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  • 9 things you did not know about Islam and Christianity
  • Reflections on 2020
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As we live in sheetala regimes, man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala Shafi mousseline, syedna Mohammed. Ali, he was a huge Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah we begin with the praise our last panel Darla and I should Allah Allahu Allah we testify and a witness that then has the right of worship besides the last panel dial up, and we sing our love and greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow us through mental the end of time, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be CIT was not

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Mohammed sallallahu Sallam and to be in his companionship in the field, amin Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, to today the 25th of December. Spangler, the final jumar, the last Friday of 2020 Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon us and make easy for us this really, really strange year that we've been in and we continue giving these lectures outside of the masjid as we know, due to the pandemic we all are Majeed Brahma Islam is closed and may we be returning to the masjid soon. As you know, the 24th of December is the day of Christmas as is celebrated by our Christian friends and neighbors. And today inshallah we wanted to discuss a Jesus Christ he Salus to them, and to mention

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at least nine things that people might not know about Islam and Christianity and the link between Islam and Christianity. So we do know that there are differences between these two religions. And in fact, these two religions, as we know, are the two largest religions in the world, you know, Muslims and Christians put together or more than 50% of the world's population. And while there are differences, of course, there are many similarities, and there are many connections between Islam and Christianity. And so we would like to give nine interesting facts that you might not have known about this, and it's a good opportunity for us as Muslims to share this with our Christian friends

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and neighbors. We live in a Christian majority country and South Africa. So we know quite a bit about Christianity. And of course, it's an opportunity for us to share our religion with them. So number one, interesting to know for everyone, that you cannot be a Muslim. You cannot be a believer in Islam. If you do not acknowledge and believe in Jesus Christ is Ali Salam. He is in from an Islamic perspective, he is one of the greatest messengers of Allah subhanaw taala, the messengers of God, He is the Christ or the Messiah, the Anointed One, the prophesized one, the one who has been chosen by Allah subhanaw taala. And he will come as the second coming towards the end of time, and

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he will bring about a time of complete justice and mercy to all of mankind. He's coming will return every Muslim is to believe as we believe in his close relationship with the Almighty. But of course, we believe that he's a man and that he is of the mighty prophets of God Almighty. Number two, we believe in the Immaculate Conception. We believe that he was conceived and he was, he is fatherless. And he was born from a virgin mother. And I was palaces in the Quran, that when the angel Gabriel came to Maria Maria Salaam, and it was told to her that you will have a son who will be the Messiah. She said, My Lord, how can I have a son, we know Matt has touched me. I'm chaste. I'm a woman that

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has not known I've never had intercourse with any man. And so he said, the angel said, and so it shall be for when Allah creates what he wants, when he decides something, he only says B and it is last panel, Dallas is B. And it is in another verse in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says, literally the likeness of Isa, Jesus, the son of Miriam is like Adam, like Adam, who was created Of course from clay without any parents. And so it is easy for Allah subhanaw taala to create one with a mother without a father, and this is what we believe every Muslim to be a Muslim you must believe that Jesus peace be upon him was born without the intervention of a father. Number two or number

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three rather, we believes panel law This is amazing that the Quran mentions the only woman that is mentioned by name is Maryam Mary, the mother of Jesus, Ali salam, peace and blessings be upon them. In fact, the Quran mentions Maryam the name Mary, more times they need even mentions Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And it even mentions Mary more times than in the Bible. As panelists amazing that the Quran mentions the mother of Jesus more times than the Bible maintenance, and that an entire chapter is named after her. There's a chapter Mariama chapter, Mary, she is, of course the greatest of all women, the holiest of all women. The Prophet peace upon him tells us that there are

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four women that have achieved perfection, and they are Asya, the wife of Pharaoh adopted Mother of Moses Mousavi, salaam hija, the wife of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and Marie I'm the mother of Jesus Christ and Islam. And of course Maryam Mary is of the highest caliber and the holiest and purest of all women, peace and blessings upon them. Number four, as Muslims we believe in and acknowledge all those miracles that is mentioned about the Salah Synopsys

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Christ, the amazing miracles that he performed. And we say these are miracles that were given to him by Allah Almighty Allah subhanaw taala had gifted him these miracles as Allah had had gifted Musashi Salaam to split the Red Sea, as Allah had given libido would the ability to talk to the to the birds and bees with a man and salam, to control the wind, we know that miracles were given to many Amir and GSI Salaam we acknowledge the miracles that was given to him, as Allah says in the Quran, and Isa Jesus says to his people, but he is our children. 11 he said that he is a messenger to the children of Israel, and ecology to come be it me Robbie comfort I have come with clear signs from

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your Lord, these signs that I bring you from from Allah, and the local minute clinic.

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For amphoe fee for your community, Ron de la, Allah Subhana, Allah allows me Isa to create a bird shaped it as a statue, and he blew into this bird and he came alive. And it's a miracle. In fact, this miracle is a miracle which is not mentioned in the Bible. So it's something that we believe that Jesus actually created a living bird out of a sculpture, and this is of the miracles that is mentioned in the in the Bible. And we know that Allah Subhana, Allah allowed him to be Isa that he obeyed Atma, when he healed, those who could not speak and those who are deaf, and that he killed the blind and he killed the leper. And he even what he knows, even elaborate here is at the date

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with the permission of Allah. In fact, the first medical event is mentioned of nubby Aesop Jesus in the Quran, is the fact that he spoke from the cradle. And he defended his mother. Of course, when Mary came with this child, and everyone knew that she wasn't married, the first thing we did was the accused of committing, you know, illegal intercourse that she was that she was unchaste. And so the very first miracle of a salad Salam was to defend his mother, and was to inform his people that he's a messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. So number five, so so far we mentioned that how Muslims, honor and cherish and believe in Jesus and we honor and cherish Maria, Mary, the mother of Jesus, we even

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honor and cherish and praise the Quran praises the disciples of Jesus Christ, the disciples, the Sahaba, the companions of Jesus Christ, the 12 companions, they are called the hawara Yoon in the Quran, they are named the Hawaii Yun and Allah says to us here you will live in Amman Oh, oh you who believe are Muslims, who answered Allah be unsavoury supporters of Allah come up on a seminar Merriam as Jesus the Son of man, he said to his disciples will How are you in as he said to his disciples, man, Ansari in Allah Who will be the supporters of Allah who will be my supporters with Allah. And so Allah is telling the Muslims emulate the hawala you'd be like the hora Yun when they

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said, We are the supporters of Allah, we will support you and we will devote ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala amazing. We are told as Muslims to emulate the disciples of Jesus Christ, and it's good to understand and know who these amazing disciples were. Number six, not only does Islam Praise Jesus and praise Mary and praise the disciples of Jesus Salaam, Islam also praises Christians and Christianity as well, along with the differences even with the differences between us, Allah says about our Christian friends and neighbors, Allah says, What if he then acaba who Mamata Lin larina Amano. I live in a column in Nan Asara that Allah says, and you will find the closest and nearest

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people in a fiction to the Muslims are those who say we are Christian. Why? Because among them are priests and monks, and because they are not arrogant, meaning that they are very sincere, very humble, deeply devout people within the Christian faith. They are people that have complete compassion and mercy and love and affection. And so Allah says, the closest people to the Muslims and the closest faith to Islam, comes from those who say, we are nesara we are Christians. And this is an amazing testament to speak about the wonderful relationship that can happen within faiths. And this is an idea, a verse from the Quran and Allah, Allah saying, the closest people you'd find in my

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word, my one that actually speaks about a deep love and compassion, not just respect, not just, it's about K, it's about affection between these two people. Allah says you'll find amongst those who say they are Christians. And number seven, amazing. If we look at the Bible, we would find that Muslims, and you look at the way that Muslims mixolo Muslims pray is identical to the way Jesus prayed. And in fact, all the prophets, as mentioned in the Bible, prayed in this way we find in Matthew 2639, when Jesus was when he knew that he was about to be arrested, and he was in a very dangerous situation. It was tagged It was late evening, early in the morning, a very implicit time. And Jesus

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went as it says, he went a little further you into a place where he was alone, and then he fell on his face. What does this mean he made sujood he made prostration. He went down and he put his face on the ground.

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He began to pray. And he began to speak and call out to God Almighty and began to pray to Allah subhanho data. And this is exactly how as we know, Muslims pray, when we worship Allah five times a day, the pinnacle of their prayer is for us to go down in prostration. To put this most noble part of your body or face on the ground in submission and devotion to the Lord Almighty. Number eight Muslims, unlike Christians, actually, we believe that Jesus was not crucified and that he has not died he still alive, as Allah says, In the Quran, Allah curses those who say, indeed, we have killed the Messiah, so those people in the time of Jesus Christ to try to kill him. Allah says, they are

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cursed for the same. They had killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah. And they did not all of us but indeed they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him. But it was made to resemble him in that way. It was made to appear to them that they crucified him. But Indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. There is no there are no they have no evidence of this. They have no knowledge of it, except they follow assumptions. But Allah says, and he knows a lot like he knows everything, and he says, but they did not kill him with certainty that he is still alive. And that is why as we sit from the Islamic faith and the Christian faith, we know that Jesus

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Christ will return and from an Islamic faith he has not died, he will return a second coming, and he will follow this world with with mercy and justice, and then he will live a full life and then he will when he will die a natural death as all people need to die. Last point, the true teachings of Jesus of Sri Salaam, as mentioned in the Quran, and in the Bible, of the first things Jesus says, and the first speeches he made, he said Salaam says, Allah, he said in me, Abdullah, that indeed I am the servant and the slave of Allah, Lord of the worlds. Tanya Kitagawa, Gianni Libyan, but he has given me scripture, Allah has given me a scripture and he has made me a prophet, and he has made me

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with our journey, Mubarak and God Almighty has made me place it wherever I am. We're also on a B sada and he commanded me with with Sala with pay with Zika and to give charity, as long as I am alive, I always have to pray and I always have to give charity about around the world. And I've been commanded to always be devout to be to be dutiful to my mother was a major ninja Baron shocky. And he has not made me I am not a tyrant, a rigid tyrant. I am humble and soft. And this is of course, the nature that we know of Jesus from both Islamic and the Christian faith, a very soft and gentle person was Solomon, our saddam Walia and peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I shall

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die this is in the future, and the day I shall be raised alive a second time. This is on the day of the Day of Judgment. Valley Kasab In Memoriam Allah says that this is Jesus the son of Mary, this is exactly who he was old and happy and leafy, I'm told that he is a truthful word about which they are disputing that which they have conjectures over Maracana, Allah says now and Allah speaks a lot Almighty Allah says mercan ilahi. It is not befitting for Allah Almighty for God Almighty, a tough either mean weathered for him to take a son Subhana who exalted how perfect is he? Either cada Imran, if he decrees a matter, for in Nehemiah kulu la who couldn't. He simply says Be fire cool.

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And then the thing is, Allah Almighty Lord Almighty does not take sons he does not take wives or partners. He does not come with in his creation or other if he decrees anything, he just says B. And it is and this is how Jesus Christ was born. He simply said B and he was born. Then Jesus Allah says the message of Jesus and this is his teaching his lifelong teaching was Jesus says, In the la hora be that video Allah is my Lord, what a boom and he is your Lord, that I would hope so worship Him alone, however, Serato stuck to him. This is the straight path. This is the path that will take you to paradise. Worship Allah and worship Him alone, worship the Creator, the sustain of the universe

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alone, and don't worship anyone besides him. Don't worship a stick or stone. don't worship a prophet, don't worship Jesus don't worship anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in fact, this is not only his teaching from the Quran, this is his teaching from the Bible, a man comes to Jesus. And he This is mentioned in Mark 1228 to 30. And the man says, oh, Master, oh Jesus, of all the commandments, which is the most important, which is the most important commandment of all of them. And Jesus responded, the most important one answer Jesus is this is this and he says, Listen now Israel, oh people of Israel. Listen, the Lord your God, the Lord is one you have one God, not

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three. You have one God, love the Lord your God with all your heart and with

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All your soul and with all your mind, and with all your strength, that love him and worship Him, one God alone. And of course, this is the first of the 10 commandments that we know of in the Christian faith, the 10 most important commandments, this is number one. And this is very similar to the statement of faith in Islam, what we call the kalama. eyeshadow, Allah, Allah that nun has the right of worship, besides God Almighty, that Allah alone is is deserving of worship. And so we find that this is the teaching of Jesus Christ, both from the Quran, and from the Bible, May Almighty Allah grant us to follow in his footsteps and to follow in his teachings within the lamp. Lastly, just to

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conclude on something that this is, as I mentioned, the last foot but unfortunately for 2018, it's Pamela how this year has gone and how so many things I mean, so many emotions, so many things to talk about, you know, five minutes is not going to be enough time to talk about this year, and maybe some reflections and insha Allah when we meet again, on what grounds it to be, so it will be a new year. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses 2021 to be a better year, in 2020, may the worst of our days be behind us and the best of days be ahead of us. I mean, some reflections, the first thing is, we know that so many people have lost so much this year, there are those who have lost the

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jobs, or those who have lost the lives or those who have lost the loved ones. The health, at the very least most of us, if not all of us, we've lost our sense of security, our freedom to move from analog, it has been a very difficult year for every single person on this planet. And we know that a lost part of us is Peace be upon you for your Allah says to those who have struggled and those who go through hardship, no matter if it's big or small, every single moment of hardship will be compensated Allah subhanaw taala will compensate us for that hardship that we are going through. And so Allah says to us, peace be upon you for your perseverance, Allah greets us for our patients

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during these difficult times. And then he says how excellent is the life after this dunya is as we know a passing moment that each and every person must eventually die or our loved ones who will die, whether it is early whether it is late. Ultimately, our objective is the is the afterlife and we know from the Prophet souls and he says and we know this from his wife, cinema our mother, she narrated that on the death of her husband when her husband passed away the promise for them said to her when a person suffers a calamity. And when he says in the Rila he or in the LA he Raji own, Aloma, which are ni fi musi Bertie was lovely fire on minha that Allah reward me for what I have in

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Manila in a Rajan Allah fiddly for you to allow you belong and to Him, we shall return our love compensate me in my affliction, and reward me and replace that which I lost with something better. And then we will see is this the Prophet Allah says, Allah will surely compensate him with any award better, and substitute that with something better. And so in these difficult times, we make this to our, or law, really from you, we come into use our return, and that our law compensate me for all that I have lost and replace it with something better, Grant me Your mercy, Grant me your your kindness, in this life and in the next. And so Allah subhanaw taala, no matter what we have lost,

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know that it is not lost in vain. And through our patients, Allah will grant us something better. As for those of us who have not lost so much, there are those who as we know, have gone through very difficult times. If you have those who have, you know, you realize what are the precious things in your life, you realize what are the important things that matter in our lives. Number two, we say to those of us who haven't suffered so much of affliction during this year, and, you know, we realize what are the important things, that if you are your loved ones are safe, and your health is safe, and your livelihood is safe and SubhanAllah. Really, if you have those three things, you realize

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that our last product has been very, very merciful upon you. And so we ask Allah Subhana Allah, to count us of those who are appreciative. And Allah says, And remember, when you proclaim well in Shankara, to him that if you give sugar and praise and thanks for your blessings, as he then the company will give you more and He will bless those things. And so to reflect this year, if you have been speed loss, then really we should be very, very grateful, and be very appreciative. And to make sure to avoid a loss, Pamela preserves and protects those things that we love. And then lastly, as panela We hope that when he comes to the end of the year, by now we would have seen the worst of

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this pandemic, we had come out of lockdown, and we thought that panel of the worst of it was done. But now we are definitely in a second wave. And in many ways, the second wave appears to be even worse than the first one we know that the virus has changed in a certain way which makes it even more deadly and more dangerous than it was in the past. And just panela without reading the newspapers or listening to what's you know on the news. We know from very close friends and family, the diseases

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is a lot closer now than it was, you know, in the height of the lockdown. And so Subhanallah Let's just be mindful that we do not take this matter lightly. Maybe we became a little laxed after the lockdown Indeed, we should once again be very strict and very cautious in this time, it is haram for us to be negligent with our lives and with the lives of others, we should we are masks we should limit going outside, we should ensure that we are practicing the highest level of hygiene. I know it is, you know, holiday time we want to spend time together. But perhaps this is not the best time. It's an act of love that we separate from each other. It's an act of love, that we distance

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ourselves from each other. And again, in these very, very difficult times. All we can do is make sure that we take the precautions we tie Oh camel, but at the same time we trust in the last panel with Allah and we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala has mercy upon us and all the people of the world. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us leaders this year with all its hardships, be a a compensation be a cleansing for all of us for our mistakes. May Allah grant us to be a better people in the new year and malice panatela grant us to to once again be of good health and have mercy upon us. I mean Sackler height, also Allah say no Mohammed Ali also obviously I'm sending him letters

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without me. So I was lucky wabarakatuh