and was in Medina University. He used to bring and he says come and join me. He brings the

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Ketchup, squeezes some olive oil on top of it. And he has put some pepper and brings the bread says bismil mixing it and sorry. Well, I enjoyed it was tasty. Try it tonight if you want to.

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Now maybe that will catch up and

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you will see What luck It was a full meal until it's familiar. So please, please next time, whatever for that presented to you don't criticize, enjoy it. And please the person the host or whoever's printed and put to you. And even when it's ketchup teach your children that they don't open another pouch, unless they're sure that they're going to finish it.

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And if you're going to squeeze any any ketchup on the plate, you make sure that you finish it because that's so Nevermind. It's so fluid. Well, lava Donna, any question

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when he went to the rich man, and he offered him the grade

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that the story is basically all the questions about if there is any story the prophets Allah salami visited the rich man and the man he offered him. vinegar and bread is basically like being stingy. And

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honestly, I'm not sure about the story. A lot of data I can't say anything about

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I'm from Miami.

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So my school is only 17 at school high school. Now we used to go alligator hunting now with the school boys. And we go alligator hunting.

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Now I find out this like

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because alligator because we used to eat with I usually does the same

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thing. But the thing is

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that dogs don't know

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that anything. The question is about basically eating alligators or

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is it a lot in alligators? Now Bob is different, the profits are uprooted. But the alligators wasn't uncommon with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but still is considered an animal of prey. The prophet SAW was a prohibited to animals eventually, or kind of animals to two categories, animals of cloth and of fans. So now when you check the alligator, what is it?

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That's both axes manifest signs and flaws as well. That's number one in regard to the alligator. However, we know that from sort of the data that all sea animals are presumed to have all the sea animals masala. But what about the alligator? Is this considered the land animal or sea? Water? Because

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it has both phases, right? They call it amphibians. Right? So it has the earliest stage, it lives in the water. And then later on, it moves on to the land. But which of the two phases is the most of its life?

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If it's water, it counts as an animal of water. But if it's actually the land will be counted towards that and the land animal would come to alligator is confusing. Because it lives like almost Yani. I don't wanna say 5050 No, because he lived

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he lived like 20 to 30% on land only when you have to lay the eggs. So majority is still warm. So the majority will be in the water 2420 hours. Well, I honestly I don't really have an answer on this.

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I don't have an answer to this.

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Yeah, but

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what would you call it reptile because it's on the on the land or because of the water?

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Through through but still it's depends on the face the face of our lives.

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And that's why if it lives most of underwater it's actually

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a sea or Water. Water.

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In this case, yeah, that phase it's most of the normal law.

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Like what Give me an example. I'm not gonna say

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shrimp is not hard for the canopies.

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Ask them ask me.

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It's tasty.

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Actually, it's not at all how to do school. There are some some big branches in the Hanafi school done concert. They consider the shrimps to be a big mcru karate just similar to being harmed and other dangerous harm because of being an animal skills and also being what they call these animals.

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cabbages grazers, eventually they collect that the leftovers basically on the on the soil on the bottom of the of the seat. So that's why it's a possibility that is basically collecting the dirt and filth and so forth. But that's, that's interpretation to this. The majority of the fukuhara consumers shall not. So

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I noticed

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I noticed a handyman was one of my friends and he said when he first came to the US, he came as a guest. So he landed in New York first, and there every time they invite him for food was Ramadan. Every time they invited for food.

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They bring him all the shrimp. These are jumbo shrimp, and the tiger shrimps and all this kind of shrimp. So he said, What is this? It is the goddess the shrimp because I can eat them. But yeah, Chef, this is tasty. It's good as he says, I cannot eat it. And then every time they put him by him somewhere else, they have shrimp over and he just keeps seeing the people crunching and eating that stuff and he's not eating it. Finally, in one of these occasions, one of them he told me you know what? Other football like the hat the Sharpies said the shocker is they said okay, why don't you have a shotgun right now?

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Just try this out. I'm gonna have a shotgun. So he said to me, he said that so eventually after seeing all this is he gonna try it? So he tried it. He tried it basically that night, and he told me afterwards since then, when it comes to shrimps, he shot her.

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That's one of the interpretations now that's one of interpretation but because also collects Jani data what is considered like swelter from the bottom of the screen? That's a form of that interpretation of Milan. Last question

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about what

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the turtles

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I'm not going to open on now.

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Honestly, it generally speaking, speaking, since it's most of it particular we're talking about the sea turtle.

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But there are some land turtle as well. So I would say you would be okay shall not

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know it's different from that.

00:17:26--> 00:17:30

fangs and claws, different from the sea turtle.

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That flippers doesn't have even actually on the fingers.