Muhammad West – Palestine #05 – The Nakba

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of the British Empire and the recent political crisis in the UK, as well as the ongoing protests against Islam and anti-Americanism. The speakers emphasize the need to stop "monster-bulling" of the British" to prevent future conflict and the importance of finding a way to live in a new life. The United Nations has created a peace plan, but the Israeli government has refused to make any promises. The United Nations is working to find a solution to the conflict between the US and the Republic of Afghanistan, and is setting up a relief organization. The segment ends with a discussion of the upcoming " " " of Islam" movement.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen. So you know Muhammad nor Allah Allah He also VH mine are beloved brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen outplacement to Allah subhanaw taala and they should have Allah Allahu Allah will be with the citizen with your worship says Allah subhanaw taala we send our greetings salutations and loved on our beloved Nabi Muhammad sallahu wa salam to his family and his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time as Allah subhanaw taala to bless us and to grant us to be steadfast

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in this dunya May Allah save us and protect us in these difficult times. And we're going to split into the masjid soon again with Mila and Allah Karachi for those who are sick, genital, for those for those who have passed away, and got all of us to be righted in Jana Amin, what hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue our series on on Palestine. And already, you know, people have it's as if we've moved on from from Palestine, we moved on to another other issues and other topics, we don't see the conversation as it was a few weeks ago. And it's perhaps one of the the the failings of our Alma that we have a very short attention span, and we tend to move from one crisis to the next.

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Sometimes sadly, we move from one fed to the next Fed. And when we you know, become bored with a topic, we only speak about it for a week or two and then become bored and move on to something else. Of course, nothing has changed in terms of the crisis that it is. And in any event in the series. And I know the series over the last couple of weeks, and this week as well. It's going to be very detailed, it's going to be very historic, going to be very dry. But I asked us panel, I really implore you that to spin this 15 or 20 minutes to understand what is happening in Palestine, how is it that we are in the situation that we are in that we can learn from it. And also know that we saw

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a shift, you know, the recent crisis that happened in Ramadan, us for the first time in many, many decades that we saw the world really coming out in support of the Palestinians was the first time in almost 70 years that you found the victim actually getting sympathy. And that caused a lot of concern for the aggressor. And so it's important that you as you're listening to this, your opinion counts, your voice makes a difference. So get to know the facts and share that information. At least as we know, the lowest level of email Islamism is to feel bad at least we should know the details feel bad make dua beyond that. It's good. If we share the information, and whether it is a post on

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social media, these things add up and it does, Inshallah, it will make a difference in the law. So what's been happening in Palestine, if you haven't been following the news in Israel has a new Prime Minister Netanyahu is gone. But unfortunately, it wasn't that he was replaced with someone better in many ways. Replace with someone that looks to me, potentially even worse than him. I imagine that is, was a former commander in the Israeli army multimillionaire, who has been very vocal anti Palestinian, far right. So if Netanyahu was we'd say, you know, anti Palestinian, this guy Bennett is even more so more anti Palestinian, and he's quoted as saying, you know, when they were talking

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about how do we deal with Palestinians, he said, I've killed lots of Arabs in my life is what he said that to the current Prime Minister of Israel, he says, I've killed lots of Arabs in my lifetime. And there's no problem with that. Is that a big deal? Why are we making an issue? And so Subhanallah again, it remind us nothing has changed in Palestine. It is not be like the phone on the sea. As Robin said, we just move and shift from one fare to the next we just go with the flow. No, we should actually make a stand. And at least on this issue, get to know the details. So continuing on from where we left off last week, we said that after World War One, Britain, you know, being the

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conqueror, the winner, they took control the Middle East, and they cut it up and divided it as they wished and gave some parts to say to France and other parts they kept and other parts they they put the puppet governments as for Palestine, they kept Palestine for themselves. And they were in charge when they called British mandated. So they rolled over Palestine the British Empire, and they agreed remember before the end of World War One as a promise, they promised to the Zionist Federation, the European Jews Jews in in Europe and the Jews Zinus, which will not is not representative of mainstream Judaism. They promised the Zionist lobby that we will give you a homeland in Palestine.

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Now at that time in Palestine, the country of Palestine, they will less than 3% of the people in Palestine would use. And we affirm that Jews have been in Palestine from the time of Nabi Brahim, or other from the time of Abu Musa until today, they've always been Arabs or Jewish people living in these people and other people that the Balfour Declaration, the British Empire is promising the Zionist on European outside Jews, people who have no attachment to the land of Palestine. The ancestors do not come from Palestine, the ancestors are Europeans. And so this group was promised the land and we ask what the right, the Britain and a third party have promising a land to a

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foreigner of someone else. So it's as if though someone in the road promises another person in the road, your house, and they said, We're going to set up on your property, a country for them. And so of course, once the green light was given the Zionist Federation we know that they were very wealthy. In fact, they were so wealthy that before going to Britain, they asked the Soto

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On the Khalifa, the Ottoman Khalifa, to buy Palestine before all of this, they wanted to buy Palestine, and they had the money to finance it, they could have actually written off the debt that the whole Ottoman Empire owed. And so they were very wealthy group. And so they obviously finance that Jews wants to leave Europe to go to Palestine, they paid for him to go and purchase land in Palestine. And it must be said that during this period, not many Jews actually picked up this wanted to leave Europe and go to Palestine not it wasn't a very popular thing to do. It was a very small migration. But there were those who went and immediately once they got to Palestine, of course, you

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come into a country that already has people, what do you do, the only way to get land is to push off the local people from the land. And so they sit up gangs, the Zionist Federation, they set up gangs inside Palestine called the Ghana, and we would like to become, you know, a bigger gang called the IDF, you know, pushing off women and children from the land, this is, you know, 70 years in the making. And so they did this systematically moving from one village to the next pushing Palestinians out of the lands and taking over taking over and making way for these new immigrants from from Europe. And as we say that every city that you find now if you look at the map of Israel, in fact,

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the entire Israel is basically what we have happening in Sheikh Jarrah. So all of us heard about the summer in Jerusalem, very close. And so there's a, you know, a suburb called chef Jarrah, where the people are being pushed out, we saw that very famous saying from the Israelis, if I don't see that someone else will. And that's exactly what they were doing. Once they've landed in Palestine, they pushed people, the Palestinians out of the villages, and they left and they set up their own settlements. And it became an Israeli and Israeli land, and so so and so forth over the next couple of years, about 20 years. So this continues to escalate and grow more eventually, the British who

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are technically in control, they allow this because they promised that there's going to be a homeland for the, for the Jews. But this obviously becomes more and more, and the tension between the Palestinians and the Zinus that have come with it, of course, no political Israel yet is escalating, and the Zionist become even more radical. So from the Hagana, they form, other gangs that are even more violent, more terrorists, inclined, cool, that are gone and LAHIA Lee games, and they don't only do they bomb and kill Palestinians, but they even attack and harm the British soldiers and the British governance that are in in Palestine. Why because the British are trying to

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keep the peace and try to mediate trying to prevent. And again, what you're seeing here, unlike what you hear the narrative is you've got this tiny little Jewish population that has come from Europe as refugees, and they've been harmed and bullied by the bigger Arab world, that's what around this entire Muslim, you know, ocean that's around them, and is about to crash on them. And the British have to protect them. It's the other way around, the British are actually trying to protect the Palestinian people from this very organized this very well funded terrorist groups. And in fact, I'm not using the word terrorist groups, the British label these gangs as terrorist organizations that

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are harming not only the Palestinians, but even fighting against the, the British in Palestine. So eventually, the situation gets so out of control, that Britain needs to form a commission, you know, they always do this, they have a commission, and they have a big meeting and to discuss what should happen, why, you know, we've promised the Zionist land, but obviously, if we're going to put the Zionist the someone has to has to be taken out, we're gonna have to move the atoms out, there's no way that we can get one land, but the two people, two people wants the same land. So what are we going to do, and so that a commission and then a back and forth, and you know, during this

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commission, Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England, he wasn't yet the Prime Minister, but he gave his opinion. And this just shows you the mindset of the British at that time. And this is for all of us, not just any, it's not just a an added thing is such as a Palestinian thing, such as the Muslim thing. It is any country in the world that has whether you South American, and you're not American, Australian aborigine, whichever part of the world if your country has been subjected to European colonization, then we are in the same boat as the Palestinians. So look at what the British said at the school, Winston Churchill said, he says, so he's telling the commission, you guys are

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complaining that we are pushing the Arabs out, we're taking the land and we displacing them and putting a new group of designers there, and it's such a bad thing. But why is it a bad thing? And then he says, I do not admit, I'm not saying for one second, that we did anything wrong, that has been done to the Red Indians of America, we did nothing wrong to the Red Indians, of course, the Native Americans of America, they completely got exterminated, basically. And he says, We did nothing wrong to the Aboriginal people of Australia, the black people Australia, I do not admit, like for one second that are wrong has been done to these people. Because the fact of the matter is

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a strong race, meaning the white race, a higher grade race, a more worldly, wise race to put it in that way has come in and taken the place. So a superior race came in and we kicked off the local people. The local people were inferior in any case, whether it's the Aborigines from so remember you saying from Australia, in the East aborigines to America in the West, and all the native people in the middle, the Africans, the Indians, the South Americans, all of you, you know, inferior races. When we came in, we pushed you out

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Don't feel guilty at the least this was actually a good thing. We replaced a weaker race with a superior is. This is the mindset of the British at that time. And so he's saying we've done this in America, we've done this in Australia, we've done this in Africa. Why are we having such a big fuss by doing this to the Arabs and the Palestinians, we bring in a European people, okay, they're not as you know, the Jewish people. They're not like us, the pure pure breeds, but they're better than inferior brown other people. And so we push them off and put a new superior race in the what is the big deal, this is our Mo, this is exactly what we do. And so this was his opinion and the view of

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many people of the British at that time, just to show you how, for any person that is morally inclined, this is not a Muslim thing, or it's not you it's not even Subhanallah a thing that a Jewish thing, this is a Zionist, supremacist, far right, Nazi kind of thinking that even someone the perhaps the most famous Jewish person, Albert Einstein, Einstein, the famous, you know, the physicist, he was alive at that time. His view on this was, he wrote a letter to the New York Times when one of these the head of Israel and a very prominent member of these gangs came to visit America, he said that he would not be meeting this person because this is when a real catastrophe

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should befall us in Palestine, meaning the Jewish people in Palestine, a catastrophe is going to befall us this are we doing, displacing the local people killing the local people taking the land is going to result in a catastrophe happening to us when this happens, the first person to be responsible for it will be the British, the British are the ones that caused us they're the ones that that in engineer this thing. And then the second responsible for it, are the terrorist organizations built up from our own ranks. I'm not using the word theorist. That is Albert Einstein, who calls the gangs, the so called Jewish and non Jewish Zionist gangs in Palestine that are

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displacing the Palestinian people. He said, These people are terrorists. And he says, I'm not willing to see anybody associated with those mislead and criminal people have nothing to do with him. These are not, these are criminals. And they don't as we say, these people and Zionists are the same as any group are not representative of the entire faith. As we have within Islam, we have groups that claim to be Muslim, and they do horrible things in the name of Islam, we say we have nothing to do with them. Similarly, this is not an issue between Muslims and Jews, we've got nothing to do with anti semitism. In fact, we reject it. This is any any group, whether you're a white

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group, a black group, a Muslim, group, whatever, and you claim to be superior than another race or another group, and that you take the dignity and honor then we reject that completely. We are completely opposed to that. And so this continues now for the next couple of years. And more and more Europeans are coming to Palestine by 1939. So with the help of the British and the influx of European Jews coming to Palestine, the number of Jews in Palestine, so we just look at the demographics. Now, they moved from 3% to 28%. So a massive influx of people came into Palestine. And of course, at whose expense we have used, I mean, the sort of empty land, the people living there,

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it's a country that is full of people. So obviously, this huge amount of extra people came at the expense of the existing Palestinian people. Eventually, the British, as I said, I realized that this is a recipe for disaster, that we can't continue like this. And so they immediately they said, We're going to stop the they said, we've done our part, now you've got enough, you basically we say to the designers, we've given you enough, we promised you a homeland, you've brought your numbers have increased exponentially. You have your own cities, that your own villages and cities. That's enough, we've done our job, the Palestinians remember they promised the Palestinians you would have a state

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a Palestinian state, still we have not given them in fact, till today 2021, we still do not have a Palestinian state, there is no Palestinian state. So the Balfour Declaration said that there will be a homeland for the Jews and a state for the Palestinians, we still don't have that state to the Palestinians. And so they said, we are going to stop now or limit the amount of European Jews that are going to come in, and eventually it will be the Palestinians who will decide how many more European Jews can come into Palestine. And once the British sort of agreed to this, the response was what happened. The same gangs they assassinated, Lord Moni, the head of the British High Council,

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that of the Middle East, so the most prominent British person in the British Empire in the whole of the Middle East, they live in Cairo. They assassinated him because he signed this agreement on Allah. We can talk about the first acts of terrorism and the first act of violence is not from the Palestinian people. But it's from the settler colonialists. Of course, this is 1939 This is before World War Two, World War Two now happens and spinal lock, a catastrophe for the entire world that the Nazi Hitler, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party take over Germany, and really the mindset of the Nazis. So when you look at the most extreme groups that speak about one race being superior to

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another race, and that we should get rid of all inferior races. Of course, the Nazis were the most vocal and this is exactly the metadata

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It is the same whether you're talking about ISIS, whether you talk about the the Hindutva, in India or the, or the far right groups, designers groups in Israel, or you have throughout Europe, these groups rising up now, or the mindset is the same with apartheid government, the other mindset is the same, that we are superior and inferior, and we need to get rid of these inferior races. And this is exactly what happens when these groups get power when they are when they get power. They do exactly what the Nazis did. And so they took power in Germany, the Nazis, and obviously have the worst people that ever existed on the face of the earth. They massacred millions and millions of people

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they saw as inferior. And of course, they were many, many Jews. As we said, the vast majority of the Jews of Europe did not buy into the Zionist narrative. They did not give up their homes in Germany and in Poland and Russia, leave it and come to Palestine. No, most of them stayed that they said, Look, we are European Jews, we are German Jews, why should we go to a country that doesn't belong to us? Of course, when the Nazis came into power, and they started murdering, you know, 6 million Jews SubhanAllah. And we should know the history of the Holocaust of how innocent people children's children were guests then were burned. And we're, you know, dumped worse than animals panela this it

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should hurt us and we should be the first people against it and so on, like any Muslim, that speaks out that denies the Holocaust, or speaks in favor with no that has nothing to do with Islam that's Pinilla. This is nothing new Islam once a sidenote than me so Saddam was at a, you know, you're sitting with this harbor, and Janessa came past. And then we stood up in honor of the person that had died, it's hard to say there was a lot that men died. It's not a Muslim, it's a Jewish person. And so the reason is, is just like so what was he not a human being was another human being this is a dead person. The research is showing that we show honor and respect to one human being to the

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next. Even if we have a differences of religion, there is basic human decency. Now this is a dead person, let alone a loving person's panela. And so as a result, of course, when Europe and the most anti Semitic people and the most they know the word anti semitism, and the pogroms that the Jewish people have experienced, the worst of it was in the lands of the Europeans. And so it was because of what happened to them during the Holocaust that many felt now the victim would have and the harms were being done to them that we need to get out of Europe. And so of course, we've got this place called Palestine, where Jews are being welcomed, they are being told to go there, and the British

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allow us to come there. So let us all pack up and leave. And so obviously, you can imagine following the Holocaust, a huge huge influx of European Jews, many of them tried to avoid extermination, came to Palestine, and we have in our how short our memories are, we look at this boat, they did not come they came to Palestine, you know, really as desperate people. And they will take in any many times in many cases, they were the local Palestinian people took them in. And so you find like, here's a picture of a ship and the ship is saying, filled with with refugees from from Germany, Jewish refugees, and it says, the Germans destroyed our families and our homes, please do not destroy our

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hopes that we're coming here hoping for a new life. We want to live here, hoping for a new life span a lot. And eventually, it's after World War Two. So although two is done, the Nazis are defeated Alhamdulillah but of course, the harm they did was irreversible. Now in Palestine, we have two thirds. So remember, a few years ago, like you know, this is this is 19. I think 48. So, over the last 40 years, many many Jews have not started coming European Jews have come to Palestine. Initially, they were only 3% of the population were Arab Jews. Now you have you have 33% 1/3 of the people in Palestine. Still about half a million people are Jewish, and the other two thirds are

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Arabs, mostly Muslim, but of course, they're all women, we should never forget that there's a very large Christian, Arab population, Christian Arabs, and they are being persecuted. The churches are being harmed the same way. The Muslim Arabs are being persecuted as well. None of that is the Jews themselves that this 33% European, newly immigrated Jews only held about 10% of the land. So 1/3 of the population, they own less than 10% of the land. They are they and the situation now is really out of control. And the British, how do they solve this problem? They speculated that the monster how do they solve the problem? They basically say, You know what, after World War Two, we have

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bigger problems to worry about, we're going to pull out we don't want nothing to do with Palestine. And this is a new organization called The United Nations has been formed. We leave it to the UN, you guys can decide what needs to be done. But thank you so much. We don't. And so the United Nations takes over the service this problem that is the Palestinian problem, and in fact, it's one of the first issues the UN had to look into. And after studying the problem, they decided that the only way forward is that there needs to be two countries. We need a country for the Jews and we need a country for the Arabs. And the draw up a map in on that maps panela 55% of what was historically

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Palestinian Palestine would become a new country called Israel.

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The Jews and 45% would be for the Palestinians. And we say again, what right the The British have to give to promise make a promise to designers. And now what right? Does the United Nations have to draw up a map and give away more than half of the other country to another external, external groups? What ties to the United Nations have to do this? Of course, this new plan by the UN, is greatly readily agreed to by the the Zionist Federation, the Arabs of the Palestinians, and the Arabs in whole, of course rejected this, if this is possible, how can how can someone come and you know, spotlight to give an analogy with disease, say a thief breaks into your house, and he starts

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stealing your stuff? And then you call the police and say, Look, this guy stole my stuff, and the police's are okay, you know what? We have decided that, you know, he took your phone and your laptop and your cop, he can keep the car, but he'll give you back your laptop on your phone? Will you be happy with it? You said? Of course not. I'm not gonna be happy with that. And so many times the arguments are, every time the United Nations wants to come up with a peace plan. It's always the Palestinians that are rejecting it. Well, they rejected because it's, it's unacceptable. What is being asked is, is is is completely unacceptable. And it goes against human logic, no people on

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Earth, we accept it. And so, nonetheless, the United Nations came up with this plan, it was a proposed plan. Again, it was not some it was not the UN did not impose this, it was they suggested this immediately the Zinus in in Palestine, except they take it and they declare the ones the British pulled out in the fourth to the 14th of May. So immediately, immediately, the British when they said, is a plan, there's no need for us. We done they pulled all the troops out. Now remember, the British were actually keeping the Palestinian safe from those gangs that were in Palestine, the designers gang so when the British pulled out immediately, the State of Israel declared its

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independence, the 14th of May 1948. They declare that is a new new country. And, and you as you can imagine, immediately, the this is what's called the Nakba, the catastrophe, a huge catastrophe. Behold, the Palestinian people, because now with a British crime, these gangs that were I mean, Spangler, they killed the high commander of the British, you can imagine that these people were highly educated, highly trained, highly sophisticated, well equipped. The Palestinians had no army till today, there is this misconception that you have the Arab ocean of armies against the small, tiny minority. That is not that that is not the case. The Palestinian still today does not have a

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national army doesn't have its civilians. And so the these groups immediately took control of the land that was part of the the plan of the United Nations, and they ethnically cleanse, they pushed out every single Palestinian, every village was burned, and people were pushed out. The United Nations saw what was happening, and they wanted to intervene and immediate and they appointed a mediator. In fact, it says this is the first time in history, the United Nations sent a mediator trying to bring about peace to the situation. And they chose someone Folke Bernadotte, names that are important, but you know, this man, a Swedish man, why did they choose him? Swedish man, why are

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they sending this guy, because he was a person that was that helped save 1000s of Jews in the in Europe during the Nazis during World War Two, he helped to save them. And so no one can accuse this man of the anti semitic use very, very caring for the Jewish people. And when he came to Palestine, and he saw the situation, you basically said to the designers, what you're doing is wrong. You have to you can't just decide you have a country. And you know, what you're doing to the Palestinian people is unjust. This is what is you're basically ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. And so the response of these groups, what did they do, they assassinated him in parallel. So they assassinated

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the UN envoy, there's not, there's not the Arabs that's assassinating this man. This is the Zionist groups assassinated, the UN envoy trying to mediate. And so it was very, very clear that the British aren't going to do anything, and the United Nations, they don't have the power that are going to send soldiers in to do anything. And so the Palestinian people will lift to the own on their own. And subhanAllah. As you can imagine, if this is what's happening to the UN High Commissioner, what is happening to the British High Commissioner, what do you think is happening to the poor, old lady in the village that no one sees the children, you can imagine what was happening in the deserts of

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Palestine for the next couple of months, you know, hundreds and hundreds of villages were destroyed. Ethnic cleansing, a genocide actually occurred during 1948 to 1949. To the point where 1 million basically 1 million Palestinians

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left their homes and the villages they had to run away, leaving everything and they became refugees. And they hope that look, eventually we'll come back. It's been 70 years and the until today, those families of the Palestinians that ran away are still without any land so they left their homes. Some of them moved to Lebanon some of the moves

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Syria, Something moved to different regions in Palestine. They have no state they so the once they left the property, the land the homes were taken, they lost the citizenship. That of course, they're not a citizen of Israel, and there is no state called Palestine. And so we do they belong, they belong nowhere they in no man's land. And the situation was so bad that even the United Nations they set up

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you know, they set up a relief organization called Andhra. So Andhra, so the United Nations looks after many refugees throughout the world, many conflicts around the world. And there's one body that looks after all the refugees. There's a special body called UNRWA. It's the only body that looks after only one group of refugees, and that is the Palestinian refugees. Why? Because of how big more than 60% of all the Palestinians in the world are refugees. SubhanAllah. And so the United Nations recognized that a huge catastrophe as before in these people. And if anybody wants to know the truth of who is the David and Goliath, who is the strong and the weak, look at what happened immediately,

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the minute Israel became independent, you had the United Nations had to set up a whole commission, a whole department, the United had to set up a separate department just to help the refugees of the Palestinian refugees, not the Israeli refugees. We're talking Palestinian refugees, and until today, so that that department was set up more than 70 years ago, it is still today, operational because you have generations of grandparents were refugees, the children were born as refugees, the great grandchildren are born as a Fugees. Still, there's a hope that one day in sha Allah, that these families will return to the homes that were taken during

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during the Nakba catastrophe when Israel was formed. And so we asked, Well, what happened we were the we were the the Egyptians, we were the Citians with a Lebanese, we all the Muslim armies, you know, that we even speaks about. They were nowhere to be found this massacre occurred and by and large, the Arab world that everyone of course, is too busy fighting for their own little piece of the pie. And we're not kidding about the genocide that is happening right next door is so busy in squabbling with each other. As for Hello, this basically happened and as as yesterday, we asked still we surprised we shocked we shouldn't be we asked the same question when he Saudi Arabia, with

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all these countries, all these kingdoms with all the power? What are they doing? Absolutely nothing. We hope that at the very least there is some some who show in the heart, at least answer is a map and the very famous map that you see how the Palestine Palestine has slowly moved away. If you look at the map, night and 17, there is no place called really Israel. This is a little few

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areas in which the Jews were allowed to the British allowed the Jews to come in 1948 50 years later, the UN comes in and they divide the land and they give the bulk them the more than 55% of the land goes to the outside. So you haven't seen this panel, all these people were not born in Palestine. And you will not find a single Israeli today an Israeli that is not of Arab descent that the grandparents were born in Israel, all of them even this current, if you look at the current prime minister, Bennett,

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his parents came from from America. So what this tells you the policy in Israel is any Jewish person from any part of the world from China, wherever you are, you can come to Palestine today you can say, Look, I'm a Jew, I want to come to Iran to Israel, I want to be a citizen of Israel, and you will get citizenship no problem. But though that said, auntie who was kicked out of our house, many of them are still alive. They said, look, 1948 that's the house I was born in that way I live my entire life. I can see my house, some of them can even see their homes, the refugee camp, but they can see that house, I was born in Sydney, you have no right to this house. But someone from South

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Africa, living in sea point that just can make an application. I'm a Jew, and you have the full right to come to Israel and have and get a home and get the land that belongs to someone else. So I know this is what what happened. Up until and so that's the plan 1948 The boundaries. And you'd find even talking about talking about to go back to the original plan. What you as unfair as the United Nation plan was as unfair as it was, as the map was, today, the Palestinians will take it. Why? Because what happened after it is even worse, because it wasn't enough that 55% of the land was stolen. They wanted more and they do want more than even even that little tiny sliver of the land

00:29:20 --> 00:29:56

was given the Palestinians even that was not was was too much. And so there will be more and more catastrophes that will follow. We'll talk about that in in coming weeks to end up we end up with a hadith we ask how is this happening Allah? Why is this happening? We remember reading mine about the Hadith of the prophets of salaam where he said, Oh my god, basically all Muslims, there are five things the five calamities which will befall you and I seek protection that you will live by he said I'm seek protection that if you're living in those times that you are saved from a kind of calamity is one of those five calamities. The prophecy says when promiscuity when haram sexual actions become

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

prevalent, never will it become prevalent except that nudies

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

eases in place will be for the people's final law. Never before did we ever the COVID-19 to Pamela where did this come from? Once the is complete immorality, Allah is going to sit in this upon people, the prophets offices, people do not cheat in weights and measures they do not do haram business except that ALLAH will sin famine upon them calamity and oppression and oppression of rulers, Allah will put upon them evil rulers because of how we mistreat each other, but from the business, we cheat each other, we steal from each other, we teach our employees bad, and so a lot of places us by sending calamity upon us and the evil rulers, processes. People do not withhold the

00:30:33 --> 00:31:04

charity, except that ALLAH withholds the rain from the sky. We had a drought years in Capetown, not too long ago, hamdulillah it's raining again. But we are reminded that when we withhold charity, Allah withholds the rain. And it's not because of us that Allah since the Rhinebeck, Allah sends it back for the sake of the animals in one for the animals, Allah would never have seen it back. And then as part of the next one, this is the relevant one for us. All of them are relevant but specifically with Palestine, the promises that he's not break the covenant with Allah and he's missing his what does this mean? Meaning that you're not practicing living as a Muslim, we do not do

00:31:04 --> 00:31:43

our basics as Muslims. When we break our covenant Allah, then Allah will allow enemies to overpower them and take what is in their hands take their property, their wealthy lands, their countries, once we let go of Islam, then Allah subhanaw taala takes away his protection. And then lastly, the Prophet says that the leaders must rule according to the book of Allah and seek every good form of it, all is revealed all they will continuously fight one another as we see Subhanallah not a single Muslim country of every single Muslim organization. Every little tiny hula body is fighting with each other why? When we do not prioritize following the Quran and the Sunnah, there will always be

00:31:43 --> 00:32:03

divisions between us when I was praying that I said right our office is always we always optimistic and my hope for the best. And Allah grant us all the best and make it right this OMA insha Allah keep us in your do as children so much. Next week we'll talk about the 1967 War and continuing our series on the Palestine cycle if it wasn't Allah say Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam salam ala

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