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Our world we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali was fbh mine, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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My beloved brothers Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala reward us for coming here today and bless us And forgive us for all our shortcomings and grant whatever he said is with the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala

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Alhamdulillah we continue with our series on the destructive the major sins in Islam, and hamdulillah as you all have known, you must know by now, if you attended the lectures of the past couple of weeks and we are going through a list of the major sins and we said that we don't have a definitive list what exactly the major sins are. So inshallah we'll mention those sins which Allah subhana wa Tada. And then we saw some had mentioned in the Quran and the Hadith as being definitely amongst the major sins, and why we talk about the sins is because Allah subhanho wa Taala even in the sin, his hope for us, was behind what Allah reminds us in the Quran. If you avoid the great

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sins, you avoid the big sense, which Allah has forbidden you to do. Allah We shall remit from you your mind essence and admit you into Jenna. So we are guaranteed stay away from these 10 2070 cents. They say there's no definitive list unfortunately, I will imagine the scholars inshallah will guide us towards this, but if we avoid these major sins with Allah subhanho wa Taala is prohibited from doing inshallah the minor things that we do daily that we can't avoid or we struggled to avoid and our shortcomings will all be forgiven inshallah agenda will be for us. So we as I mentioned, we don't have a list of all the major senses though Hadees or iron Quran, but we can put some ayat and

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a hadith together, and we've come up with a list of nine cents, which from the evidence is clearly amongst the major big sin sins that we need to specifically avoid. We have discussed five sins thus far over the past few weeks, and we are on topic five with regards to slander. And this sin is mentioned in the Hadith when the visa lottery was seldom speaks about. He says, Please stay away from the seven deadly or destructive sins. There are seven sins, which are the destroyers and the Sahaba asked what are those sins, and he also gave a list of them, including schicke, including Xena, including the practice of magic, which we'll talk including Riba and he ended off by saying,

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to accuse someone of adultery to accuse someone of Zina. We never even thought of anything that will tarnish the chastity and a good believers to slander someone is of a major, major sin specifically with regards to Xena to accuse someone of Xena. When they themselves had never ever done that. Then it is a major major sin. Xena is a major sin, but equally to accuse someone of Xena is a major sin in Islam. So with the school discussing slander last week and we continue with this topic.

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Last week we mentioned how severe the sin of slander is and how major it is in the sight of a lot to accuse someone of Zina, Allah subhanho wa Taala use powerful words when he describes those who accuse others of Zina, Allah Subhana Allah says and from this ayah we see that it is a major sin number one and a big distinction between minor and major sin minus sins get forgiven and we'll talk about forgiveness inshallah, at the end of the series, but minus sins get forgiven by coming to the masjid, making, making mistakes regularly, but the major sin you need to make a special kind of tober a major sin is severe. And we said there are amongst the six, not traditional Jamaat, that

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deemed a major sin as an act of Kufa, you're no longer a Muslim, so a severe issue defaulting to a major sin. Allah subhana wa tada speaks of those who slander and you mentioned that they are cursed in the dunya and the mountain specifically in an ayah Allah subhanaw taala says that they are cursed in the dunya and they are cursed in the curse, meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala is free of them and has no obligation to them to be merciful upon them. Another punishment for the one who slanders is that he's lashed at times in the dunya a specific punishment for the slander in the dunya at lashes. If he comes with three witnesses saying we also this man or woman committing Zina, but they don't

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come with four witnesses, then they are accused and charged of slander, and it'll be less at times. And it was never ever accepted testimony again. The man wants to be a witness. The man wants to say I saw the moon wants to be a witness in a case or Veronica Allah Subhana says don't accept the testimony unless they repent and have reformed themselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala also calls him in the Quran that they are the liars, you are labeled with a title in Allah's eyes, you are a liar, and in many implications of that. So like the scholars of Hadith, they won't accept the Hadith from you. They won't accept the Hadith, the chain of news

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Is this Friday this week, because it's a lie in that chain why Islam Did somebody, Allah subhanho wa Taala in from the Hadith, we know that nobody saw some ancient people being punished in the grave, specifically out of slander, and even less than slander, which we'll talk about today. On kiama. The slander, the one who spoke ill of others, was, as we mentioned, the bankrupt person who gives all of his good deeds away because of what he said to others. And he incurs the sins of those that he slammed the punishment in the dunya punishment in the grave punishment and kiama. And Allah mentioned in the Quran, and for him is a severe punishment. In Ghana. We don't know what that

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punishment is specifically, but Allah says it's severe. If Allah Subhana says it's severe, we are below what we inshallah will never, ever come to know that punishment. And we know why this is such a serious sin, because it destroys a person's reputation, his honor, and his name, it ruins his livelihood. It ruins his family life, his position, and it's something that can never ever be healed. The shadow of doubt, that shadow that that tarnish on his name will remain for how long a man he was accused of Xena, that man he did that that women did that for years. They live with that tarnish. We know many of us who went to school, someone made him made a sin slipped into something

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don't today, even if we are great, we still remember that is that person will be better than that. This is human nature. That is why you accuse someone of it. He didn't even do it. But for the rest of his life, he bears the burden of that accusation.

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And we said the worst form of slander is to accuse someone of committing Zina, but there are other forms of slander. And there are other forms of ill speech lesser than slander, but equally severe in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, which we will discuss today. And Important to note here, the Ola might have even gone to the extent where they say that simply calling a man by certain nickname or woman by certain nickname, oh, that girl, she's very loose. So she's very easy. That guy is a full support. And he's a bunny for example, right? What do you mean by that?

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If the allama have stipulated and cases have come throughout the history of Islam, that for these kind of jokes, or these kind of titles or nicknames, they are brought to court for slander. You're accusing a person of committing Zina, a person that has you've you've mentioned that he falls into Zina, so they investigate. And if you said I didn't mean it like that, but it comes out that that's what your your what was understood by your wording, the punishment of slander will be practiced on you. And that is in the dunya, where you have to be like almost behind all accounts you as a slander in the sight of Allah, may Allah protect us. We also mentioned last week, and this is unfortunately

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a sin that so many people fall into. And we know the big debates between certain Muslim groups. We don't go into that. But the slung of Sahaba we look now 1400 years in the past and we say this is a hobby you made a mistake v and this one said that and that one was wrong for doing this. We don't know. We want to know the facts number one. Number two, if you're going to mention you want to pass judgment on a Sahabi you weigh his sin, weigh the good deeds he did weigh the Battle of butter on the scale, weigh the story experienced in Makkah, weigh the companionship of Muhammad alone and sell them on a scale then pass judgment. Now these are some says with regard to Sahaba This is for all of

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us. If there's no need for you to ever speak ill of a Sahabi we said we don't speak ill of the dead even if he was a bad man. We don't speak ill of the dead, let alone Sahaba were mentioned in the Quran. Allah says Robbie Allah and whom are the ones less pleased with him? Allah subhanaw taala Salam reminds us please do not curse my companions do not curse my companions. I swear by Allah, that if you were to spend a mountains of over the weight of Mount Hood in charity, the weight of mountain offered in gold in charity, you know, we spend so much of charity, you don't even come to a hand spent even half of the quality of the Sahaba what they gave for Allah so I say if they made

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mistakes, they were human. It's not for us not befitting for us to speak ill of them. This is the Akita Allah sunova Gemma, we love them, we respect them, whatever happened between them of differences of agreement is between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us when we speak of Sahaba we make this to make this to our s for those who came after them. We say Our Lord, have mercy on our brothers who preceded us in belief and put not in our hearts heal any hatred towards those who believe Allah subhanaw taala that you have no hatred to those of the companions who came before you and the generations before you. I will Oh surely you are all gentle

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and all compassionate.

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So we talk in sha Allah we move on from the slander Of course, and someone calling in Xena but words that we take a small, mighty in the eyes of Allah, that might count as a major sin. Allah Subhana Allah. Allah subhana wa sallam says, a man may say a word that angers Allah you say somewhat something by

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simply make a joke, make a comment. You don't even remember what you said. But it is, it brings about a loss anger, not realizing how far that word will go. And because of that word, you will be thrown into jahannam that is so deep the distance between the heavens and the earth, one word, one word and interestingly in Islam, one word interview into Islam Allah Allah Allah Allah you enter into Islam one word, one statement, guarantees Jenna, one statement takes you out of Islam, one statement you say kaabil to you except in nikka. that marriage is binding for the rest of your life. One word Pollock and your marriage is is broken. In Islam words count heavily in the sight of Allah

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in the Sharia, which we take maybe too easily. Now me so Salaam, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions about those who make jokes with regards to the deen and this is something and I'm and I selected things which I feel are prevalent in our community where we speak things without thinking unintentionally, not intentionally, but we mentioned things and we take it as like a loss of antics. It's severe. It's so happened and asuna Toba mentions this, but a group from the monastics a group of the hypocrites were within Ibiza, Solomon jihad, and the hypocrisy they couldn't hide it. So they started making fun of the dean and making fun of the Sahaba. You know, sometimes maybe to give you

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an example, you find someone on a team maybe playing cricket or something, and you find that person, he has some attitude. And you can see he doesn't have the best interest of the team at hand. You always make comments about the captain make comments of how we are last team we are bad team, right? So these people will making these kind of comments about Sahaba about the Muslims, and one of them stood up and said this is haram what you're doing. I'm going to tell them to be so solemn before he reached in Ibiza Salaam, Allah Subhana revealed is concerning these people saying that they're hypocrites. And what they have done is not only a major sin, but it's an act of Kufa, they are no

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longer Muslims. No longer Muslims who are making jokes, and they came crying to not be so so when they heard the ayah Allah says and if you ask them, What will they say? They will surely say we were only conversing and playing making jokes here Rasulullah we're making fun. How can we be careful if we're making fun of lots of behind the scenes? Listen to the words, is it Allah and these are yet and these are assuming that you were making jokes about these things to make jokes about is Allah and His ayat and his Rasul. Make no excuse I don't accept your excuses you have made become Catholic. You have disbelieved. After you believe I have decreed that you are Catholic. These are

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the words of Allah subhanaw taala. When Allah subhana wa tada out of his mercy says, if we pardon one group of you inshallah, we will pardon one party of you, but the others the most severe of you will punish another faction because they were criminals, jokes cimatu muslimeen. Don't bring religion into it. Don't bring Quran into our jokes. Don't make Dini jokes, rather make jokes about other things, you know? Don't make jokes with regards to Allah and the Quran and the deen and this and that Islamic matters have serious methods and Allah subhanho wa Taala is most serious when it comes to his Deen and he's also also Solomon is Quran

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other matters which we take lightly a word may cause us to exit Islam today many of us you will see this again they said case and Allah perhaps or even the most guilty of this we find Muslims arguing about a certain topic a certain masala a certain factor or a certain group I'm in this group, you are that group you are such and such a person. And how quickly before we hear the word caffeine, no, but a caffeine and he's a caffeine and they have too far. And we don't follow that *. He's a caffeine.

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So would we take slightly want to put a label and say they are deviant too. They are the Lupita. And they are the ones who can limit their access to for serious implications. Now we saw some seeds that went to Muslims. One goes the other one cafe. In one of them is a cafe. Either that person he accused of being Catholic is a genuine Catholic. And of course he's a cafe. Or if that person isn't the caffeine, it comes back on you today, what we see, we asked how is it that in Syria? Or how is it in Iraq or in Afghanistan or throughout the Muslim world? Muslims bombing Muslims, a man goes into a shopping mall and he blows up the women and children and he blows up hospital and school? How

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can and he says I'm doing it in the name of Islam, how she's know these people I prefer. These are topics that I'm killing. There are Muslims, they support the government, and what did he do to be covered? And he makes very likely No, they weren't raised correctly, or they take Western education like in Nigeria because they learn Western education. It's an act of Kufa so we kill the children and we kill everyone. This act of tech fear is a curse that we have upon us to handle law. This is something which only the most learned of judges must pass a judgement. This man is tough and now and he's mad at us now and now you can't inherit from him. You can't be buried amongst us who Solomon

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knew the names of the hypocrites in Medina. He knew who they were. He never openly said versus the monastics one by one by one. Why not be so doesn't judge what's in the heart. What's in the heart belongs to Allah. We judge on the

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outward appearance Superman says La ilaha illAllah we accept your part of Islam. What you do have wrong we say this statement you're making is a dangerous statement. The Most Extreme you can go to saying brother This is what you're doing you're making sure you to a copper liking to a dead person rather this might be an act of Kufa might be be wary of this process all we see you in curse you curse the Sahaba you say yeah, you know, this ayah which speaks about this. It can it can be an act of Kufa, that's as far as we go. But the labeling of antiquior stay away Gemma you will not be rewarded on kiama alone say how many Mashallah people do McAfee, I give you a reward of how many

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people that you bring into Islam, that is the reward?

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Something which we may say slander is a severe sin. Yes. But how many of us will say but we never accuse someone of committing Zina, man. Okay, we might speak ill of one another. But that's not slander. That's not what do we take a cylinder in this context? What we speak about one another. Now, besides some says, Do you know what is backbiting? Right? And the company and the companion said, Allah and His Messenger knows best. And that also said, backbiting, anytime is when you talk about a brother, you talk about somebody in a manner which he wouldn't like, you say something about him. If he heard it, you'd feel bad about it. He wouldn't like it big or small. So once a hobby

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said, But okay, what if we tell him the truth? What do we say, you know, Muhammad is fat, but it really is fat. Right? Now be so sensitive that what you're saying is true, then it's backbiting. But if what you're saying is a lie, then it is slander. So even if it's the truth, and you say something that he doesn't, like, mention the name of his mentioned, you know, Mohammed did this and that it worked today and it didn't, you know, he wouldn't like hearing that. That's backbiting. But if you lied about him doing it, then it's slander. Then we talk about this major sin, a recent cause of slander as well. How many of us believe we need to watch every fool into that to make Toba? insha

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Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah terrafirma is vast and beyond our comprehension, Allah forgive us for the small words we say mighty in the sight of Allah, they'll be so some continuous that says that a person they believe is not a cylinder or is one that curses a lot. He sways at people and uses foul language or who indulges in obscenity or engages in foul talk. So if you look at this and say, How many times do I sit in companies? I swear or insult people, I argue with people all the time, why slander people and be something B's a deficiency in your Eman? Your Eman is incomplete is a problem inside you have to reflect and this is between yourself and Allah subhanho wa Taala now the sun goes

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on and says that cursing a believer to insult him and sweating and cursing today we curse publicly because on Facebook that millions of people can see you how much motion this will be so sometime between two companions. Maybe they cursing one another they sweat one another out of anger. Yeah millions of people can see on the radio we mentioned his name. Millions of people can hear cursing him is like murdering him. He has a Billa This is in the sight of Allah. Another thing to bear in mind. Not only is your Eman deficient according to NaVi Salam. But it's the sign of hypocrisy, that it is of the traits of a modern Africa. Like we know there are levels of Eman the believer and the

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prophets are not the same thing. Man There are levels there are levels of comfort. They are also levels of different levels of hypocrisy. One may be a believer, but have some elements of hypocrisy in him. Another person may be a need for a monastic completely. What are the signs that he's a monastic? nevison says there are four qualities. If a person has one of these four qualities. Then he has three of the monastics but he has all these four qualities in him. They need as if though he's a complete Muna. What are these four qualities? Again, all to do with the tongue.

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The one when he speaks he lies. You can't trust him. Every second word that comes out of his mouth is alive. When he makes a promise. He breaks his promise when he argues it becomes rude and violent and he transgresses and when he makes an agreement, he violates an agreement. This leads to the signs of a monastic again, it's for us to look at this hadith and say to ourselves, do I fit any of these? Am I known for lying? Am I known for swaying and hurting people with my speech? Am I known for breaking my promise and my trust me inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala we speak about all the wrongs, we see Allah How do I get better? How do I remove

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and safeguard myself? Allah subhanaw taala gives us beautiful advice. We follow this advice in our daily life. Beautiful a lot will come from it. Allah subhanho wa Taala I've taken is Masuda Puja and Sora Toba Allah Subhana Allah Spitzer Nora one, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks Oh, you will have believed unbelievers. If number one now, how many times we have this ignite fitna meaning a disturbance in the community, who the so and so did that or so and so got fired or so and so is a child. We don't

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know who the child is, is it's enough, money is missing. Right? We don't know the details, but the information goes, everyone knows the story. But no one knows the details. Also behind him, if you find yourself in such a situation, you may not want it but someone comes knocking on your door and the information reaches you. Allah says, Oh, you won't believe if it comes to you. A disobedient one a classic with information. And also even if a good person comes to you with information investigated before you act, investigate the details, who told you this information? Were you there? Did you see it? Go to that man and ask him investigate, at least otherwise, you're harming people

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out of ignorance, you will take action against somebody was innocent, or you spread that column and that man is innocent, and he has a claim against you and pm, a liability of Allah on piano, lest you hurt someone out of ignorance and be an over what you have done. You become very grateful. Now after you see what you cause and hurt this man, you can't take it back. It's like that story of that movie. You know this story of the son of he tells a man a man comes he or she I always speak ill of people I affect by fitna, what must I do the man the shape that he has a bag of feathers. Whenever you speak ill of someone throw a feather out of the bag. And when the fair if you can, last a week

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with the fitness intact come back to me.

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So after a while, the main struggle struggles but eventually he disciplines himself. And when he sees it, it comes back to the shape and he says, here's the bag of faders I had to throw a few feelers out. But that hamdulillah I've been able to predict it. Man's is very good. But now I want you to go and collect all the features you throw out of the bag. He says How am I supposed to go and find that with a blue from here today today? The shift is similarly the lies and the evil you spoke, it travels that you don't know where you can never ever take you back. You don't know who and reach that information and how the implications of that better to stay away. So Allah says, if any

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information comes to you, investigated first before you draw conclusions, Allah goes on and he says, in this in this beautiful series of ayat o us believe they can always speaking to us. Let not a people insult in other people like not the whites in South the blacks, or the Indians in South, the Malays, or the rich in South the poor, or this family in South this family or one group in South another group, like not one group of people ridicule belittle another group of people, perhaps why they may be better than them, that these people you're insulting of the earlier but simply because he's way which probably comes from the color of his skin, you think he's less than you? It's behind

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Allah, he's superior than you in the sight of Allah. Then Allah subhanaw interestingly repeats the instruction. No let women a group of women insult another group of women. why women specifically, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows our instinct. He knows that this is perhaps a sin more inclined by women that this is something which the women themselves, if you look at more closely in the men, they are more guilty of this in other it goes the other way. That's why in slander, Allah says if you accuse a believing woman of Xena, what about the main you can accuse them of Xena? No, because it's worse for a woman. So yeah, loss of a hand speaks to what is most common. Right? So let not

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women ridicule other women, perhaps they may be better than them and Do not insult one another. And don't insult and tease one another and do not call each other by offensive nicknames. Again, a very, a very common thing in South Africa. in Cape Town we find everyone has a nickname. You have a name and you have a nickname. Sometimes one small thing you did in your childhood for the rest of your life. You have that nickname. If it's a bad nickname, an ugly nickname. The person doesn't like it. Don't call it it's a command in the Quran. Allah says another Hadith. Allah says don't give each other bad nicknames. Richard is the name of disobedience. After one is faith the man's name is

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Abdullah but you call him ugly or something? Right so Han Allah His name is the slave of Allah would you give him this name instead? So I was advising you how to protect yourself don't give nicknames and whatever does not repeat what you've done what we've made of sin, then it is those were the wrongdoers will make tau by Allah forgive us what we have seen out knowing look contingencies. Oh, you have believed? Avoid much assumption. Not only does Allah subhanaw taala say when information comes to you before you act, investigate, don't even make assumptions. Don't even in your mind start putting two and two together. You know, I actually did learn that man money he never gave me back

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that five grand maybe he's a thief. You know that girl? I did see her she wasn't I thought it was in the mall that day. Oh, now the mind starts to fill in the blanks and you make your own judgments and conclusion. Allah says avoid assumptions avoid in negative assumptions. Indeed, some of assumption is sin of Allah's mercy Allah does not punish or punish us for what goes in our minds. But although there's some assumption may lead to sin, and do not spy or backbite on each other. Don't try to fish out in a hadith don't

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Try to look for ways and finding the secrets of others. A person who does this Nabis and promises him in the dunya he secrets will be made public. Don't try to find out and catch people and look for evidence against him to make them look bad in the dunya because this will be done to you in the dunya and in the era.

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And then Allah says Would you like to eat the flesh of your brother that is dead? It is like eating someone's dead meat. You would hate that and fear Allah Indeed Allah is Accepting of repentance and mercy. Allah continues in Surah Noor, y. This is referring to the effect of Ayesha when Aslan of Ayesha but applies to us. When we hear evil information we don't allow you so Muhammad is not accused of this he's accused of that he stole money or you know, he committed all these sins we can think of why when you heard it asks you did not the believing men and women think good of one another? Why wasn't our first assumption to say No, man, this can't be true. I refuse to believe it

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is true. That this I know he's a good man, was what you were saying must be a lie. There must be an explanation service. This is an obvious falsehood. Why doesn't the believer say this? When you receive it with your tongues, this bad information? And you see it with your mouth you can sort of gave more of it over that of which you had no and you had no knowledge. You told the neighbor next door the man in the masjid, you know, so and so did that so and so was caught doing this? Did you see it? Did you get it out? You know, I don't know. But I heard from another man. You don't know the true facts, but you give it over that of which had no knowledge and thought it was insignificant.

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It's a small thing. But in the sight of Allah it is huge. It is tremendous. And why when you heard it, did you not say it is not for us to speak of this brother comes to you. And he speaks ill of an elementary school brother. Math men don't have to cut you short. But it's not for us to talk like this. We don't speak about people like this. Also behind the love this is a great insult. You're doing great slander. And when Allah insert one handler always with a mercy, although once you against returning to like this, even if you should be believers, and Allah makes clear to you the verses and always knowing and wise Allah gives you this advice. So you may protect yourself in the

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dunya. And in the academic world, Allah Subhana forgives us when we speak so much yet, and how much do we weigh what we say Allah forgive us out of the little things that we say that is huge in the sight of Allah grant us mercy and His forgiveness. Next week, inshallah we'll continue with our six cent on the list, which is so silly and black magic and all these kind of evil, evil acts of sorcery and magic inshallah. We remind the Jamaat once again about the classes in the masjid, please, please, we hope to see this mostly so for every class we hope so that on Mondays from seven to eight o'clock, Margaret is in the middle, we discuss the life of Mohammed sauce, a lump the seal of the

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Navy SEAL Salaam, the beautiful life of our beloved Navy, please attend from seven to eight on a Monday. On Tuesday, we have our marriage classes, we'll check NASA bonds after eight o'clock and on Wednesday, very excitingly, after Mercury, we have our astronomy class with Professor professor of Stellenbosch university professor in one column, please inshallah, we hope that you attend salado Mohammed, Salama Muslim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen