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If you do talk about the Palestinian people and their rights and the plight of the Palestinians, then you are connected to Hamas. Then all sudden you're connected to this terrorist organization and it doesn't matter about those people. Yeah. The narrative is supportive Israel equals you're on the right side. Yeah. Yeah. That regardless of how their policies impact individual human beings, through no fault of their own, just happened to be born Palestinian, and been stuck in this apartheid state. This is the day job.

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was ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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are you doing

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hamdulillah personally blessed but but obviously aching for the old man that tremendous injustice that we're witnessing, that unfortunately is funded and supported by our tax dollars and enabled by our politicians. So really, really, to be honest, enraged, you know, I think enraged is the right word, personally bless. But we have to use our blessings, to demand an end to the horrific injustice and crimes against humanity, that our country the United States, is funding and enabling Will you say money now some people don't understand how much how much exactly are the American taxpayers putting out yearly for this billions of dollars a year, billions and billions of dollars a year,

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it's a ridiculous amount that could be better spent here at home. Instead, it's it's given to Israel to purchase weapons of death, that are used against unarmed civilians that are maiming children that are making children orphans, that are cutting women and babies into pieces. defenseless, harmless woman and children are being killed in the 1000s with our tax dollars. And meanwhile, those the money we're giving them is actually being paid right back to the United States, merchants of death to corporations, that profit billions of dollars from selling these weapons without a care in the world. And this is what people have to wake up to. The powers that be. They don't care about you or

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me. They don't care about Jews or Christians or Muslims. What they care about is power, wealth, money, land. So the people in Israel I mean, it's no doubt about it. You can see the quotes and I'll send you the quotes, maybe we can put them up on the screen of Israeli leadership, talking about eradicating the Palestinians wiping out Gaza. This isn't new as a result of the attacks. This conflict did not start two weeks ago, they had long term plans of driving the Palestinians out. And the reason they have to is that's the only way their so called Jewish state can remain a Jewish state and have any semblance of democracy because essentially, the land in Palestine, or Israel,

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whatever you want to call it, especially if you include the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza. The majority of the inhabitants have lived there for generations, for over 1000 years, and they are Palestinians to former American vessels carrying nearly 4000 Jewish refugees arrive at the port of Haifa, Palestine. Jam like cattle on the rustic craft, the fugitives end their bleak voyage which began at a Black Sea port. And we went from Italy to Palestine. It was not Israel yet it was Palestine. What How did you get you went by boat by boat when he went to Israel? When is it over? Is not Israel yet? Do they outnumber the colonizing

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European immigrants that came over the last 75 years, the colonizing European immigrants that came over the last 75 years years that identify as us and as Israelis As Zionists, they're a minority, but they want to control the land, and how can you as a minority control the land, and still call yourself a democracy unless you basically make the other second class citizens where their life is not as equal as yours where they don't have a vote vote where you can kill them with impunity. So the point you have to understand is by its design, Israel needs to get rid of the millions of Palestinians there and that is their open stated goal. And that is why they are terrorizing them.

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This is terrorism. America right now is the biggest funder of terrorism and that's why the hypocrisy just blows the mind because you have to you have ham s which is labeled as a designated terrorist organization, according the US government and then you have Israel. But if we define terrorism as intentional targeting of civilians,

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For killing of civilians to achieve a political goal? Well, Israel has done exponentially more terrorism. They've killed exponentially more children. They've killed exponentially more civilians than Hamas or any other Palestinian group for that matter. So yet one is a designated terrorist organization. And another is funded by us. That's insane. So the Israeli leadership, their goal is very clear, they've been wanting to drive the Palestinians out, because Israel cannot remain both a true democracy and a Jewish state. Because it becomes a true democracy. Most of the people that are not Jewish, they're going to remove all the laws that gives special unique rights and privileges to

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the to the Jewish population, their everybody will be treated equal, they'll cease to be a Jewish state. So they want to drive the Palestinians out to have control of the land, the merchants of death on the US side, they want to profit from the billions of dollars that they're getting in weapons sales. This is not a conflict, I want people to be very clear, because there's a lot of confusion out there. And it's unnecessary. This conflict is very simple. This is not a conflict between Muslims and Jews. And I stand by that very strongly. This is not a Muslim Jew thing. This is not a Muslim Jew conflict has nothing to do with that. What this is a conflict between, it's going

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to conflict This is atrocities committed by

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a nuclear powerful, colonizing superpower, the haves, those with the power, those with the money, those are the resources, which they don't even have independently, they're subsidized by us Americans. But it's it's atrocities by that the group which is in power, and the people that they are subjugating, they're occupying, they're torturing, they're killing. And in fact, there's many Jews, God bless them that stand with us many. against Israeli injustice, you'll find

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throngs of Jew, Jewish people standing with us in protest condemning the atrocities Israel's committing, saying not in my name. You don't find masses of Muslims protesting in support of Israel, because Israel is not the oppressed. It is not the occupied is the oppressor, it is the occupier. So you have many Jews, God person standing with us. And as for the victims of this conflict, you have both Muslims and Christians together, that are getting slaughtered and treated as second class citizens. Israel doesn't care if you're Muslim, or Christian, if you're Palestinian,

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they want you out. And that is why we've noticed over the last couple weeks, how many churches one of the oldest churches in the world bombed

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how many hospitals,

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you know, Christians killed as well. So there's a conflict between those who have power, the extremist Israeli Zionist funded by the US, and those who do not have power that are colonized, be the Muslim, a Christian. With many Jewish allies standing in solidarity with them, we're listening to Joe Rogan. And now he's getting to see he's kind of changed over the years. He's changed his position. And Joe Rogan's also he got to see many of these IDF soldiers, they're even there's even IDF soldiers who are coming out, I think it's a group called Breaking the Silence. Have you heard of them? My special forces infantry unit went to the border, we approach towards Palestinians, they can

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just be controlled. We can just keep them indefinitely under military occupation, deny them rights, deny them freedoms, the same ones that we cherish, for ourselves. They don't have and it's not about security, it's about ideology, were ideological ideologically committed to controlling the entire land of Israel exclusively for the Jewish people. So this is something that really powerful when you see them coming out these IDF soldiers and their because their conscious is eaten away at them. You've seen some of them say I can't sleep at night. Do you see somebody's given testimony I

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just the

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whole, the whole because

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I have I have haunting images coming to me nightmares of the atrocities that they're doing. So what was your take out some of the things that Joe Rogan was saying? No, I mean, it's incredible and more people need to hear this. You know, it's interesting, because when you talk about

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engaging with those who have served in the IDF,

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there's really two groups. But they both say the same thing.

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Any of them will acknowledge that they either currently or in history

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had no care for the lives of Palestinians, that Israel sent

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Since inception to this day, has slaughtered countless civilians. There's a great documentary highly recommend called Ventura, where you have these 10 Tour, where you have these guys in their 70s in their 80s, or even older, speaking about when they were driving the Arabs out, and how they wiped out entire villages just massacred them. The difference is the people of morality that are speaking out, they condemn it. They're ashamed of what they've done. And they are condemning Israel for its war crimes against the Palestinian people. Meanwhile, on this tour documentary, these guys are actually celebrating it. They're laughing about how they massacred women and children to create

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Israel, the Israeli soldiers who were establishing Israel to begin with and people tried to say this is complicated. It's not complicated and it isn't an old conflict. Muslims and Jews have lived peacefully in Jerusalem in Palestine for hundreds and hundreds of years under Islamic rule Yeah, yeah. How do you go off on that because that's another thing and attack that the Muslims there they just want to wipe out absolutely all the all of the Jews but it's a good one. Let's talk about that more. But before it before this whole thing designers came, they were living in peace and they went when salida and conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders who slaughtered women, children, the

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Crusaders, the Christian crusaders bragged about having blood to their knees in the blood of innocent Muslims when they conquered Jerusalem. Once the Latin conquered it back. First of all, he allowed the Crusaders to go back in peace. He didn't exact revenge. That is what Islam teaches. And then he welcomed like 70 Jewish tribes and families to move in and live. And they've lived peacefully and we've continued to live peacefully, the people of Palestine and Gaza. They don't hate Israelis because they're Jewish. They hate Israel because Israel keeps bombing the light daylights out of literally massacring them killing them. Israeli soldiers can kill Palestinian children with

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no repercussion. I represented talkable there. This was all over the national media, international media. He was 15 years old at the time, they beat him to a pulp his face was purple and blue swollen, they beat him on camera. None of them were held accountable. That's the norm. He got off easy. Thank God, they didn't kill him. His cousin was killed, stabbed and burned alive by Israeli settlers. There was no accountability for it. So they don't hate because they're Jewish is not again, a conflict Muslims and Jews. It's just a people that are oppressed and occupied. They just want liberty as the American saying says, Give me liberty or give me death. Here's the important

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point. At that event. One of the leaders of Israel, he himself acknowledged. He said Jews were treated justly twice in all of history. They faced just treatment in the United States. And they faced just treatment under Muslim rule. That's a whole different discussion, not just on a Sunday history, how the Jews they fled persecution to Muslim lands, their golden age in Spain. Absolutely. The Inquisition is a great example that what you just gave the position when the Ottoman sent ships to save the Muslims who again, the extremists Christians were butchering Muslims in Spain, and they were butchering Jews.

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And when the Ottomans sent ships to save the Muslims, and we're proud of this, the first people that they let on the ship were Jews. They said, Why are you doing this? They said they are our citizens as well, we will protect them. That's what sums up how we have one God. You cannot honor the god. You cannot honor God if you dishonor His creation, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said, I will be the advocate of the Judeo Christian living under Muslim rule that is oppressed by the Muslims. So this is a farce. This is just something that's so so far away from fact, it's intentional. It's propaganda. So what they're trying to do is paint Palestinian resistance

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movements. And just pink the Palestinian causes, oh, these Arabs, these Muslims, they just don't like Jews, and they want to kill them because they're Jews, and they want to get rid of them. No, nothing could be further from the truth. They coexisted and had been. But the issue is now the the palace ins have been occupied and repressed by Israel. So the Muslims would like to live together in peace. Absolutely. No problem with that. Absolutely. Now, you see this flaunted like this is the only democracy. But then you have How do you have people who were exiled from there? What was it in 1940? How many 750,000? The first Nakba. And then how many people how many of us know right to

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return to their homeland? Yeah, so they can't so someone who's never visited, he has the right of return. Right. So under under the American under the only democracy How does that work? So right now, anyone who's Jewish in the world has the right to go to Israel birthright birth, and they will pay and fly him out and go on this tour of Israel fully paid for that you have people who are driven from their homes and

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Palestine, Palestinians who have lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years, uninterrupted who still have the title to their homes, but they're not able to return, even those that are living there. If you know family members are in West Bank and Gaza and Jerusalem if they can't even visit each other, and if they do, they're treated like second class citizens, they have to get special permits. They they line up through cages, Palestinians are treated like second class citizens. And you can go down the list of all of the in

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humane one to thing but then the rights that one person gets, and you can't I mean, that's why that's why people like the person who was

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Jimmy Carter was there he called an apartheid state. That's it. You had Nelson Mandela called an apartheid, he said his worse it was worse than what the African Americans were going through. So you have one set of law for the Zionist there, design as juice and then you have another set of inhumane rights for you have streets like you'd have streets, literally different streets, even a different road road, is actually to maintain an apartheid system. Very, very early on, I understood that the rights that the Jewish settlers have another rights that the Palestinians have understood that I cannot touch a Jew settler. If he is attacking a Palestinian, the best I can do is call a local

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police department to come handle it, like I would do at home in Jerusalem. So this Jewish settlers that live in Shavon, are living under the same rights that I live in, in Jerusalem. But the Palestinian next to them next house over next building over sometimes next apartment over live is under my rule, my military rule, and I can do whatever I want with him, I can take his home as a temporary base for a few hours to a few days to a few weeks, I can decide that I'm arresting the people of the house and tying them up to the fence of my base.

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If you will get an order to demolish their home or just lock their front door and don't let him out into the street their houses on a street that only Jewish settlers can walk on. And Palestinian cannot. So they have to walk through windows two yards into the other side into the cusp of a bone. I think realizing all of that, in a very, very early stage in my service

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helped me understood that someone was lying to me along the way. I don't feel like I'm protecting anyone. I didn't feel like I'm helping anyone feeling more safe. I feel like I'm terrorizing people. I have excellent rights. I have health there are cities in Israel being built for Jews only. And also in the West Bank settlements being built for Israeli Jews only. While Palestinians are hemmed in, unable to build cities and their homes are being demolished for lack of permits that are almost impossible to get. The Israeli authorities are engaging in forcible transfer, where they remove Palestinian communities in the West Bank to make room for settlements. All of these are part of the

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root causes of the violence. There's terrible abuses going on. You just have to listen to what people on the ground are telling you and adjust accordingly. The Muslim, the Palestinian is about even the Christian Christian Palestine, they can't go down these streets, these roads, ones that are right, have died, literally trying to get to a hospital, but they can't get to it because they have to take these roads that are filled with checkpoints where the soldiers can arbitrarily deny you access to the hospital. So many unarmed civilians have been killed at these checkpoints. It's horrific. And that the idea of that that's what he taught they can go ahead and harass without any

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kind of consequences correct they can kill seasonal sees a home no problem and that it's an apartheid system. And that's the point when people try to say it's complicated. It's not unless you're an idiot, really it's not complex, just take yourself you know, the thought the Hannity's or some of your people, you know, put yourself in this position we asked like and live like they're living trying to live in a see how far you would or how you'd be like, Man, these palaces are very patient people, right? 75, how many years the patient, the situation is very simple. Israel again, was established through ethnic cleansing. The Israeli soldiers that established Israel acknowledged

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going to our village after village and either driving the people out at gunpoint, or just straight up killing them, and their woman and their children. All right, after was established, the Palestinians still remained the majority. So therefore, is jheel established an apartheid system whereby the Palestinians are treated like second class citizens,

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worse than just second class citizens that are treated as subhuman and they're painted as subhuman by Israeli leadership. And you look at the polls and the data,

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a vast majority of even people within Israel against

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Don't believe Arabs are as intelligent don't believe that they're entitled to equal rights and they're not given equal rights. And they are continuously arrested without just cause in prison for years, homes taken away, killed in cold blood. I mean, you look at the West Bank, West Bank has no hummus. Alright, and yet, and they leave, they have peace agreements with Israel. And despite those agreements, Israel continues to illegally build settlements within the West Bank and occupy land there and continuously kill children over the last week. 20 Palestinian children in the West Bank have been killed by Israel. This is horrific. These are war crimes. It's not complicated. Let's stop

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justifying and enabling aggression. You've heard of Norman Finkelstein? Yes, excellent. Yeah, he's Jewish, his family, Holocaust survivors. And when you listen to someone like that somebody who's invested 40 years, I believe of his life into this. And he was making an example with, with what was just happening. And he gave kind of something that's not 100%, the same. But he gave an example here, how in America, we're holding certain people from history, that at one time when you had the revolt of Nat Turner, the rebellion, the slave rebellion, and then you had the people like William Lloyd Garrison, and others who are trying to free the slaves, and all the oppression that the slaves

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were going through over and over and over and then William Lloyd Garrison and the like, they kept warning, they kept warning and kept boring, and you know, what you're doing to these people, it's wrong, it's wrong, you know, it's gonna come up. And then they had to say, slave revolt and Norman Finkelstein, he, he ends up using this and showing how now people like William Lloyd Garrison, me statues of him how they're praised in American history. Now, I mean, what else do you expect, and actually, my friends who are very much in pro Israeli circles have even acknowledged this that are that are in the political space. Once we engage with them, they acknowledge, essentially what we saw

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happening out of Gaza was no different than a slave revolt. If you take people you imprison them, the people of Gaza, by Israel's own leadership are living in an open air prison. The same as if you're born in Gaza, you're born dead sea people. This is another point very important for the layperson, average American or ever. They don't have no idea. So they want to just leave, they're trapped, and they're literally trapped. They can't they can't build they can go fishing a certain amount from the sea. They that's the wrong question. I hate Well, why don't you just leave? It's like, why why doesn't is you're just stop killing them. How about that? That's the right. Why

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doesn't the person in jail get out of the jail exactly can't leave the jigs are actually trapped. Exactly. So they're in an open air prison. Israel actually counts the calories. It only takes about in the country for people to barely survive. 97% of the people of Gaza don't have access to clean drinking water. Israel controls the utilities, the water if they have their own aquifer systems, but as your blows them up and doesn't allow them to get the material to rebuild. So they're starved. They're deprived of clean water. They're not given the ability to get out or travel or get a passport, they're treated as sub human. You take people and you lock them up, and you deprive them

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of their basic rights and liberties and their ability to survive. That's all they want for so long. And eventually you're going to have a slave rebellion. So for people to act shocked, I think is very disingenuous. The other interesting thing, Eddie, is that these, you know, after the attack, a lot of these Israelis have been saying, well, let's wipe Gaza off the face of the earth. Let's just eliminate the people of Gaza. Let's bomb them back to the Stone Age. And it's like, okay, so because of one attack that you face, now, you're justifying horrific war crimes. Well, what about the fact that the Palestinians have been facing such horrific attacks for the last 75 years, you don't think

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they're gonna want to respond with a with a level of violence? Look, we all want peace, but you're a liar or a hypocrite. If you think peace can be achieved with the status quo. The status quo lacks justice. It treats Palestinians as second class citizens. Their life is not sacred. In fact, Israel continuously has killed 1000s. The data shows that for every one Israeli killed 20 Palestinians have been killed. Israel kills far more civilians, you cannot have peace, absent justice. So we need to adjust peace we need to change the status quo. It's interesting. You'll see when anybody who's sincere looks into this.

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Then they start to see like what's apparent. It's not something that's in a gray area that's, you know, confusing, it's pretty straightforward. Just put yourself in that situation. And let's see if you can have someone count your calories for you. Give you a certain amount of water, dirty water and control it

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Your airspace, your fishing space, like it's pretty much they control everything. But then you hear people like the Ben Shapiro's and others. They say, Well, they're not as the UN. And others call this illegal occupation. Someone like him he'll spa this. These lie saying that, well, Israel pulled out in 2005. They pulled out they have all these people. The only people who truly support Israel right now here, either have sold their souls have been bought and paid for, or genuinely are evil within their heart, they genuinely see the Palestinians as second class citizens, and they don't value their human life. You know, the biggest hypocrisy that irritates me is when I hear from

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American politicians saying, Israel has a right to defend itself. Cut the BS out.

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You're not defending yourself on your bombing, carpet bombing civilian population, you're not defending yourself on in one day, you're killing 500 children. And maybe you would have gotten away with this 1020 years ago before social media really became prevalent. But now, when you go on screen, and see Israel has a right to defend itself. But the world is witnessing Israel slaughtering 1000s of children pushing buttons on jets and blowing up entire residential buildings. One of my friends in Boca, he messaged me, he said, our family building was bombed 42 of our family members were killed by Israel in one night.

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So when people say Israel has a right to defend itself, what we see it's not defending itself. It's literally carpet bombing and killing 1000s of civilians. These politicians look bought and paid for or hypocritical. They look like idiots. They look like liars. And I think the world is going to have enough of this. Norman Finkelstein, again, an expert academic Jew, like I said earlier, he's somebody who's dedicated 40 years when he was asked this question, he was

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interviewed, and about the human shields, you hear this a lot. And what he said, he said, Look, this is according to Professor Norman Finkelstein, he said, Look, we're not going to go ahead and look to people who have an interest idea for the other group here, they have an interest, so we're not going to go ahead and take any thing from them. But let's look at

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others who don't. And then he quotes the

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agencies, the Human Rights agencies in Israel. He says, let's see what they're reporting.

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He starts with that, then he starts with other human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, he points to the relating to this question that comes up often is a talking point over and over and over, along with the one you said about defending yourself. IDs, reservists who organized and have the group breaking the site, let's see what they say the reports with them. They say along with the UN investigate investigative body and then go check Norman Finkelstein on this. He says there's no evidence to this human shield, but opposite. It's the Palestinians that are being used as human shield by the idea of mind blowing, you will never find

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any documentation of so he listed he listed the organization he read through all the report or the OPC. People don't read the reports. They don't go, they don't they look at you know, they're listening to the mainstream media, again, that has its agenda that cannot be trusted. But I think with the advent of social media, the narrative is breaking because basically what you do have is these international human rights organizations that have done the documentation, and then you have people on the ground, documenting it themselves. And then from social media, we can witness it. So you will you won't find any videos of Palestinian resistance, you know, forcing their fellow

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countrymen whose support they enjoy. They have the support of the people, the people support the Resistance movements, because they're tired of being blown up by Israel. They're tired of being treated like second class citizens. They saw what happened in the West Bank didn't work. They saw that when the West Bank lay down their weapons as you'll continue to colonize, continued to kill continue to system of apartheid. People will not put up with oppression they will resist and it is their God given right. Now, that never means you intentionally target children and innocent civilians. But the reality is there was a lot of propaganda put out to misrepresent what was

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happening to misrepresent what happened in order to dehumanize the Palestinians to justify the disproportionate unjust response. But ultimately, the reality is when you look at the data, you will not find

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Palestinian resistance fighters using their fellow countrymen as human shields. You will find much footage of Israeli soldiers like cowards hiding behind children with the weapons using children's as human shields. They're the biggest liars and the biggest hypocrites and social media I think is going to help us change the narrative

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and debunk this. The other thing that I want to get at is the atrocities Israel is doing with US tax dollars is so horrific, so mind boggling ly wrong, immoral, dare I say pure evil,

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that they cannot handle a free and open fair conversation about it. So they always want to get on the offensive. And they want to

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point to Hamas. And it make the conversation about condemning Hamas, I'm sick and tired of that, because here's the reality. There is no moral obligation on us as Americans to condemn Hamas, because guess what our government already has, our governments labeled them a terrorist organization. So if everyone were to march in the street tomorrow condemning him, so it will not change a thing, they don't have our support, they do not have America's financial or legal support. So our opinion on them is irrelevant. We're not supporting them. When you don't support something, you have no obligation to condemn it. There's many crimes that happen all over the world. We don't

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have to sit and condemn every one because it has nothing to do with us. However, we do fund Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people, the 2000 children that have been killed in Gaza over the last two weeks, we as Americans have their blood on our hands.

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And because of that, we do have a moral obligation to condemn Israel, because we fund them. So the conversation should never be about a mess. It always must be about the group that we are funding in enabling, we must condemn their actions, we must stop sending billions of tax dollars so desperately needed to save the lives of children at home. We should not be sending it to kill children abroad. And then this plan will not work for Israel. What do you think? What do they think they're accomplishing? They can either completely wipe out the Palestinians and commit a mass holocaust? Or if they don't, what's going to happen is every single child who saw his sister who saw her brother,

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who saw their parents blown up in pieces before their very eyes, they will rightfully want to have armed resistance against Israel. They're creating a new generation of soldiers to fight them. What do you think now you see, and this was surprising, because from a lot of the conservative side, people who you are thinking now we're aligning more with Muslim values, especially with the whole alphabet movement, looking to work together, and really going up against the woke culture of cancellation and whatnot, and freedom of speech. And now they're actually doing what they've been complaining of that's happening to them. And now with the protests, and most Muslims, like myself,

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and others really don't follow much of the different groups that are there. Don't even most probably didn't even know who Hamas is a hummus, who hummus, like have no idea right? But now they're trying to lump everybody in like the supporting the certain groups, shifting the conversation, and now even trying to ban these protests and, and whatnot. So they're attacking the freedom of speech, because most people who are going to the protests, they're just worried about the kids. They're innocent people who are dying, the people that are protesting in support of Palestine are simply protesting for the right of palace. They're not. They're not protesting for how much they just want. Here's the

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crazy thing, but that but you see this, I understand. Yeah, I understand. Look, again, the people protesting for Palestine are simply protesting for the right of Palestine, for freedom for freedom for religious people, right to live for supporting Israel. They're protesting. They're supporting Israel's so called right to blow up children. One side is protesting for life. The other is protesting for the right to murder. Palestinian pro Palestinian protesters are protesting for the right of Palestinians to live free of bombing and free of apartheid. And the pro Israeli supporters are protesting for Israel's ability to bomb and kill civilians. You see, you've always seen a spin

00:34:07 --> 00:34:22

put on this when you had the right of return March was it? This was a few years ago, I believe. And you had people in wheelchairs, you had people No, they were just there by the border. Just protesting. You have journalists and

00:34:23 --> 00:34:27

elderly young old they were there. They were there just

00:34:28 --> 00:34:59

trying to do anything they can to try to create some awareness and whatnot. And I believe it was like hundreds hundreds was shot. Hundreds were killed. You know about this product to the market return. There was no weapons there was no armed resistance but they they again spun it around. They always spin it's they're very I mean, because they're spending let's be clear, Israel propaganda machine is literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars on propaganda from talking points to lobbying to media engagement, a lot of the pro Israeli policy

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Uh, whether they're politicians or media personalities are bought and paid for are funded. See everything I'm doing pro Palestine and pro human rights Alhamdulillah I'm not getting $1 For I'm actually sacrificing work at my law firm to do this. And my law firm right now at Muslim legal, Muslim We've established two programs to support human rights for the Palestinians. The first is Palestine We are documenting the incidents of people advocating for human rights for Palestinians having their social media pages shut down by the big social media platforms, and we're pushing to get them reinstated, and to challenge those censorship policies. Number two is

00:35:41 --> 00:36:03

we are offering free legal representation to anyone who faces unjust criminal charges because they are protesting or engaging in civil disobedience. We are not getting paid to do what we do. We do it because we believe in it. The Ben Shapiro's, even the Biden's that are speaking out in support of Israel, it's because of the financial benefit.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:14

Or really the dogmatic extremism that they have. They're bought and paid for they sold their souls. I want to I want to go into one

00:36:15 --> 00:36:56

idea or verse from the verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Quran, it really strikes home for me here. And this is in the second chapter of the Quran where God Almighty Allah is saying in the meaning, which is and one of his said to them make not mischief on the earth. They say we are peacemakers. You know, we're the ones making peace. Rarely, they are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive it not. What do you think when you hear this if it was one of the first I posted? Look, right now I'm going to tell you, whether you're Muslim or not. If you want peace, to get through the traumatizing aspect of witnessing imagine this we are traumatized and we're not thinking just

00:36:56 --> 00:37:26

witnessing on our phones. The horrific atrocities happening to Israel when I'm home with my child and and I see my two year old daughter come and yell daddy, daddy and come and hug me. My heart aches because I remember all the children that I saw Palestinians that had been killed in cold blood with our tax dollars. All the Fathers will never be able to hug their children again, all the children will never be able to hug their parents again. We're getting traumatized, just witnessing, imagine the trauma they're getting facing it.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:03

And, and I think, to cope with this to find strength, we need to return to the Quran. So I encourage everyone Muslim and non Muslim, read the Quran read the translation of the Quran, ponder it has answers to all of this. This was one of the first verses and if they are told do not cause corruption on earth. They say we are peacemakers. No, they are indeed the corrupters. And we see this they go on TV saying Israel has a right to defend itself. So when you imagine that you said somebody's getting attacked, okay, and they're just defending themselves. Israel is not defending itself. Israel is literally killing 1000s of civilians and even this whole thing about evacuation.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:13

They allegedly dropped leaflets saying okay, evacuate North Gaza. Well, first of all, Israel bombed the very evacuation routes it told people to take, it was a death trap.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:14


00:38:16 --> 00:38:39

evacuation is not a nice humanitarian thing. Evacuation is the definition of ethnic cleansing. They're basically saying we want to take over this area. So get out. Because if you stay, we're going to kill you. That's a crime. That's not humanity. That's illegal. It's immoral, it's evil. So they go and they say we're but peacemakers, but they're the ones that are killing and watch how much there is footage of Israelis and whether it's your average

00:38:40 --> 00:39:28

citizen, or their government leadership that is openly advocating for exterminating the Arabs. It's horrific. If you look at this term, anti semitic. Let's get into that for a moment. I'll show a clip here, you actually have someone who's an Israeli people hear a call to anti semitic What is your response to that as an Israeli, it's a trick we always use it. When from Europe, somebody's criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country, people are criticizing Israel, then there are anti semitic and the organization is strong and has a lot of money. And the the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong, and they're strong in

00:39:28 --> 00:40:00

this country. As you know. They have power, which it's okay that talented people and they have power, money and media and other things. And their attitude is well my country right or wrong, the identify section, and they are not ready to hear criticism, who actually admits that this is used just to it is used. Look, one one argument I don't care for much is when people say Oh, well, we're somatic too. So we can't be anti se

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

medic it's true we are Semitic to, but I'm not gonna waste my time debating that, regardless of the terms when it comes down to it, you know, are we being anti Jewish by condemning Israel? Absolutely not. And unfortunately, the Israeli propaganda machine is trying to say when you criticize Israel, it's because you don't like Jews. No, it has nothing to do. In fact, we stand in solidarity with countless honorable Jewish men and women that say not in my name, don't kill Palestinians. Do you make a distinction between Zionists? Of course, of course. So I absolutely distinguish between Zinus ISIS, that's what I call them, I don't call them Zionists, I call them Xena, ISIS. That's what they

00:40:38 --> 00:41:16

are. With all due respect, ISIS was this horrific group that wanted to kill everyone who did not share 100% of their dogma. And they caused a lot of corruption on this earth and they killed many civilians Zinus wanna take over this land, and get rid of all of those that don't share their religion. It's horrific. It's criminal. But we absolutely distinguish between Zionists and Jews, many of our Jewish brothers and sisters stand in solidarity with us. We're not hating Israel, because they're Jewish. We're hating them because they're committing horrific crimes against humanity. And the reality is, there's nothing wrong with the idea of having a Jewish state, but you

00:41:16 --> 00:41:51

cannot have a Jewish state. If the majority of the people who live in that land are not Jewish, and you're going to treat them differently, then I'm against that. I'm also against having a Muslim state where the majority the people that are living there are not Muslim, and you want to treat them as second class citizens. It's not right, you're seeing people come out of the closet, also some that might have not necessarily spoken out on some of the verses in the Bible. And now you'll see if you see some of the rabbis who are actually and if you contrast that with Islam, the rules of engagement, where the prophet Muhammad peace and listened to be upon him, he clearly stated that one

00:41:51 --> 00:41:51

cannot attack

00:41:52 --> 00:42:02

non combatants, women, children, elderly and all the rest. We'll put this up here very clear. I don't know if you've seen some of the rabbis. Yeah, I posted it put the clip up, Edie? I mean,

00:42:05 --> 00:42:20

anyone was merciful over vicious people, ultimately will become vicious towards merciful people. There is no permission from the Torah to have any mercy whatsoever

00:42:21 --> 00:42:22

during war,

00:42:23 --> 00:42:27

not on children, not on women, not on anybody.

00:42:29 --> 00:43:10

Why? Because if a person understands what is warring why you're fighting, you know, put it up on this on this video, literally, a Zionist Israeli extremists Rabbi saying, do not even have mercy on the children. And they're quoting their holy text again. I don't know. Imagine if the Muslim Imam was out there saying something like this, which we don't you can't find it in Islam, we wouldn't say it was nobody can say that. Because the text says don't kill women. And that's exactly what have mercy. And that's exactly what if they go towards peace, right? Go to peace. 100%. This is the Quran, right? And that's, that's, I mean, thank God, some hostages, some elderly woman, Israelis

00:43:10 --> 00:43:43

were released within the past 24 hours. And they went on the media, and they said, listen, our captors told us, don't worry, we follow the Quran, we will not harm you. That's what they were saying. That's literally what they were told. But that's opposite what we're getting from. Well, and that's why the media was so upset that like, shoot, this is breaking on air, because again, the narrative they want to do is paint Hamas as if it's like ISIS, and that they just hate the Israelis because they're Jewish, and they just want to kill all the Jews in the world. That's not what it's about Hamas formed. I think it was 3040 years after the establishment of Israel as a direct

00:43:43 --> 00:44:06

resistance to this subjugation of the Palestinian people by Israel. Ron Paul was saying this is a creation of Israel. Yeah. That's a theory that goes out. It's not one that I necessarily promote or advocate. Some say Israel funded them. Some say Israel created them to create dissent between there. But if you speak to the people, I've spoken to many people from Gaza on the ground, and they say, Listen,

00:44:07 --> 00:44:16

this is a resistance movement that has the support of the local population and an easy way out of cop out. And some of my friends really care for Palestinian children. They really do.

00:44:17 --> 00:44:59

And they're very staunch on the sort of conservative side. They're like, well, listen, this is between Hamas and Israel. And you know, just we just got to get rid of Hamas and protect the Palestinian people. What they're not understanding is the Palestinian people voted for Hamas years ago, because they were tired of the Israeli occupation. Hamas is a direct result of Israeli occupation until you straight up right now. In America, a fourth China came in and decided to take over our land to take over Florida, right to take over the United States to kill entire cities, right to drive Americans from their homes.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:28

And then to corner Americans to live in slums. You don't think we would create our own American hummus and its point wouldn't be to kill the Chinese because they're Chinese. It would be to fight back to call for freedom and justice. And I think the majority of the resistance will be legitimate resistance. But guess what, you better bet that they some of them would probably make mistakes. And that's horrific. But it would be nowhere near the atrocities in the crimes that

00:45:30 --> 00:46:07

China would have done by invading our land and imagine that China just keeps wanting to talk about our resistance movement. That's not what the conversation should be about. The resistance movement would not exist without something to resist. What are they resisting? It's not the presence of Jews, Jews have lived under Muslim rule coexisted peacefully for hundreds of years. What they're resisting is occupation. If you want to end the resistance, you must end the occupation. Why do you think it's so hard for we don't have a problem we say all life is precious life, rather the Jewish Israeli whoever all you know, Islam condemns, you know, killing of any innocent human beings, obviously,

00:46:07 --> 00:46:46

obviously, but then on the other side, you see them looking at the painting the picture as their animals right, Eddie, please put up the quote of what the top Israeli leadership had been saying about the Palestinians, painting them as animals subhuman, wonder flat and Gaza killed them. That's the crazy thing that it's it's, it's entrenched within them because they realize they cannot exist if the Palestinians are there, they cannot exist as a true democracy. They have to get rid of them. How do you get rid of people unless you really think that they're subhuman, that they're barbaric, that they're not worthy of life? But this is what Hitler actually another call them Nazis. But then

00:46:46 --> 00:47:29

this is what the Nazis did Hitler, they hit a special unit of people in the propaganda and then his media. And that is doing exactly what they're doing now to the end. That's what's ironic. They were calling them rats at that time. And that's what's ironic, ironic, so the one who was a press became the oppressor became the oppressor. This is just it's mind blowing. It's insane. And that's why you actually do have many Holocaust survivors or the children. They're all I mean, Norman Finkelstein is a great example of that. Miko, Pillard yes, many others who've said, listen, our parents, our grandparents went through the Holocaust. And now we're witnessing Israel doing a holocaust in Gaza.

00:47:29 --> 00:48:01

These are Jews now they're a Jewish, who are aligned with Palestinians. This is something that people should look at, like they're putting their neck on the line, let's just value human life equally. That's what we're calling for. Let's stop the bombing. And again, stopping the bombing is the first step. But you can't then just go back to the status quo, where you have people living in an open air prison calorie counting them, not allowing them open country, open concentration camps, denying them citizenship, denying them the right to vote. And that's why listen, I will challenge anyone to accept the solution, I will challenge your leadership. You're about a democracy, but they

00:48:01 --> 00:48:05

won't, because it's entrenched within their actual laws in their country, be a true democracy.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:43

Make it one person, one vote doesn't matter if they're Jewish, or Palestinian equal rights for all. That's what we're calling for. That's what we're calling for one person, one vote equal rights for all, regardless of your ethnicity, or your religion, if you live there. That's it. That's what we're calling for. And that's what they're against. How can you be against a system where everyone is equal under the law, you're on the wrong side of history, if you're against that, we're calling for equality and liberty. They're calling for death and apartheid, our intention here, I'm really, since you know, wanting to sincerely help people to see the hypocrisy here and to help stop, you know, be

00:48:43 --> 00:48:51

a small voice to try to create some awareness to help stop the murder. That's what we want children, right, the kids.

00:48:53 --> 00:49:38

You know, this is what's the innocent human beings and anybody with a heart, if it's alive, I mean, if you care, I mean, God Almighty, the creator is not going to support a group of people to be unjust to be unfair to be massacring innocent children. It doesn't make any sense. And here's my next question, as a couple more will come to an end. You say Zionist, we understand link back to some of these people that we're talking about, but then you have it's a strange relationship, really, the Christians who are also now supporting this, and they call themselves Christian Zionist. Yes, it's ironic. So you have a couple of issues with that. I think number one, is that they have

00:49:38 --> 00:50:00

turned their back on their christian palestinian brothers and sisters, you have videos of Palestinian Christians getting spit on by the occupying settler Israelis. You have one of the oldest churches in the world getting bombed by Israel. You have so many Palestinian Christians.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

has been killed and oppressed and treated as second class citizens by the Israelis. So they're being persecuted themselves. You know, it goes back to dogma. I think the ironic thing is they believe that there must be this Israeli state for the Messiah to return. And then what is he going to do? Ironically, he's going to fight the Jews himself. So they're setting up the Jews. So they want them to succeed so they can set them up. It's insane. It's bizarre. It's bizarre, I would say, let's take a step out of dogma. And that's why Islam is so beautiful. It's it's a pure faith of natural reason it is really isn't dogmatic. It's not that you have to really just believe something that doesn't

00:50:37 --> 00:51:17

make sense. That's irrational. What does Islam say? That Your heart should grieve? When you see a Jewish child or a Muslim child or a Christian child killed? We saw the world up in arms when there was the false rumor, atrocity propaganda. And this propaganda was used to dehumanize the Palestinians to justify the actual war crimes by Israel against them, where they claim 40 babies were beheaded never happened. Never happened. But you know what? 2000 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel. Many of them are babies that have been decapitated by American made and funded bombs. Where where's the outrage for that the world we will never forget. Forget the outrage at 40

00:51:17 --> 00:51:34

Fake babies and the silence at the 1000s of babies and children killed with our tax dollars. We must be ashamed and we will answer to God. Mark my words, the day will come. And God may ask each and every one of us. What did we do?

00:51:35 --> 00:52:17

And I do not know how the Biden's certainly not the needs and Yahoo's will stand before God. The Quran says Whoever kills an innocent soul doesn't classify religion, just any neffs any person, any soul. Whoever kills an innocent soul, it's as if they have killed all humanity and ever saves a life. It is as if they've saved all humanity. We are working to save lives. We do want an end to conflict. We want a just peace. We want peace. But we know there cannot be peace without justice. So we want justice for the Palestinians and peace because that's the only way to achieve peace. They're calling for more bloodshed and more violence they will have to answer to God. And Allah says in the

00:52:17 --> 00:52:22

Quran, do not think God is unaware of what the wrongdoers are doing.

00:52:24 --> 00:53:06

He's just delaying them to a day when their eyes will stare in horror. When all the violence all the evil they justified is played before them. And they will have to answer to God for that. As for those I mean my heart grieves for all the innocence killed, do not lose hope. God says do not be weary, do not lose hope we have tested previous nations until even he said in fact you think you'll enter paradise without being tested like the previous nations that were afflicted with trials and tribulations and were so shaken until the messenger and those around him said where's the help of God? Surely it is near and another verse he says that he allows you to go through such hardship that

00:53:06 --> 00:53:10

he may take from you martyrs, those women, those children, those innocent civilians,

00:53:11 --> 00:53:17

killed in cold blood while they're just huddled as a family, trying to survive the bombing of the night.

00:53:20 --> 00:54:05

Those are the martyrs that God is taking. They're enjoying paradise forever. But the damnation is on those who enabled their wrongful murder. That's a good we'll finish will conclude on that. Any person it seems like, if you avoid a God, use religion to kind of justify it now. That's one thing you know, then you fall in the devil. But if you're if you have any iota of faith or belief in God, this is totally unacceptable. 100% Any kind of moral code anything this is just totally if you're a truly religious, Muslim, Christian or Jew, you'd be against this violence and you'd be speaking out against it. May God make us sources of peace in this land and justice, not sources of corruption.

00:54:05 --> 00:54:08

Amen. Thank you, my brother of us and our

00:54:09 --> 00:54:46

brothers and sisters. We've all had loved ones that passed away. A mother father, brother, sister, a close family member born of the mercies of our deen is that with the right intention we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so the kajaria than investing on their behalf in the deeds center a masjid in Naga Dawa center that will benefit generations to come inshallah. So click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the

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Quran. Go and visit We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you

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Next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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