Hatem al-Haj – Levels Of Taqwa

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the station's stations and their influence on politics. They explain that the station is the highest of the stations, where the chicken learns from shaitan and commit immorality. The station is also the highest of the stations where the tripod is afraid of the chicken.
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That law is different stages. The highest of those stations is when the shaitan hears from you like this, we can use the fear from home or the alarm. So this we found does not come next to you does not come close to you most of the time, right? Because there is no asthma except for them via the you know, and then we are the only ones infallible completely, and they're not touched on at all. But most of the time someone like amatola, who

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escaped from our program.

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So that is the highest of these stations, the highest of these stations is when the chicken escapes from you. And you really have to, like when the shape throws whispers into your mind, you really have to

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feel a little bad dependent on the size of those whispers. So essentially, from whispering to you to commit an enormity, it means that yours that you're there, he would have not there to commit to whisper to you, you know, an enormity or, you know, lewdness or

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immorality, better very bad actor, unless, unless he thought that you could actually fall into it.

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Because otherwise this way politics you gradually step by step. So he would whisper to you, you know, things like you don't have to

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stay at home, you're tired, you just came back from work. If you're if you're there, those will be the whispers are gonna take off.

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And I certainly am not talking about this a hobby because you will not even dare to ask

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fire. But if you're if you're there, those will be that that is his area of influence. You know, what is it? What were his area of influences. So his area of influences, you know, just relax, take it easy, he just came back from work, you will catch the ISO

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or you'll catch the mark where you wouldn't catch something at the end of the week, depending on where you are, depending on where you are. So the fact that whispers do bigger things should make you ponder over you know, your your your status for the last panel

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where where am I? the tripod is daring to whisper these big things that to me or the big enormities

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accent like immorality and so on to me then where is my status unit ask yourself

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so the first station the highest station is where the tripod is is afraid of you. And whenever he whispered something to you it is very minimal. And that is the highest station of the second station. Last one i gotta tell us about it. In Toronto.

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Cabo for Ava mobile zero in the LA Vina taco those who have Taqwa, Eva Mr. Paul if one minute safer when a visitation from the same time touches them. But if it's like a visitation, but if it's like a quick

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you know, passing thought that would be

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fine if it's from power, you know. It is something that comes quickly and goes quickly. Something that comes quickly and goes quickly. So if I missed some pie if mustard means what touch them in Edina taco is MSM, pa equal ministry but if they are touched by a visitation from the sofa, quick, you know, passing visitation from this paper when they first buy tobacco they remember they remember

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they remember it then they remember now Do you remember this? Do you remember the eventuality of this life will turn into this tobacco they remember forever who moves the room and immediately they become

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the you know, beholders clear beholders. But from buzzer from Vasa, which is site can it could mean here inside Basia.

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Sierra, they have insight, they have good sight. The having good sight means that you're not short

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sighted. You're looking all the way

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up to the end of this journey. You can scan through your journey

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up to the end of the journey and you could be hold that

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time after the departure of your soul, and you could behold the couldn't imagine you when they are laying you in your grave and when you're being resurrected and when you stand before Allah subhanaw taala so you are not short sighted

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but you couldn't be hold all of this physicality remember if either home moves zero and the immediate immediately become move zero

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from from buzzer good sight in this era inside now this is the second station. Second station is when you're you're always in constant remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that the default is your remembrance campus I could only quickly pass by you with visitations from those

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seven touch them less than five nurses on Monday under touched by a visitation from the same plant avocado the remember is the home of zero and immediately they become observer.

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Now then,

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there is another station, those who will fall into the same but they will come back they will return

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the vehicle problem

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to us when they commit immorality or transgress themselves from themselves that the remember that after after they committed they already committed the immorality for the mirror already committed to transgress themselves. But the afterwards they remember a lot like a lot of stuff food isn't opium and they asked for forgiveness for the sense

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and who would forgive the sins other than a buck or better than a loss

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so that is the that's the next thing.

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But if you if you're if you're not quick to remembering and if you don't remember because you do so many things and you know you can't you know so many cents

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