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The speakers discuss the impact of Islam on society, particularly in Africa where many people are not allowed to wear masks and wear masks only when they go out. They emphasize the importance of following rules and avoiding alcohol. The speakers also discuss the negative consequences of the Muslim-arian government and its negative consequences, including the belief that peace is not tolerated. The segment ends with a discussion of policy implementation and the challenges faced by Muslims in the face of the pandemic, including the need for change in society and peace.

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Law shawanna Mohammed Abdullah,

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we praise Allah subhanaw taala for blessing us once again with this walk of Juma We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his salutations our love and our greeting. So beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow soon until the end of time, may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us state false in the Sunnah of NaVi Mohammed salatu salam, Al Hamdulillah of the two weeks absences good to be home, it's good to be back in, in Cape Town. And then if you if you didn't notice, I was gone and hamdulillah they were two different speakers. To me, the past two weeks, I hope you noticed. And Alhamdulillah I was at a bit of a trip

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to Australia. And you know, it was I was telling the brothers here and having to do so nice coming into Cape Town airport. And you pause through immigration coming back into Cape Town. And you see on the back of the wall. So behind the immigration office, you see the artwork of Cape Town, CFC Table Mountain, you see the club, sir, you see a boat, you see the beach, and you see a menorah, I believe that's our main outlet. And it's amazing, you come into a city and the vibe, the telling you about the city, one of it is Islamic Muslim heritage and cultural hamdulillah. And especially coming from a country where Islam is still seen as an outside entity, Islamic culture is seen with suspicion.

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It's It's wonderful to see Alhamdulillah and appreciate what Allah has given us. Well, hamdulillah to see the acceptability to see ministers that are Muslim, to see that, you know, for example, when I was there, and you say to a meeting, they have no problem setting up a meeting one o'clock on a Friday afternoon, if you tell them this Juma, what do you want me to explain? But the Al Hamdulillah we take it for granted. Now lots of hunger keep us like this. We have our problems. Of course, it's not. It's not the gender on Earth, but Alhamdulillah it's one of the beta places for us as Muslims, and Allah keep it that way. And a lot has changed. Voila, this Juma is going to be about just what

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I've reflected on in the last two weeks, I mean, spine alone, when I left, everyone told me bring us water when you come back. And by the time I was about to come back and say leave the water bring Bologna, when you come back as a llama sign of what's going on. Right? Things have changed so much. And we On that note, we begin just this whole issue about halau. Food. So Hanna log in from Australia, you'd notice if you were the that? Yes, they've got a Muslim community. And they've both massage and they have halau organizations, perhaps they have too many halal organizations. And for that reason, you find that it's not acceptable. The acceptability, the power that the Muslim

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community has is diluted. Because when you have six, seven huddle organizations, if five of us won't do it, they will be one who will certify us Hello. And we begin to compromise. Whereas hamdulillah we have maybe three or four big players here throughout South Africa. And we've set our standards. And maybe it was tough back in the day to say, Well, this is our rules. This is our policy, either you change or we're not going to change. And because of that Alhamdulillah how easy it is to walk into any shop, you'll find even toothpicks sometimes certified Hello, you'd find even water certified as Hello, maybe we've gone a bit overboard. But the power Alhamdulillah that this tiny

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Muslim minority has is something wonderful. Why because we stood together. And we've said we will not compromise on what we eat. And we shouldn't compromise today we find halau friendly there's no such thing as Hello friendly By the way, but we find we'll say it's it's seafood and it's alcohol, we should try to avoid these things because not even though the food is permissible to eat, the fact that we undermine the certification process. If people see what Muslims are coming even though I didn't pay for the certificate, even though I didn't put the measures in place. Why must the guy next door pay for the certificate? He's gonna stop paying for it. Understand. That's why it's so

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important for us as a Muslim community to support our organizations and our institutions. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us yeah, un s O people not just believe us kurumi marfil of the holiday unbelieva eat that which comes from the earth halaal and believe what are the who what is shaytaan in the hula kumawu been and do not follow the footsteps of shaytaan COVID he is a an avowed enemy to you. Interesting Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned eating halaal Pure Food on the one hand and the other side is to follow the footsteps of shaitan think about the very first test that we had as in Southern Nevada. The first test was don't eat haram don't eat from the very first test that Allah

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Allah gave us and therefore it's a very important link between what we eat and one myself well there's bigger issues than eating and there are bigger issues when eating

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halal and haram, but it is one of those essentials of being a Muslim. When you see a Muslim, for example, even if they don't dress appropriately, even if they don't perform all these solders, they will say I still don't eat pork for example, once you've crossed that line of annaleigh what little of Islam is left in you? And it's, it's if you find a community, they follow the same Qibla they perform the Salah, and they eat the food that we eat Alhamdulillah This is one of those, those things that keep us together. One of those symbols that keeps an oma together is what they eat. So a lot of anodize instructing all of us always eat halal, meaning legal, lawful, eat that which is

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halal. And it's always a lot more harmful than these haram Haram is only a short list that you can't eat everything else. But getting on to this issue of Bologna. Allah also mentioned the eba and I mean, I speak to myself first mister two liter coke right I speak to myself first that Allah has gone and said that halal is yes, you won't be punished if you eat halal and it's not.

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You won't be punished but it's not the best for you. But he Allah say wholesome, eat what is halal, legal, permissible, and also strive to eat that which is good for you. But just because something is permissible, it might not be good for you. For example, the brother has diabetes sustains diabetes. Yes, honey is wonderful, but for you, honey is not for you, honey is dangerous for you, honey is gonna make you sick. So in that case, you eat less of that. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala is encouraging us that if you eat if you eat Haram, we know there's a hadith that mentions you eat Haram. it diminishes your Eman. It destroys you spiritually to the point to your dogs aren't

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accepted anymore because you're nourished from Haram, a lot of headway Amanda raised his hands. And Allah says How can I answer to this guy where his whole body is nourished with haram?

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If your body is managed with halal, yes, Allah accepts you by that. But if you eat until you eat food, many scholars have said, This diminishes your ability to go further in Nevada, why we can't wake up for tahajjud why we can't fast why we find it so difficult to do extra by that. It's because our food is not cheap. And our money is not fully halal, but not pure, not wholesome. And this is this this link between Pure Food and Eamonn and moving forward. So Alhamdulillah as again, as I said, as a community, we've done very, very well as a Muslim community over the past many centuries, to establish an infrastructure of halal that the biggest retailers in this country, they have to

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basically conform with our policies because we are a market and we stood together, and we should continue supporting our institutions, we should continue supporting our institutions, and perhaps insha Allah go even the next step further and say we want a tube now, maybe another stamp next to the Hello sign a tube sign. For example, slaughtering the animal correctly makes it halal, but treating the animal you mainly before slaughter is the IP. If we know this abertura harms the animals abuses the animals even though he's noticed correctly, we should say this meat is not. It's not wholesome, because the bowl procedure was not in accordance with sun. Remember, the Hadith of

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the Sun perfection is when the Prophet talks about slaughtering the animal. So this is one aspect of the job. Is it good for the environment, for example. So Allah is asking us to be conscious about this higher level, above headed, aspire for what is good, good for the environment, good for the animals, good for yourselves for ourselves myself, choose products that is best, and it will reflect in your data, it will reflect in your doors. So Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us. So perhaps these, these these items that are not halaal are not play anymore. Perhaps we should also abstain from it. Just some notes on there.

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Some other points to mention what happened this week. I don't know if you know that it's currently Israeli apartheid week, unless you're aware of it. But there's universities UCT, for example, very, very busy at the moment with demonstrations and protests about Israel. So if you were to go to Jemison, old Jemison steps at UCT you'd find all these different

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posters and and and and demonstrations done to highlight the problems that have is happening in Israel. Now understand this, when the State of Israel was established to form new, whatever word you want to use, it pushed out a big number of Muslims into Gaza and the West Bank, some Muslims or Arabs, even Christian Arabs remained within Israel in Now usually we always speak about the Muslims in the huzar and the West Bank like to say lands were taken they being bombarded they being an Allah protect them, but also we forget about the Muslims and the Arabs living within Israel.

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Under this country, the kind of laws they have to endure for a country which says that it's a Western democracy, where there is equal freedoms, it's far from the reality. And in fact, many people have likened Israel in the laws in Israel, similar to the apartheid laws that we had, you know, a few decades ago in South Africa, where you have different categories of citizens. If you are a Jewish, Israeli, you have more rights than an Arab, non Jew. And we said, what kind of country operates like this, we will look at your ethnic background. And based on that, you can get access to more rights, you can get access to lands. So there's over 50 laws within the Israeli legal system

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that is oppressive and abusive to the non to the minorities living in Israel.

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And Alhamdulillah. Again, we live in a wonderful country in that hour. Not not perhaps the entire government. But the ANC, for example, and I'm not putting any political party here. But the ANC has taken it as a policy that what they saw, and obviously the best people to say what a part of it is, is ANC and I they know what the party is, and they looked at the laws of Israel, and they've endorsed that Israel is an apartheid state, that what they sold from the apartheid government is happening in Palestine, perhaps even to a worse extent. And so much so that this apartheid week at UCT, the Minister of higher education on sister, Lady Panda, she's a Muslim, she attended and spoke

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on how the South African embassy in Jerusalem, or in Israel in things in Tel Aviv, Rada is being downgraded. Because of these policies, they are cutting diplomatic ties slowly and slowly. And we should support our government in this. And we should encourage our government, not because the as you said, Islam is not about Muslims and Jews. We don't, we are against oppression, whether the perpetrator is Muslim, Jewish, whoever it is, we are against it. And we demand our government to show you know, to cut ties with any immoral or corrupt government, whether it's a Muslim government, Jewish government, a secular government, we should be against these things. And we have

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Alhamdulillah, as we see from the halau, you know, as much control as we have, with food, don't underestimate the power of the Muslim community, in putting forward our agendas, that we should pressurize our government officials to speed up the process that we should cut ties with a government that basically oppresses its people based on color, or based on creed or religion, or on on ethnicity. 20% of the population of Israel is not Jewish, it's Arab. And just some examples of the kind of oppression the people of Palestine. And I said, these aren't only Muslims, the Christians as well, what they have, and they experience in Israel. So for example, since the found

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that formation of Israel in the continent constantly building new settlements, new villages, and all and they have not built a single new village for Arabs or non Jews, zero in the last 70 years, what this means is, you can't you can't get a permit to build a new house if you are a non Jews. Now, what this means is, if you want to look for land, you can't get land in Israel, you're going to have to go outside of Israel. And the idea is, the more of you that leaves, the state continues to cater for one, one ethnic group, we have, for example, people have to walk with pastors to tell you you're a Jew or a Muslim, you are certain areas are exclusive for Jewish Jewish people. Now, does this not

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sound familiar? Sounds familiar. I mean, we experienced that it was fun, our elders experienced that. But based on where you come from, that dictated what rights you have certain schools only for, for a certain ethnic or religious group. Now, a country that wants to call itself a democracy and a free country cannot have these kind of rules. And it goes against the values, not just the values as Muslims, the values as we are as South Africans, it goes against our Constitution. So therefore, we should support our government in this effort to continue to cut diplomatic ties. And it's not just something that I'm saying, even the United Nations, which is a very, very weak organization, issued

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a report last year, which says that the UN found that Israel is guilty of policies and practices that constitutes the crime of apartheid. It's a crime against humanity under customary international law, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. So the united nations have actually declared that Israel is an apartheid state. So there was a committee that that did a study, and they found that this is the case. So of all people, South Africans, not only Muslims, but South Africans should say we will not tolerate a state that does what the apartheid government did back in our our time and will never last

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I was with a Lebanese brother in Australia. And he says vanilla you find the most, you know, certain communities like Easter Island, for example, it said you'd find it very, very

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secure. Lots of police, lots of security officials can't see like this are very difficult to get in. And he said, you know, his dad always told him, you always find a criminal, a person who know he has done the wrong always needs to protect himself with you know, with with extra procedures, extra measures, he doesn't sleep peacefully, because he knows he's harmed someone, whereas the person who loves honestly, who doesn't harm anyone, you sleep peacefully, you don't need to even like you don't know why he someone's gonna come in and has beef with you is gonna come into your door is gonna harm you. Because you know, you don't have enemies out there. But when you see someone overly exaggerated

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in protection, like a politician, sometimes even this is because they know that they've harmed people. They've harmed a lot. Lots of people if they can the rights of people, and therefore there's many people out there to get them. And this kind of this is one of the punishment Allah gives the oppressor. One of the punishment Allah gives the oppressor, like your own Subhanallah most powerful men on Earth, but he's scared of a little tiny, you know, we say Jewish bunnies, or he is or any boy, who is scared, he's terrified. He can't sleep at night, most powerful men on the earth, people making salute to him, but he's terrified. And this is the reality of oppression, Allah subhana wa,

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tada, will rob you have peace of mind? Why are places the need to maintain control, we can never give up. I mean, they can retire, live some way of whatever, you know, money they've stolen, but they can't because the minute they lose power, everyone is gonna come after them. So Allah is teaching us a lesson. Don't take the heck of someone else, because it will only bring you misery in this dunya. And in the after, obviously, it's going to be so much more.

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But sumangala continuing on

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worse than what's happening in Palestine, of course, even said, this was happening in Syria. And for a long time. I guess we've sort of lost focus of what's happening in in Syria. And this is the this is the, the war of our time of our generation. I don't know when I was younger, you heard about Bosnia. I mean, I was too young to to do. Maybe you heard about what's happening in Bosnia, Sarajevo, Kosovo, right, that was perhaps our parents generation had to go through that experience that kind of conflict, and they had to do something about it.

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This is the war of our time, our generation, and as much as we try to, you know, not think about it. The reality is Allah Subhana. Allah is going to ask all of us what we did. With regards to this wall, there's not much we can do. But there are some things that that we are able to do. But we will be asked about this. Just remember, each and every one of us needs to remember, we are going to be asked and answerable for what's happening in that country.

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I was again, a lot of the

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understanding of the Australian Muslim community in the Muslim community in Australia comes from a lot of different backgrounds. From the Lebanese with the Afghanistan, a lot of Afghans have a lot of Bosnians, Albanians, a lot of Somalis. What do you what do these countries have in common, they all had war. A lot of them have come over as refugees. A lot of them have actually seen Wolfie, a lot of them have seen them. And many of them have told me we had to one brother from Bosnia sees how he had to his village was being massacred. And they were they were under a bus being taken towards a Serbia to be execute to be as like, you know, massacred. And the UN basically intervened and redirected

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into Germany and he lived a number of years in Germany before he got asylum in, in Australia. SubhanAllah we see this the scourge is conflict against the oma happening all over the world. And it said that we as a room of 1.6 billion can't do anything to stop it. We shouldn't lose hope. And we should ask always what can we do? And I think the first step is not to lose focus Don't forget about the first thing is we shouldn't forget about it and become busy with sports busy with the Champions League busy with what's happening, you know, you know on TV, the next episodes Don't forget about the real issues. So this war has been going on for eight years, eight years now. Eight years, there

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are people that haven't gone to schools kids that haven't been in what what kind of generation is that gonna go up to? for eight years, no education, just bombings and Wolfie over half a million differently. More than that people have died, half a million people have died, and 2 million have been permanently disabled, injured, lost their arm lost a leg and half the entire country's population has been displaced. Half the people of the country are out of the homes. SubhanAllah and this was a country that was functional 10 years ago. I mean, it was a little

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Find was as perfect as our country, one of the places people would come and travel and a tourist destination, and just overnight, it's fell into civil war. A very interestingly, over the last two weeks, last month or so, you must have heard and if you don't know it said, but you must have heard talk about, Allahu Allahu TA, right this place. What is this place? This is a little suburb. So Damascus, the capital of Syria is still under the control of the government. And it's a little suburb, maybe we could say like, Michel splaying, for example. So you've got Cape Town, and Michel splain. a certain area Hoopa is this suburb outside of Damascus. It's a big suburb, 400,000 people

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live there. And alhuda from the beginning of the conflict. In 2011, they basically broke away from the government and was being ruled by the rebels with the Free Syrian Army. They been ruling this area. Obviously, as the government has began for the past year or two, with Russia coming involved, the government has begun to win back its territories that he lost. And it's now focuses attention on our hoopla. And the way obviously, the government is doing its business, its bombing indiscriminately. It is dropping bombs, on hospitals, on schools, and wherever that's living in the everyone is a target everyone is an enemy. So 1000s of people are dying in the city. And I mean, the

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videos that you if you haven't heard about it, go online and go see what's happening. People obviously taking videos of what's happening in the but a very interesting point on this is a hadith about this place. The prophet SAW Salah 1500 years ago, he said in this hadith is in Abu Dawood,

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the place of the assembly of the Muslims at the time, the malama. So the Prophet is saying, close to kiama, we will be a major war between the oma this oma and, and the enemies of the oma. And again, the war is going to be in Syria. But alhuda, a place next to Damascus, the Prophet is saying, I place next to Damascus, this will be the assembly point this will be whether the base would be so the city that is being bombed to buts and the people are being massacred, is going to be the assembly point for the entire oma in the days of fighting against that that jail. And the profits is this is the best city of Syria alpha. I would I would. So it's an important area from a from the

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fact from the dean, and you know, the United Nations again, people that is very just all they do is talk even they have said that what we're seeing is a humanitarian catastrophe, it's hell on earth. The people are being be so for the last five years,

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you can't get out you can't get in. You don't have food, you don't have electricity, and we've experienced having water rationing, there is no water they and now of course this bombings as well. People have been living under the basement for the past few months now just trying to survive. And the The fear is and I spoke to this brother again was in a war and said, why don't we just like sit in the you know what, forget which side you on? just surrender and let peace prevail. You know, it's worse what we have now been having a dictator in charge? And the answer was, we can't sit in there because people are out for vengeance now.

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Even if you surrender, the Army's gonna walk in and do whatever they want to do to you to your family to children. So this is what happened to us in Bosnia. So you have no option but to keep fighting and spinalonga Allah Subhanallah bring peace to this area. mela bring bring safety to this country because the provinces in another Hadith indeed, Emily, if the people of Syria are corrupted,

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then there'll be no good lifting all of you,

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Syria and Sudan Allah, so many Hadith about Sham and as I said, again, I don't want to talk too much about karma and all that. The wall is in Syria, not in Makkah, not in Medina. It begins in Syria. And the Prophet is saying when Syria becomes too when Syria falls apart, that's when the oma has lost its goodness. When Syria collapses, that's when the EU has lost its its goodness. Even in the Bible. It says when Damascus is in ruins, the beginning the beginning of the end of times, Damascus, and that's why Damascus is the longest city the oldest city in the world is Damascus from it's been continuously inhabited. So when Damascus falls apart, that's when we have problems. And the

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prophecies though a group amongst my Ummah will continue to be supported unharmed by those who fail them until the establishment of the our that in Syria, there will always be people on the truck, always on the Huck some Allah And whoever that group is Allah Allah, may Allah support that group. May Allah grant us to support that group. May Allah guide us to make the right choices to do things that are based and in favor of Allah subhanho wa Taala what can you do stay in touch, keep keep up to date, take some time out of the sports channel or whatever channel it might be. I hope it's just a small channel and other channels and get to know what's happening in Syria.

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At least we see the lowest level of Eman is to make

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every single day in our solders, how many of us we forgot to make dua for Burma forgot to make the art for what's happening in Iraq, Palestine Subhana Allah continue to make the art for all the Muslims in the dunya I know that list is very, very long. ask Allah, Allah help all the people that are placed in the dunya Muslim and non Muslim, Allah help them support them. And if you can donate, there are many, many organizations and Hamdulillah, from South Africa, even that are going into these areas. Look, bombs are falling, but food still needs to go in there. And there are people that are going in and still providing these 400,000 people food and aid. So if you can donate donate, and

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we should put pressure on our government to do something, government needs to do something, this is a this is a man made crisis. It's not like the rain, we no matter what we do, we can just make this more than two hours that we can do. Our government should get involved, our government should put pressure.

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The last issue inshallah, that that's been happening on the news. Now that alone is not the most important thing on the news might be the most important thing in your life. But in our local discussion, we have this land expropriation without compensation, discussion, some looking shocked, but we're talking about so our parliament, we have a new president, I hope you also recognize that we've got a new president. And one of the policies that is on the table now and is being discussed, is to take land, by force by the government away from people who got it under privileged through privilege, rather. So we know back in the day, when the party, the good old days of apartheid,

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certain groups of our community of this of our country, received massive amounts of land for basically nothing. Some of us here have even been taken out of your lands, you were in district six, or wherever you might have been, you were thrown off your land. Some of us I know. For example, many I mean, uncle was telling me, I drove past Cavendish mall and he said, that's where I used to love where the mall is, I was my house, we were thrown off the land. And it was given basically to some developer or some some person, basically free of charge. So now that the entire now that we live in freedom of the, you know, it's like you playing a game of cards, and someone has cheated, and he's

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taken all the aces out of the deck kept it for himself. He says, Now it's free. Now we play freely, there's no way you can when the deck is loaded against you, the game is rigged. And we understand after 20 years, we have freedom. But economically, things have not changed. And now people are getting frustrated. And understandably so when 80% of the country is living in poverty, and a small minority stole enjoys the base that this country has to offer.

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Something needs to change can't continue like this forever. So the government is putting this item on the table, that land will be taken by force. And it's a rural land. So it's not it's not your houses, it's not your businesses, its rural farmland will be taken and be redistributed to the underprivileged. And it's a debate right at the moment is being discussed. It's being discussed, as Muslims are not yet to say yes or no about it. I'm saying we need to get involved in the discussion.

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Because your forefathers you either one side of the coin, either you will have those who were oppressed in your land was taken, or you benefited, you know, unfairly one of the two sides you will be affected some way. So as a Muslim community, we need to discuss these things. We need to have sort of a policy we need to offer suggestions, because our Deen doesn't only tell you how to use the toilet. How you know it's our Deen is the to guide if the prophets of Salaam was here, what would you do? What would the Prophet sallahu wa salam do? And it makes me think of the Hadith. When the Prophet came into Medina, he found he brought with him a bunch of refugees from Africa, right? They

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made refugees, they don't have any land, they don't have anything going for them. And you have the land owners water unsought, the people of Medina they had forms

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and the prophets of Salaam did not take by force land away from the answer, but rather what he said was I partner up one Ansari with refugee and this is a Hammad. You will look off this hell man. How much you give is up to you. But he's your brother now. You are brothers. You will look after one another. How much you give is up to you someone sorry said you can live in my house as long as you want. Some gave gifts. The best example of how this should happen and if our country can implement this, like the Prophet implemented, it will save our country. So the Prophet join up the evening, who was a refugee from Makkah, one of the great thing promised Jenna was another Ansari and the

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Ansari said to him, we are now brothers. Half of what is mine is for you. Look at my house. Choose which one the top floor the bottom floor. Which one do you like you can have it. Choose my farm which half you want to office for you

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Have my wives which one you like and she's for you. Right up there. Imani Benioff, refugee with nothing. He says, may Allah bless you in your wealth and your family. But I'm a business person. I don't need donations or handouts, show me where the market is, I can sort myself out. So he went to Medina market, he found that people going out in the desert collecting wood for fire. So he said, No one has a wood shop. So I'm gonna start the first wood shop, you went to collect the wood, and he started selling firewood. And then he went from the to more advanced commodities. A few weeks later, the prophets of Salaam saw a man dressed smartly had perfume, signs of perfume on him. Prophet asked

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me a man what's going on? man says no 100 and I started my business things went well. And now I managed to marry and I'm sorry, go about so I'm self sufficient. Alhamdulillah. You know, when the people of the answer came to the Prophet salam, they said, you know, you're Rasulullah and this is so important to our discussion. Now. Side note. So

00:30:56--> 00:31:34

the one discussion is, yes, it's unfair to take the land from the land owners and give it to the masses. The counter argument is you give all the farms to people who don't know how to farm, what's going to happen to our food supply, the food economy, the economy will will crash, like Zimbabwe economy will crash. Right? We still need to eat, we still need to produce food. If we give it to people who don't know how to run it, it's gonna collapse. So when the answer came to the prophets of Salaam and they said, Yeah, rasulillah year are all our farms. We want to hand it over to them. Why didn't the Prophet said No, don't do this. Keep your farms and you manage the farms, but teach them

00:31:34--> 00:32:12

how to farm and share the profits. And this wisdom of the prophets of Salaam secured the industry and the infrastructure and economy of Medina. But he also managed to empower the margin. And fully this policy of Maha brother would only last less than two years after two years. The Prophet said now this policy is abolished. The margerine are self sufficient now they can manage on their own. We can continue business as usual. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah grant us the understanding to follow the wisdom of the Prophet, peace be upon him, Allah protect our country. We look at Syria, and how easily things can get out of control. We need things to change in this country for the

00:32:12--> 00:32:56

better. And as Muslims, I think we have got wisdom, we've got the Sharia, we've got the best of guidances to guide this country for the future for the better, we should provide the solution. So all of us inshallah, let's get involved, and let's discuss in shall, I mean, we continue a handle after some time, our classes will start again Tuesday evening, my quarter past six, on the life of the Sahaba the generation of a bucket on the line, we will also our series on six and Shiism is at the at the Mowbray Masjid, in Mowbray, myself, which is shut civic. And then lastly, I want to mention Alhamdulillah. So one of the reasons why I went to Australia was to, to do a course called

00:32:56--> 00:33:30

the mothers of the nation. And so this is actually why I went to teach this course two weeks ago in Melbourne, and Sydney. What this course is about, it's about all those awkward questions with regards to gender and Islam. Why did the prophets of Allah marry Ayesha at nine years old? Islam says you can only marry four wives the Prophet medic 12. How is this possible? The Quran says you can beat women for the boom hit them. What does this mean? Why does a woman have half the needed sense of a man? Why does a woman have two witnesses for one witness? How do we explain these difficult questions? There's one of the big areas between Islam and Western civilization is gender.

00:33:31--> 00:34:12

So this course is about that. It's about answering those questions by the lives of the prophets wives. Allah says that the lives of the prophets of Salaam are your mothers, who as well as you imagine his wives or your mothers, their 12 wives of the prophets of Salaam, if you can't name all 12 of them, you don't know your mother. And that's why some of the olema many of the alumni have said it's almost like incumbent on you to learn about your mother. Allah says she's your mother. So you need to learn who these 12 women were. And from these stories, we'll discuss divorce. How do you get divorced? What are the rights of women with regards to talaq? nataka? How do you slavery

00:34:12--> 00:34:38

sleeping with slaves vanilla, how do we answer this question in general in the school, so it's happening this Sunday, the Islamic auditorium it's open to males and females that some of the brothers are male, it's a male scores. In fact, I think it's more important than men come to attend this course is very limited seats left but if you're interested, you can speak to me off the jumar or you can log on to and register and show up to see all over the I mean, sokola hydro sola syedna Mohammed

00:34:40--> 00:34:42

amin salaam aleikum, WA

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

take this opportunity to sympathize with the family or share she was on his way to get away from Australia. His father passed away and he was the father in law passed away and he was harassed from the airport.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

To the janazah, we make dua that Allah bestow tofi dos,

00:35:07--> 00:35:08

inshallah magdoff