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The speakers discuss the three conditions that make a nation: enjoying the good, belief in the law, and belief in the morality. They emphasize the importance of not overwhelm others and the need for belief in Islam. They also discuss the negative effects of negative environments and the importance of avoiding evil behavior. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new series.

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moon and Venus

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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world, welcome to this new and exciting series nation goodness by man cream abuse as you saw him on the righteous companions, you saw him on the naval journey. And of course building a better future you guys you don't want to miss out on this series. In the first two episodes Shea cream gave us a roadmap so to speak about this whole series in the third episode titled three conditions. Why do we call it three conditions because you men cream is going to lay out the three conditions that qualifies to be qualifies us to be the nation of goodness in the previous episode, he said number one is enjoying the good. Number two is forbidding the evil.

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Number three is belief in Allah which begs the question, why is a belief in a law proceeded by these two? It must be very important. Well, if you want to find out let's ask the sake himself. Assalamu alaikum say cream. Thanks for being with us. Why don't you come sir Mr. Motta law, he over care to the viewers, brother Malik. We talked today about the three conditions. You see. When I'm also pinata, Anna mentioned that we are a nation of goodness, he mentioned condition right. So if you want to be that nation of witness, in this world, benefit humanity benefit people. And I just want to shed more light on some issue before we move on. I'm telling you Malik there is no other nation

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that possesses the tools to be a nation of goodness, but the Muslims, why look at the EC for to develop the society, you must develop that society into France in the material side. It computers satellites, iPhones, Imad technology technology, but the moral side as well, must be Mendes excellent point check.

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The only oma that processes the tools for both is Muslims. You see, we have the moral black for the Muslim Yes, the Muslim ummah. And we neglected the first command in our book that leads us to develop the material aspect, which is read, you know, that's the first word that was revealed in the Quran, read learn, right. So we are the only look at the Western world, right? Yes, they are progressing in the material front. But the aggregation or the

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degree the grading or decline? Yes, in the moral front, and you're having problems, you're having issues. That is why their society will never go any farther than this. Yeah, they may do more material advancement and that in that front, but the moral front is declining. But we are the only oma the only nation of goodness that possesses both. We can balance those two Yes. And that's what is needed. Okay. Now, let's go back to the three conditions. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, going to Hira omet in a hurry, Jacqueline. So again, I want to stress We are the best ever brought for mankind. And I'm telling you, I feel so good whenever I recite this just makes me happy. Because

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our last para Allah is praising Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is telling me I am the best. But now, based on conditions, I'm not the best because of my color, because of my name, because of my nationality, because of my wealth because of my money because of my status. No, absolutely not. Because number one, you enjoy what is good, you forbid what is evil. And you know, who did this work before you messengers and abroad? So you're following the footsteps of the best people who ever walk in the face of this earth, that chosen people by Allah Subhana Allah because this is the task of the messenger and the prophet and was the task of our messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Medina

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who Rasulullah Nabeel me, a lady a genomic tube and

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you will indeed look more humble man. Why and half woman will Mancha, those who follow and believe in the Prophet the message of the Prophet, the illiterate, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam who is written in the Torah, and in the Gospel, look at the first two qualities with which he was written, he enjoys what is good and for

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bids what is evil? Subhanallah look when Allah subhanaw taala Malik spoke about wellmune our Mena to ba boom. Ba,

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ya una de la move, why and how una mooncup. And the believers, female and male, are brothers are supporters of one another? how they do it, they enjoy it what is good, and they forbid what is evil? Now you asked a very, very interesting question. And that should be the attitude when you recite the Quran.

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Why did Allah Subhana Allah

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mentioned the third condition

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after the first two, in spite of the fact that the third condition is the most important thing.

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believe in Allah is the most important thing. All the messengers were sent to achieve this goal, all the books were revealed to achieve this goal. But why believe in Allah was preceded with enjoining good and forbidding evil.

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I can mention a couple of reasons. But the most important reason Malik that you will never be able to attain believe in Allah, without enjoining good and forbidding evil.

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You know why? Because if you live in an environment, in an environment, where it is corrupt, people are doing what they want to do, and you do not do anything about it, they will get to

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see it, they will get to your heart, if you do not try to change it, you will never be able to maintain believing a lot properly. If you do not fix where you live Chicken herpe really briefly, there's a term in Islamic terminology when the bad things become normal.

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What is that called? When you when we get into when we begin as Muslims to accept bad things and accept them and it becomes a normal part of life? You know, the when it becomes this is what we call familiarization. Yeah, that your heart becomes familiar. why a lot of people do not understand why we're not supposed to attend a funeral or pharmaceutic. why somebody who's not a Muslim? You know, what, a lot of people Oh, that is harsh. You know why?

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They never look at the wisdom behind they never look, they never look at the wisdom. Why? You know why? Because of when you go to these functions. And when you hear people say in the name of this, and in the name of that you eat what gets used to it. Yeah. So that's what I'm gonna I'm gonna give you a little example. I give you a couple of examples just to show you this, that if you do not fix the environment where you live, you're not going to be able to maintain a straightforward belief in Allah and that is why they believe in Allah was proceeded with that Act, which is enjoining good and forbidding evil. The first example

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you know, the children of Israel.

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At the time of Moses, at the Santa Rosa, they were in Egypt, and they were enslaved.

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They were brought up in a culture of rocks, stones, idols, rameses, the second right, all the lives and they see all these figures in front of them right and left. Okay, look at this now. Prophet Musa alayhis salam took them out of Egypt and Subhanallah they saw with their own eyes of law subhana wa tada turning the sea a to a bridge for them to cross. And after they cross the field still thought that this is a bridge. He went in there with his gang he drowned. They saw this with their own eyes. They saw the mind of Allah the power of Allah. Allah look, as soon as they passed to the other side of the sea was was gonna be ready to eat and baja ferrata Allah komiya Kahuna Allah phenomenal. This

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was a big one in the desert worshipping an idol kneeling and bowing down to an idol. You know what they said to masa Kahlua masa de la Ilaha and Carmela When can we please have an either like this?

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Right away. You know why? Because they were approved up in that culture. They are used.

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For them. It's a normal, it became normal. I tell you something, you know where I live in Maryland. I lived there for a while. So I ended up living in a house where I would pass by a Catholic Church and they have an icon of Mary at the entrance of the church, or la hematic. I never forget this. The first day I'm passing by driving going to my work in the morning and I saw this person coming and bowing down in front of the icon of melanoma top and a warship

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I believe that she's a saint. Yes. They actually pray to her. Yeah. And this is a fact that Allah Spano tala will ask Prophet Isa and portelli nassetta he dooney Oh Mia Illa Allah Allah will ask what it called a la jolla. He said pneumonia and the pulchella Nassif omiya illa. Haman doula, did you tell people to take you on your mother as to God's beside me? Allah Subhana Allah He the first day, my heart was about to get out of my chest. fooling with man, this is too much. What is this guy is doing? He's bound down to an idol. You know, the next day I passed by, I saw another person, not as much. The third day, not as much. The fourth day, not as much. The fifth day

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among 40 days later, 50 days later, 100 days later, normal.

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Didn't even develop one feeling against the act. Why? Because I became what you became used to this, why you read that Hadith about staying amongst Muslims. Why? And a very, I disclaim someone who stays amongst, of course that the subject is can be detailed. I don't want to people to take a ruling out of my mouth here. But I want to tell you this is why Sagittarius will read the seminal owl fan. He was terrible cold, so stay away from this. So that is why enjoining good and forbidding. Even proceed I'll give you I'll give you an example. I don't know I have two minutes. You have two minutes but you know what it's a little bit disgusting for the viewers you know and I live in

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sharqiya It's a state in Egypt SDF in Egypt, which is east. So normally I drive and then I go around a place called the sea of cows battle ibaka this is basically the human this you know, things are running stream of the human remains sewage, sewage, sewage back open, okay, so when you pass the smell, you cannot even but then you're amazed that there are people living around it. And actually the most fertile land it produces so well and you probably understand why.

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But this is the amazing piece. I always wonder how in the world those people are living next to that running stream of human sewage Yeah, and when I cannot even afford crossing it for just two or three minutes. You know what the people told me after three days they won't smell it anymore. So this is an interesting analogy because you become used to it you become used. That is why you have to enjoy imboden forbid evil at all. If you allow corruption in your house, you're going to be part of it. If you allow this belief in your house, you're going to be part of it. If you allow schilke in your house you're going to be part of that is why you have to do up enjoying good and forbid evil to have

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a straight belief in Allah I hope the viewers got the point is excellent points.

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Very well put thank you for joining us interesting analysis we have to take a short break Can you continue by giving us in the next segment some specific examples and lay out those conditions for us you guys stay tuned for more with the man crema was a new program nation of goodness Stay tuned.

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whispers of Satan

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peer pressure

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leading you to a dead

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but there is a way out

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leaving hands

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moon and Venus

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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers and welcome back to nation of goodness the latest program by a man prima boozy, see creamy being a very interesting analogy. In the previous segment you compare living in human sewage to living in an environment that's not suitable for Muslims. In other words, when you live in a place that has a negative environment and a bad smell, after two or three days you become used to it. So this is can you can you expand on that a little bit in this this segment Sharla Will you see the the heart

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what you see man

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Is your heart is exposed to it. If you do not deny it, if you do not change it

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then your heart is going to accept it.

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So listen to this of the live nurse oversight Muslim. So now I'm sorry

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Narita, this hadith

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in our world, the Holloman anoxia 11 is

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the first sign of weakness, the first sign of weakness and regarding the children of Israel

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what that one of them will see somebody doing something wrong.

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Yeah had a tequila, Fear Allah do not do this. Do not do that. This is how he would enjoy good and forbid evil. But look at this now. Then at night, he will go eat drinks, chat with him.

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This is the beginning of the domain Yes, that's the downfall downfall. You see, if you enjoy and good and forbid evil, if you cannot change the thing you have to separate

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I'll give you an ideal example. Why? Because what is going to happen to your heart, your heart is going to get used to it. Get used to it and your heart becomes your heart will suck will drink that you will never see it evil anymore. You can feel it and we can do and you can either it will your heart will become corrupt in this area should definitely a man Allahumma FISA Elena Muslim Torah will fit Anwar al al coup de Carvalho Syria Odin Oda our than our our than our own, all of these are wording that the trials are presented to your heart.

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Okay, you look at something with your eyes or you hear something with your ears. It goes right to your heart something haram something haha. So the fitness presented to your heart through the medium, which is what your vision or your hearing was touching or wiggling, whatever. Yes, yes, whatever it is, now that your mouth Connie Boone, and Kara. Now have your heart denies it.

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You turn away from it, your heart becomes strong. But there is another heart who succeed

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or succeed even so the person may turn away right with his eye with his eyes or with his ears. But yet in his heart, man, this is sweet. Yeah. So his heart sucked. His heart will never see this evil in you. It begins his negative effect, negative effect, it will corrupt you. And he only gets worse it will get worse and worse. And that is what what happened. And this is why the environment where you live, you cannot if you cannot speak if you cannot use your hand, then you have to use your heart. You have to deny this with your heart. But with the denial of the heart You have to separate I'm going to tell you a very practical story

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was Allahu Manuel Correa Tila t Corona taubira. A Dr. Joe Neff is 78 and omeo masabi team Shara. omala spittoon ella tiene cada de Cana bloom Bhima Kenya sukoon very interesting story.

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Children of Israel,

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a village a town that lives by the Mediterranean Sea.

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They said we want a day that we devoted to you this version sort of an era we devoted to you we do not decide if it's called the story of the Sabbath breaker. Okay. Oh, right. Right. They are fishermen. People who fish

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now they said we want a Saturday on the Saturday, we're not going to do anything but worship You

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know, work, Zoo work. Now they are fishermen. They go throughout the week, Sunday, all the way till Friday, new fish.

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They go down through the nets, nothing, nothing.

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Look at the test now. On Saturday, the fish will come they could actually see the tip of

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a lot of fish that a lot of fish that day. You know when you're a fisherman

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I get excited to see, you know, and this is how the test you know, this is how you get tested. Right? You want to devote it to me here and now I'm gonna test you. You're gonna have some glimmers right there. What are you going to do? Look at this now.

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The town divided into three parts, three categories, very similar to what we're going to talk about layer three.

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Conditions right now, the types of muslera types of excellent analogy number one, some people who tricked Allah subhanaw taala. What did they do? They decided on Friday night, they are going to dig some sort of nets, artificial streams, right? Where this, the fish will go down and never be able to go up. And it will go into a net or into, you know, a trench

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or a pool some trickery. Right? And they are not going to finish it on Saturday. Right? Right. yet they're gonna finish it when on Sunday, right? But technically they are doing the fishing happened on Saturday. Right, right. And and so Pamela Malik, look at the punishment of those people. And I'm going to talk about this in a minute. But some of them did this.

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And, you know, the rest of the people are not having any fish, zero fish. So they started, you know, grilling that fish and coconut. So people started smelling fish, something wrong. So they went to them what happened, and they said to told them what we did, you know, we we decided to do this, basically they tricked the last panel down. So the other groups that have, right, you are violating the Sabbath, you are our Sabbath breakers, and Allah will bring punishment upon us, you better stop, you better stop and keep talking to them about whenever they see them, you better stop, you better stop, you better stop. There is the third group that stayed in the middle limitado nakoma.

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Allah will destroy them. It's not your business, just leave them

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in the middle. It's not personal freedom. It's you know, let them do their thing, and, and so forth. So now, the people who enjoin good and forbid evil, they said, You know what, this is not going to work. We see you committing this, our eyes will become familiar to it, our hearts will suck. Our hearts will never see what you're doing wrong. What is the solution? Let's build a wall.

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They built a wall, they separate it, right? That you see that that concept is so important, that if you enjoy and good, forbidding evil with the hand, then the tongue, then if you resort, if you retreat, if you go to the final resort, which is your heart, you must separate. So they place the world between them. So panela, one of these days, they went out and they noticed those people are not coming out. So they went to the top of the wall and they looked what happened, and they found them turned into chimpanzees.

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SubhanAllah. So I think this really shows the importance of severity of this topic. Well, it shows you also Subhanallah look at the children of Israel. They killed the messengers and prophets.

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They distorted the book, they changed it. They did all kinds of things. They were so rebellious. But olanzapine on the island never punished them in a way that He punished them on this one. You know why? You know why? Mainly because they thought that they can trick Allah. They did this by the way, thinking that Allah doesn't know that right? They could fool him, they can fool him.

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And that kills you. May Allah comme la jolla, Allahu Akbar, some dignifying and honoring of Allah. Allah knows everything Allah knows what you're thinking about before you think about it. Allah knows the Steelers have an eye. Now you think Allah is not going to know this, give me a break. For the important thing as we go back to the subject here which is so important, why they believe in Allah, in spite of it being the most important thing that all of us must attain, was delayed and preceded with enjoying and good and forbidding evil, because in joining God and forbidding evil behave the road or pre behave the right environment for that believe in Allah. Okay. Because if you live in an

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environment and that is why Malik if you cannot practice your religion, if you cannot show that you're a Muslim, if you cannot maintain your Eman, if you cannot pray in a place you're supposed to leave. You're supposed to go somewhere else, Hendra, you're supposed to do it. But as long as you're able to, as long as you're able to practice your deed, as long as as long as then you stay where you are, and enjoin good and forbid evil. But this is the reason why, because your hearts will become familiar with the evil with the shark with all these type of things. And I want the viewers and I know I'm addressing a lot of viewers living in the West. When we say that you cannot attend a

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janazah or fiduciary, you cannot attend a janazah that is the wisdom behind it. Because if you go to these places and you find people doing this, you cannot go to places where music is played, where mixing is played, your eyes will get used to it. You're not

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Good to see it wrong anymore. And when your eyes becomes used to it, it goes to your heart. Your heart becomes used to it, then it's over. So there's a wisdom seek to be so to protect your Eman and you're not just to be super strict as some people in the West as well they have this feeling all the shake is so strict Islam no strict no really there's a wisdom behind this absolutely, absolutely, is to guard your religion because you're gonna go into that place. Let's let's say that a funeral, for example. People are gonna say in the name of this and the name of the Father and the name of the Holy Ghost and all that stuff. And it's a funeral, are you going to stand and say, Well, this is

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shirt, you cannot do this, this is bad, you cannot do this, you can then we say that fujitani will reach seminal alpha, which can you call a zoo? Now? Because your compliance is in effect, in fact, makes you part of it, doesn't it? Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. Okay. And that is why that is why we stress the three conditions. That's the most important thing in this episode. The three conditions, the most important one was delayed, because those to prepare the booth for you prepare the environment. And that is why in your home, if you have any distractions in the obstacles between you and believe in Allah, you must enjoin good and forbid evil, you must change it, you must try to

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change it. But now how you go about it. This is what the show is about. And we're going to shed more light in this inshallah. So we can say this kind of cultivates the soil and prepares the soil for the seeds that grow into a man shake. Can you give some insight to the viewers where we're going in the next episode? The next episode, we want to talk about the ruling. Okay. Is it optional? Do you have a choice? When you see something wrong? Do you have a choice? Or do you have to change it? Okay, what is the ruling regarding enjoining? Good and forbidding evil, what is enjoining? Good and forbidding evil, who dictates what's good who declared evil? Okay, we're gonna go into some

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technical things. And what do you mean the ruling? You know, the the ruling is when we talk about the ruling? Is it mandatory? Is it recommended? Is it permissible? Is it disliked? Is it haram? We will define those for the viewers I think we really we really want to take them Mallika step by step to understand first these are like the fundamentals for them to get what we want to take them to but something about the series. If you miss one on one episode, you have to find a way to watch it because if you miss one episode, you really lose the chain of thoughts of the host of viruses and I think this next episode seems a bit controversial. It's going to be a heavy episode shaping a lot of

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proofs and evidences. I hope we got for it. I'm sure you are. Thank you for your time as always, even cream Abizaid, and you guys at home you've heard the shake you don't want to miss one episode of this his new and exciting series nation of goodness. So until next time, we leave you in the care of Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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carry on

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Miu Miu Miu

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