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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the trend of "upside down" and "immigrirty" in the world, which is driving political movement and causing people to feel fear and lose their identity. They emphasize the need for a strong person to protect us and bring a new system to our country, as well as the importance of protecting our privacy and language to prevent accusations of fraud. The speakers stress the need for unity and a culture of blending and empowering people, as well as the importance of protecting the Muslim community and their community. They also discuss the struggles of the Muslim community in the past, including loss of community, lack of sense of community, and struggles with their community.
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James Miller Emmanuel Heyman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa mursaleen syedna Mohammed Ali, he was so happy he married, my beloved brothers in Islam and Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi over here to

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Lord, the creator, the Sustainer of the heavens in the earth, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala La ilaha illa Allah, To Him belongs the dominion, the kingdom and the universe belongs to Him, He gives it to whom He wills and he takes from it whom He wills, He raises some by his permission, and he lowers somebody's permission, and to him returns all of these. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send our love our greetings and salutations to our one and two leader Mohamed Salah Salaam, the greatest man that walked the face of the earth, the greatest of creation of Allah and to all of his family and

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companions and all those who follow the Sunnah of Mohammed Al salam, until the end of time. May we be amongst them in this dunya and in the accurate I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive us for the sins of last week if this Juma be alight between this week and next week and the last 100 except from us are events that occur coming here for his sake by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala I mean, what hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah after a couple of weeks of absence, it's good to be back it's good to be home schooled to be at on home, homes, home ground, say the home advantage, always a you must actually be in the mercy that you're comfortable with Alhamdulillah Allah smile, I've been gone

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for a couple of weeks and what have you done? The world is upside down? What's going on behind Allah? Yes, it's been a crazy week. And we've been doing the series now for almost two months, the politics of faith. And we went on a bit of a detour discussing the four imams we're supposed to discuss Imam Muhammad, even humble we'll talk about next week in sha Allah. But it would be amiss for us doing the series, not to mention the trends that we see in the world. Because this affects each and every one of us. It affects my kids, your kids, it affects our future. It affects this world, and therefore it's important for us to discuss these issues. May Allah subhanaw taala protect

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We see a trend rising in the world. And even my wife mentioned to me you'd always hear the victory of Donald Trump in the elections and BRICS it what happened in England pulling away from Europe? What is similar about these two things? Why are these two things linked? Many of us might not know. But these two incidents speaks to a trend, a political movement that's sweeping through the world, from Australia, to most of Europe, to now the United States to many parts of the world. Even here in South Africa, you find a movement called populism. It's a trend that is moving throughout politics, populism. What is populism? As I said, it's happening throughout the world. And it's it affects us

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here at home, and affects Muslims and the world. throughout every single country. The string is growing something which hasn't happened for almost 100 years. This thing is reviving itself. What is populism? populism is a philosophy. It's an idea. It's a movement that is really centered around three principles. It is the feeling of the people being anti establishment, they are resentful of the government of the politics of the leaders, they don't trust the system anymore. They don't believe the system can fix the problems. It looks for authoritarianism, a strong person to bring about change. And it is native meaning it is inward looking. It is isolationist, simply put, it's

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about a group of people that are scared that they privilege, the status, the ideals will be lost, the identity will be lost by outside forces. And they don't believe that the government and the structures they can fix it. So we need a big a strong person to protect us. And we can no longer work in the system. In fact, we need to destroy the system altogether. That is populism, that it looks to the fears of people. It looks to the fears of individuals and they say you know what? The world is upside down. We can't work in the world anymore. We need to take what is ours. We need to throw down the elites and rise up and bring our new system into order for the people. This idea is

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populism. In South Africa populism is represented by the E FF in South Africa, the E FF, they speak the frustrations of many, many people. They are angry. They don't believe in the government anymore. So we will destroy parliament. We will make Parliament not work anymore. We will we won't work in a system we will completely overthrow the system and bring a new system for the people.

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We care about our own concerns and to the expense of others before this policy

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Couple of years, we moved through an age of pluralism, where cultures come together, one global community, one united society, everyone put together. Now we find people pulling away, England not wanting to be part of Europe, America wanting to build walls. We don't want foreigners in our country anymore. This is what the world is moving towards populism is this native, nationalistic view. So what exactly when does populism arise? What kind of things as I said,

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it arises when you have a climate of fear, people are afraid. And is this illusion when they don't believe any more than that, that things will be better, that the system can no longer work? They are frustrated to the point where they don't believe that the people in charge have the best interest. They believe this a ruling class, elite, economic, political group that controls everything, that we are the oppressed, and these are the pieces and we need to remove them, no more confidence in the leadership that people feel and how many of us feel this, that even I hate all the candidates that to be voted number one, there's none that I like. And even if I vote, I don't believe my vote means

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anything. People say we don't vote anymore. Why? Because we don't even believe the system works anymore. How many of us have felt that

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there's also this fear. And this is in America and Europe, of losing the culture and the identity many have actually described, what we see in Europe, and America is the lost grasp of a privileged white superiority group that is always privileged trying to maintain its identity. They see, you know, people with different kind of skin and culture coming into the lens, taking, growing, advancing. And the only way to protect us is to shut our country down, keep it away, pull it back. That is a group of people that are fearful of losing the privilege of change that they want to keep the the identity fixed. So they look inwardly at the expense of others. That's why you have with

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populism, anti immigration, anti foreigners, xenophobia, anti other religions, this is why you find the military

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blaming others for financial problems. And again, how many of us here it's because of these, these foreigners who take our jobs, we are in difficult financial situations, because they are the ones taking our homes, and they are the ones burdening our system. We even in South Africa, we must be honest, many of us have used this kind of language, these people from the Eastern Cape, these people from Nigeria, they take our jobs, they bring all crime. You know, when things are bad in your life, it's easy to blame someone else than to blame yourself. It's easy to look at the problems in your economy and say it's not me. It's these external foreigners that are causing these these Mexicans,

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these Arabs, these Muslims that are causing all these problems, right?

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There is a sense of the good old days, you know,

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we need to go back to the way we were we things were good back in the day, things now are bad, we need to go back to the way they were this kind of language. And therefore we need a strong person who's outside of the system to bring change. We need a guy who doesn't care or person who doesn't care about the you know, being nice. Oh, politically correct. They are against they are radical, they will bring change. That's why they can say the most insane statements and the more insane the statement, the more votes they get. Julius Malema, Donald Trump. This is why the more thing the crazier the rhetoric, the words, the more people actually support, this is the Savior. This guy is

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against the system.

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And they say, well, when three conditions are prevalent, naturally, populism will become appealing, when there's an economic instability, especially with inequality, when one person is a cashier. Earning I don't know what maybe 2000 a month and the CEO gets 100 million Rand bonus. That frustration is gonna come. When you see an inequality, when you see the houses in Camps Bay, and you live in a shack, and you have the majority, that's when this inequality, this feeling of frustration is going to go that the system is not looking after me. When the system cannot solve problems. After 20 years, we still have the same problems. In fact, they're getting worse and nothing's working. And

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when they are perceived threats of foreign foreigners, you feel that, you know foreigners are taking over. As I said in the West, the threat is Islam. In Europe and America. The threat is Islam, Muslims, we are that foreign threats. We need to build walls in America to keep out the 3 million Muslims Islam. This is the threat in Europe in particular, and in America, of course, it's the South Americans of the Mexicans as well. So that's why and this is a trend as I said, we expect similar kind of results next year in France and Germany.

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A very isolated, isolated, closed off, almost racist,

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angry group of people, right wing that's gonna start moving the world forward, the major countries in the world are moving towards this. We saw it as a city in England, we saw it in Trump, it's gonna follow in Germany and in France probably. And we sit here in South Africa, that thing is building that anger, that frustration. And these politicians, whether they believe it or not, when they believe these statements, the danger is they use the frustrations and the anger of people to get into power. They say the things that we all feel, we're all frustrated in our daily life, we are all angry, we all have problems. And they say the things that you want to hear whether they believe it

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or not, some many of them don't believe it, when they know it's not true. They don't believe we can really nationalize the minds and take people's houses from camps May. But if you say to a group of people enough, and they believe it, they'll support you.

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And the danger of this kind of language, the danger of it, you you make it to those people, you make it seem okay to be racist, you make it seem okay that you are entitled, you can take what you want. And then you can take the rights of others, when you see your leaders talking like that sexist, racist, cursing a group of people a religion, then it becomes okay for your followers and supporters to speak like that. And of course, I said, it's a culture of blaming others.

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People come to another country, to work to earn a decent living, they're not there to bring your country down. In fact, they enhance your country. They do the jobs you don't want to do. But you blame them, you make them the scapegoats of your problems, not the not the true problems, not the real people were taking millions and billions, you don't look at them. But you look at the poor immigrants who have left the countries because you are the one that caused problems in those countries. If you didn't interfere in a country to begin with, they wouldn't have to come to your country to look for a future.

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They create populism. And as you can see from the E FF burning universities, it creates a sense of entitlement, I have a right. And if I don't get what is mine, I will either take it or destroy it. If I can't have it, you can't have it. They make it okay, so they make it okay for hate and anger

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and fear to prevail in society. They disrupt our community, and they marginalize and push the rights of other small minorities into into a corner. And in fact, Hitler's probably the most famous populist in the last 100 years. He came in a time when his country was going through economic turmoil, the last World War One, so they were under extreme sanctions. They were humiliated, the German people very proud, very accomplished one out based. And they felt that the country was being used by foreigners. So he came with this language, we must revive the good old days, let's throw away the political system at ease and bring a new system in. And people supported him and people

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voted in. He was voted into power. And each time these leaders get into power.

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Remember, it's the will of the people.

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This is the feeling. And he just represents what many of those people feel

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the same people that voted in the apartheid government on fear if we're not here, if this system isn't the the masses are going to take you over are going to kill you're going to take your privilege. This is the danger of populism. And this is, as I said, the ugliness is what this is what the masses feel. This is what is in the hearts of many people when they are alone with themselves either Hello Elijah Dini, him when they are alone with a theme, this is how they really feel. This is what they really want. Now they have a face a legitimate reason to bring out those racist angry, entitled views.

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So what does this mean for us, in South Africa as a community, number one,

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if America is the most the symbol of freedom, in inverted commas, and liberty and the rights for all and its citizens today, a large group of them are fearful. Want to leave I don't know if you know that after he won that the websites of Canada and New Zealand crashed because people look to immigrate, want to leave. If the place of freedom and security is no longer free. Who can feel safe in this world today? Remember, we are a minority in South Africa and the privileged minority. Most of South Africa don't have what we have.

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Put yourself in perspective, this is your native country. Yet people who were brought here Okay, we are all native to this country. They have a they have a kids can go to schools, our kids can't go to their houses that we will never be able to afford. We clean their houses. It just takes this kind of language to create anger and frustration. How

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Long before our position of privilege, and Allah has blessed us in this country, before it's turned against us. So don't get comfortable. never in the history I said many of these people in America never believed you could have something like this, we would have never believed that England would pull away from Europe. Don't even take it for granted that what you living in today cannot turn overnight. I'm not trying to create more fear. We don't give into fear. I'm not giving a popular speech for the Muslims to rise up the buka. You know, we have xenophobia with gentrification issues here in the book are we close it off? We don't want non Muslims in this area, we're going to lose

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our culture, our society, we don't give into fear. That's not the way of the beast.

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And we have so we have all those symptoms, extreme inequality, economic problems, a corrupt useless government yesterday was, you know, if you didn't saw that, that everyone voted, that is confident in the government, right? The President.

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Right, and we are and the minorities in this country are privileged. They hold the power, the economic power of the system. It's a perfect storm for someone to bring that message of anger and hatred

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out and how long before? How long are people going to be patient? How long are people going to sit idly by and allow us to continue? We really see it happening universities burning, what next? What next? And I said the rest of the world is going through this trend, that they are closing the society is off and making life miserable for the minorities in the country and we are minority, so we should take note. So what guidance can we have from Allah in these times as I began, Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Kula Malika. Firstly, Allah say, Oh Allah, you are the owner of Old Dominion, every bit of land on this whole universe belongs to Allah. You give sovereignty you give power, and you give the kingdom to whom you want, and you take it from you once you raise some as kings and presidents, and Allah takes it away from some

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you honor some tourism antosha whoever you want, you give them power and you disgrace and humiliate we won't be ethical, higher in the hand of Allah is all power. In the Kerala coalition called the law is competent over disposing all the faces Don't ever forget. That above every king and leader is Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah will give of his kingdom to me once for a reason that he wants. But ultimately, this is where the occupants will. In the end, the Queen will succeed. Those who have Taqwa it will be for them. And this reminds me of that. Look at the statement, The Statesman that nevison was the kind of president he was, when we say my mother Leia was a false prophet wrote two

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novels A year later, he said from a llama than to be allowed to have Medina be alone, we both ambia We both know these.

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Little will be split in half, you take you have the dunya and I take my hat off, you know, this Navy business is very beneficial for us. You take your hat off of the world, and I take my hat off, don't be greedy. Look on abbyson responded, he said from Mohammed Rasulullah, from Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah, so Allah to mozila, mother Leia, really all of the world belongs to Allah, not to me, not to you, It all belongs to Allah. And he gives it to me once not to me not to you, even though I'm going to be I don't have any entitlement to anything. Just because he's the Nabhi of Allah subhana wa tada how many MBA will come to Allah without one single follower with them? A lot of gifts to me

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And when we see our political leaders that are so bad and so corrupt, and so you know, you can't choose it's between better or worse. It's a sign that things aren't healthy at the grassroots level. Nobody stops and says, Oh my god, there are five things with which you will be tested, and I seek refuge with You. Least you live to see them if you do five sins, these will be the five problems. Number one, when sexual immorality appears new kinds of immorality, they know that certain diseases that will never came before will start to appear new diseases will appear aids for example, spinal, the words of an Abbe number one, number two who says when you cheat in your business dealings, that

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Allah will send femen Allah will sin calamity and a level of sin, oppressive rulers against you. When you cheat in your business dealings. panela many of us we are the cause of these people being in power because of our dishonesty.

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Number three, on the resources, when you withhold charity, Allah withholds that I will go through drought. When you withhold charity, Allah withholds the rain, and the only reason all those things The rain is out of mercy for the animals. Subhana Allah, and that's our problem. That five grand in the mothership Tao might be the thing that brings the rain tomorrow's Panama

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nobody says so. That's number 13

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Before that when you break your covenant with Allah and His Messenger know that, that when that happens when you're not true to Islam, then Allah sins enemies into your lands.

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And number five, the leaders and the leaders if they you know the rule by the Quran and the Sunnah by the guidance of Neville Salaam, they will continuously fight one another, every single Muslim leader, not two of them are united, one that is also giving you the answer. And episodes Allah mentions, rulers often we will come who do not follow my guidance and my sooner some of these people, the our main will have the hearts of devils in human bodies. Swallow look at the the guidance of Nabisco, Selim, these are the worst of people will be your leaders.

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The worst of people nevison says about piano that our will will not will come when leaders are presses. When the leaders are places they know that kiama is close. And I'm afraid about my community of those leaders who will lead astray. And that wins the sword is at ease. It will not be put down until piano when the worst of people and businesses are your leaders. That's when kiyama will occur. And swannanoa when we look at the leaders on TV, the corrupt the racist, sexist things which we know from primary school, we can't say and shouldn't do. They are doing these things openly. And they are our leaders Subhanallah they are our ones that we should aspire to be like, I

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read an article with someone said, You know, I don't know what to teach my kids after this. Not to be a bully, not to mistreat women, not to mistreat others. But when he looks at the president, all those qualities are they we teach our children don't be corrupt and steal it. We look at the president that we ease. So now measles is when the worst from amongst people are in leadership positions. Know that he is close and again, I don't want to be fatalistic and secure myself and spine Allah, Allah knows we don't have to worry when pm is going to come as a result since the day you go, you cover that schema for you. Are you ready for it? That's the only thing you need to worry

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about. But the signs are here. And these people are put there because of our own sins and because of our own laxness. But inshallah we don't stop me. Because nevison says Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see evil spreading amongst themselves, and they have the power to stop it, but they don't do anything and safely slumbering Tamia when he speaks about this. He says when people see the wrongs in a society inequality, crime, drugs, when they see these things, and they do nothing, then Allah since evil leaders to overpower them. When we become complacent, then Allah subhanho wa Taala punishes us with our leaders, our leaders or punishments

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from a loss of final data. So a quote that said, How bad must you be when you are a minus sign of pm? Allah? That's that's the case with our leaders. So what do we reflect from this? What do we take from what we see in the world?

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What can we learn from the current situation number one, firstly, and what I one of the LM of you know what I already speak quite a lot. So he has it already. He says, number one, it shows the hypocrisy of the Western world. The Western world always pointed the finger at you Muslims who are sexist and racist, you must use your backward you will never be muscle solemn, what they said about him to look at you, leader now. Look at the person you aspire for the man that you have put in power. But if you want to criticize, really, we are the racists. We are the ones who mistreat women are women that wear hijab or priest. And that's the kind of leadership that you aspire for.

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This the superiority with the Western world to the rest of the world, that we are inferior and in particular, the Muslim world spinalis a lot they can learn from Islam, a lot to learn from the Muslim ummah. But if we are the uncivilized lot, and that is civilization is vinyl, I prefer to be uncivilized. If that is the symbol of civilization, is vanilla is no civilization lifting the world, the hypocrisy. You compete that leader to our leader, Mohammed Al salam, think about this the day the few days before he passed away. He's the first man in history to rule basically half the Middle East, all of Saudi Arabia, all of Yemen, all of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, all these lands

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all these countries were under his command and not as a president us like a king in terms of he could just point the finger and people would obey Him. The two three days before he passes away Mohammed Salim the first man in history to be the king of the Arabs, so to say, when you asked about the law, how gather all my positions, what do I have? She said, your army or pseudo law is on loan with a jewel so that he could get food and you have seven silver coins. Seven silver queens, the man who was ruling all this land for the first time in history

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He was so nervous. He was so broken sighted. How would I meet Allah? When I have seven Queens in my position? Don't worry about my sickness or Ayesha don't look after me distribute those seven coins that would fall into consciousness when you'd wake up you would say I shall we are those seven queens she would say I still have to go distrubuted or Ayesha. How do I meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with seven Queens in my hand, Swan Allah. This is leadership. When avviso salaam of his last speech he gave, he said, do I owe anybody of my mind anything? Is there anyone who I heard? So I took something from him. He is my back. I give it to you, Lakshmi. Do I owe anybody anything? And he

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continued, he continued until only one man stood up. And he said, I'm only saying this because I fear if I keep it back, I'll be punished. You borrowed two three coins from me. You there was a date, there was a bigger and you asked me to pay him. You never paid me back. This was gonna be Solomon, everyone's panela when he passed away to leaders to leadership where we live to see someone like this. When he passed away. The Sahaba said, Yeah, Allah If only you had caused us to die before this day, that bill and the reasons could no longer give Iran anymore. People couldn't live in Medina anymore, because it's too sad. A world without Mohamed Salah was a world they wanted to see

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through leadership, a true leader we live to see that not the ones who we make do are against daily. Also, as I said, We're number two.

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So number one,

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we feel sometimes inferior, as Muslims don't feel inferior. That is the symbol of the society. That is what's in the hearts. That's not something we aspire for the wish the seen as the leaders, they're not

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to guidances in the book of Allah, and the sooner we so seldom number two, we as I said, we're entering a new age. And it's time that we woken up. It's time that we wake up the American orlimar see that for many years. They just live quietly in the areas not involved in politics, just doing the job being peaceful, and in politics through them in the middle. We can't be a society and a community that is detached from the rest of the world that we only see to our machines. And even that's mind blowing up seeing too.

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We can't just look at our own life, our kids, my job, my kids University, and not worry about the messes that we are to be blamed as well. When we see the inequality in our country, the poverty in our country. We don't say the final case about the no maternidad I mean, the PISA numbers for all of humanity, those who believed in him and those who don't believe in Him, we are in a position of privilege, and therefore where that comes in a man and responsibility. When we this position of privilege did not come without work and not fighting our predecessors, our grandparents. They were part of this community. Yes, they were Muslims. And they said our Islam, we have our identity and

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our practices and we are proud of our identity practices. But we part of this community, neighbors, non Muslim or Muslim alike. We support you. If something was bad in the community, we are part of that community. We've lost the sense of being part of the society. As I said, not only part of the greatest of African community, even the Muslim community spinalonga will struggle we can have each other at a minimum for the masjid. In a few weeks time. We struggle each year to get 10 people for quorum. What does this say about our concern? When our Masjid we can't even get enough people to decide on the face of the masjid. We've become so inward looking to our own lives. If we got about

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our responsibility to the wrist, and we don't give into fear.

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We don't ever give in to fear. The result. Solomon we're doing this in our class and see it on Tuesday evenings, all of you are welcome. The Battle of the trench, probably the lowest point or the most, the most crucial or the most vulnerable point of the Muslim in they surrounded by an enemy. There's nothing they can do except dig a hole to keep them out.

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Allah speaks about this. When the hearts of the believers were in the throats and the eyes were going wild. And they began to have thoughts Yeah, Allah is this really the end, we've played all the chords we have. There's no other option. There's nothing we can do. And the whole world seem to be around them. Those who are weak Eman broke away. They live the civil part of this army. But those who had a man that Oh man, this is this is a live promise. And while they were digging this hole, that Lisa is in a hole digging for survival rock bottom, he says at that point, Allah showed him the victories, that after this battle, we will conquer the Persians, the Romans, Yemen from that point

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on the Muslims never lost. From that point on the believers with that if Allah says so, we keep to this course no matter how bad it looks, Allah will take us out a lot to one person to change the entire battle and from that battle

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Islam ended up in Spain and China. It just continued in a momentum from that point. So we don't give in to fear. And we don't look in Islam Subhanallah bad times good times it will always maintain. And this community knows it better than anyone else. We came here. How did Islam come to this land, in chains? As outflows we live through colonialism, genocide, murder, slavery, apartheid, we talk about racism. We know the the beast of racists, that was the racist, we've experienced it. Our forefathers were taken from their homes. Things that never most societies won't ever live through. This Muslim community lifted shouldn't exist, really in reality, but all those systems are gone and Islam is

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still here. And Alhamdulillah today, even compared to Muslims in Saudi Arabia, in Muslim countries, we have more rights and privileges to practice our Deen. We wouldn't trade places with Muslims in America, Muslims in China, New Zealand, Australia, in England in Saudi Arabia, we'd rather be Muslims here in South Africa. Because of what we have hired in Baraka, mela increases Allah protect us and keep it that way. But this does not come cheap. It does not come with the price. It does not come with other questions from Allah. What did you do with it? We have more people that are qualified now than ever before. We have. Our Muslims today are wealthier than our forefathers how

00:31:26 --> 00:32:07

many massages they built? What were they not doctors, lawyers, accountants. They were bricklayers and aunties at work that were in the home. But they both massage it. They both madrasas kids knew how to make soda, what can we say we give over to the next generation. They fix things both things radio stations, you know how organizations orlimar bodies they did all this? Not with the beast of education, but with demand and taqwa What do we give back? This is our time brother sisters, that you sitting here all of you most of you have jobs working however profession, you have something to contribute to the oma and if you don't contribute that if you don't work towards that, when things

00:32:07 --> 00:32:15

will happen for against you, Allah subhanaw taala will take it away and give it to someone else. Some of this won't happen. But let's finally protect us.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:21

And we will make dua for the Muslims across the world. Allah spawn makes things easy for them.

00:32:24 --> 00:33:03

It's just a few announcements but the cutscene early is in hospital and which operation auto responder make it easy for the Kasim one of our soldiers here to protect him and Mr. imminent Mr. Hassan imminent the principal as well is also not not too healthy mothers pinata give Shiva to all those who are ill. And it just reminded that I'll see it across between Margaret Manisha on Tuesday evenings the life will be so solemn, speaking about the Battle of the hand up very interesting time. So please, please attend this free of charge and then our hamdulillah we know the sister, the end of the year is two seasons the oma season and the marriage season. So for those of you either you

00:33:03 --> 00:33:41

should go and O'Meara we should get married one of the two you can decide, right? So the Amara will having a one day or Morocco's if you're going for more, I would like to go for Mara. Even if you just want to learn there's a clause that we're having inshallah, at the Burano house the new nursery school on the Sunday the 27th of November from 8:30am in the morning until after the Lord inshallah will give you the A to Z of the Amara. So inshallah when you go then you know, you have you know exactly how to perform or more so please attend if you'd like to know more, please contact me on whiskey [email protected] you can speak to the Taliban, as well as on our website, the slides and

00:33:41 --> 00:33:48

video is available. So let's say Mohammed Ali also have Islam studying at hamdulillah mean? Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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